01/19/2017 Receipt Bank Takeover

1/19/2017 QBO Chat

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1/19/2017 QBO Chat

Receipt Bank Takeover

  1. @QBOchat Natalie with the Expensify team, still traveling for our annual #offshore in Uruguay! #QBOchat https://t.co/AC4c47e2vI

    @QBOchat Natalie with the Expensify team, still traveling for our annual #offshore in Uruguay! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/AC4c47e2vI
  2. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz. #effortlessbookkeeping
  3. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz. #effortlessbookkeeping
  4. Sherri-Lee checking in – wouldn’t miss this !!!! My Fav APP !!!!!!
  5. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT. #effortlessbookkeeping
  6. @QBOchat Alan from Avalara here in Seattle! Excited to hear from our awesome friends @ReceiptBank today! #qbochat
  7. Cathy here in Atlanta, GA!! Excited to learn more about @ReceiptBank! #QBOchat
  8. Alexis here with ClockShark in Albuquerque! Part of our team is out at the World of Concrete tradeshow in Vegas slinging software! #qbochat
  9. I rearranged my appts to ensure I could be here today !!! Checking in from Vancouver Island – CANADA :)))))
  10. If you are out at the show, come see us at Booth C4213! #qbochat
  11. Dene from @ledgerdocs here. Delighted to be here to talk document management with everyone 🙂 #QBOchat
  12. @getclockshark World of Concrete! Let’s see a pic so we can see what it’s all about? #QBOchat
  13. @AlexNewstart, thanks for following us! We hope to see you at our next #QBOchat – Thursday 3PM ET/12PM PT.
  14. Hi all – Sarah from Aero here. Looking forward to hearing what @Receipts_Damien has to say! #qbochat
  15. @QBOchat Valerie, Product Specialist for Intuit. Tweeting from Chicago Suburbs #qbochat
  16. @CathyIconis Very hot, but incredibly productive! Looking forward to having the weekend off at the beach. #QBOchat
  17. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC #qbochat
  18. Hi everyone – thanks for having us takeover – excited to talk cloud accounting with you all @QBOchat #qbochat
  19. Reminder: Come chat with us on #tweetchat, it’s easier than the twitter feed.  http://qub.me/  #qbochat
  20. Not sure how long I’ll get to stay but I’m here for now! Good to see you again @CathyIconis #QBOchat
  21. @carla_caldwell OMG!!! I’m jumping up and down!! Thanks for joining us! #QBOchat
  22. Late, but made it. Happy 2017 my #qbo brothas and sistas! #qbochat
  23. Q1 is coming up! Remember to answer with A1, A2, etc along the way. #QBOchat
  24. Q1: There are a lot of receipt processing softwares – why should we use Receipt Bank? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  25. I disagree, I leave the name off for transactions with vendors I don’t want cluttering up the list RT @CalebLJenkins mandatory #qbochat
  26. @receipts_ben1 We’re excited to be here for the Receipt Bank hosted chat! 🙂 #qbochat
  27. Late to the party and hoping Siri does not screw up so I can drive and partake #QBOchat
  28. A1: best OCR, and dashboard (can post while watching tv at night 😉 great sorting capabilities – did I mention Luv the dashboard #qbochat
  29. @balsamway No one is a token anything! Unless, you mean it in an amazing way. #QBOchat
  30. A1: Most apps are just client facing. @ReceiptBank has tools for both the accountant & client to make their lives easier #qbochat
  31. A1: I have been using @ReceiptBank for a couple of years. The #QBO integration is great and the support is pretty good too #qbochat
  32. A1: Because we don’t just do receipts! We do bills, corporate expenses, and expense reports (and credit notes)~ #qbochat
  33. A1 Oh and we also do line items extraction – fantastic for restaurants #qbochat
  34. @ReceiptBank‘s boost function means your documents can be processed within 9 minutes. #QBOchat
  35. A1: @ReceiptBank‘s boost function means your documents can be processed within 9 minutes #QBOchat
  36. A1: It’s incredibly easy and makes your bookkeeping more efficient. 4k+ accountants/bookkeepers can’t be wrong! #qbochat
  37. #qbochat A1 since I don’t use them, I’m looking forward to hearing more about how they work.
  38. I am here to say hello to @CathyIconis and my friends in the ever-popular #QBOchat
  39. A1 “Everything your proadvisor needs” Bank maybe RT @CathyIconis @receipts_bora So, should it be called “Everything Bank”? #QBOchat
  40. @CathyIconis It could be ‘ Got you covered for your accounts payables’ Bank 🙂 #qbochat
  41. A1 I like the ability to break line items into their respective classes (cost centres) #qbochat
  42. Q2: Do I have to review every item/how do you automate more of the bookkeeping process? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  43. @CathyIconis @receipts_bora I also use as “portal” for one client to post his commission cheques – wish it could export to qbo #qbochat
  44. I am grateful you make room for me in the accounting sandbox #QBOchat
  45. A1: @ReceiptBank‘s Practice Platform allows your to manage your bookkeeping WIP at a glance #QBOchat
  46. cabrini@spsbookkeeping I’m trying to contain my RB- luv – its now mandatory for all my clients – I’m 90% paperless now ! #qbochat
  47. @AustinNexus @vheckman @QBOchat @Wipfli_LLP thanks we are excited about all the new services we can offer to our customers #qbochat
  48. A2: You set suppliers rules, and then you auto-publish items! Hands free automation = more time for you. #qbochat
  49. A2: No, @ReceiptBank learns and you can set rules to automate those consistent suppliers – @SouthwestAir for example #qbochat
  50. A2 you can also publish directly from the mobile app – how’s for for mobile first bookkeeping #qbochat
  51. A1: It’s easy to train some of your clients to scan and photo their own bills and expenses #QBOchat leaving you to just review
  52. Ready to start using @ReceiptBank, we are with @Rootworks, how should we get started #QBOchat
  53. @receipts_bora I still feel like you guys came up with that before it was in QBO. Anyone know? #QBOChat
  54. @LBF_Group I will get someone from our Welcome Team to give you a call today! #qbochat
  55. @AshBeetson And you can have the email in receipts from online vendors like Amazon, etc, right? #QBOchat
  56. A1 I find that teaching the “technologically challenged” isn’t difficult to use the app, you can take a pic you can use the app #qbochat
  57. A2: you can set to auto-post, but I prefer to give a quick review of cost headings #qbochat
  58. How far do you want? A year’s worth? RT @CathyIconis: @spsbookkeeping @ReceiptBank Is there a limit of how far back people can go? #QBOchat
  59. @CathyIconis that’s right e-mail from vendor direct into @ReceiptBank with specific e-mail address for each client #qbochat
  60. I ran remember the days when I did nothing BUT data entry.
  61. Q3: When do I use Receipt Bank versus other Apps like Expensify,  http://Bill.com , and Gusto? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  62. Say goodbye to those days! RT @accountingpeace: I can remember the days when I did nothing BUT data entry.
    #qbochat #qbochat
  63. A3 It depends on the client. Ideally all docs will come to @ReceiptBank – to make it easier for the client #QBOchat
  64. @AshBeetson I”m too much of a control freak to allow it as taxes are an issue in my neck of the world PST/GST is a pain-point
  65. A3 The goal is to design a stack specific for your client, the apps allow that #qbochat
  66. A3 We populate @billcom, so they can make the payment. We send the data, the image & the approvers. #qbochat
  67. A4 …then roll that stack out to more and more clients #qbochat
  68. A3 The client gets them to @ReceiptBank then the Proadvisor decides where to send them, @billcom or @QuickBooks or @Gusto #qbochat
  69. When data entry and compliance time is freed up, you can do more advisory work, which I love #qbochat #morethanbeancounters
  70. A3: who are they ? I have blinders on to anyone else in the receipt world 😉 #qbochat
  71. A3 Some times your clients will need robust expense management – if so, add on @expensify #qbochat
  72. So far from it! RT @Receipts_Damien: A3 Some times your clients will need robust expense management – if so, add on @expensify #qbochat
  73. @CPAAccelerator Great point!! And advisors would much rather be doing that work! #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  74. Welcome Sandy! Hadn’t seen you join the chat before RT @CPAAccelerator you can do more advisory work, which I love #qbochat
  75. #QBOchat my clients are old fashioned. How do you get them to change and use these programs? They love paper.
  76. @QBOchat – Hello from Houston! Late, but happy to see everyone! #qbochat
  77. A3 Send the expense reports to @Gusto to get them reimbursed #QBOchat
  78. @accountingpeace @racbookkeeper Does your invoice say “Annoying data entry from entering your shoebox of receipts”?? #QBOchat
  79. .@spsbookkeeping if they can take a pic of their lunch or grankids, they can take a pic of their bills and receipts #qbochat
  80. Charge extra for papercuts? RT @spsbookkeeping #QBOchat How do you get them to change and use these programs? They love paper.
  81. .@spsbookkeeping I’d also suggest sittingdown with them and showing how easy it is, then throw away the receipt! #qbochat
  82. @spsbookkeeping its a process ! I started asking for “sorted” receipts to show my pain with clients paper
  83. @BizBooksCloud @Receipts_Damien Good one!! Do you guys have any calculators to show wasted time with paper? #QBOchat
  84. Not only cost, what about a flood or fire or theft help protect ur client’s businesses @BizBooksCloud @QBOchat @Receipts_Damien #qbochat
  85. That may work in the US… unfortunately CRA up here in Canada can still demand the ‘original’ receipt #qbochat
  86. Q4: How can Receipt Bank help bookkeeping firms be more efficient in their practice? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  87. @CathyIconis @spsbookkeeping Or use what they have and get that app on their phone! No fuss – just take a picture! #qbochat
  88. give clients 2 prices – one without @ReceiptBank, one with. they’ll figure it out fast. #qbochat
  89. The picture is of the original receipt has been our advice from the CRA @racbookkeeper #qbochat
  90. A4: @ReceiptBank eliminates data entry. It syncs the data from receipts and bills with QBO #QBOchat
  91. @racbookkeeper Then put that scanned receipt in a shoebox in case of an emergency. #QBOchat
  92. A4 @ReceiptBank sends over an image to QBO so you & the client know exactly what your clients are spending their money on #qbochat
  93. I did find the best example to move over was a faded receipt from 6 months ago and the hinted word unauditable #qbochat
  94. A4 @ReceiptBank‘s Practice Platform allows you to manage all of your clients from one dashboard #qbochat
  95. @spsbookkeeping let them keep it, just scan and take pictures I everything for you to use. If they love paper – let THEM keep it #QBOchat
  96. A4 @ReceiptBank means you don’t have to waste time driving to clients offices to get their data #QBOchat
  97. you have helped so many like me to boost our businesses in accounting and bookkeeping RT @CPAAccelerator first time #qbochat virgin #qbochat
  98. With @ReceiptBank your services come with distaster protection, audit proofing and mobile first @CPAAccelerator @ReceiptBank #qbochat
  99. @AeroWorkflow @QBOchat @spsbookkeeping when they learn themselves they can save hours of filing away invoices the penny drops! #qbochat
  100. Good one, often overlook the time lost fixing errors RT @racbookkeeper: A4 elimination of data entry errors #qbochat
  101. @spsbookkeeping I’m learning that I could be making margin off of efficiencies from technology versus just time spent. #QBOchat
  102. A4 @ReceiptBanks Practice Platform is a game changer – client delay will change your client relationships #qbochat
  103. Having a client’s original paper document makes me nervous. What if the dog eats it? #paperless way to go! #qbochat
  104. @accountingpeace or it gets lost in the depths of the car, pocket, purse – poof! and then what do you do… #qbochat
  105. Multiply your rate? So true because you’re helping your clients with so much more than debits and credits @FischBooks #qbochat
  106. @ReceiptBank – correct I’m pretty much homebased. Save time, money, and eco friendly too #worklifebalance #qbochat
  107. Mine actually ate a paper from my desk last week! RT @accountingpeace What if the dog eats it? #qbochat
  108. @Receipts_Damien @ReceiptBanks when will there be a similar platform to Xero that tells what receipts are missing ? saw demo WANT #qbochat
  109. @receipts_bora try a mans wallet, guaranteed to fade any receipt in 2 months lol #qbochat
  110. Q5: What are some common workflows that bookkeepers use to streamline processes? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  111. don’t forget the ROI of the freed up time that you can bill while doing higher level things #qbochat
  112. A5 Getting the client submitting their docs to @ReceiptBank is key. Avoid doing it for them! #QBOchat
  113. @ReceiptBank @QBOchat How many transactions a month justifies using the app? Weird question? #qbochat
  114. @FischBooks been waiting for a visit – c’mon down and feel my pst posting pain #qbochat
  115. A5 Clients send bills, corporate card receipts and reimbursables, then the Bookkeeper decides where to send it! #qbochat
  116. @AmyWalkerCPA @ReceiptBank @QBOchat any number really b/c it is not simply about that one client, but about all of your clients! #qbochat
  117. A5 Don’t do it for your clients, it slows everything down #qbochat
  118. @AmyWalkerCPA even a handful of receipts justifies the cost, how much does it cost your client for you to manually enter each one #qbochat
  119. Why I don’t have client docs on my desk! RT @expensify @accountingpeace Can you use that excuse with your clients? #qbochat
  120. I was told that @qbexpertchicago was on #QBOChat, so I figure I better get off my call and jump in & say hi! ?
  121. A5 Move items from @ReceiptBank on daily or at least weekly basis, reconcilliation in @QuickBooks becomes a breeze #qbochat
  122. @LegacyCasey I see your from Charlottesville… speaking of coffee.. How about Bodo’s Bagels!! Miss that place! #qbochat
  123. A5: Speaking of dogs, any client who can take a photo of their pets can take a photo of a receipt & use RB! So simple. #qbochat
  124. @receipts_bora @AmyWalkerCPA @ReceiptBank @QBOchat I’ve calculated approx 15-30 secs per trans – faster than I can find the date #qbochat
  125. A5: check defaults, suppliers/merge, train client how to scan and upload, review in-box each day, publish to QBO. #qbochat
  126. @Nurph was perfect! RT @CathyIconis @accountingpeace Someone help me develop a better twitter chat platform then!! #QBOchat #qbochat
  127. @vheckman But, can they take a picture of the dog eating a receipt and it still work? #QBOchat
  128. Q6: How do you help partners get their clients to use Receipt Bank? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  129. @FischBooks @ReceiptBank if I recollect it created the list & sent to client for you or maybe i’m just dreaming #qbochat
  130. A5 If you haven’t made a change to a supplier in 3 months, set it up for Autopublish #qbochat
  131. @FischBooks Routine, consistency, and expectation setting – helps your clients every time! #qbochat
  132. A6 We’ve got some exciting tools being launched soon to help @ReceiptBank partners better communicate with their clients #qbochat
  133. A6 The Last Submission column on Practice Platform tells you when clients last used @ReceiptBank – get out in front of issues #qbochat
  134. @Receipts_Damien @ReceiptBank And it was really cool how you see how long it takes them to send in their receipts. #QBOchat
  135. @CPAAccelerator yes because I bill for my data entry as well. It’s time consuming #qbochat
  136. A6 Walking the walk – you should be using it too – you get an unlimited account when you become a @ReceiptBank partner #qbochat
  137. @receipts_bora @FischBooks Isn’t that the entire reason clients hire us in the first place? #QBOchat
  138. Any particular industries have better success with @ReceiptBank? i.e. professional services, restaurants, etc #qbochat
  139. A6: Convince partners their time is move valuable than calling clients to collect receipts – even if they pay for it themselves! #qbochat
  140. @CathyIconis @receipts_bora @FischBooks True! Let’s provide them with the insight they want, not the data entry they dont care for! #qbochat
  141. If you are a practice that uses Value Billing (Fixed rates) Receipt Bank is a god send\ #qbochat
  142. And- @ReceiptBank is soon to be in the @AeroWorkflow Library! RT @Receipts_Damien A6 Walking the walk – you should be using it too! #qbochat
  143. Industries? Yup restaurants are perfect, especially with the line items @accountingpeace @ReceiptBank #qbochat
  144. A6 @ReceiptBank partners get a ton of marketing tools to help promote their services #QBOchat
  145. A6. Tax time is a great time to talk about saving time/struggle and improving the accuracy of data in the year to come! #qbochat
  146. @vheckman Couldnt agree more! Let’s not repeat this year, next year~ #qbochat
  147. A6 The SMS is a godsend. Clients are up and running in 90 seconds, how’s that for onboarding #qbochat
  148. @vheckman Or – setup templated emails about that and send it to clients when they are stressing out and behind! #QBOchat
  149. @spsbookkeeping Partners at law firms love it cuz they can capture each expense without the hassle of saving it in an envelope! #qbochat
  150. And they can identify the client/customer in the app, so you can make it billable in QBO @receipts_bora @spsbookkeeping #qbochat
  151. @accountingpeace @ReceiptBank THEY ALL DO ! my Contractor, Real Estate Agent, Bakery ! Can even allocate to job or client
  152. I have a cleint here in Toronto that is a high end restauant, lots of lawyers eat here and love RB for receipt capture #qbochat
  153. Q7: What are the other benefits for Receipt Bank partners? #QBOchat #effortlessbookkeeping
  154. A7. @ReceiptBank partners get their own unlimited account to utilize #QBOchat
  155. A7 ability to sell your services to clients… RB included within the Value Price of services rendered #qbochat
  156. A5 Every Friday firms check the last submission column and chase up anyone older than 5 days #qbochat
  157. @CathyIconis @Receipts_Damien You can now text your client to download the app and login – all prepopulated! #qbochat
  158. A7. @ReceiptBank Partners get a dedicated account manager to help them grow their firm #qbochat
  159. A7. @ReceiptBank Partners have access to 24/7 support via our help desk! #QBOchat
  160. HOLY DOODLE this is the fastest TweetChat yet ! I can’t keep up, answer the phone and I’m 15 tweets behind WOWSA
  161. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away? #effortlessbookkeeping
  162. @QBOchat thanks for hosting another great #QBOchat. We will see you again next week. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  163. Found a few new people I want to follow on Twitter via this chat #qbochat
  164. Pricing question.. It’s per number of documents vs number of users?
  165. A7 the 24/7 support is one of the most loved bennefits to partners #qbochat
  166. @QBOchat You don’t have to do data entry – just a small step in the right direction counts! #qbochat
  167. She’s out having a ham sandwich RT @balsamway: @receipts_bora @ReceiptBank where is @receipts_kate she’s MIA ??? Shes da bomb! 😉 #qbochat
  168. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us! #effortlessbookkeeping
  169. And, please everyone thank @ReceiptBank for taking over today and sharing so much awesomeness with us!! #QBOchat
  170. #qbochat Today, 448 Tweets (including 60 RTs) 34 Participants (Most Active @Receipts_Damien 40 Tweets) via  http://chatdir.kneaver.com 
  171. Thanks for hosting a great chat @QBOchat and @ReceiptBank! We’ll see everyone next week! #qbochat
  172. Next week’s topic is New App Intros. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  173. @ReceiptBank @Receipts_Damien @receipts_bora Thanks so much! Some of the best, most knowledgeable talent in accounting/tech! #qbochat
  174. Thanks so much for joining us!! Have a great end to your week~~ #qbochat

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