02/01/2018 New App Intros

2/1/2018 QBOchat

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2/1/2018 QBOchat

New App Intros

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. Tonya Schulte with Schulte and Schulte and Bookkeeping For Roofers from beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Glad January is over!!! #qbochat
  4. Hello, Everyone! 🙂 Morgan from ClockShark here in Chico, California! It’s lunch time on the West Coast, and as a shark, today it’s a Poke bowl. It’s def an “aquatic” taste. Whoops, “acquired”. :p

    Excited to participate in yet another #QBOchat

  5. Bora with Receipt Bank from Washington DC – good to be back after a little hiatus! #qbochat
  6. Today, is New App Intros. This is one of our favorite chats because we get to learn about some of the new apps out there. #QBOchat https://t.co/B2YjQqcuUI

    Today, is New App Intros. This is one of our favorite chats because we get to learn about some of the new apps out there. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/B2YjQqcuUI
  7. Hello #QBOchat family!!! Alex here in Eagle, Idaho with TSheets by QuickBooks!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
  8. Hi everyone! Nate from ChronoBooks here, looking forward to another great #QBOchat
  9. @schultetonya Hi, Tonya! I agree with you: January is the year’s “Monday”! Glad it’s behind us! #QBOchat
  10. Michael Vodianoi from AdvancePro Inventory Management in Toronto, Canada! #qbochat
  11. Hello everyone, I am Karen, From Brisbane Queensland Australia, Wise Owl Legal Law Firm App connecting to QuickBooks Online #qbochat
  12. Hi there, everyone! Harika here from Circulus in Dallas, TX. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! #QBOchat
  13. Hey everyone! This is my first #qbochat excited to be here!
  14. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  15. I’m Joel from  http://Timesheets.com . We’ve been around for 14 years, but new to the  http://apps.com  site since last October. #qbochat
  16. Hey everyone! @CathyIconis, founder of #QBOchat here. I’m excited to see everyone!
  17. @QBOchat Hi all! Alan here repping Avalara, home of the very best in tax compliance software! Hope everyone is doing well! #qbochat
  18. @ledgerdocs Great, Matt! How are you? Glad to see you in another riveting #qbochat 🙂
  19. Welcome James! RT @digi_cole Hey everyone! This is my first #qbochat excited to be here!
  20. Hey #QBOChat – Brandon Morris from Mobile, AL Barons’, Inc.
  21. Tiffany and the Share a Refund team here today. I hope everybody is having a wonderful week. #qbochat
  22. Ufuoma from Atlanta, GA, owner of Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting – @goshbookkeeping #qbochat
  23. Hi #qbochat – Melissa from @GoVeem, tweeting from Canada but our office is in San Francisco pic.twitter.com/BwOvivZo2Y
  24. Hi #qbochat Jason here from @staffkeep employee onboarding from Brooklyn NY.
  25. Oh dear. I’m new here. Forgot to include #QBOchat hashtag. Joel from  http://Timesheets.com  🙂 Sorry for the double post!
  26. There are lots of Canucks that join us! RT @GoVeem Hi #qbochat – Melissa from @GoVeem, tweeting from Canada pic.twitter.com/N5MMaATXWe
  27. #qbochat Happy February from HammerZen Team where we can help you increase your bottom line.
  28. Celebrating with a bit of chocolate today rejoicing that W-2s and 1099s month is over. #qbochat
  29. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  30. Q1: @CloudRunner is one of our newest products that we will be launching at @ScalingNH! Hope everyone can make it to check it out! CloudRunner will be a ‘one sign on’ for all your apps. Think about it as an ipad for your desktop- one click and you’re in! #QBOChat
  31. And, if you have a question for an app, ask away!! Just make sure to include the hashtag #QBOchat in your tweets so we can all see.
  32. #qbochat The problem @EzzyBills are solving is to create a true intelligent software that simply read the invoice data for you. No questions asked.
  33. A1 HammerZen HDPro automates and imports Home Depot receipts into QuickBooks. Approved by Intuit in July 2017. #QBOchat
  34. @getclockshark Hey there Morgan!! Thank you so much! Happy fake Friday! 😀 #QBOchat
  35. Q1: What is your App's name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit's https://t.co/cY9kUVZq2v? #QBOchat https://t.co/HMclsHPdK9

    Q1: What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s  http://Apps.com ? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/HMclsHPdK9
  36. #QBOchat Hi all, Shuyi here from @bentoforbiz, in cold cold Chicago. Great to see so many of you alive and well after January!
  37. Has anyone seen the short film that Intuit just released about the giant? #qbochat
  38. @Jrichelson @staffkeep Hey Jason!! So happy to have you in #QBOchat! Hope your week is going swell!! 🙂
  39. A1- We are Veem – a simplified global payments network helping businesses to send, receive, and reconcile payments ? #QBOchat
  40. A1:  http://Timesheets.com  is a provider of simple, powerful cloud time tracking. We were listed in the  http://apps.com  marketplace in October. #QBOchat
  41. @tsheets *weeps It is fake, isn’t it? :O #qbochat Tomorrow come quick!
  42. @QBOchat A1: ChronoBooks works to back up, restore, and copy QBO accounting data! I believe we first hit the App Center in May #QBOchat
  43. JMA offers accounting software integration solutions to automatically sync sales, customers, inventory, refunds, and more from a sales channel, shipping solution, or CRM into #QuickBooks, #QBO, and #Xero. Free trial at  http://ow.ly/fhty30i93Xs  #QBOChat
  44. @QBOchat A1 HammerZen HDPro automates and imports Home Depot receipts into QuickBooks. Approved by Intuit in July 2017. #QBOchat https://t.co/MumIwCNaDz

    @QBOchat A1 HammerZen HDPro automates and imports Home Depot receipts into QuickBooks. Approved by Intuit in July 2017. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/MumIwCNaDz
  45. A1- AdvancePro: a comprehensive inventory management solution for SMBs that manufacture or distribute. #QBOchat
  46. A1: Time Tracker is a timekeeping and invoicing application built for teams and individuals to streamline payroll and accounting. #qbochat
  47. @QBOchat A1. We are DocuSend and we are the easy way to mail invoices from QBO. Super simple and much easier than stuffing envelopes yourself. We were published in June 2017. #QBOchat
  48. This is my #qbochat, curious to see how it works. I didn’t know if I needed a headset or not? In my time zone it is Friday 6:00 am! 🙂
  49. AdvancePro has been integrated with QB for years, but just listed last week. We’re an Intuit Apps baby 🙂 #QBOchat
  50. A1. We’re a document management app used to maximize bookkeeping workflow efficiency, we recently hit trending on the QBO app store! #QBOchat
  51. Wow, where are you? No, all done by text tweets RT @Karen_Cascade didn’t know if needed headset or not? it is Friday 6:00 am! 🙂 #qbochat
  52. #qbochat @EzzyBills extracts all invoice data for you, directly into your QBO. Example here. https://t.co/COVrovL5eS

    #qbochat @EzzyBills extracts all invoice data for you, directly into your QBO. Example here. pic.twitter.com/COVrovL5eS
  53. @QBOchat I have a question…when is @tchatio going to upgrade their character limit to 250? >_< #qbochat
  54. Hi Everyone! Sarah from Aero joining from the SF Bay area. #qbochat
  55. A1: TSheets by QuickBooks! We are a time tracking and scheduling app! & We were published on  http://apps.com  in early 2013 #qbochat
  56. #QBOchat Q1-  http://StaffKeep.com  automates and makes paperless your employee onboarding into QBO Payroll and many other apps. Added in Jan ’18 we are the only app we know of that does this for QBO Payroll.
  57. A1: ClockShark is a mobile timetracking app for construction and field service companies. By offering software and service so excellent, we correct the course of businesses, improve lives, and create love. 🙂 #QBOchat
  58. Looking an app that integrates with QBDT and will give donors the ability to login to get their stmts including offline donations. #qbochat
  59. Same froblem with  http://tweetchat.com  RT @avalara @QBOchat when is @tchatio going to upgrade their character limit to 250? >_< #qbochat
  60. I was just wondering the same thing! RT @avalara: …when is @tchatio going to upgrade their character limit to 250? >_< #qbochat
  61. Greetings, Gita, I have seen you around for years RT @hammer_zen @BizBooksCloud Yes, it is Gita Faust all day today! #qbochat
  62. @Karen_Cascade No headset needed, just quick typing and reading. Thanks for joining us!! #QBOchat
  63. Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat https://t.co/EsR3t42J6c

    Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/EsR3t42J6c
  64. Thanks!! We’re excited to continue developing and building our partnership with Intuit #QBOchat
  65. A1: Receipt Bank – streamline, integrate and automate your clients AP into QBO! #snapthrowgo #qbochat
  66. A2: We had employees using paper timesheets and we knew there had to be better way so we began  http://Timesheets.com . The rest is history. #QBOchat
  67. A2: The main problem we were trying to solve when developing our App was Employee Time Theft! Now we are currently solving problems AND preventing them! So long paper timesheets ? #QBOChat
  68. #QBOchat A1 Bento for Business, the expense control tool for expense control freaks. 🙂 With our prepaid card synced to our app, you can set budgets and detailed spending limits, and export/sync transactions with one click. Published last July
  69. Check out Method Donor, not sure about features, but does donors well RT @UfuomaOgaga #qbochat
  70. @UfuomaOgaga Is it wrong for me to say to convert them to QBO?? I mean, it is #QBOchat 🙂
  71. #QBOchat Q2 – Manual entry of personal employee data into QBO Payroll from paper forms is so old school. We email invite employees to fill out all their details in our secure system and push into QBO payroll.
  72. @QBOchat A2: @CloudRunner was developed to solve the problem of having too many passwords! And forgetting all the apps your are subscribed to, CR can also be used as an HR tool to manage account and give them access to certain apps! If anyone is interested in a trial let me know! #QBOChat
  73. A1: Circulus is here to help you accelerate your firm’s value by extending AP automation to your client base! 🙂 We’re a #ProadvisorPick on  http://apps.com ! Check us out at  https://circulus.io/business-bill-pay/ . #qbochat
  74. A2- Simplify business payments. Payments, especially international ones, are just as painful today as they were in the 90s. #QBOchat
  75. A2: AdvancePro fixes redundant processes and data re-entry. Avoid mistakes which result in extra inventory costs @QBOchat #qbochat
  76. @QBOchat A2 We are proud to say that if you spend 1 hour entering receipts, it will take you only 5 minutes to import. Say no more manual entry, no to email, scan and upload receipts. #QBOchat
  77. I have terminal tab creep here! RT @avalara @AeroWorkflow @tchatio If I have to keep one more tab open on my browser, I’ll die… #QBOchat
  78. A2: Our CEO wanted something that would work for him – a platform to make payments and not have dual data entry when using #QB 🙂 #QBOchat
  79. @cathy They are not a good fit for QBO plus getting EOY statement from QBO similiar to QBDT is a nightmare. #qbochat
  80. @QBOchat A2: Most QBD users are familiar with the process of copying a QBDT file to archive how your books were at a given time. ChronoBooks brings that to QBO, but is even more flexible! #QBOchat
  81. #qbochat @EzzyBills is super fast at processing invoice data. Basically a personal robotic assistant for an accountant/bookkeeper. https://t.co/Wph6poKuyc

    #qbochat @EzzyBills is super fast at processing invoice data. Basically a personal robotic assistant for an accountant/bookkeeper. pic.twitter.com/Wph6poKuyc
  82. Never wrong to say that in this chat! RT @CathyIconis @UfuomaOgaga Is it wrong for me to say to convert them to QBO?? #QBOchat 🙂
  83. A2: Time Tracker was created because manually tracking hours is a time suck! It’s complex – tracking employee hours in relation to clients and projects and then billing that time back to the customer. We’re more than just a clock in/clock out solution! #qbochat
  84. a2: leverage ocr & automation to eliminate manual entry – digitizeyour clients info all w/ the snap of a pic or click of an email #qbochat
  85. A2: Timetracking is often a pain point for companies, because of inefficient and inaccurate methods. Paper, begone! #seeya

    ClockShark solves this pain by offering an easy-to-use app that automates timetracking and scheduling. We make businesses easier to run! #qbochat

  86. @AeroWorkflow @avalara Ha, I just click the time stamp to take me to Twitter and respond natively when I wanna get giffy with it 😛 #qbochat
  87. @QBOchat Seems like manual entry is a pretty common problem… #qbochat
  88. @CathyIconis @UfuomaOgaga I thought about converting but still looking for an app to handle the entire AR process. #qbochat
  89. @GoVeem @avalara @AeroWorkflow @tchatio You need a headset if you get an alert each time someone tweets you. That can get to be very noisy during #QBOchat.
  90. @QBOchat A2. We wanted to create a cost effective and easy way for QBO users to mail out invoices, and we wanted to do it without set up fees and monthly minimums! Perfect for those who are still printing and mailing by hand. #QBOchat
  91. @AeroWorkflow @avalara I use @SproutSocial and just follow the feed from my inbox with just the search for #QBOchat on. I love it!
  92. Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat https://t.co/YM4nKTMy2k

    Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/YM4nKTMy2k
  93. A3: Any company can use  http://Timesheets.com . We have customers in every industry, although professional offices are the best fit. #QBOchat
  94. Does it automatically add the QBO hashtag for you? That’s the only reason I use tchat. #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/959159851728416770 
  95. @UfuomaOgaga Have you looked at @kindful? They were one of the smallbiz app showdown apps last year. #QBOchat
  96. #qbochat @EzzyBills typical customers tend to have over 200 invoices a month. Such as an restaurant. https://t.co/IP9Bi3TIcw

    #qbochat @EzzyBills typical customers tend to have over 200 invoices a month. Such as an restaurant. pic.twitter.com/IP9Bi3TIcw
  97. A3: Any company that still uses wires or banks for business payments, especially those paying overseas #QBOchat #SMBs pic.twitter.com/dpY40iOBSm
  98. #qbochat Wise Owl Legal was created to provide Compliant trust accounting software for Law firms on an up-to-date platform.
  99. @QBOchat A3 – We’re good for all, but apparel and pharma companies do great with us because of order matrix and lot tracking #qbochat
  100. A3: We are a completely and easily customizable app so I would have to say any customer/user is a good fit for TSheets!! #qbochat
  101. A3: With that being said though, our customer base is primarily small to medium sized businesses 🙂 #qbochat
  102. A3: @eBillity customers range from sole proprietors to large corporations, but SMBs are the majority. They come from a variety of sectors, but maily Construction/Contractors, Accountants, Lawyers, and Consultants. Mobile workforces love using our app on the go. #qbochat
  103. @QBOchat A3 our clients range from #contractors, #realestate #bookkeepers, QBO Advisors. Specially anyone who shops at @HomeDepot. Anyone who is in construction and improvements. #QBOchat https://t.co/kTDLewR3Hw

    @QBOchat A3 our clients range from #contractors, #realestate #bookkeepers, QBO Advisors. Specially anyone who shops at @HomeDepot. Anyone who is in construction and improvements. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/kTDLewR3Hw
  104. @QBOchat Hey fellow new apps: Any advice for successful marketing on the app store? #qbochat
  105. A3: Aero is built for the people on this chat: accountants and bookkeepers who need to manage their client work! #qbochat
  106. @AeroWorkflow Nope. That would be the drawback, but I get to check of each tweet to show that I’ve seen it. #QBOchat
  107. Q3: Who’s the best fit for our app? Any company that is using QB or QBO and wants #APautomation that is finally simple, powerful and affordable! #QBOchat
  108. @QBOchat A3: Any QBO company should consider ChronoBooks to safeguard their accounting data, but we especially ? ProAdvisors! #QBOchat
  109. A2: Share a Refund isn’t new to  http://apps.com , but it is a shipment auditing and parcel recovery service. Auditing shipments, filing lost and damaged claims and optimizing carrier agreements all to save shippers the most money and time possible. #QBOChat
  110. @GoVeem @QBOchat @AeroWorkflow @tchatio Ha, you should see it when Alex (@tsheets) and I get going. It’s terrifying…or beautiful… depending on how you feel about abundant gifs :p #QBOchat
  111. Q4: Tell us about your users' top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat https://t.co/nEFzbjMsC4

    Q4: Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/nEFzbjMsC4
  112. #QBOchat A2 We wanted to help #smallbiz and #accounting pros cut down long hours spent building expense reports and ensuring every purchase is accounted for. Bento does all that for you
  113. #QBOchat Q3 – Companies with 5-150 employees and large employee turnover as well as accounting and staffing firms will benefit from using  http://StaffKeep.com 
  114. a3: We work with accounting firms and small to medium size business — if you have an expense, you probably want @ReceiptBank! #qbochat
  115. A3: LedgerDocs help businesses in many ways, our focus aims to mend the bridge between bookkeepers and accountants. #QBOchat
  116. @QBOchat A3: Anyone is the perfect user for @CloudRunner! Everyone hates passwords! #Accountants can also find it extremely useful for setting up their clients accounts below their admin account and give them access to apps! #QBOChat
  117. A4: It’s free; All your info syncs in real time (bills, attachments, payments); and we’re more human than a bank #QBOChat
  118. @QBOchat A3. Any company that needs to mail invoices or other documents will love DocuSend! It automates a very tedious, manual process. Over 66% of consumers prefer to get a paper bill instead of getting it via email. #QBOchat
  119. @ledgerdocs @AeroWorkflow @tchatio Considering I just recently started getting alerts about low memory, this “95% memory reduction” may be just what the doctor ordered… Thank you! #QBOchat
  120. A4: Our mobile site is very popular since there’s no app to download, install or update. #NoAppNecessary #QBOchat
  121. A3: ClockShark proves a good fit for companies in construction and field service industries. We built the software with them in mind. 🙂 #qbochat

    Anyone who’s weary of paper timesheets is welcome at ClockShark cause we’re all about time! pic.twitter.com/cg1C20Sv2R

  122. hey @tsheets, I saw you guys at QB Connect in Toronto. Your people rocked the house there! #qbochat
  123. A4 we #worksmart You can import as bills, checks or credit card and remember the rules set for job names and material. #QBOchat
  124. @mvodianoi List to everything that @davidleary says and market yourself to accountants (like sponsoring with us) so they’ll be your advocates. #QBOchat
  125. A4: Customers love our amazing and responsive customer service team, the ease-of-use of our app, and of course, the competitive pricing 🙂 #QBOchat
  126. Q4: Having easy access to documents all in one place. #QBOchat
  127. A4: Our mobile features for tracking time on the go, simple 4-click invoicing, and our Admin approval and permission settings. #qbochat
  128. @QBOchat Q4. Top feature is a remit envelope. QBO is limited in templates, so we make it easy to add a remit to address and envelope. Another great feature is our generic PDF insert. Great marketing tool. And everyone loves printing in color – makes your statement get noticed! #QBOchat
  129. A4: 1 Compliant Trust Accounting 2 Tracking of time, &l billing 3 Amazingly flexible document generation & management.@QBOchat
  130. a4. chat with your client through the mobile app, a dashboard for full visibility, and an SMS invitation for easy onboarding #qbochat
  131. A4 Complete inventory visibility, the business partnership with our team and ease of use #QBOchat
  132. Looking for QuickBooks hosting company who will host our HammerZen app #QBO. Any suggestions? #qbochat
  133. @QBOchat A4: ChronoBooks backs up new changes within 5-10 minutes, allows you to restore to any time since your first backup (down to the minute!), and can copy your current or historical data to a new QBO company! #QBOchat
  134. A4: Customers love ClockShark’s…

    1) Elegantly Easy User Experience

    2) GPS Fences

    3) Mobile App for Admins and Employees. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/MUGPd1CXvf

  135. #qbochat Top 3 features of @ezzybills are line items extraction, being fast in seconds, super smart in machine learning, such as GL coding determination. https://t.co/Ll7bz5DNX7

    #qbochat Top 3 features of @EzzyBills are line items extraction, being fast in seconds, super smart in machine learning, such as GL coding determination. pic.twitter.com/Ll7bz5DNX7
  136. #QBOchat A3 We’re perfect for any #smallbiz owner who needs to know AND control how the company’s money is being spent, but don’t have the time or means to do it.
  137. A4: Admin Favorites: Our GPS Feature, Smooth Integration EMBEDDED inside QBO, and Who’s Working Window! #qbochat
  138. @Intuit Can you share the link to the video for our #QBOchat audience?
  139. @hammer_zen @AeroWorkflow Create as in include a gif in a tweet, or actually MAKE a gif? To use one in a tweet, click the “GIF” box under the “Tweet your reply” box in Twitter and search for whichever GIF best fits the moment 🙂 #QBOchat
  140. A4: Employee Favorites: Transparency to see their time, ease of use, and clear & concise scheduling! #qbochat
  141. #QBOchat Q4 – Secure employee data capture, digital I-9/W-4 form workflow and signature, account provisioning into QBO Payroll, G Suite, Office 365 and others make  http://StaffKeep.com  customers 🙂
  142. #qbochat Our pricing is very simple, basically a prepaid quota system, starting from Aus$0.10 per invoice. The best price in the market place.
  143. Q5: Tell us about your company's culture and leadership. #QBOchat https://t.co/vMxZSlpFvY

    Q5: Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/vMxZSlpFvY
  144. A5: Our employees stay for years. Our senior team has a cumulative 60 years of working together since 2004. We’re a tight group #QBOchat
  145. You can make your own GIFs with Snaggit or Photoshop. But it’s easiest to just use one that’s all done! #QBOChat  https://twitter.com/hammer_zen/status/959163442019164160 
  146. A5: Confident, Innovative, Approachable, Global, Modern. We (literally) have dogs in our office ? #QBOChat
  147. I’ve used PaintShopPro for years. Simpler than photoshop. #qbochat
  148. A5: We create practical tools to simplify your business. Our customers’ time is important, so we want our product to be as easy to use as possible. We’re customer-driven, so we focus on making sure we are available to provide hands-on support every step of the way.
  149. #QBOchat A4 Mobile receipt capture (no more lost receipts), instantly turn cards ON/OFF (no more lost cards gone rogue), and the ability to customize expense cards + alerts + admin access
  150. A5 Innovative, entrepreneurial and open to taking chances. Our focus is always on how to best serve our clients 🙂 #qbochat
  151. Hi everyone! I’m so late and haven’t chatted for so long!!! I miss my #qbochatpeeps


  152. @QBOchat Q5. We are a small company with great team work , great ideas and a fun atmosphere. We love creating a service that is so helpful to other #smallbiz. #QBOchat
  153. #qbochat Our company is proud to be great at customer support. We solve the problems for our customers by answering their questions and listen to their issues.
  154. @tsheets any plans to make the time entries adjustable & add the same ability to switch project within the same client on the web? #qbochat
  155. A5: We have an unflagging commitment to getting better every day. Who ever is good at being a sand shark is encouraged to learn how to be a hammerhead too. 🙂 #QBOchat #Excelsior
  156. #QBOchat Q5 – Our small team of engineers are having a ball making our customers happy and removing paperwork headaches. We keep in touch with customers with in app chat to make sure we are filling their needs every day.
  157. A5. We believe all businesses should close more deals to increase profits. Offer unlimited support by phone, email and chat. #QBOchat
  158. #qbochat @EzzyBills is the leader in technology – 100% artificial intelligence!
  159. A5: I cannot say enough about the company culture! I’ve never worked for such an incredible company that values every employee! #qbochat
  160. @tsheets And now you get to learn about and get immersed in a whole other company’s culture as well! That’s pretty neat! #qbochat
  161. a5: always pushing to be better day after day – constant feedback loops to drive change and world-class mentality! #qbochat
  162. @QBOchat A5: As a bootstrapped company, our only stakeholders are our customers— they’re our #1 priority! We try to make ChronoBooks the best it can be for them #QBOchat
  163. A7: Unlike our competitors, we have NO BASE FEE. #NoBaseFee. Our per user fee is $4.5/month, no penalty for month to month service. #QBOchat
  164. A6 Between our software and our team, AdvancePro offers the most flexible inventory solution at it’s price point. @QBOchat #qbochat
  165. @QBOchat A6. DocuSend is different because we work with PDF’s. We don’t require minimum quantities or set up fees. We give you a lot of added value, like the Portal and Image Bank. Plus our prices are the best! We can mail your ivnoices cheaper than you can do it yourself. #QBOchat
  166. A6: What makes us different is the details. Our customers need to be able to add details — clients, projects & tasks, job codes — and then track time in relation to those details. Plus, our Billing and Legal options are ???#qbochat
  167. A5 Say no more to manipulating data to import, spreadsheets and entering by each receipt. No to pay, snap, scan and email receipts #qbochat
  168. A6: Our App integration syncs everything in your accounting package in real time. We are not a virtual wallet – we move money from your bank to your vendor bank account with full customer support #QBOChat
  169. #qbochat @EzzyBills is different from our competitors. They are slow in processing from hours to days; they do not process line items, or you will need to pay a lot to get line items. They are expensive as they are not smart enough so rely on outsourcing.
  170. Anyone else dizzy trying to keep up with all the tweets?! Love today’s participation!! #QBOchat
  171. A6: What sets us apart is the fact that we are the only time tracking app embedded inside #QBO! Woo! We love our #QBO integration!

    You can review, edit, and approve time from TSheets WITHIN QBO! WHAAAAT! #QBOChat

  172. a6. our partnerships, world-class ocr/accuracy, and mobile app experience for clients #qbochat
  173. A6: Not to mention our amazing customer support team! #qbochat
  174. @QBOchat A6: ChronoBooks is the only QBO backup solution that allows you to restore to any time since your first backup, or copy data from one company to another! #QBOchat
  175. A6: Also our AWESOME customer support that’s ALWAYS there to brighten customers days & solve their problems! #qbochat
  176. Yeah today is a bit crazy, must be really hard for newbies! RT @QBOchat Anyone else dizzy trying to keep up with all the tweets?! #QBOchat
  177. @QBOchat Totally! I’ll just go ahead and address all the Q’s at once: Hi, we’re Avalara, we’re pretty cool, and if you or your clients have a tax compliance need, we can help 🙂 #QBOchat
  178. A6: Our customers often share that one big distinction between ClockShark and the great-wide-world of Time Tracking solutions is its simplicity and ease of use. #QBOchat

    And our 5-Star Customer Support that’ll swim over and help when ever needed! #SharkTeam

  179. #QBOchat A5 Be human with each other, be human with customers, and be human with partners. That means we care about listening, putting ourselves in other people’s shoes, and solving real problems.
  180. A6: Our user interface and unique blend of features is what sets  http://Timesheets.com  apart from other time tracking services. #QBOchat
  181. #QBOchat Q6: Automated Employee onboarding used to only be available from new startup payroll providers. Now QBO Payroll can be paperless and with our I-9 and W-4 digital signature feature there is no need to use those other payroll providers.
  182. @BizBooksCloud Fingers crossed they keep coming back so we can engage more with them each and every week. Right?!?!?! #QBOchat
  183. For sure! RT @QBOchat @BizBooksCloud Fingers crossed they keep coming back so we can engage more each and every week. Right?!?!?! #QBOchat
  184. A6: We have pricing based on users, not permission levels. Not to mention, special pricing for #accountants and #bookkeepers!  http://circulus.io/smb-pricing/  And our amazing customer service, of course 🙂 #qbochat
  185. @GoVeem Thanks! I was just feeling completely lost! I’m having a hard time chatting and hosting! #QBOchat
  186. A7: Unlike our competitors, we have NO BASE FEE. #NoBaseFee. Our per user fee is $4.5 per month with no penalty monthly service. #QBOchat
  187. A7: FREE – no account fees, subscription fees or any of that. We make our money by cutting out the banks #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/rYVOdrn9ld
  188. A7: Free 14 day Trial! Monthly – $20 base fee + $5 per user! Annual – $16 base fee + $4 per user! #qbochat
  189. A7 – Get started for free – base tier starts at $95 per user per month #qbochat
  190. A7: As for accounting professionals – the best price is #FREE! #TSheetsPROs get a FREE TSheets account for LIFE! #qbochat
  191. A7: Kinda already answered that in A6 (oops!) but our pricing varies based on number of users, with special pricing for #accountants and #bookkeepers!  http://circulus.io/smb-pricing/  #qbochat
  192. @QBOchat A7: ChronoBooks is $10/mo for each company backed up— but stay tuned for Q8 for the special ProAdvisor pricing! #QBOchat
  193. A7: Also,  http://TImesheets.com  has no setup or cancellation fee, and no contract. Plus you retain access to records indefinitely #qbochat
  194. A7: You’ll always start with a 30-day free trial, no credit card required. From there, you can choose between 3 subscriptions: Time Tracker, Time Tracker+Billing, and Time Tracker+Legal. Monthly or annual billing. And support is always free! #qbochat
  195. A7: #Free 30 day trial and varies if import is in summary or detail. more details at
     https://hammerzen.com/hdpro-features/  #QBOchat
  196. #QBOchat I can’t keep up!! A6 We built our app by understanding your pain points – Ever waited for an hour on the phone to speak to an actual human? Ever had to start an awkward convo about “lost” receipts and business trip expenses unaccounted for? Yeah… we’re here for you.
  197. @QBOchat Q7. DocuSend pricing is just $0.80 for a one page document. That includes materials, processing and first class postage. We do the mailing for not much more than the price of a stamp. The app is FREE! #QBOchat
  198. A7: Oops! 30 day trial with no credit card and no contract. Here is the right link:  https://hammerzen.com/pricing/  #QBOchat
  199. #QBOchat Q7 –  http://StaffKeep.com  starts T $19/month and goes to $199/month for companies over 50 employees. Try it for free with no credit card required.
  200. @ChronoBooksApp Copying data from one file to another is interesting!! How does a backup work in QBO? Does your app go and delete things and edit stuff? #QBOchat
  201. @QBOchat Q8. Yes, DocuSend has a partnership/referral program. ProAdvisors can earn a recurring royalty based on the number of envelopes their clients mail through DocuSend! You’ll be a hero to your clients by offering them a great service. #QBOchat
  202. a7. DM me directly and I can get you information specific for your firm! #qbochat
  203. A8: Yes!! We love working with #QBProAdvisors & love their feedback for improvements 🙂 #Accountants & #bookkeepers get special pricing! #qbochat
  204. @QBOchat Our partner program is the bees knees. Training, referral commissions, great newsletter, check it:  http://avlr.co/2nzUSo3  #qbochat
  205. A7: Like the app, pricing is simple:

    Just $25 monthly base fee + $5 per active user. (2 months free if you pay annually) #FreeTime #QBOchat

  206. A8: We do! eBillity’s Proadvisors receive a *free* Time Tracker account, and their clients receive 25% off a Time Tracker subscription for life.  https://www.ebillity.com/advisors  #qbochat
  207. I am @PMarieeJ definitely going to look into this @Jrichelson thanks been trying to find an alternative to KinHR, Zenefits, and BambooHR. #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/Jrichelson/status/959168489239056387 
  208. Just a few minutes left. Which new app interested you the most today? #QBOchat
  209. A8: All apps list on the @IntuitApps are also welcome to partner with us #qobchat #qbochat
  210. @QBOchat It only ever creates, edits, or deletes during a restore or copy. Restores recreate what is removed, edit what has changed, and delete/deactivate what is new. #QBOchat
  211. @QBOchat Great meeting everyone! Find our more about AdvancePro Inventory Management at  http://qub.me/  #qbochat
  212. #QBOchat A8 Yes! #ProAdvisors, please DM me about our BEE (Bento Expense Expert) program! I’m your community manager. 🙂
  213. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  214. Next week’s topic is Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  215. @QBOchat Got pulled away, but great chat from what I saw! Looking forward to reading through later to learn more about the apps! #qbochat

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