01/26/2017 New App Intros

1/26/2017 QBOchat

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1/26/2017 QBOchat

New App Intros

  1. Check out #QBOchat—a tweetchat about QuickBooks at 12pm PST. Learn about fp.'s integration (more info: https://t.co/oXn7aqb6xl) + other apps https://t.co/Ap9cKu5kzk

    Check out #QBOchat—a tweetchat about QuickBooks at 12pm PST. Learn about fp.’s integration (more info:  http://ow.ly/N5Qc308o0Qi ) + other apps pic.twitter.com/Ap9cKu5kzk
  2. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  3. Hi y’all! Alexis with ClockShark out of Albuquerque, NM! #qbochat
  4. Bora with Receipt Bank out of DC here – afternoon everyone 🙂 #qbochat
  5. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT.
  6. Hi all Eithne from @ledgerdocs here. We make document management simple for bookkeepers/accountants. Tweeting from chilly Vancouver #qbochat
  7. Today is a new App Introduction week. We are excited to learn about the new Apps on  http://Apps.com ! #QBOChat
  8. @QBOchat Hey everyone! Alan from Avalara here. Typical gloomy (but warmer) day here in Seattle. Excited to hear from some new apps! #qbochat
  9. #QBOchat PaymentEvolution, Online payroll for small to medium sized businesses
  10. Hi Everyone! This is Sammy with Acuity out of Atlanta. #qbochat
  11. @QBOchat Natalie here with the Expensify team in Punta Ballena, Uruguay! #QBOchat
  12. Hey! Thanks for joining #QBOchat! We’re @FundThrough helping SMBs overcome cash flow hurdles with adv. invoice funding. City folk from TO!
  13. Hey everyone! Nicole here from XTBills in Dallas. Happy to see everyone here today! 🙂 #qbochat
  14. @avalara @QBOchat Hey Alan, I’m Looking forward to getting back to the PNW! #QBOchat
  15. @Financial_Soft We’ll start posting questions at 3:10 ET. Answer as you can! #QBOchat
  16. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in snowy Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  17. Happy Thursday everyone! Matt from Verenia here in Austin checking in. #qbochat
  18. We invite all types of @QuickBooks users – #smallbiz, accountants, developers, and more to join our #QBOchat.
  19. @expensify Hey Natalie! No problem, I’ll gladly swap you for Uruguay. The clouds will be waiting for you here when you get back 🙂 #qbochat
  20. @BizBooksCloud Are you enjoying the snow? We hope so! Do you ski or snowboard? #QBOchat
  21. I don’t do either, but I do like the snow! RT @expensify Are you enjoying the snow? We hope so! Do you ski or snowboard? #QBOchat
  22. Before questions start today – have to share some excitement. I work for @Intuit & firms. Saw one today – blown away by QBO & apps #QBOchat
  23. Sherri-Lee checking in from Vancouver Island, Canada
  24. Hi all! Sarah for Aero joining from a FINALLY sunny SF Bay Area here! #qbochat
  25. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs! David Leary | Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, AZ
  26. Shout out to Natalie at @expensify thanks for the laptop tattoo. Had a firm ask about you guys as I was sporting your sticker #qbochat
  27. @AeroWorkflow Yay! Happy to see the beautiful photos once again. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. #QBOchat
  28. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  29. @AeroWorkflow Hey Sarah! Glad you made it through the CA storms alright. My alma mater was shut down for a few days straight! #qbochat
  30. Happy Thursday! Ufuoma from ATL, GA – Owner of Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting #qbochat
  31. Hey #QBOChat! Glad to be here today to meet the new apps!
  32. @davidleary Most of the team is. I’m the lone “yankee” all the way north in Atlanta. #QBOchat
  33. Q1: What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s  http://Apps.com ? #QBOchat
  34. #QBOchat Hi All, can’t stay long, but will try and get envolved!
  35. Hi All – Sam Thomas, Spotlight Reporting. Dashboards, Reporting and Budgeting/Forecasting tools!
  36. We got a LOT of water! RT @avalara Hey Sarah! My alma mater was shut down for a few days straight! #qbochat
  37. Apps the firm was amazed at were @Hubdoc @ReceiptBank & @tsheets “Those apps will simplify our work” #qbochat
  38. @noviWorks You need to add your website to your twitter profile. I wanted to see more! #QBOchat
  39. A1: Business Importer – imports all data in Excel (invoices, POs, Payments, etc) to QBO. Started several years ago! #qbochat
  40. @JoeManz Woo! Happy they arrived & seem to be doing their job. I hope we sent enough! #QBOchat
  41. Hi #QBOChat – happy to see aall the apps here, love you all! -Annie, Intuit Developer Relations
  42. Simplify & be more productive. And by the way they all integrate seemlessly with #QBO – Heard ‘there is an app for everything’ #qbochat
  43. A1: ClockShark is mobile time tracking for field and construction work! We’ve been on  http://Apps.com  for a few years!
  44. Make sure you include the #QBOchat hashtag in your tweets so everyone can see your answers.
  45. A1: PaymentEvolution, we offer payroll services for small to medium sized businesses. Published this month! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/TWa8Dwu55E
  46. #QBOchat A1 QR Inventory is an online asset and inventory tracking software with mobile inventory processing. QR codes, barcodes, NFC tags
  47. A1: XTBills here helping you accelerate your firm’s value by extending AP automation to your client base since 2015! #qbochat
  48. A1: Function Point. Connects project + invoicing workflows. Gives teams a clear view into profitability #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/824711252345782273 
  49. Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat
  50. @JoeManz seems like people are answering it. i missed it too? #qbochat
  51. A2: Paper time sheets are inaccurate, messy and expensive. Our customers save between 2-8% on payroll costs by going mobile. #qbochat
  52. A2: Our CEO wanted something that would work for him – a platform to make payments and not have dual data entry when using QB #qbochat
  53. A1: Receipt Bank, automating bookkeeping for your clients accounts payables, back in 2014! #qbochat
  54. A2: The main problem in developing was to understand how to organize the import in intuitive and easy level! And we did it! 🙂 #qbochat
  55. A1. novi AMS is an Association Mgmnt System, that runs web & database functions for trade associations and professional societies. #QBOchat
  56. A1: Whoa, #learlylate today. Suzanne w @NOWaccount Aug ’16 app, like a credit card for B2B, put SMB$$ in the bank instead of AR. #qbochat
  57. A1: @ledgerdocs helps bookkeepers to request & manage financial documents and post them to QBO. We’ve been in the app store 1 year #qbochat
  58. #QBOchat A2 QR Inventory is perfect for managing out-of-the-office assets & inventory – a problem with most inventory management systems
  59. A2: We wanted to take simplify bookkeeping & accounting workflows #qbochat
  60. #QBOchat A2: Payroll can be tough, calculations can take a while. We wanted to save time so you could focus more on your business!
  61. A1. Spotlight Reporting started as an accounting firm. We wanted to create higher-value reports that customers would want to see!! #qbochat
  62. A2. We wanted to create association management software that seamlessly integrated with QBO, 24/7. #QBOchat
  63. A2 Cash flow is SMBs biggest threat. We found a simple & effective way to close cf gaps by lending working capital vs receivables. #qbochat
  64. BTW.. Today big release from us here at Spotlight. QBO Class reporting is now live. Excited to bring this to the table! #qbochat
  65. A2: Eliminating double entries! Need for a centralized, integrated system for PM + best accounting platform #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/824712565666283520 
  66. @Leaqb Hi Laura! Welcome to the chat! It’s a good one – meeting some NEW apps today! #qbochat
  67. Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat
  68. #QBOchat A3 QR Inventory is a good fit 4 any biz which needs to manage mobile assets and inventory in or out of the office in real time
  69. A3. Companies that want a hands-on approach to advisory with customers and want to engage them about their financials directly. #qbochat
  70. A3. noviAMS is for Professional societies and trade associations that have membership databases, host events, and manage websites. #QBOchat
  71. A3: Accounting companies, small and medium business, and freelance accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs too! Everyone uses! #qbochat
  72. A3: Our mobile scheduling and time tracking is perfect for small businesses! #qbochat
  73. A3: Accountants, bookkeepers and their clients #qbochat
  74. YES What is your niche! #NicheApps RT @QBOchat: Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat
  75. A2: w @NOWaccount, invoices, ledger entries, ACH transfers all happen automatically. Fast & easy, frees capital. #bookkeepingmagic #QBOchat
  76. A3, part Deux: really any non-profit with a member database and a website! #QBOchat
  77. #QBOchat A3: Canadian small to medium sized businesses from 1- 50 employees. There are free plans for companies with less than 5 employees
  78. A3 Your business would be a great fit for FundThrough as long as you invoice customers and wait to get paid 🙂 #QBOchat
  79. A3: Creative agencies, professional services (specifically architecture firms) are all in our wheelhouse #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/824714224509349891 
  80. Heather here, just off a QBSE webinar! Hi everyone 🙂
  81. Q4: Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat
  82. @avalara @expensify So many great accounting partner programs! And we love having YOU as partners! #qbochat
  83. Q4 if I may? Does your app have an accountant program? #qbochat
  84. A3 Best fit are “scale ups” not start ups. Fast growing SMBs who invoice other biz/govt and want to get pd NOW instead of later. #QBOchat
  85. A4: Customers love our amazing and responsive customer service team, the app ease of use, and of course, the competitive pricing! #qbochat
  86. A3: anyone with expenses who wants to make their lives easier and save time #qbochat
  87. #QBOchat A4 1 QR Inventory easy to use & customizable for diff biz sit, 2 QR code scanning for on-site inventory track, 3 extensive reports
  88. A4: No double entries
    Centralized system
    Easy to learn and understand
    Bonus: Teams don’t need to learn new accounting software #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/824715654670483456 
  89. @JoeManz Good question! There are some great ones! We love our TSheets PRO Program for accountants. 🙂  https://www.tsheets.com/pros  #qbochat
  90. A2: Was hoping to get our quoting app Aura published in the  http://apps.com  marketplace by todays chat. So close! #qbochat
  91. A3: ClockShark is a great fit for all sizes and styles of construction! Flexible, intuitive, stable and simple! #qbochat
  92. #qbochat A2 biz make free loans to customers (called invoices) @NOWaccount pmnt system enables biz 2 get paid immed w/ no debt or factoring
  93. HOLY DOODLE – Note to SELF never answer the phone during QBOchat! I’m missing everything! boo hoo
  94. A4 Straight from our users “Instead of waiting 30+ days for my largest customer to pay, with FundThrough I get the funds right away”#qbochat
  95. A3 @NOWaccount B2Bs landing that first big contract w the big co that demands terms & pays “whenever” bcs they love free $$ #QBOchat
  96. A4: 1. Easy import of transactions and entities 2. Deletion function 3. Export function And 4. Scheduling of imports! #qbochat
  97. A4. Two-way integration with QBO, management of member profiles and parent-child relationships, simple user-friendly interface. #QBOchat
  98. #QBOchat A4: Vendor bill payments with automatic reconciliation, PayChequer- online employee portal, CRA Remittance submissions
  99. when grown-up work interferes with #QBOChat….. ? Sorry I’m late to the party, guys!
  100. @JoeManz Let me know if you didn’t see the link to Avalara for Accountants earlier or if you have any questions! #qbochat
  101. A4: posting to QBO, scansnap integration & document request feature #qbochat
  102. A4: 1. Job costing 2. GPS tracking 3. Free Scheduling And of course, they love the QuickBooks integration!! #qbochat
  103. @avalara send me a message with the link & send me some of your colors to fly on my laptop when seeing firms! #QBOchat
  104. Q5: Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership. #QBOchat
  105. he hey hey I see some shiny new (to me) interesting apps here !! @Kimtuitive GROWNUP stuff – I stupidly answered the phone!
  106. #QBOchat A5 22 years developing biz software in the industry where average company age 4.5 yrs tells a lot about our culture and leadership
  107. A5. We don’t believe in workarounds.  Software should solve problems, not create more. #QBOchat https://t.co/qBNy5Qrrus

    A5. We don’t believe in workarounds. Software should solve problems, not create more. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/qBNy5Qrrus
  108. Q4: A few key features people love are the mobility and accuracy of it and the TSheets PRO Program!  http://bit.ly/2j9itg5  #qbochat
  109. #QBOchat A5: Everyone in our office is a leader! most importantly, we all love (Tim Hortons) donuts! Very advanced, forward thinking! pic.twitter.com/S8wvUZw3JD
  110. @tsheets @expensify Well, I’m not gonna NOT contribute to this gif parade. Safe to say we like all of you, too 🙂 #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/XQwrboNG7m
  111. @tsheets Love YOU – and the phone service that says I’m so important you already know who I am where to direct me ! #phonewin #qbochat
  112. A4 1. Acclerate revenue pymts, 2. Eliminate AR, 3. Remove cust nonpayment risk, so you can 4. focus on building biz! @NOWaccount
  113. @QBOchat SmartScan, direct deposit reimbursement, & our app! #QBOchat
  114. A5: The culture is incredible and that’s largely due to our CEO’s passion and commitment to excellence. –>  http://bit.ly/2jCdbWG  #qbochat
  115. Some great apps on here #QBOchat. It’s a bit late for me and some of these not in UK yet. I’ll be discussing apps at #QBConnect in UK
  116. A5: Developing software together, best specialist, friendly environment! #qbochat
  117. A5: Typical tech startup includes a super close team, long fun hours and the occasional brew and ping pong game. #qbochat
  118. A4 Seriously tho, we have so many SMB owners that simply say “you saved my life.” Yep. Huge relief to get paid NOW! @NOWaccount
  119. Q6: How is your App different from your competitors? #QBOchat
  120. @getclockshark Ping pong and beer…the universal signs of a rad office *thumbs up* #qbochat
  121. A3: Anyone that wishes for more robust estimating/quoting features. Markups, discounts, pricelists, seamless QBO integration. #qbochat
  122. A6: Pricing based on users, not permission levels, and we offer special pricing for our accountants and bookkeepers! #qbochat
  123. #QBOchat A6: We are a 1 stop shop. Payroll, Payments AND Benefits! Not to mention our really cool PayChequer Portal.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abm9oNbqqKI 
  124. #QBOchat A6 QR Inventory uses new technologies: cloud, mobile, QR codes, NFC, smartphones to make inventory management simple and efficient
  125. A4: practice platform to get visibility into your firm, the accuracy and the account managers!!! #qbochat
  126. A6: The easiest import and usage, import-export-delete, additional features, great support, video guides for our users! #qbochat
  127. AND, it’s Apps day – that’s fitting…grown-up work is helping my new firm choose their #TeamIntuitApps bundle! #qbochat
  128. A6: Deeper integration w/ #QBO—down to service level, maps to accounts. Many competitors force users to use own acct software #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/824718754751934467 
  129. @noviWorks If you’re going to believe in anything it should probably be bacon. #qbochat
  130. A6. Our QBO integration is incredibly robust (We’re the only Association Management software on https://t.co/sGAa2d65PG). #QBOchat https://t.co/ilot0LnbO8

    A6. Our QBO integration is incredibly robust (We’re the only Association Management software on  http://Apps.com ). #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/ilot0LnbO8
  131. @JoeManz A4: FREE LIFETIME liscence of Aura for Pro Advisors plus referral rewards and client discounts! #qbochat
  132. A5 To provide ways for our fellow small business owners and accountants find ways to free up their valuable time.
  133. @QBOchat A6 Usability puts us above the competition. Ease of use is huge for customers big & small. #QBOchat
  134. A6: advanced metrics management tool, account manager expertise, exceptional client experience #qbochat
  135. Q6 @NOWaccount vs. factoring: Control! Clients know exactly how much $ is headed to their bank (flat fee doesn’t change), and when. #QBOchat
  136. @receipts_bora account manager expertise ? is @receipts_kate eating lunch again ??? #qbochat
  137. #QBOchat A7: Free for under 5 employees $22 a month for more. $0.50 deposit fee. $0.85 vendor payment! larger plans/ Accountant plans avail.
  138. A7: Depends on the # of users. Here’s a closer look at our pricing if you’re interested! 🙂  http://bit.ly/231D7df  #qbochat
  139. #qbochat @NOWaccount v factoring. Flat fee, no interest, no liability, off balance sheet, works with loans. Feels like taking a credit card  https://twitter.com/suzannewelander/status/824720494578569216 
  140. A7: @NOWaccount is free to set up for QBO, 2.5-3% flat merch fee per invoice depending on the terms offered to the customer. #QBOchat
  141. A7. Depending on the size of the client and their specific needs, novi can be priced from $400/month to $2,400/month. #AskMe #QBOchat
  142. A7: It’s just $25/month base fee plus $5 per month for each employee.If you have 30+ there’s discounted pricing available. ? #qbochat
  143. Q8: Does your App have any programs for #QuickBooks ProAdvisors? #QBOchat
  144. @tsheets morning chat w/ client on t-sheet test drive said price is worth every penny for time saved ! payroll to qbo is done! #qbochat
  145. A7: There are 3 tariffs for different business and accounting needs. Each client decided which one to choose! #qbochat
  146. #QBOchat A8: You mean for our PARTNERS? YES! Contact us and well let you know! #proadvisor
  147. A8: We love our ProAdvisors! We are constantly working with them to find out how we can improve our product for their needs. #qbochat
  148. A8: Yes! We have a Professional Plan, everything is included to it! And sometimes we give Promo Codes to QuickBooks ProAdvisors #qbochat
  149. A8: ClockShark’s Partner program is available for any ProAdvisors to meet your clients needs. #qbochat
  150. A8. We can offer discounts, commissions, or fee-sharing for ProAdvisors who refer, bring, or assist with new business. & ?&? #QBOchat
  151. @QBOchat A8: Only the coolest benefits program for ProAdvisors! Read all about it on the QBOchat blog!  http://avlr.co/2j2iMWv  #qbochat
  152. @QBOchat hi team! It’s LendMart from Canada! We’re also here to support #SmallBiz #QBOchat
  153. A8: We LOVE ProAdvisors and have a TSheets PRO Program available just for them! –>  http://bit.ly/2k6Kynl  #qbochat
  154. a8: join our partner program #proadvisors! our team is always happy to speak with you #qbochat
  155. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
  156. sorry to tweet and run but i am off! enjoy the rest of Thursday. Thanks @QBOchat! #qbochat
  157. SO MUCH FUN with #QBOchat chat and all of our friends today! Looks like a coffee date is due! #longlivethetimsrun @TimHortons
  158. A8 @NOWaccount Yes! Reseller agrmnt pays ongoing rev based on trans $ referred. #personalgoal for Feb is a toolkit 4 #ProAdvisors!
  159. @QBOchat It’s a pleasure to be part of such an exciting and growing ecosystem of innovative apps! #qbochat
  160. @QBOchat So many great new apps! We hope to see you week-after-week. I’m off on a Uruguay wine tasting tour. Happy Thursday #QBOchat!
  161. Favorite takeaway – shiny new apps !!! need to learn more about ! #qbochat
  162. @QBOchat If you want to see Avalara’s in-depth answers to all these questions, check out our QBOchat introduction:  http://avlr.co/2j2iMWv  #qbochat
  163. Next week we are really excited for @AeroWorkflow to takeover #QBOChat. Schedule it on your calendar now!
  164. Happy Thursday – I need to hunt down some bacon for a #BLT #nom nom nom HUNGRY! Thanks all
  165. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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