02/08/2018 Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice

2/8/2018 QBOchat

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2/8/2018 QBOchat

Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. Today, we'll be chatting about Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice. #QBOchat https://t.co/APZZNLuowZ

    Today, we’ll be chatting about Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/APZZNLuowZ
  4. Hi, Everyone! πŸ™‚ Morgan with ClockShark tuning in from Chico, California, where it is surprisingly sunny for February. Daffodils look beautiful in the sunlight though!!

    Excited to participate in another exciting #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/QmRrONZfmo

  5. hi @QBOchat world! Bora here with Receipt Bank. Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday πŸ™‚ #qbochat
  6. @QBOchat Hi all! Alan here from Avalara, tax compliance automation pros based in Seattle, WA β€” hope everyone is doing well! #qbochat
  7. .@CathyIconis here in Atlanta, GA. I’m excited to chat about social media! #QBOchat
  8. @QBOchat Hey there! Valerie from Intuit here, tweeting from snowy Chicagoland #qbochat
  9. Hi everyone, Matt here from LedgerDocs. How is everyone doing? #qbochat
  10. @BConsultingNC Hello hello! Welcome to the chat, we’re glad to have you here! #qbochat
  11. Keep the introductions coming. #QBOchat – Also share if you are a #smallbiz owner, accountant or developer/app.
  12. Small business owner – Accounting and Business Consultant here. #QBOchat
  13. @getclockshark @QBOchat It’s always a delight when you and all of our regulars show!! It is a bit nerve racking sometimes when I wonder if I’ll be here by myself. #QBOchat
  14. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  15. @QBOchat Hey there! We’re TravelBank, a business travel and expense app for small/medium businesses! Glad to be here #qbochat
  16. Hey everyone!! Jan here from Sunny Scottsdale #qbochat – Long time no Tweet
  17. Tiffany here from Share a Refund shipment audit and parcel recovery app. Happy Thursday! #QBOchat
  18. Hey there, QBO friends!! Harika here from Circulus in Dallas, TX! Is anyone as excited for the weekend as I am? #qbochat
  19. Q1: How do you determine which social media platform to use while marketing your firm? #QBOchat https://t.co/X9cVO00oy6

    Q1: How do you determine which social media platform to use while marketing your firm? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/X9cVO00oy6
  20. Hi all! Kelly checking in with TSheets. Coming to you from beautiful Boise, ID! πŸ™‚ #qbochat
  21. A1: It is important to know who your target market is and find out which social media platform they are using. #QBOchat
  22. @tsheets Hiiya Kelly! Hope you’re having a swell week! #qbochat
  23. A1: In the beginning where I feel comfortable – Learning the ropes #qbochat
  24. A1. I think it’s important to know your audience and where they spend their time! #QBOChat
  25. @vheckman I guess the follow-up question would be how do you find out where your audience is? #QBOchat
  26. A1: This is a great question! We focus on where good-fit customers are hanging out. πŸ™‚ #QBOchat
  27. @BConsultingNC Awesome strategy! You may have tons of great ideas for how to use Twitter as a focus, but if your customers mostly use Instagram, you’re missing out. #QBOchat
  28. a1. Find out what social media is used by the clients you want! #qbochat
  29. A.1 – I think testing the water is a good idea – you may be surprised which platforms work best #QBOchat
  30. A1: When I started my business almost 9 years ago, I chose twitter because I was home full-time with a newborn and no one could hear her crying on twitter. #QBOchat
  31. @CathyIconis Maybe asking your best clients what they do? i.e. Do they like subscribing to youtube channels? are they active in facebook groups? If you know what best clients like, you can (hopefully) find more like them. #QBOChat
  32. @CathyIconis @vheckman Takes a bit of research, but find out where the industry’s leaders are & the clients will follow #qbochat
  33. A1: I am on several social media platforms. I enjoy playing on them all and that is how I discovered where my clients are at. #QBOchat
  34. A1: Certain platforms such as Facebook allows for insightful analytics to provide better engagement, however we try not to limit ourselves and push be “social” on wherever the clients/potential clients are. #qbochat
  35. A1: I feel like the bigger the business you are going after, the more likely you’ll find those people on LinkedIn. #QBOchat
  36. @QBOchat A1: Not sure who’s following you on which platforms? There are tons of online tools (e.g. Followerwonk) that can analyze your follower base and help inform where you should focus/expand your efforts! #QBOchat
  37. A1: This requires both some research as well as understanding where one’s customer’s are. Example: We do not have a Pinterest or Instagram account as we do not sell physical goods. #qbochat
  38. @avalara Who is going to go check themselves out right now? #QBOchat
  39. #qbochat We like to first determine which social media platforms a company can provide the most value to, then decide who we are looking to reach on those platforms
  40. A1: I agree with both @receipts_bora and @AutoEntry_OCREX – start with the social platforms you know your clients use and then experiment a bit with other ones and gauge their performance! #QBOchat
  41. A1: Ask other people in your industry what they use & Why #communication #qbochat
  42. @avalara Hiya!! I’m having a great week. πŸ™‚ It’s absolutely beautiful here in Boise, ID. No better day to fill in on the #qbochat for the beautiful Miss Alex!
  43. Q2: What kind of sales and marketing results can you expect from social media marketing? #QBOchat https://t.co/qpYaixI8Ki

    Q2: What kind of sales and marketing results can you expect from social media marketing? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/qpYaixI8Ki
  44. @CirculusTech @receipts_bora @AutoEntry_OCREX Plus, you have to be comfortable with using them yourselves. Not every firm can hire a social media person, so don’t commit to a platform that doesn’t fit your lifestyle either. #QBOchat
  45. A1. I love what @jazfun said about starting where you are comfortable! If you haven’t used an app (I’ve never used snapchat), you may want to start with something you do know (like twitter) & then test the water on others before using for your biz #QBOChat
  46. @jma_web I have pinterest and instagram for my personal stuff. I think about it for work, but those platforms are harder to use – posting stuff, etc, so I just keep to twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn right now. #QBOchat
  47. #QBOchat shoot…running late! have to catch up! W’sup QBOChat peeps?
  48. @vheckman Thanks @vheckman – I like to get comfy then move forward. #introvert πŸ™‚ Social media moves fast sometimes #qbochat
  49. @QBOchat A2: We like to use social media for everything from brand awareness, to reaching new customers, all the way down to customer support. #qbochat
  50. @vheckman @jazfun OMG! I tried snapchat for a day and gave up. I’d rather just watch instagram stories. #QBOchat
  51. A2: From my experience, it was easy to build relationships on twitter, but it took much longer to gain clients – 9 months or more. #QBOchat
  52. A1 #QBOchat I just started using @Nimble for my Social Media actually a Social Media CRM…love it! it covers most of the SS platforms
  53. A2: This is challenging to predict, and we just accept that there will be lots of tweaking and checking results daily. #QBOChat 

Or as Willy Wonka said it... https://t.co/sHu27xDqZh

    A2: This is challenging to predict, and we just accept that there will be lots of tweaking and checking results daily. #QBOChat

    Or as Willy Wonka said it… pic.twitter.com/sHu27xDqZh

  54. @QBOchat That’s a good point too, Cathy! If you are very small/solo you have to think about how much business and personal stuff you are comfortable blending or which tools you reserve for one or the other. #qbochat
  55. @QBOchat A2: Social media is one of the most accessible means of increasing your brand awareness and establishing yourself as an influencer and/or thought leader in your industry. But it takes resilience and consistency to make that happen! #QBOchat
  56. A2: Brand awareness is definitely a more immediate result. And, you have the opportunity to show yourself as an expert. Then, you just have to wait until people need your services. #QBOchat
  57. @jazfun @QBOchat I’m glad it’s not just me! I don’t think I am snap’s target audience (and that’s okay!) #QBOChat
  58. A2: Social media takes nurturing and understanding the information. Being dedicated and knowing what content to post is very important. Don’t Cross your platforms – EX: linkedin = Business #qbochat
  59. @QBOchat Q2: It becomes challenging to set specific results with the constantly changing algorithms. #QBOChat
  60. #QBOChat A2 – sales and marketing results are difficult…you get out what you put in but then how much do you put in, time or expense?
  61. @vheckman Definitely agree!! I tend to keep my facebook to just people I know, but I’m members of several groups where I can interact with others. #QBOchat
  62. @QBOchat A2. Our main goal with Social Media Marketing is to promote engagement and get people to talk about the particular product or service. You might not sell a $100,000 car on twitter but can certainly get people talking about it. #qbochat
  63. A2. I think social media can bring a lot of brand visibility easily but it does require a plan to achieve specific goals #qbochat
  64. @vheckman @jazfun @QBOchat Same here β€” it’s a balance of putting yourself out there on a variety of platforms, but also being wise and not spreading yourself too thin. “Jack of all trades, master of none,” amirite? #QBOchat
  65. @doubleupdigital Engagement is definitely key!! Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods, does it really make a sound? Isn’t that how that goes? #QBOchat
  66. I use Buffer so I don’t spread myself thin. I love it. I schedule all my social media weeks in advance. so life can happen. #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/avalara/status/961698074413252608 β€¦
  67. Hi Everyone, Michael from AdvancePro checking in. Hope you!re all doing well! #qbochat
  68. A2: Here’s a cool infographic for when you can’t decide which platform to use for your goals – super helpful for those just starting out πŸ™‚  http://bit.ly/2DDCHrB  #qbochat
  69. #QBOchat A3 News to your niche, industry, etc. as well as blog posts to drive traffic, promos, and highlight others (BIGGEST bang b/c they’ll drive traffic for you too)
  70. @QBOchat Q3: It’s good to always ask, β€œIs this adding value to my audience?” #QBOChat
  71. @CirculusTech So Google+ is good for SEO still? I gave up on that one ages ago. #QBOchat
  72. A3: Back in the day, they use to say to split your twitter up between your own content, retweeting, and replying to people. #QBOchat
  73. A3. A mix of content generally works – I am drawn to new concepts, tech, up and coming events, and photos… #qbochat
  74. A3: You just don’t want to be “that guy” at the networking event that just hard sells himself the entire time. #QBOchat
  75. @QBOchat No matter what you’re sharing, you need to be sure that what you’re posting has some sort of call to action that’ll help drive users to your business. #qbochat
  76. I love to share information. Especially posts from companies & people I know. Support those that support me. And benefit my audience #WinWin #QBOChat
  77. A3. I love seeing content that aligns with what you can best help your audience with (and WANT to help them with) This showcases your value and hopefully will start conversations! #QBOChat
  78. @doubleupdigital A good profile is always a good starting point too! I recently changed the link on the @QBOchat profile to a “Welcome Page” #QBOchat
  79. @QBOchat A3: Since she wasn't able to join us today, here's a snapshot from @DanethaDoe's upcoming partner brief. I absolutely love it, especially the last line. Win clients' trust AND hearts by sharing a variety of content! #QBOchat https://t.co/xzjqX2ZZjr

    @QBOchat A3: Since she wasn’t able to join us today, here’s a snapshot from @DanethaDoe‘s upcoming partner brief. I absolutely love it, especially the last line. Win clients’ trust AND hearts by sharing a variety of content! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/xzjqX2ZZjr
  80. Q4: How important is engagement and how can you generate more of it? #QBOchat https://t.co/Mv0ZsGFV2f

    Q4: How important is engagement and how can you generate more of it? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/Mv0ZsGFV2f
  81. A3: @QBOchat We share content that inspires and aligns with our brand and lifestyle feel, or tips and tricks to educate on business travel and expenses. We like sleek, modern photos like this that personify our app. #qbochat https://t.co/Xjj1MFWZzi

    A3: @QBOchat We share content that inspires and aligns with our brand and lifestyle feel, or tips and tricks to educate on business travel and expenses. We like sleek, modern photos like this that personify our app. #qbochat pic.twitter.com/Xjj1MFWZzi
  82. A4: I watch what gets results and try to do more posts like those. I ask questions instead of just posting info. #QBOchat
  83. @vheckman And, when you have a specific #niche like @schultetonya has, then it is even easier to find the content that your audience will like. #QBOchat
  84. A3: Like many people have said finding valuable to market to your clients is key. #qbochat
  85. A4: Be aware of your surroundings – understand what is relevant currently and add value ! ex: Year End Accounting tips for Taxes #qbochat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/961700215882420225 β€¦
  86. #QBOchat Engagement is EVERYTHING! You generate engagement by ENGAGING!
  87. @QBOchat @DanethaDoe If you want to showcase your knowledge, there are tools like Avalara’s social media center which allows you to automatically post awesome tax content to your social networks! Become a partner and check it out:  http://avlr.co/2EfqhDv  #QBOchat
  88. A4: Engagement is HUGE! Spend some time retweeting and replying to people that could be a referral source or a future client. Give them some love!! #QBOchat
  89. A4: We try to foster a frenzy of engagement by publishing inveigling and fascinating content. Things that make folks smile are best! πŸ™‚ #QBOChat
  90. @QBOchat Always provide something of value! No sense in posting something easily overlooked. #qbochat
  91. A4. Agreed! Engagement is crucial – Generate more by adding something valuable and being generous with sharing items of value. #qbochat
  92. @CirculusTech Awesome infographic. Great resource. Thank you for sharing! #qbochat
  93. @BConsultingNC @QBOchat @DanethaDoe Wonderful! You can sign up with the above link, and this webpage has more information:  http://avlr.co/2nzUSo3 

    Send us a DM if and when you need assistance signing up for the social media center and we’ll help you out! #QBOchat

  94. @getclockshark And, you share all the shark related puns and gifs. #QBOchat
  95. A4: Run some analytics on your best and worst engagements. Be aware of what is working and what isn’t #qbochat
  96. A4: social media is a two-way street. Do less talking TO and more talking WITH. Ask questions, create helpful videos and respond to comments. #QBOchat
  97. @avalara @QBOchat @DanethaDoe And to be totally honest, have I mentioned that puppets freak me out? #QBOchat
  98. Q5: What metrics should you be watching to see if your social media marketing is successful? #QBOchat https://t.co/i3S8H7Fqso

    Q5: What metrics should you be watching to see if your social media marketing is successful? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/i3S8H7Fqso
  99. A4: One of my goals is to try to make people laugh. Life is just too short not to. #QBOchat
  100. A4: Engagement is crucial, but generating and encouraging engagement is tough. Interesting blog posts; infographics; news; anything your customers may find interesting, but try to find a “story” or series of topics thats related and stick to it. #qbochat
  101. @QBOchat A4: You can force views and impressions by paying, but you can’t force engagement. That all comes down to the content itself being engaging and shareable and relevant to your followers! #QBOchat
  102. @QBOchat Hmm…guilty. But only when I’m not practicing for my “coral” concert. πŸ™‚ #qbochat pic.twitter.com/JLoHIypJRQ
  103. @QBOchat A4. This goes without saying perhaps, avoid posting if you don’t think you will have time to reply to comments in the next 24-48 hours. You could inadvertently seem like you are ignoring you audience and turn people off. #QBOChat
  104. @jma_web You can even be a bit controversial with your posts, but that can be a hard line to walk. #QBOchat
  105. Change in impressions from previous posts, number of users engaging with your content/clicking through to your website, actions taken on your website from social media referrals. #QBOchat
  106. A4: Engagement not only affects the visibility of your content, but how well your content resonates with your audience. Using the right tools to promote and track content to develop an engagement strategy. #qbochat
  107. @QBOchat @jma_web A4: Written words are hard to convey. No emotion and voice make some posts seem harsh. Test it out first to see if the meaning is conveyed. #qbochat
  108. A5: A free trial is a thing of beauty, and a joy forever. So rejoice when social media marketing results in free trials, and retweets/shares! πŸ™‚ #QBOChat pic.twitter.com/BklM0yJoZf
  109. @doubleupdigital The actions part is hard. I know you guys helped me set up some of that stuff. It is too far beyond my expertise. #QBOchat
  110. @jazfun @QBOchat It’s a tough thing to manage as an individual, so I can only imagine how hard it is for a biz! Another reason to pick 1-2 platforms to start off with, I think. #QBOChat
  111. @vheckman @QBOchat Totally agree! Don’t want potential customers to associate your brand with a late response time! ? #QBOChat
  112. @QBOchat It’s all about tracking and measuring events, goals, and conversions with #GoogleAnalytics #QBOchat
  113. Thx for recommending @Nimble to the #QBOchat accounting professionals community. Hey Aubrey @BConsultingNC please let us know how we can help you and your clients grow in 2018.  https://twitter.com/qb_baron/status/961698067291484160 β€¦
  114. @vheckman @QBOchat You make a REALLY great point here, that is often overlooked. Silence does speak. #QBOChat pic.twitter.com/gXzLQ9naC2
  115. A5: I track engagements, impressions, new followers, website hits, etc. each month to make sure I’m still growing. #QBOchat
  116. @Jon_Ferrara @Nimble @BConsultingNC You guys are always welcome in joining future #QBOchat‘s too. Every Thursday at 3PM Eastern.
  117. Q6: When should someone pay for social advertising versus just sharing content? #QBOchat https://t.co/BSEEgbQIlA

    Q6: When should someone pay for social advertising versus just sharing content? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/BSEEgbQIlA
  118. There are a lot of tools that can help track analytics across all your social accounts- reach/growth is a good indicator of success #qbochat
  119. @receipts_bora And, @IntuitAccts taught me a while ago to not forget the tools that twitter and facebook already have. They have a bunch of analytics on their sites ready to explore. #QBOchat
  120. @QBOchat A5: Engagements are important, but specifically when it comes to posting your own professional content, personally I think shares are huge. Your audience should WANT to get the word out about what you’re posting. #QBOchat
  121. A6: After you’ve validated that there is an opportunity in paid social media advertising, that’s the time to swim for it. πŸ™‚ #QBOChat

    As we sharks say, “Don’t dive for sunken treasure unless you know it’s there.” #SharkTeam

  122. @QBOchat #QBOchat A small paid social media campaign can help you identify users in areas and categories you never knew existed. Use the data gathered from the paid campaign and apply it to your regular social media strategy.
  123. @QBOchat The reality is that organic content is becoming less and less prioritized by social network algorithms. You should develop a plan around paid social, making sure you’re focusing on the quality of the posts you’re paying for instead of the quantity. #QBOchat
  124. @avalara What’s the deal with facebook? What changes are happening from them? #QBOchat
  125. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
  126. @QBOchat A6: We think it depends on your budget and goals. Sometimes organic social is more effective, but it definitely takes more time and effort. #qbochat
  127. “The time has come,” the Walrus said… πŸ™ #AliceInWonderland

    It’s time to say goodbye to all the wonderful participants in another illuminating #QBOChat Thanks for all the great input!

    I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to next week! πŸ™‚ #HappyFriday pic.twitter.com/fbaah0fKm8

  128. The takeaway is consistency and value around a plan will get you the best outcome! Probably like most other things in life πŸ™‚ #qbochat
  129. Great chat today! Loved hearing the insight and I hope more accountants start to engage on social media! “If it didn’t happen on the internet, did it really happen?” πŸ˜‰ #QBOChat
  130. Have a good rest of the week! See everyone next week – thanks @QBOchat #qbochat
  131. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  132. Next week’s topic is Falling In Love With Your Business All Over Again. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  133. @QBOchat Fun chat, everybody! Have a wonderful rest of your week! #qbochat

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