03/29/2018 Cash Flow Management Tips

3/29/2018 QBOchat

3/29/2018 QBOchat

Cash Flow Management Tips

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
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  18. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
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  20. Hello #qbochat, it鈥檚 Shuyi from Bento for Business in Chicago. Love today鈥檚 topic and can鈥檛 wait to talk about #cashflow management
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  23. A1: Not keeping your books current! If you don鈥檛 know where you are at, how can you figure out if there will be a cash issue in the future? #QBOchat
  24. A1: No budget, unrealistic expectations, and bad spending habit #qbochat
  25. Hey @QBOchat Stars! Great to see everyone! It鈥檚 a beautiful day here in Houston. #qbochat
  26. A1: timing issues, customers not understanding that invoicing =! cash, and the always underestimated future sales pipeline </3
  27. A1: No books, not tracking anything, tracking it but not paying attention to the cash flow. Looking at what is coming but not what is going on in the meantime and the worst is poor spending habits. #QBOchat
  28. @CathyIconis 100% agree! How can an owner know what to do if they only have data to look at from several months ago! #QBOchat
  29. A1: Your operations aren鈥檛 setup to match your incoming revenue with your outgoing expenses well > too many expenses while waiting on revenue to hit is bad. #QBOchat
  30. @JCCS_PC Yep! And looking at the bank account doesn鈥檛 count. #QBOchat
  31. A1: A lot of small companies don鈥檛 understand that profit does not equal cash flow, and this can be fatal to a business. #QBOchat
  32. @vheckman @QBOchat Or INACCURATE A/R!! Why won鈥檛 people review the Open Invoices report?? #qbochat
  33. Q1 鈥 Not setting up their accounting end-to-end, which ultimately means an incomplete perspective #qbochat
  34. A1. 鈥 When I first started I was too busy working IN my business instead of ON my business. I鈥檇 for get to track my time, or send invoices鈥 quickly realized that stuff like this directly effects cash flow. #qbochat
  35. A1 鈥 Not tracking how鈥攁nd how much鈥攜ou鈥檙e spending your money can be a major cause for cash flow issues鈥 little purchases do add up, especially for #smallbiz! #qbochat
  36. @BradCelmainis @ReceiptBank We recently started our partnership with @ReceiptBank and it has been a Win-Win for everyone! Timely information with full support! Can鈥檛 beat it! #QBOchat
  37. Q2: What are some basic steps to get your #smallbiz organized to guard against cash flow issues? #QBOchat https://t.co/6wHeL0jhPC
    Q2: What are some basic steps to get your #smallbiz organized to guard against cash flow issues? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/6wHeL0jhPC
  38. A1: overspending; spending faster then it comes in the door #qbochat
  39. A1. @fundbox actually really helped me to play catch up and fund growth while I figured it all out 鈥 http://fbx.go2cloud.org/SH60 #qbochat
  40. @bentoforbiz You guys could really help with that by having budgets prepaid and you guys can stop from overspending that way. #QBOchat
  41. A2: Keep your books current, track your spending, quarterly or more often if needed you review your expenses for items to cut. Have a cash flow plan for at least 3-4 weeks out to know what is/may be coming. Stay current on AR collections. Collect money upfront. #QBOchat
  42. #QBOchat A1 insufficient capital. Current operating cash flows used for long term investment leaving nothing to pay current opec https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979435163288526849
  43. @QBOchat A1. Looking at their bank account instead of accounting software when making purchasing decisions #qbochat
  44. A2: Shorten A/R, longer A/P. Don鈥檛 tie up cash in inventory. #QBOchat
  45. Hi everyone late to the party! Natasha Gorman BDM @IntuitAccts here from Denver CO #qbochat
  46. A2: Set aside funds for a reserve to cover things such as payroll and payroll taxes in the event that cash flow dries up for a period. I suggest this to all my clients. #QBOchat
  47. A2: Understanding all the different reports available at your fingertips. Ex: Comprehending the difference between a cash method vs. accrual method P&L and what both tell you about now AND tomorrow #qbochat
  48. A2: Setting monthly attainable revenue goals that include a plan to reduce the collection period. #qbochat
  49. A2. I started to set aside time each week to just stay on top of billing & unfortunately collections鈥ause my inbox and just focus on keeping my own books. As I progressed I now only value price or flat rate, no chasing people for money anymore! #qbochat
  50. A2: What @TJSCMA said 鈥 RT A1: Personal use of company funds!! Don鈥檛 get me started. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/RUhiaG94fV
  51. A2: require payment before performing the work. Consider (my new fave) @DivvyPay to set CC spending budgets to maintain accountability #QBOChat
  52. A2: Don鈥檛 swipe that credit card if you don鈥檛 have the cash to pay the bill in full upfront! #qbochat
  53. A2: Budget, stay on top of collections/AR, and integrate systems so data is feeding in timely and cleanly! #QBOchat
  54. A2: Collect from customers quickly, and stretch your payables. As before, keep bank and credit card balances current at all times in QBO. @ReceiptBank and #QBO bank feeds, FTW #qbochat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979436700782022656
  55. A2: Update your books in an accounting software weekly and reconcile monthly. #qbochat
  56. A2: My suggestion would be to use a cash flow worksheet and to make sure to collect receivables as soon as possible! #QBOchat
  57. Q3: How far out should businesses be looking at forecasting their cash flow? #QBOchat https://t.co/tP4JkZ7mOM
    Q3: How far out should businesses be looking at forecasting their cash flow? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/tP4JkZ7mOM
  58. A2 #smb Have a sit down with your accting pro 鈥 spend the time and developing the habits to actively manage cash flow (ie do what your bookkeeper says) and understand that cash flow optimization -present and future- is like going to the gym 鈥 you get out what you put in! #qbochat
  59. @QBOchat Hi everyone!! Alex here with TSheets by QuickBooks in sunny Boise, ID. #LearyLate after our meeting ran a little over!! #QBOchat
  60. Q3: I work with my clients to forecast out as far as we possibly can while keeping it as accurate as possible. More notice you have of what is coming the better. #qbochat
  61. Building those habits can be hard but end up putting the #smb in the best situation they can be! #QBOchat https://twitter.com/mydryrun/status/979438328507445249
  62. A3: It depends on the industry. A cafe will deal with tons of small transactions, one or two (or ten) may not have a huge impact on the numbers. A consulting business may rely on a large payment from a big client in two months to budget for expenses this month. #qbochat
  63. Hi everyone! Sarah from Aero here! beyond #LearyLate! But happy be be here now! #QBOChat
  64. A2: My fav 1st thing to do is a cost audit. Look into what you are spending. There are always some costs to cut #qbochat
  65. A2: also reevaluate the services you are paying for. Are you fully using? Is it the best solution: #qbochat
  66. A3: Triage: 3 months; Long term cash flow = 1 yr sales pipeline. If you don鈥檛 have $$ on March 28, 2018 it鈥檚 because you needed to conference with your bookkeeeper about this on March 28, 2017 #qbochat #loveyracctingpro #qbochat
  67. @SherrellTMartin You definitely need to come back next week to chat about cost cutting!! #QBOchat
  68. A2: create a budget to make sure your planned income exceeds planned expenses #qbochat
  69. #QBOchat understand your business, honestly assess performance based on past results, have a plan & have accurate accounts https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979436700782022656
  70. @SherrellTMartin You keep talking my language! Love cutting costs and budgeting. Without it, you are letting money run out the door! #QBOchat
  71. A2 鈥 Important step in preventing cash flow issues: Think hard about budgeting, set reasonable spending limits beforehand (you can do that with Bento). And actually enforce the rules you set (again, Bento does that for you). #qbochat
  72. A3: It really depends on the business. Some businesses are okay with a 3 month forecast while others need annual forecasting #QBOchat
  73. A2: clean up a/r 鈥 get those past dues funds in the door then review pricing structure #qbochat
  74. Q4: What are the differences between a business's profit and their actual cash flow? #QBOchat https://t.co/XtOqYx97QC
    Q4: What are the differences between a business鈥檚 profit and their actual cash flow? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/XtOqYx97QC
  75. A3: Depends on the business and capital structure. When I worked in industry, I always looked ahead at least 3 months in the companies I helped run. #qbochat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979438264540188672
  76. @BConsultingNC @SherrellTMartin But you can鈥檛 save your way to success. You have to make strategic investments to get where you need to go. #QBOchat
  77. A3 鈥 Depends on the size of the business and what you do. Of course, forecasting cash flow should start early, but there鈥檚 a balance between being early and being as accurate as possible. #qbochat
  78. @CathyIconis I am at my one and only offsite client that day but I will try to make it #qbochat
  79. @MeganTarnow @SherrellTMartin It is simply a starting point. Most businesses I deal with are running at 85% or more OPEX. Got to start somewhere. It鈥檚 the first step not the last. #QBOchat
  80. Q4: Need to track both. Poorly managed cash flow can put a #smallbiz at immediate risk and quickly! #justopsproblems #qbochat
  81. @BConsultingNC @SherrellTMartin As someone who stumbled into accounting, I hadn鈥檛 heard of OPEX until this week when I started playing with @spotlightrep #synergy #QBOchat
  82. A4: Sooo many things. Again that dreaded Statement of Cashflows comes back to haunt me! #QBOchat
  83. Q4: Profit is how much money I will add to my bank account if I manage my cash flow properly. 馃檪 #QBOchat
  84. Pricing is a very interesting point given we are in a world of low inflation and increasing competition further pressuring prices. This may be the most important issue for small business #qbochat https://twitter.com/sherrelltmartin/status/979436821032644609
  85. I am having THE BEST TIME preachin鈥 to this choir about cash flow! 馃槏鈿★笍馃 #qbochat
  86. @TJSCMA And that鈥檚 HINDSITE! Forecasting cash, esp for my #nonprofits who have prepaid expenses & deferred revenue, can be a BEAR! #qbochat
  87. @MeganTarnow @SherrellTMartin @spotlightrep Sorry. Industry jargon. Shouldn鈥檛 use it. 馃檨 But I talk OPEX all day long. #QBOchat
  88. @MeganTarnow @tsheets @TJSCMA @avalara @QBOchat Ta-da! Right here! 馃槉 Today is trying my multi-tasking skills to their max, so I鈥檝e been observing mostly today in #qbochat

    Thanks for including me in the GIF part-ay @MeganTarnow pic.twitter.com/0RPi5Vgn4n

  89. @MeganTarnow @BConsultingNC your right they do need a strategy but first they need to see where they are at. have to plug the money leaks first to stop the flooding then strategize on how to rebuild the boat #qbochat
  90. @BConsultingNC Unless you are doing any investing or financing activities. Love the cashflow statement! 馃檪 #QBOchat
  91. @MeganTarnow @TJSCMA But #nonprofits need cost cutting just as much as for profits. They tend to be a little better at it so we have to be more creative. #QBOchat
  92. Q5: How does looking backward help a business project future cash flow? #QBOchat https://t.co/I2DKnfKOiT
    Q5: How does looking backward help a business project future cash flow? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/I2DKnfKOiT
  93. It鈥檚 an absolute challenge balancing your short-game and long-game. I鈥檝e heard enough stories of owners being overly focused on one or the other. Often people don鈥檛 make strategic investments in their people/stores/experiences to ensure long-term success #qbochat
  94. @BConsultingNC @TJSCMA A lot of times there is just so little to cut! They tend to run pretty lean, most of the time. #qbochat
  95. @SharmanRose It is an interesting point. I have a few small biz services providers that haven鈥檛 raised their rates on me in years. I am happy to pay less, of course, but always surprised they don鈥檛 ask because I am sure their own expenses have increased in that time. #qbochat
  96. A4: Profit assumes you鈥檝e collected on all your A/R and paid all your A/P which is rarely the case. Add back depreciation. That ain鈥檛 cash. #qbochat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979439734643666945
  97. A3: minimum 6 month but idealy 12-18 months. Hoping @mydryrun can help me automate #qbochat
  98. @MeganTarnow @TJSCMA True. The small ones do. I deal with some that have rampant spending because they are larger. #QBOchat
  99. A5: Looking in the past lets us know what potential is available and where we may be over or under spending #QBOchat
  100. @JOngQBCommunity Absolutely! You have to invest in your foundation, to be able to build to the future. #qbochat
  101. A5: ex路tra路po路la路tion 鈥 the action of estimating or concluding something by assuming that existing trends will continue or a current method will remain applicable. #QBOchat
  102. A5: Seasonality, bus. cycle, trends are useful to inform the future 鈥 ie. active cash flow management but TOPS is a good set of books + business owners鈥 imagination graphed in an apples to apples fashion. But then I鈥檓 biased. #biased #cashisqueen #qbochat
  103. A5: the past is often a predictor of the future, but not always. Don鈥檛 live in the past unless it鈥檚 relevant to future operations #QBOchat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979441524802052096
  104. A5: Past performance can be a predictor of future activities when you take into account current qualitative & quantitative factors #QBOchat
  105. Q5: You can鈥檛 know where you are going if you don鈥檛 know where you have been. #QBOchat
  106. @BradCelmainis Don鈥檛 forget DTAs and DTLs, those ain鈥檛 cash either #QBOchat
  107. A5. #qbochat 鈥 we have to learn from our past mistakes, as well as our successes. When it comes to cash flow this directly applies. Learning that you should prolong your AP, or reduce your AR by taking pre-payments are lessons learned! pic.twitter.com/77kwlNPTAr
  108. Q6: What apps can #smallbiz use to help fight cash flow issues? and what do they do? #QBOchat https://t.co/N1k8DfxJ9j
    Q6: What apps can #smallbiz use to help fight cash flow issues? and what do they do? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/N1k8DfxJ9j
  109. A4: Profit = what鈥檚 earned after expenses; it tells you how your business did #qbochat
  110. A5: Recognizing patterns to make smart decisions, today and tomorrow! #qbochat
  111. A4: Cash Flow = funds on hand, or lack of, after expenses are paid #qbochat
  112. @avalara @MeganTarnow @tsheets @TJSCMA @QBOchat Haha! 馃ぃ Glad you liked it, Alan. #qbochat is proving that GIFs and accountants go together like love & marriage. 馃挅
  113. A6: @ReceiptBank has been huge in decreasing the delay to get source documentation! @billcom for both payables and receivables as well! #QBOchat
  114. @SherrellTMartin If they work with us then it WILL be reality. In my biz it is a reality because I manage my cash flow. 馃檪 #QBOchat
  115. A6: I repeat @ReceiptBank and #QBO bank feeds. So easy to stay on top of cash. Can鈥檛 wait for their 鈥減re-reconcilation鈥 feature. Forecasts are useless without a good starting point #QBOchat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979443260585336833
  116. @ledgerdocs @BradCelmainis Deferred, prepaid, accrued, etc are just really mean accounting terms. This is where we all turn into educated guessers versus living in reality. #QBOchat
  117. A6: #smalbiz has great success with @mydryrun due to its flexibility and ease of use but the REAL good times start when accting pros and #smb tag team inside a Dryrun forecast. Numbers ppl do the actuals, #smb does the sales pipeline = CF NIRVANA #qbochat
  118. A5 鈥 Just so you don鈥檛 repeat the same mistakes鈥 do get a clear picture of what you鈥檝e been spending on, whether a project cost a bit more than intended, etc. It would help to have a dashboard for that鈥..hey, we do 馃檪 #qbochat
  119. Q7: What are some tips to help a small business normalize their cash flow? #QBOchat https://t.co/XRJdhTzDIg
    Q7: What are some tips to help a small business normalize their cash flow? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/XRJdhTzDIg
  120. A6 #qbochat .. . @GoVeem to save on fees, @tsheets to save on overpaying wages, @Hubdoc to save on time, @fundbox to increase cash on hand as needed (but put it back right away to keep fees down) 鈥 Saving money helps keep more of it in your bank account!
  121. A5: looking backwards helps you project forward by showing you the trends on your spend and which costs are rising #qbochat
  122. A7: Keep an eye on overdue bills and invoices, tighten up project timelines by invoicing more effectively, spend more time forecasting sales (cf drought = not enough $ in!) #qbochat
  123. @qbochat A6. For Cash flow issues related to A/R, using QuickBooks Payments and/or other apps that can help clients pay faster helps keep open A/R low. Also, teach clients to use the Invoice Tracker in qbo to see when invoice was sent, viewed, paid, deposited. #qbochat https://t.co/uY6POeiQ6F
    @QBOchat A6. For Cash flow issues related to A/R, using QuickBooks Payments and/or other apps that can help clients pay faster helps keep open A/R low. Also, teach clients to use the Invoice Tracker in qbo to see when invoice was sent, viewed, paid, deposited. #qbochat pic.twitter.com/uY6POeiQ6F
  124. A7: don鈥檛 bill by the hour. Create 鈥渟ubscriptions鈥 for ongoing services, to even out the peaks and valleys. #QBOchat
  125. A6: Most small businesses hate collections duties, but I can鈥檛 stress how important this is for cash flow management #QBOchat
  126. A6 鈥 This might come as a surprise but鈥y answer is Bento for Business. 馃槅 We help #smallbiz and nonprofits prevent employee overspending by automating card controls and budgets, and getting a monthly statement as well as real-time reports any time they want. #qbochat
  127. A5: Looking back helps a business determine the cost trends for vendors and help them renegotiate new terms and pricing. #qbochat
  128. @vheckman @QBOchat Now if only we could pay a small fee to speed up ACH QuickBooks Payments鈥 #qbochat
  129. A7: Look at the numbers and what they tell you. Poor cash flow doesn鈥檛 happen just by chance. Cause and Effect! #qbochat
  130. Q8: What can #ProAdvisors can be doing more of to help small businesses understand and manage their cash flow? #QBOchat https://t.co/2KwukEKZuR
    Q8: What can #ProAdvisors can be doing more of to help small businesses understand and manage their cash flow? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/2KwukEKZuR
  131. A7 鈥 Hire an expert if you can! If not, then be organized, plan ahead, and find the leaky faucets in your business (you might be losing money in ways you don鈥檛 know鈥specially when you use petty cash). #qbochat
  132. @SharmanRose That鈥檚 a tough question! I think it varies, but if I can see and feel value the service, I am pretty loyal even if the service price goes up. #qbochat
  133. A8: ProAdvisors can proactively work with clients by forecasting cash flow and pointing out issues along with solutions to the cash flow issues. #QBOchat
  134. @QBOchat Gotta go grab some noms before my next meeting, but I hope everyone has a great day!

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    @QBOchat Gotta go grab some noms before my next meeting, but I hope everyone has a great day!

    If you鈥檙e not yet participating in the #AccountingTop100 leaderboard and would like to, check it out here to join or send us a DM! http://avlr.co/2tO7Yo9 #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/63it3Yhn89

  135. It鈥檚 a heavy lift, but tailoring education and knowledge sharing by client, reaching them on a personal level not only for comprehension but encouragement #qbochat
  136. @SherrellTMartin @QBOchat Oh no!!!! I鈥檓 so sorry to hear that!! 馃檨 Hopefully April brings you contentment and your world is back to normal!!! #QBOchat
  137. A7: start with a budget, so you鈥檝e got something to compare your actuals to! #qbochat
  138. What a great chat today!! Just a reminder to join 鈥淏uild Your Best QBO Practice鈥 on Facebook if you haven鈥檛 already. We are here to help you create the practice of your dreams! #QBOchat http://bit.ly/2G5tZnp
  139. A8: Listen to the #smb owner; look at the numbers and beyond; work with owners to determine their 鈥渨hy鈥 and then set plans on how to get there. #qbochat
  140. A8: Don鈥檛 focus on the year-end 鈥渂ooty call鈥 (year-ends and tax returns). Focus on keeping clients up to date and be a part of their day to say and month to month success too #QBOchat https://twitter.com/qbochat/status/979446751546544129
  141. A8: Meet #smallbiz clients where they鈥檙e at in understanding. Adopt a great collaborative communication tool like @mydryrun. Don鈥檛 be hesitant to dive into sales pipeline 鈥 it鈥檚 long term rev gen and SO vital for biz success! Also free trial @ Dryrun for accting pros #qbochat
  142. A8: There are a number of ways how a #ProAdvisors can help their clients understand and manage their cash flow. My best advice would be to overview the three segments of a cash flow statement with your client. #QBOchat
  143. @SherrellTMartin @vheckman @QBOchat Right now Intuit Merchant Services ACH seems to be running almost a WEEK. #qbochat
  144. A8 鈥 The No. 1 complaint #smallbiz have for their accountants is that they鈥檙e not PROACTIVE. So get your clients new solutions they might not even know they need! Sometimes the best way to educate is to make a difference in their business that they can see. #qbochat
  145. @QBOchat I have to dash to my next, learned SO much creeping todays chat. Thanks!! #qbochat
  146. So important! Work with clients to form true partnerships! Can be Win-Win for everyone! #qbochat https://twitter.com/BradCelmainis/status/979447875598917632
  147. A8: educate and advising them; helping them craft the a solution and implementing it #qbochat
  148. That鈥檚 it for this week鈥檚 #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  149. Next week鈥檚 topic is: Increasing Profits by Reducing Expenses. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
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