01/18/2018 Open Q&A

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01/18/2018 QBOchat

Open Q&A

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  4. Hi #QBOChat! Megan here with The Mobius Group (#nonprofit #quickbooks specialists) here in sunny Saint Paul, MN!
  5. Today we're having an Open Q&A. So, it is up to you all to get those Q's out there!! #QBOchat https://t.co/rb9fF9o2PM

    Today we’re having an Open Q&A. So, it is up to you all to get those Q’s out there!! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/rb9fF9o2PM
  6. @QBOchat Hi everyone! Alan here with Avalara, your go-to solution for #TaxComplianceDoneRight! Hope everyone is doing well! #qbochat
  7. @QBOchat Barb here from #canadian @mydryrun CF forecasting app. I’m finally, finally better from the flu! Finally. #qbochat
  8. Wishing everyone a happy day! Morgan from ClockShark in Chico, California where it’s a cloudy, overcast day-perfect for a book and hot chocolate! #QBOchat
  9. I’ve got one! Can I really not assign an account number to a sales tax liability account?? #QBOChat
  10. @davidleary Oops! That has the wrong date on it. I can’t really see, just woke up and my eyes are all goopy. We got to take or daughter to the ER early this AM. #QBOchat
  11. Hi All! Sarah from Aero joining from the San Francisco Bay Area where it’s starting to look like rain’s coming. #qbochat
  12. @QBOchat Hi. My introduction to #qbochat, small bus Cpa in Philadelphia, first time here, first time in any Twitter live chat
  13. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs David Leary | Global Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, Arizona
  14. I’m sure I have done that! RT @MeganTarnow Can I really not assign an account number to a sales tax liability account?? #QBOChat
  15. Hi @MeganTarnow 🙂 It’s great to see again in #QBOchat Hope all is well in MN.
  16. Glad you’re feeling better! I’ve heard it’s really bad this year. @mydryrun: #qbochat
  17. Hi friends, Harika here with Circulus in Dallas, TX! Wishing you all a happy almost-Friday! 🙂 #QBOchat
  18. @QBOchat Turner here from #GA #USA and I’m the founder of a commercial real estate brokerage accounting and commission management application @CommissionTrac #qbochat #cretech
  19. @getclockshark Sun is out, so that’s good! AND my new favorite iPhone app, @WeCroakApp is keeping things in perspective. #QBOChat
  20. Welcome Tony! @tonynovak: Hi My introduction to small bus Cpa in Philadelphia, first time here, first time in any Twitter live chat #qbochat
  21. Glad to see everyone!! @CathyIconis here from Atlanta, GA. Just tired from a fun early morning of scared mom mode. #QBOchat
  22. @tonynovak @QBOchat Welcome to @QBOchat, Tony! Excited to hear your perspectives and insights! #QBOchat
  23. I am pumped to see that #QBOchat was Open Q+A today … I feel like the last few topics I didn’t have much to add to the conversation.
  24. @tonynovak Welcome! You are going to love it and we love you for joining!! #QBOchat
  25. @MeganTarnow What?! Can you do it from the chart of accounts area? #QBOchat
  26. @MeganTarnow @davidleary It is croup, but woke up out of dead sleep to wheezing and bark coughing. #QBOchat
  27. @QBOchat NO! It said I could not “change or delete” the account and wouldn’t let me give it a number. 🙁 #QBOchat
  28. Greetings Woody, welcome! It has been a while since you joined us RT @adams_woody howdy, hope all are well! #qbochat
  29. @KathyGrosskurth And the ice! It was real fun to drive in that at 6AM today. #QBOchat
  30. @QBOchat Hey! Long time no see #QBOChat! How’s everyone?! Valerie from Intuit, tweeting from IL.
  31. @QBOchat @davidleary Scary. Kids’ll scare the heck out of you. It’s like they don’t even care. #QBOchat
  32. @TurnerLevison @CommissionTrac Yay!! I’m excited you joined! I got to chat with Turner earlier this week. #QBOchat
  33. I think you will find @davidleary ‘s tweetdeck hack to be very useful too RT @adams_woody #qbochat the tchat.io works great, thanks Cathy!
  34. @KathyGrosskurth Same! It can be exhausting trying to get the new year kicked off right :p #QBOchat
  35. @ledgerdocs @QBOchat Agreed! Demos w users all over the world and everyone’s dialing in to meetings from their couch! #remoteoffice #qbochat #tylenolgotmelike
  36. @KathyGrosskurth I haven’t even looked at it. Has anyone used the new 1099 feature? I’m almost done with our clients using Tax1099. #QBOchat
  37. .@stoots_will you should jump into #QBOchat right now and ask that to the group. Any #QBOchat ‘rs want to offer suggestions to someone starting a niche firm?  https://twitter.com/stoots_will/status/954083062597300224 
  38. @QBOchat I’ve been stuck at home since Tues but I’m home based so I’ve been working #qbochat
  39. @MeganTarnow @BizBooksCloud @davidleary @adams_woody You can usually click on something to take you to Twitter (like the time stamp of a tweet you want to respond to) and do it natively for those tweet responses that are especially .gif-worthy 🙂 #QBOchat
  40. @davidleary @stoots_will If only! I’d love to here the answers though. I need someone tougher than I to help with pricing. #QBOChat
  41. @KathyGrosskurth I’ve been stuck at home with the kids. I can work from home, but I’m not sure about the ability when they are running all over the house playing. #QBOchat
  42. Most of the 1099 module it isn’t new, but pricing is better and nice to ask recipients to complete W9 info IF you have their email #qbochat
  43. @MeganTarnow @davidleary @stoots_will How would you guys like a guide to pricing cleanup work? I am working on one now. #QBOchat
  44. @ledgerdocs @BizBooksCloud @davidleary @adams_woody How do you say it though? I’d heard “Jifs,” but others say “Gifs.” It’s a “nitch” / “neeeesh” kind of thing. #QBOchat
  45. Ahhhh just a little #LearyLate!! Alex here with TSheets by QuickBooks in good ol’ Eagle, Idaho!!! So sorry I missed last week’s #qbochat – ’twas a busy DAY ONE as Intuit employees! ??
  46. I am in the GIF camp, but JIF has its believers too RT @MeganTarnow How do you say it though? I’d heard “Jifs,” but others say “Gif #qbochat
  47. @QBOchat @vheckman Regarding adding account numbers to sales tax liability accounts. Since you’re joining #LearyLate! #QBOchat
  48. Get bought up by Intuit and you think you can do what you want? 🙂 RT @tsheets Ahhhh just a little #LearyLate!! #QBOChat
  49. Hello my #QBOchat friends! Checking in from HTown. Hope you are all well today!
  50. @BizBooksCloud Someone I greatly admire (HI @KateSBarr!) once said I was a great “giffer” on Twitter. I thought she’d said “giver” and was a more than a little disappointed to be wrong. Although GIFfing is fun! #QBOchat
  51. Oh! #QBOchat Pick me, I have a question!

    What are some prioritization hacks you implement to not run aground (as we sharks say) during tax season? #JustKeepSwimming pic.twitter.com/NDruLr4aBz

  52. @BizBooksCloud @MeganTarnow I’m 100% “GIF” because the G stands for “Graphics,” which isn’t pronounced “Jraphics.” #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/pjN1wP116x
  53. @MeganTarnow @BizBooksCloud @davidleary @adams_woody This is one of my favorite internet arguments. It’s so pointless, but there is so much passion on either side. #qbochat
  54. @avalara @BizBooksCloud I heard that the guy who invented them called them “jifs” so that’s what I’ve gone with, but ???? He probably didn’t want the peanut butter people to come after him. #QBOchat
  55. @getclockshark The key is to have a system like Aero to keep you on task (thanks for throwing me the opening) #qbochat
  56. Do we have any bookkeepers that work with commercial real estate in here? #QBOchat
  57. In Spanish there is no options, GI and JI are pronounced the same 🙂 #qbochat
  58. @BizBooksCloud We made small updates to the report when you drill down to see the details of contractors’ 1099 in the module. Also, we will now mail forms to contractors if you pay for the e-file service. #QBOchat
  59. @MeganTarnow @BizBooksCloud I heard that too, and I totally used to want to honor his choice, but then I decided how logically and grammatically wrong “JIF” is supersedes him, haha. #QBOchat
  60. @getclockshark I don’t do taxes, but I had one spreadsheet for all the clients and their 1099s this year to show the progress. It is called our 1099 control sheet. I think it has really helped!! #QBOchat
  61. @AeroWorkflow @AeroWorkflow Being underwater, sharks aren’t naturally adept at throwing fastballs down the middle, but we love happy accidents! #QBOchat
  62. @MeganTarnow @avalara @BizBooksCloud I’ve been corrected by some younger than me at @SharedSpaceATL to be GIF. I’ve always said JIF, but they seem cooler than me. #QBOchat
  63. Well inventors often get names wrong, look at Edsel and Apple Lisa #qbochat
  64. @avalara @MeganTarnow @BizBooksCloud What really complicates it is getting a jar of @Jif wrapped up for Christmas! Then, is it “Jift” or “Gift” or…ACK!!! #QBOchat
  65. @QBOchat @avalara @BizBooksCloud @SharedSpaceATL “The debate over how to pronounce GIF, re-emerged this week when Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the widely used Web illustration, declared it should be pronounced “jif,” like the brand of peanut butter, rather than with a hard G sound.May 23, 2013” #QBOchat
  66. @PattiMart5 @getclockshark All clients on the first sheet, showing overall status of them. Then each have their own tab showing status of each contractor. #QBOchat
  67. @MeganTarnow @avalara @BizBooksCloud it’s “jifs” … comes from Compuserve days (I just dated my self) #QBOchat
  68. @BizBooksCloud @@MeganTarnow the USA is about 50-50, Some Asian countries just say Gee-Eye-Eff and avoid the whole thing. #qbochat
  69. @tsheets Hi Alex! Didn’t see this tweet come up in tchat, so sorry for not saying hello right away! :p #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/WWZ9bxna8z
  70. What are your biggest challenges facing you this next upcoming month? #QBOchat
  71. But history got it wrong, not the first time! RT @MeganTarnow @davidleary @avalara Hooray! I’m on the right side of history! #QBOchat
  72. ? @qbo Chatters – Who has implemented @slack? What are your favorite add-on apps? We discovered the email link yesterday and it was life-changing! #QBOchat
  73. @QBOchat Getting back into focusing on sales. #QBOchat (snuck in since I was #learylate too)
  74. @MeganTarnow @QBOchat I just tried and am getting the same result. I wonder if this has something to do with our new Sales Tax automation feature. I’ll see if I can find anything out! #qbochat
  75. @AmyWalkerCPA @qbo @slack Great question! I’ve started using too, but am wondering also! #qbochat
  76. @QBOchat The red eye I have from LAX to ATL tonight would be on the list #QBOchat
  77. @tsheets Doing swell! How are you, my friendor from another vendor? 😀 #QBOchat
  78. @PattiMart5 Sales can be hard for us accountants! How are you approaching it? #QBOchat
  79. @QBOchat omg … it pings your slack channel from a connected email account when a new message comes in. AWESOME! #qbochat
  80. @AmyWalkerCPA @qbo @slack Slack is wonderful for collaboration, and it has Giphy so #WINWIN #QBOchat

    That’s exciting you found it! Definitely life changing. Like, where did work happen before Slack? 🙂

  81. @vheckman @QBOchat Hi Valerie!! Thank you so much for the email last week! It made me THAT much more excited about being a part of Intuit! 🙂 #QBOchat
  82. @shea_mobius @MeganTarnow @QBOchat Glad you’re enjoying it, Shea! We’re happy to have you! #qbochat
  83. @QBOchat Since word of mouth referrals are my best and easiest sales, I try to foster relationships with the people who refer. Also, strategic networking.#qbochat
  84. wait a second … was @ledgerdocs saying that “jif” vs “gif” was the most pointless argument …or “hourly billing” vs “flat fee”? #SoConfused #QBOchat
  85. @shea_mobius I am pivoting too and it is scary, but hopefully opens us up for more growth this year. #QBOchat
  86. This sin’t a very good example, unless you love free-for-alls 🙂 RT @shea_mobius Hey, this is my first #QBOChat, it is fascinating!
  87. @QBOchat @shea_mobius I’ve got a 13 week goal to clarify our direction. This is week 5. I *think* I’m getting closer. #QBOChat
  88. @shea_mobius @MeganTarnow We kinda dig it, but it is really the people that make it amazing! #QBOchat #blessed
  89. @PattiMart5 Who are your best refers? > Is that how you spell that?! #QBOchat
  90. haha the answer is YES! RT @davidleary @ledgerdocs saying that “jif” vs “gif” wasmost pointless argument …or “hourly billing” #qbochat
  91. @davidleary @ledgerdocs I thought you’d say “to niche” or “not to niche” would be the most pointless. 🙂 #QBOchat
  92. @QBOchat @davidleary @ledgerdocs HA! Another non-argument! You’ve got to niche! (although how to pronounce that is a pleasant but pointless argument.) #QBOchat
  93. This year it is time for me to be picky about whom I say yes to #qbochat
  94. What industries are people focusing on this year? #QBOchat
  95. @avalara I am doing great!! Been a busy busy but pretty freakin incredible week! 😀 #QBOchat
  96. But you let my dangling participle slide? 🙂 RT @avalara *gushes over the correct usage of “whom”* #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/HLPSypcBSo
  97. oh my, it was a dangling preposition RT But you let my dangling participle slide? 🙂 RT @avalara #QBOchat
  98. @AmyWalkerCPA That’s cool!! Any areas of specialty? Any Apps you like? #QBOchat
  99. Mrs. Middleton would be so disappointed RT oh my, it was a dangling preposition RT let my dangling participle slide? RT @avalara #QBOchat
  100. @AmyWalkerCPA @PattiMart5 @qbo @slack FIFO v. LIFO: The Mr. Krabs Dilemma #QBOchat 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the best GIF of the day, @AmyWalkerCPA Enjoy the rest of your week and hope to see you next week in @QBOchat

  101. How can #QBOchat better support you and our community this year?
  102. @PattiMart5 I’m digging the idea and have been thinking about it. First attempt didn’t work out so well. #QBOchat
  103. Well my phone’s about to die and I need to go ahead and eat a late lunch or what maybe shaping up to be an early dinner. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/lCarBesOtr
  104. @QBOchat @shea_mobius @kindfulapp We have… but had a moment when the guy said campaigns flow to #QB as classes. That’s a big NO for us. #QBME
  105. Yes, within Karbon RT @PattiMart5 @karbonhq @QBOchat So @karbonhq has the capability to communicate real time with co-workers? #qbochat
  106. Have a meeting …talk to you next week #QBOchat ‘rs.
  107. We’ve had some great conversations today! What other questions do you all have for the last few minutes? #QBOchat
  108. @QBOchat Does anyone have a favorite CRM? I was looking at some today. #QBOchat
  109. Always sad to see @QBOchat ending, but excited to see you all next week for another excellent exchange of ideas. 🙂 Have an excellent week everyone, and happy #WinnieThePoohDay #QBOchat

    Who else is feeling this GIF rn? #byefornow pic.twitter.com/nTsY4Cseze

  110. @QBOchat @insightly I was looking at that one. From the article, I was thinking of doing a feature comparison for @agilecrm and @insightly #QBOchat
  111. It was nice chatting with everybody!! I hope you all have a wonderful week/weekend! See you next week 🙂 #QBOchat
  112. @QBOchat Have a great rest of your Thursday, everyone! See you next time! #qbochat
  113. Next week the folks from Proconnect will join us to talk about the tax side of @Intuit and how that works with QBO. #QBOchat
  114. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  115. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news on #QuickBooks and #QBOchat.  http://bit.ly/2nJVXIC 
  116. @QBOchat Is it “How to Remove Heffalumps from my Company File”? 🙂 #QBOchat

    Excited to discuss the tax side of Intuit and its connection to QBO! Have a safe week, and best wishes for the family. Hopefully no more ice-driving. 🙂

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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