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New App Intros

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. @integra_Rental I would definitely like to learn more information on @integra_Rental as I work with property management, construction and real estate professionals. Many of whom have rental property. #QBOchat
  4. Hey everyone! Michael from AdvancePro Inventory Management here. Hope you’re all doing well! #qbochat
  5. A1: Greetings everyone, Ximble here. We specialize in employee scheduling and time tracking. You can find us @  http://www.ximble.com 
  6. Ready for #QBOchat. Hi all! Audrey Blackburn with Blackburn Consulting checking in from NC. Spring is here!
  7. A1: We partnered up with Intuit Quickbooks back in 2014. We have been published on  http://Apps.com  in April 2017. #qbochat
  8. Hi Everyone!! Erin with JCCS in Whitefish, Montana! Enjoying our warm weather today! #qbochat
  9. .@CathyIconis here in Atlanta, GA! I’m glad everyone could make it today!! I love hearing about new apps. #QBOchat
  10. Hey, All! ? Morgan w/ ClockShark saying hello from Chico, California! Excited to be here for another #QBOchat
  11. Greetings from #calgary. Home of “QB Get Connected” May 28-29 ??#QBOChat
  12. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs … David Leary | Global Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, AZ
  13. @XimbleApp Let’s wait until I actually ask the questions 🙂 #QBOchat
  14. A:1 We are integraRental, we are a software company based out of Eastern Iowa. We specialize in rental management software! #qbochat
  15. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  16. And, if you have a question for an app, don’t hold back from asking them! #QBOchat
  17. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  18. Hey guys! This is Tiffany from Share a refund. Happy to be here! #qbochat
  19. Eli from NaviBudget here. I’m checking in from Philly today.
  20. Q1: What is your App's name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit's https://t.co/cY9kUVZq2v? #QBOchat https://t.co/KVcIQQYMNb

    Q1: What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s  http://Apps.com ? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/KVcIQQYMNb
  21. @anniefever YES only 5min #LearyLate for #QBOchat today …maybe I’ll get a “most improved” trophy
  22. We are integraSoft, a rental management software company from Iowa! We have been in the app store since September!
  23. @BConsultingNC Hi Audrey, how is your day going? I’m always looking forward to #QBOchat because every week I learn new things, new tricks, and meet new people! And of course, I love chatting with the regulars as well 🙂
  24. Hi everyone late to the party! Audrey from sunny Toronto. Looking forward to hearing about new QuickBooks apps. #QBOchat
  25. A1: NaviBudget. We make multi-user nonprofit budgeting doable and meaningful.
    Coming soon to an app store near you.#QBOChat

  26. @MeiserService Welcome! We are glad to have you!! Make sure to include the hashtag #QBOchat in your tweets.
  27. A1: ClockShark is a mobile timetracking app for construction and field service companies. By offering software and service so excellent, we correct the course of businesses and improve lives. 🙂 #QBOchat
  28. Hey everybody! Alan here with Avalara, sorry to be late! Excited to hear from some new apps — ya’ll hopefully know who Avalara is, but feel free to ask any questions if you got ’em 🙂 #QBOchat
  29. Hi all! Sarah from Aero sneaking in late. Looking forward to hearing about the great new apps out there! #qbochat
  30. @QBOchat Hey there everyone!! Alex here with TSheets by QuickBooks reporting to you live from Boise, ID!! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/zjPUwsSUFS
  31. AdvancePro is an inventory management solution that syncs with all versions of QB to streamline operations #qbochat
  32. Carla here with eBillity from beautiful Victoria, BC ?? #QBOchat
  33. Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat https://t.co/OQ9f6Nj6DW

    Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/OQ9f6Nj6DW
  34. Any of y’all from the metro Atlanta area are invited to our monthly West Metro Atlanta @WoodardCompany Meetups. Tonight is our next one and the one after that is May 24  https://www.meetup.com/West-Metro-Atlanta-Woodard-Group/events/249061340/  #Meetup #Austell via @Meetup #QBOchat
  35. A2: redundant processes and data re-entry, and the resulting mistakes that result in inventory costs and unhappy customers #qbochat
  36. A2: We wanted to create a software that made managing scheduling, deliveries, service, and online reservations easy for rental biz! #qbochat
  37. @QBOchat A2: Our founder watched his sister trying to change her schedule on Christmas day. #qbochat
  38. A2: he was on the phone and spent hours trying to achieve a simple task, so Ximble was developed to solve this problem. #qbochat
  39. Hi everyone! Harika from Circulus here – sorry for checking in a bit late today! 🙂 #QBOchat
  40. I wanted to make forecasting and budgeting informative, meaningful, and something that people rely on for decision-making, just as they do with accounting information.


  41. A1: The Share a Refund app audits shipments for overcharges, files lost and damaged claims and optimizes carrier agreements for the BEST rates. We save businesses time and money on shipping and improve efficiency. #qbochat
  42. A2: Time Tracker provides accurate time tracking to save you from tedious data entry and paper timesheets #QBOchat
  43. A2: Timetracking is often a pain point for companies, because of inefficient and inaccurate methods. Paper, begone! #seeya

    ClockShark solves this pain by offering an easy-to-use app that automates timetracking and scheduling. We make businesses easier to run! #QBOChat

  44. Let me try and play catchup here… A1: Circulus is here to help you accelerate your firm’s value by extending AP automation to your client base! 🙂 Check us out at  https://circulus.io/smb-demo-video/  ! #QBOchat
  45. Since we are focusing on new apps today, we want to give them the chance to share all about themselves! But if you have any questions about TSheets, I would be more than happy to answer!! 🙂 #qbochat pic.twitter.com/04T7EfTzjC
  46. @QBOchat we work for all kinds of rental companies. Equipment, Party and Event, Oil Rigs, HVAC, Storage units, rental propery. Etc #qbochat
  47. ? A1: Our app is Rewind: an automated backup solution for QBO. We were published in the QBO app store this year, but have been backing up thousands of Shopify stores since 2015 #QBOChat
  48. Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat https://t.co/zPgKSbUMPm

    Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/zPgKSbUMPm
  49. A2: Our CEO wanted something that would work for him – a platform to make payments and not have dual data entry when using #QB 🙂 #QBOchat
  50. @BradCelmainis yes it does, we have customers all over the US running multiple kinds of QB. #qbochat
  51. Q3: We’re geared towards nonprofits, but anyone who’s serious about proactively telling their money what to do is welcome here.


  52. @integra_Rental @QBOchat I’ve been getting lots of inquiries from property management/investment and property rental and house flipping organizations so this is great timing! ? #qbochat
  53. A3: We work with anyone who wants to manage the scheduling/renting of any kinds of assets. We have many equipment rental cstmrs. #qbochat
  54. A3: Small businesses, retailers, health and wellness, services. Any business with a staff on schedules. #qbochat
  55. @integra_Rental @QBOchat No many #APPs in the market for #Rental industry! Good to know you’re out there. #QBOChat
  56. @tsheets Hey TSheets! Had a demo with Debbie on Tuesday, and she was great! We’re excited to start working with Justin! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/BTlc5A8y6m
  57. ? A2: We noticed a problem with backups for cloud apps – the backup is rarely accessible to users and in most cases can’t be used to recover lost data in individual accounts. This is the case for Shopify & QBO. So we built an automated solution #QBOChat  https://blog.rewind.io/how-to-backup-quickbooks-online-the-easy-way 
  58. #QBOchat Inlattice AP/AR Automation was published Aug 2017.
  59. @KathyGrosskurth great! Check out our website  http://integrarental.com ! Please email us so we can chat after this bradyh@integrarental.com #qbochat
  60. A3: Time Tracker is great for small to medium businesses, but we also have Time Tracker + Legal for our lawyer crowd #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/lcLUguBsun
  61. I totally agree with you @EileenRSassCPA I’m always searching for apps for the #Rental Industry. So yes @integra_Rental are definitely right on time! #Apps definitely smooth out the work #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/EileenRSassCPA/status/989585707210629122 
  62. Unfortunately for me, and happily for the kids, I’m on daddy duty today and I’ve gotta run. 🙂

    Remember: accounting is the past, forecasting is the future, budgeting is the present. NaviBudget gives you the gift of budgeting.


  63. @JCCS_PC Wooooohoo!! So happy to hear that! They are both pretty dang awesome!!! 🙂 #QBOchat
  64. Q4: Tell us about your users' top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat https://t.co/i7cNUmq8et

    Q4: Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/i7cNUmq8et
  65. A3: Companies that distribute or manufacture products. We work particularly well for apparel, pharma and food companies #qbochat
  66. #QBOchat A2 Inlattice automates the transactions passed between trading partners. Transactions like invoices, PO’s, sales receipts and payments.
  67. ? A3: The best users for Rewind are accountants and bookkeepers that live in the cloud, but want to give clients reassurance that their data is safe. (We even wrote a book on how to use backups as a competitive advantage:  https://pages.rewind.io/online-data-security-for-accounting-professionals-ebook ) #QBOChat
  68. A4: Scheduling, integrated billing to QBO & QBD, and our mobile dispatch application. We make managing rental easy! #qbochat
  69. A4: 1. A modern and intuitive design, 2. Efficient & reliable employee time tracking, 3. Top notch customer support. #qbochat
  70. @NaviBudget Definitely looking more into @NaviBudget have fun with the kiddos today! #QBOchat
  71. A4: Inventory visibility, ease of use and the business partnership that we have with our clients. Enterprise software is a marathon, so we offer killer implementation and support #qbochat
  72. @QBOchat Lemme just interject right quick with this pic cause it's beautiful out today and I'll never get over this office view :p #QBOchat https://t.co/YvGeCBvJ3w

    @QBOchat Lemme just interject right quick with this pic cause it’s beautiful out today and I’ll never get over this office view :p #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/YvGeCBvJ3w
  73. #QBOchat A3 SMB’s that wish to reduce the effort, errors of manual input and output of QBO of acctg transactions
  74. ?A4: Our users’ love:
    ✅ that backups are automatically updated
    ✅ that you can see a changelog of everything that happened in the account
    ✅ that you can quickly undo mistakes in your QBO account
  75. A4: According to our customers, our top three features are 1) tracking time over multiple devices, 2) simple syncing with QB, and 3) easy-to-use timers #QBOchat
  76. Does anyone have any questions for us about our app?
  77. Hi all! Barb from @mydryrun based in #yeg Edmonton Canada and really late again! Can’t wait to read through all the new apps! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/ICwLllGlbJ
  78. @integra_Rental Not right now but I have several folks I will refer to you! #QBOChat
  79. @QBOchat A2. We wanted to create a cost effective and efficient way for #SMB to get their invoices in the mail. And we did it! DocuSend will save you an average of 50% over printing & mailing invoices yourself. #QBOchat
  80. @avalara @QBOchat Not quite as high-up as you, but we're finally getting buds on our trees! #QBOchat https://t.co/IJtGuAwbkI

    @avalara @QBOchat Not quite as high-up as you, but we’re finally getting buds on our trees! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/IJtGuAwbkI
  81. @QBOchat @jma_web Good stuff. Just did my first CCC implementation recently 🙂 #QBOChat
  82. #QBOchat A4 Top features are online vendor creation and submission as bills to QB. Online payments of invoices both vendor and customer. Attachment of support documents verifying vendor work.
  83. Q5: Tell us about your company's culture and leadership. #QBOchat https://t.co/lUUZCXIpc1

    Q5: Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership. #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/lUUZCXIpc1
  84. Boris form Ximble here. If anyone has any questions about Ximble, fire away. Here to help in any way. #qbochat
  85. A1: @mydryrun debuted in 2017 in the appstore and was built for businesses and their accounting Pris to have an easy way to optimize and forecast cashfliw #QBOchat #cashisqueen
  86. Q5: We are a dedicated small software company (30 employees) and try to bring that same level of closeness to our customers. #qbochat
  87. Got a run so I can get ready for that @WoodardCompany meetup tonight. If any of you can get to the South Cobb Diner in Austell Georgia at6 ESat then we would love to have you!  http://www.southcobbdiner.com/  #QBOChat
  88. A5: We’re a small but dedicated group spread throughout the world so it’s all-hands-on-deck at all hours of the day for the most part. ??? #QBOchat
  89. @QBOchat A3. Any #SmallBusiness that needs to send invoices, statements or letters to their customers are a great fit for DocuSend. Two-thirds of consumers prefer to receive a paper bill. And we make it easy to send them! #QBOchat
  90. A5: We are a group of very dynamic and passionate people with offices in Europe and Southern California. #qbochat
  91. A5: We focus on innovation through our customers and pride ourselves on customer support and engagement. #qbochat
  92. A5: As a medium sized start up, we are very passionate about what we do and collaborate together to solve customer problems. #qbochat
  93. Oops that came out so wrong that should be 6 PM EST tonight ? #QBOChat
  94. @QBOchat @jma_web It’s been excellent so far. I have my client’s web sales via @WooCommerce talking to @QuickBooksCA #QBO 🙂 Huge time saver #QBOChat
  95. #QBOchat Culture is very creative and a flat organization.
  96. A2: We built a GREAT way to visualize business cash flow and a platform for accounting pros to flex their strategic muscle with their clients to expand services. #QBOchat
  97. @QBOchat A4. Wow… hard to choose 3. Our add a PDF option is a great marketing tool. Color printing is popular too. But best of all, they love that they don’t have to print, fold, stuff and stamp their invoices anymore! #QBOChat
  98. @BradCelmainis @QBOchat @jma_web @WooCommerce @QuickBooksCA Have you used any other platforms to compare the WooCommerce against? I’ve been debating on using the platform. #QBOchat
  99. Q6: How is your App different from your competitors? #QBOchat https://t.co/yYM4ZQ5kLr

    Q6: How is your App different from your competitors? #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/yYM4ZQ5kLr
  100. @QBOchat A5. We’ve been in the traditional mailing business for over 25 years. Lots of team work and collaboration goes on as we are always looking for ways to make running a #smallbusiness easier! In fact our blogs are all about #SMB. #QBOchat
  101. A3: Best workflow: accounting pro manages the daily scenarios, collaborates w #smb clients for operations and forecasting strategy. Remote is cool, 1x a month strategy meeting is ideal. #QBOchat
  102. Q6: No other rental app integrates to QB for billing like we do. We take billing from headache to easiest part of the day. #qbochat
  103. A6: Some of our differentiators: modern interface; affordably priced; ease of use; top notch customer support; PTO/leave management #qbochat
  104. #SponsorShoutout to @ReceiptBank which quickly syncs data from your receipts and bills to cut down on data entry. #QBOchat https://t.co/HxjotGOAhm https://t.co/IFZ0XqkoyH

    #SponsorShoutout to @ReceiptBank which quickly syncs data from your receipts and bills to cut down on data entry. #QBOchat  http://bit.ly/2EpJ6Hx  pic.twitter.com/IFZ0XqkoyH
  105. ?A5: Rewind’s culture:
    We made our own soap. We like to give new employees a great welcome. We sometimes hang out with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And all new employees must bring cake. #QBOChatpic.twitter.com/OmNlP00VkJ https://t.co/OmNlP00Vkpic.twitter.com/OmNlP00VkJ https://t.co/OmNlP00Vkpic.twitter.com/OmNlP00VkJhttps://t.co/OmNlP00Vkpic.twitter.com/OmNlP00VkJ
  106. A4: 1) predicting your business clients’ present and future 2) easily. 3) quickly. Bonus 4) strategics bring you into value-pricing-land without a fight with your clients #QBOchat
  107. @rewindio Okay – you all are the most fun team ever! #QBOchat
  108. @DocuSendMail @QBOchat 25 years is a long past. Where is the future of snail mail? My mailbox can be empty for a week and even then, most of what shows up ends up in our blue cart #qbochat (except for Amazon orders of course)
  109. A6: Outside of our amazing customer support team, we stand out because we offer easy-to-use time tracking, customizable invoicing and legal-friendly features #QBOchat
  110. @QBOchat A6. The DocuSend app is easier to use, we don’t require minimums, set up fees or a contract. Basically no hassles and our pricing is great! #QBOChat
  111. A7: We charge $600/user/year. With a minimum of two users. We also offer an online rental store @ $3000/yea and mobile app $480/yr #qbochat
  112. @BradCelmainis @DocuSendMail But, we know not every industry has moved to a paperless workflow. There still is a need to mail out invoices. #QBOchat
  113. @aynsleydamery @QBOchat @avalara #QBConnect , FTW. We’re having a smaller version called “Get Connected” May 28-29 in #Calgary (my hometown) Can’t wait 🙂 #qbochat
  114. A7: For detailed information on Ximble pricing please visit:  http://qub.me/Gkncd1  #qbochat
  115. #SponsorShoutout to @DocuSendMail. DocuSend is the cost-effective way to streamline mailing of invoices and estimates. https://t.co/QuzMlSToSY #QBOchat https://t.co/R7NMP3iSwn

    #SponsorShoutout to @DocuSendMail. DocuSend is the cost-effective way to streamline mailing of invoices and estimates.  http://bit.ly/2q8t8Jt  #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/R7NMP3iSwn
  116. A7: We have three different products: Time Tracker, Time Tracker + Billing and Time Tracker + Legal. Each has monthly or annual billing options and a free 30-day trial  https://www.ebillity.com/pricing/  #QBOchat
  117. ? A6: How Rewind is different from other #QBO backup apps: we’re a team that has been doing backups since 2015 and trusted by thousands of business owners. We’re GDPR compliant (not very exciting, but very necessary). Oh, and we backup attachments in QBO ?? #QBOChat
  118. A8: Yes we have a bonus program for QB ProAdvisors who bring us customers! Visit  http://integrarental.com  or email bradyh@integrasoft.com #qbochat
  119. A8: ProAdvisors get a free lifetime account and 10% lifetime discount for their clients. More info:  https://www.ebillity.com/advisors/  #QBOchat
  120. Off to a client Zoom Meeting. See you next week you cool #QBOChat peeps 🙂
  121. There are some really cool new apps out there. What does everyone else think? #QBOchat
  122. Ditto! RT @QBOchat: There are some really cool new apps out there. What does everyone else think? #QBOchat
  123. Definitely! Interest is piqued enough to do some additional info gathering! #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/QBOchat/status/989594657951834112 
  124. #qbochat A8 Pricing for Inlattice is based on transaction counts grouped into tiers. 30 days free. No contract.
  125. @QBOchat A7. Our DocuSend app is free to launch. A one page B&W invoice only costs $0.80 to mail. Pricing includes all materials, processing and first class postage. Research shows that DocuSend is about half the cost of what you spend mailing yourself. #QBOChat
  126. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  127. Next week’s topic is: Spring Cleaning Your Practice & Life. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  128. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news on #QuickBooks and #QBOchat.  http://bit.ly/2nJVXIC 
  129. And, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a #QBOchat sponsor, just send us a message!
  130. @QBOchat Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone! Be well! #QBOchat
  131. Thanks for having us @QBOchat if anyone has any further questions please get in touch! email: bradyh@integrasoft.com thanks! #qbochat

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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