04/12/2018 Open Q&A

4/12/2018 QBOchat

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4/12/2018 QBOchat

Open Q&A

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. Cathy Iconis here in Atlanta, GA having a blast developing some new things this week. How is everyone else? #QBOchat
  3. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  4. Megan here in Saint Paul. Apparently we’re expecting snow, again. But I just launched a @QuickBooks for #nonprofits group on Facebook, so THAT’s pretty cool! #QBOchat
  5. @QBOchat Hi all! Alan here with Avalara; yet another rainy day here in Seattle…ready for more sun! Hope everyone is doing well! 🙂 #QBOchat
  6. Erin Vukelich in Whitefish, Montana with JCCS, PC! It’s been snowing all day here! #Whereisspring #qbochat
  7. @ChristineGalli Hey Christine! What have you been working on this week? #QBOchat
  8. Hello Hello. Audrey from erplain, joining from Toronto. Excited to be here for today’s #QBOchat
  9. @MeganTarnow @QuickBooks Super cool!! That is a great idea! You want to redo our conversation from yesterday but in the right direction? What kind of nonprofits do you like? #QBOchat
  10. Hi everyone! Knowify here in NYC – excited to be joining QBO chat today! #qbochat
  11. @avalara Hey Alan!! Are you doing anything fun to prep for any upcoming social stuff that you do? #QBOchat
  12. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs! David Leary | Global Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, AZ
  13. @knowify Thanks for joining us!! What’s new with you guys? #QBOchat
  14. Hey there! Harika with Circulus checking in from the Dallas. Happy Almost-Friday! 🙂 #QBOchat
  15. @SherrellTMartin @nitramfinancial Hey lady!! Lurk away – but feel free to drop a Q or two out there! #QBOchat
  16. @QBOchat Hey hey! Right now most of what I’m doing is related to our #AccountingTop100 leaderboard and getting prepped for CRUSH DC! 🙂 #QBOchat
  17. So, who has been part of our chats this week in Build Your Best QBO Practice on Facebook? #QBOchat
  18. @QBOchat @QuickBooks I love ’em all! I’m doing more tech consulting too. Lots of #nonprofits started with digital accounting 20 years ago, but haven’t really done much more. HELLOOOOO @billcom @UseTallie @tsheets @DivvyPay @spotlightrep etc etc. #QBOchat
  19. @davidleary Thanks for joining us David!! It’s great for you to be here to answer any App questions. 🙂 #QBOchat
  20. @avalara Do you want to tell everyone a bit more of the #AccountingTop100 leaderboard and how you guys came up with it? #QBOchat
  21. @TJSCMA Aren’t you supposed to say “Greetings from Canada, eh?” #QBOchat
  22. Tiffany from Share a Refund checking in. We save shippers time and money by auditing shipments, filing lost and damaged claims and optimizing carrier agreements. #QBOChat
  23. @QBOchat @QuickBooks @billcom @UseTallie @tsheets @DivvyPay @spotlightrep Maybe. I’m a very low key marketer. I try to be out there, and do what I do, and I’m starting to get more and more referrals. Which is pretty awesome!! #QBOchat
  24. I’ve been throwing a bunch of different topics out on facebook – like month end close workflows, working on being more “You”, how the average firm makes $100k rev per employee, and more… #QBOchat
  25. @QBOchat Of course! Put simply: We wanted to start a fun social activity that highlights outstanding accounting professionals and thought leaders for kicking butt on social media. It ranks those who have joined every two weeks based on social influence, activity, and engagement. #QBOchat
  26. @knowify @QBOchat Your dashboard looks great. Nice clean look! Congrats on the new features. #QBOchat
  27. Afternoon, all! Carla with eBillity dropping in from Victoria, BC ?? #QBOchat
  28. @QBOchat So far, people have been excited to join and are loving the chance to be recognized for their awesome social media efforts on an ongoing basis. And there’s a fun competition element! #QBOchat
  29. #QBOchat hi all ?..so sorry I’m late! Kelly with Totally Booked from NYC!
  30. @QBOchat For anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet and would like to join, you can do that here!  http://avlr.co/2tO7Yo9  🙂 #QBOchat
  31. On the subject of marketing, I’m curious about how others market their QBO services #qbochat
  32. So, why doesn’t everyone share some of this week’s successes with everyone?!?! #QBOchat
  33. @JCCS_PC What do you want to learn? You should definitely be in the Build Your Best QBO Practice facebook group. #QBOchat
  34. @QBOchat @QuickBooks @billcom @UseTallie @tsheets @DivvyPay @spotlightrep I’m not looking for a LOT of clients. We’re not high volume, so the right fit is important. More, I hope to be a good influence. There is so much need in my sector! Anyone who wants good financials for #nonprofits is on my team! #QBOchat
  35. Hi Kathy Grosskurth from bookkeeping clean and simple in sunny in currently warm metro Atlanta Georgia where we experience schizo weather #QBOChat pic.twitter.com/KpPwrE7abD
  36. Well, we haven’t officially announced it yet but there is a new feature in the ClockShark app. The announcement will be on Monday. #qbochat
  37. @QBOchat I think you’re right! Sounds like it’s exactly where I need to be! #QBOchat
  38. @MeganTarnow @erplainapp @QBOchat thank you! we have gotten a lot of great feedback from our early access users! very exciting! #qbochat
  39. @getclockshark That sounds exciting!! Make sure to use the #QBOchat hashtag so we can all see it later.
  40. @QBOchat My biggest success (?) has been starting the Facebook group I’ve wanted to be a part of: QB4NPs  https://www.facebook.com/groups/230507621027170/  #QBOchat Oh! And making @avalara‘s top 100 list!!!
  41. We’ve been working on redesigning our website  http://ebillity.com . Still finalizing a few details but it’s live! #QBOchat
  42. I saw a post about sharing successes: well I’ve gotten quite a few referrals from the ProAdvisor site And enough work to outsource some and train others #QBOChat pic.twitter.com/jBsYjeOnlY
  43. @QBOchat Hmm. One or two for now, once @EconInclusion is fully onboarded. I want to really do right by my existing folks. #QBOchat
  44. @MeganTarnow @QBOchat Oooh! That’s such a cool and exciting Facebook group! And heck yes, ya’ll are lookin’ at #45 right here! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/WHQPMpmL0a
  45. How many of you are dealing with month end close right now? What is your biggest struggle? #QBOchat
  46. @MeganTarnow @EconInclusion That’s awesome!! How long does your onboarding usually take? #QBOchat
  47. We are beta testing a new service and got it up and running this week. ?? #QBOchat
  48. My big success is falling in love with @zapier, thanks to @HeatherSatterly #qbochat
  49. @QBOchat @EconInclusion We don’t add people very often, so it depends. These guys should be fully up and rolling in 6 weeks, max. #QBOchat
  50. the feature is already out, just not the announcement, so I see no reason not to share – We have KioskClock now 🙂 @QBOchat #qbochat
  51. Employees can clock in from a single divice using a 4 digit pin. Great for shop and warehouse workers #qbochat
  52. #qbochat Barb with @mydryrun here ready for some fun and learning! Nice and mild in Ontario, Canada today! ^_^ pic.twitter.com/jp09vfzimy
  53. @QBOchat For us, the biggest challenge at month end can be fluctuating allocations to grants or programs. #NonprofitProblems #QBOChat
  54. I’m in love with @zapier too! RT @ChristineGalli: My big success is falling in love with @zapier, thanks to @HeatherSatterly #qbochat
  55. #qbochat Biggest success has been identifying my ideal client, and dropping the ones that are not to make way for new ones that are! Success= Recognizing my worth! … it also allowed me to double my income in the 2nd year #winning
  56. Thanks @sharearefund – we’ve been using it at the office and it’s super fast and easy. I think it will be a hit. #qbochat
  57. What is the biggest struggle in your business or job right now? #QBOchat
  58. @TotallybookedNY That’s really amazing!! Do you want to share who your ideal client is with us? #QBOchat
  59. Biggest struggle? Hiring. We are growing fast and it’s a challenge to keep up with the recruiting efforts. #qbochat
  60. #qbochat biggest month end struggle can be getting my clients to identify the “What are these?” expenses. I send the report weekly, but sitting them down (virtually) and forcing answers from them is a whole other story. LOL
  61. @QBOchat Getting through tax season – had to take a few minutes and get my mind off taxes… 😉 #QBOChat
  62. @getclockshark thanks for sharing with us a little early! what a useful feature!! #qbochat
  63. @QBOchat Our biggest success of the week was to be featured in the What is? section of #QBOchat website! Team was really excited about it!!
  64. Biggest struggle right now is managing the regular day-to-day work with the tax deadline looming! Ready for the 17th to be done and gone! #qbochat pic.twitter.com/5GCVhKICMH
  65. Our biggest struggle lately has been deciding what new features to build first. Too many ideas! #QBOchat
  66. @QBOchat Biggest struggle is working on that and taxes during February thru April… #QBOChat
  67. @TotallybookedNY Yep, that can be a struggle! But at some point, you have to leave the responsibility with them. You can only do so much. #QBOchat
  68. @eBillity, Warren Buffet 5/25 rule. List all opportunities, prioritize top 5, throw out other 20 until you get them right #qbochat
  69. I tried to multitask QBOchat + meeting. Meeting won. I’m here now! #qbochat
  70. @eBillity You should get feedback from some of your biggest supporters to help you determine what is most important. It is also nice to have a ProAdvisor explain WHY something might be important to a user. I help do this for Intuit. #QBOchat
  71. @QBOchat where’s the link to sign up for the weekly #QBOChat reminders? @emandel82 @NaviBudget @DivvyPay really need to get this on their calendars.
  72. @QBOchat Yep – anything can be improved but it’s working well. It will help now that we have a dedicated recruitment person, too #qbochat
  73. Biggest struggle – so much to say to our Partners but they don’t want to hear it @ tax time. :'( #qbochat
  74. @QBOchat Biggest struggle lately was to choose between all available tools on the market to improve efficiency and set some automations for our business day-to-day activities. #QBOchat
  75. @eBillity @QBOchat Do it! building a ProAdvisor tribe is the way to the promised land! LOL #QBOChat
  76. @davidleary Hey David! Permission to add you manually to the #AccountingTop100 leaderboard? Would love to spice things up with some niche accounting pros…and figure you’ll likely have no problem breaking into the top 100 ? #QBOchat
  77. @QBOchat Haven’t thought a lot about it yet… Ask me in a week. 🙂 #QBOChat
  78. @getclockshark That’s cool! How many employees do you have now? #QBOchat
  79. @mydryrun Now’s the time to send them little love notes and treats. That will help them want to listen to you after the end of tax season. #QBOchat
  80. @ChristineGalli Heck yes! I’ve been waiting for this day! Thank you, Christine! 😀 #QBOchat
  81. My biggest struggle continues to be doing research on different apps that will help me do my job better. That’s why being able to communicate with the likes of you folks helps me out a lot! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/7bL1DhOZO8
  82. @TotallybookedNY @eBillity Are you in the ProAdvisor Tribe Builder facebook group yet? #QBOchat
  83. @QBOchat @mydryrun Everyone should listen to you! Having a ProAdvisor tribe can really make or break an app. At the end of the day, relationships still matter. #QBOChat
  84. @QBOchat it’s becoming harder to know exactly – but enough that we have no more room and need new offices #qbochat
  85. @KathyGrosskurth I love our “What is” articles so I can get an overview of what all the different apps are. Then, I look to this audience to see which ones I should really look at. #QBOchat
  86. @KathyGrosskurth My sound is off, but I really hope that is “Staying Alive”! #QBOchat
  87. RT @getclockshark @QBOchat it’s becoming harder to know exactly – but enough that we have no more room and need new offices #qbochat
  88. @QBOchat @KathyGrosskurth Consider a “What is” on @DivvyPay. I’m just really digging that as a credit card and tracking solution. #QBOchat
  89. @QBOchat That’s what I need to do I just need to set aside the time #QBOchat
  90. @TotallybookedNY @eBillity This is the link for ProAdvisor Tribe Builder – it is more to help the apps understand the ProAdvisor brain for marketing and product development –  http://bit.ly/2GTuZw3  #QBOchat
  91. For this final stretch of tax week, I want to extend a good luck to all of you! Dont forget to eat, sleep, move and drink water #qbochat
  92. @MeganTarnow I can’t hear it either but it can be whatever song you desire! ? #QBOchat
  93. A very valuable Facebook group for apps aimed at supporting the ProAdvisor community! #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/984517638620577798 
  94. Have to head out a little bit early, but hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and for those who do taxes: You’ve got this! Almost there! #qbochat
  95. What are your favorite songs that keep you motivated? #QBOchat
  96. @QBOchat honestly trying to make the full jump to gsuite. I just need to walk into the light #qbochat
  97. @QBOchat i think just plain ole comfortability with what i use. that and I am not a fan of the gmail interface. #qbochat #onlythingidontlike
  98. Next week’s topic is: Pricing Tips for Bookkeepers. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  99. Our official stance on music is that we <3 hair metal. @BlaineBertsch ?#qbochat
  100. Y’all I have to run because I’ve got a job search workshop I’m involved with tonight and before that I have a meeting with the volunteer coordinator about a Fundraising event for the same organization #QBOChat
  101. When I need to work with no distractions, I put on Spotify/Genres and Moods/Focus/Peaceful Piano!
  102. RT @QBOchat Next week’s topic is: Pricing Tips for Bookkeepers. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  103. @QBOchat Our biggest success was onboarding a complex Nonprofit with crazy timekeeping issues on @tsheets! Can’t wait to get board approval so the department managers can start scheduling staff and events!
  104. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  105. @QBOchat Thanks, everybody! Have a wonderful week, see you next time! #QBOchat

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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