04/13/2017 What is Business Intelligence?

4/13/2017 QBOchat

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Thu, Apr 13 2017 21:07:30

4/13/2017 QBOchat

What is Business Intelligence?

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. John from LedgerDocs here, happy to be back for another #QBOchat! Looking forward to the Easter Weekend ?
  3. I made it! Tonya from Schulte and Schulte, LLC in gorgeous Phoenix, AZ #qbochat
  4. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  5. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT.
  6. Cliff with ClockShark here. Always pumped for QBOChat. Fun topic today. #qbochat
  7. Today we are talking about Business Intelligence. Any other management nerds out there love this topic? #QBOchat
  8. Amy with Kninja Knetwork – Ontario, Canada checking in. Hi Everyone! #qbochat
  9. Terrin checking in from Knowify! I think this topic might be right in our wheel house…#JobCosting #qbochat
  10. @QBOchat Hey gang! Alan here reppin’ Avalara, your friendly neighborhood sales tax automation tech! ๐Ÿ˜€ #qbochat
  11. @getclockshark It is BEAUTIFUL in Phoenix today! 86 right now. Not supposed to get over 92. Just the way I love it! #qbochat
  12. #qbochat hi everyone – popping in briefly – lots of work to do today. Hope all is well!
  13. Hello!!! Back after a long break from #QBOchat happy to be back!
  14. @Receipts_Damien @ReceiptBank Remember to use the #QBOchat hashtag so we can all see your tweets in the feed.
  15. .@CathyIconis running the #QBOchat account today from Atlanta, GA. How is everyone doing?
  16. @KathyGrosskurth Hope you are doing well too! Are you excited to be done next week? #QBOchat
  17. We invite all types of @QuickBooks users – #smallbiz, accountants, developers, and more to join our #QBOchat.
  18. Seun, Little Elm, TX Student and up and coming Entrepreneur #qbochat
  19. for us Canucks they have till the 1st of May this year… cause the 30th is on the weekend #qbochat
  20. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs David Leary | Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, AZ
  21. Hi all Sarah from Aero chatting from a currently sunny SF Bay Area. #QBOchat
  22. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  23. Arnaud from erplain Inventory here as well. #QBOchat
  24. @QBOchat @CathyIconis Went to a concert last night and have aches in places I didn’t know existed…but otherwise great! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/77UC3zgtDt
  25. A1. The translation of all the data collected into meaningful management information #QBOChat
  26. Hey Terrin! I just referred another partner to @knowify this morning…hoping to make an intro soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ #QBOChat  https://twitter.com/knowify/status/852598201911824388 โ€ฆ
  27. @ReadingRainbow0 Welcome! Thanks for joining us! Do you use QuickBooks Online now? #QBOchat
  28. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC, almost #Learylate
  29. Q1: What is your definition of business intelligence? #QBOchat
  30. @AeroWorkflow – did you hear the news? I get to go to @ScalingNH this year! So looking forward to meeting so many people in person! #qbochat
  31. @QBOchat Natalie here with your favorit expense reporting app. Happy Thursday from the PNW! #qbochat
  32. Finally able to pop in to a live #qbochat to say hi from #DC!
  33. A1 I believe it’s learning all aspects and tools and utilizing them to improve a business. #qbochat
  34. @JillShalett Hello from the other coast! Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Spring day. #QBOchat
  35. A1: In simple terms, we think of business intelligence as turning data into information. #QBOchat
  36. `Howdy, Karli here from the @ChargeOver team too! First time in #QBOChat for me too!`
  37. met a former Hubdoc bank feed programmer at the gym on Tues… thinking he should come back… lol #qbochat
  38. @LegacyCasey Ah, yes! Please be sure to check out:  http://expensicon.com  & see how you can make that daydream a reality! #QBOchat #ExpensiCon
  39. Yes, first time for @erplainapp – Looking forward to contribute! #QBOchat
  40. Hey gang! Sorry for being a bit late! Our staff meeting was just too good and lasted 15 extra minutes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #qbochat
  41. @QBOchat & using that information to make intelligent business decisions ? #QBOchat
  42. Come back to? RT @racbookkeeper met a former Hubdoc bank feed programmer at the gym on Tues… thinking he should come back… lol #qbochat
  43. A1: Business intelligence is getting detailed data and understanding what it means so you can use it to improve your processes #qbochat
  44. @avalara @QBOchat @CathyIconis Nice! Which concert? Were mosh pits or serious dance moves involved? ๐Ÿ™‚ #qbochat
  45. A1 Business Intelligence is having the proper data and knowing how to use it to improve your business practices #qbochat
  46. @schultetonya We’ve got some of that classic rainy spring weather today but this weekend is looking sunny! ๐Ÿ™‚ #qbochat
  47. @tsheets Sunny sounds good! Clear skies here in the Arizona desert! ๐Ÿ˜€ #qbochat
  48. A2. It depends on what’s contained within the BI – that’s the challenge, what is the data telling us? How useful is it? #QBOChat
  49. A2. I think it depends on the questions you’re trying to answer #QBOChat
  50. Q2: How can business intelligence help a business scale? #QBOchat
  51. @QBOchat I have had some clients who had a lot of data, but none of it helped in any way! #qbochat
  52. @QBOchat @jazfun Thank you so much!! I feel like I’ve been locked away in some castle somewhere! #QBOCHAT
  53. @QBOchat @jazfun Yes, we’ve missed you Jan! It’s always great to see you at the chat! ๐Ÿ™‚ #qbochat
  54. @tsheets Let’s just say it was a crowd of people channeling their angsty high school selves and jumping around accordingly… :p #qbochat
  55. A2: Without data, you don’t know what to optimize. And you can’t measure improvement. #qbochat
  56. Bingo RT @getclockshark A2: Without data, you don’t know what to optimize. And you can’t measure improvement. #qbochat
  57. A2: Understanding where you under-budget or over-spend can help you not make those mistakes in the future. more money = more growth #qbochat
  58. A2: AI Can help a business scale with depth of knowledge. Utilizing the infor to create greater gains & insights into your SMB #qbochat
  59. I’ve had that too. And, I’ve seen businesses do a ton of work to turn data into information, but it wasn’t what they needed to know #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/schultetonya/status/852602546816528384 โ€ฆ
  60. @getclockshark #QBOChat I was talking about this topic yesterday at a @SouthCobbBA networking event. You can’t measure what you don’t know!
  61. Hanging out with friends here is good soul food. Yum! #QBOchat
  62. A2 With the right info you can optimize in areas that need optimizing and end up working smarter instead of harder. #qbochat
  63. A2. Business Intelligence is key to understanding an industry. Becoming knowledgable is a necessity for survival #qbochat
  64. A2: @ChargeOver customer doing neat BI thing — mapping which credit cards (e.g. Visa vs. prepaid vs. MC) make better customers.
  65. #QBOchat I know it’s “early” but who is going to @ScalingNH in #Orlando in June? I prob. asked last week but I was traveling from FL to GA
  66. @schultetonya @QBOchat This is the real challenge – finding someone who can decipher and manage all the BI data. #qbochat
  67. A2 Data-driven decisions are best when sprinkled with creativity. Then lean testing to validate and pivot to enhance the outcome #QBOchat
  68. @keith_palmer_jr @QBOchat And someone to guide you in what data is important in the first place. #qbochat
  69. A2. Being able to have information/ data to be able understand what works foe a business in order to expand profitability. #qbochat
  70. @Kimtuitive awesome!! You got my e-mail, feel free to send them our way ๐Ÿ™‚ #qbochat
  71. @schultetonya @ScalingNH Yes I will be there! We #QBOChat folks ought to meet up for Breakfast or lunch or dinner sometime!
  72. Q3: Business Intelligence isn’t productive or advantageous without the right skill set. Do you have examples? #QBOchat
  73. Karen from Transaction Pro Importer in Sarasota here and yes I am #learylate #qbochat
  74. A3 – A new client – as we have gotten her data properly input in QBO, she has been AMAZED at what she now knows about her business. #qbochat
  75. @jazfun @schultetonya @ScalingNH Good idea! We need to decide on a day. I have a luncheon on Monday for @CBGpartners but the rest of my time is good. #QBOChat
  76. I very well may make an appearance in Disney this year. I miss my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ #QBOchat
  77. A3: It’s one thing to know that you’re over a budget, it’s another to make the adjustments in the future! #LearnFromYourData #qbochat
  78. @schultetonya What was wrong with how she had her data in QBO before? #QBOchat
  79. Having applications that assist with business intelligence. i.e. qbo #qbochat
  80. @TransactionPro great to see you! BTW I’m doing my TPI demo tomorrow.. ๐Ÿ™‚ #qbochat
  81. RT @ReadingRainbow0 A3 Having applications that assist with business intelligence. i.e. qbo #qbochat #edit
  82. @QBOchat Well, 1 – she was barely using the program! 2 she wasn’t inputting bills as they came in, so surprises in cash flow often! #qbochat
  83. A3 Such a different experience looking thru the historical rear-view mirror as opposed to the windshield of tomorrow. #QBOchat
  84. @schultetonya That reminds me that one of my pet peeves is when people accept transactions but don’t include the vendor name. Limits reporting #QBOchat
  85. A3: Information has to be relevant. Toguide solutions. EX: Cash flow stmts are great but if not explained well then a loss of time #qbochat
  86. @TransactionPro thanks so much.. I’m showing the #Value of using solutions like TPI & ability to scale. #qbochat
  87. @jazfun I find that most financial statements or reports have to be explained or they just get lost. #QBOchat
  88. A3: User error is a big issue in mobile time tracking. We’ve focused on making things so easy to use that no training is needed. #qbochat
  89. @QBOchat @jazfun & those fin statements are rarely done in a timely manner, so the information is already out of date #realtime #qbochat
  90. Q4: What Apps do you use to help you gain a better understanding of your business or your clients’ businesses? #QBOchat
  91. The AICPA press release on changes to the CPA exam: critical thinking, problem-solving & analytical ability. Preparation is key! #QBOchat
  92. Hey guys, I have to hop on a call now. Have a fun and safe Easter weekend…enjoy the nice weather! #qbochat
  93. A4. @ReceiptBank‘s transaction count is a simple way to identify that your client is growing #qbochat
  94. @Receipts_Damien We have users that wait until tax time. They just monitor their cash balances yikes #qbochat
  95. @Receipts_Damien @QBOchat Amen – Damien Principles of Accounting -Timeley Relevant & Reliable #qbochat
  96. @Receipts_Damien @QBOchat @jazfun Depressing when not utilizing reports. I’m excited when I see people schedule reports weekly! #qbochat
  97. A4. Client delay might indicate an issue with training and onboarding #qbochat
  98. A4: We’ve heard great things about @fathomhq for accountants and their clients alike! #qbochat
  99. #qbochat gotta run. Have a great day and a wonderful Easter Weekend!
  100. A4 – Our favorite app for gathering data about our own practice – @AeroWorkflow! #qbochat
  101. A4 Check out @fathomhq and @spotlightrep for their data visualization – makes understanding numbers so much easier for clients #qbochat
  102. Before I check out @JulietAurora said to say she will see you all at @ScalingNH! Can’t wait!! #qbochat
  103. RT @kninjaknetwork Before I check out @JulietAurora said to say she will see you all at @ScalingNH! Can’t wait!! #qbochat
  104. A4: First make sure that the accounts are reconciled and review the financial statements #qbochat
  105. Hi All! Samantha here from Toronto, Canada on my first #qbochat
  106. Q5: How can accountants be helping their clients deploy or manage their business intelligence framework? #QBOchat
  107. A4 The ability for an accountant to generate customized reports from the data is important for any GL or App they choose to use. #QBOchat
  108. Alight, this has been so much fun, guys, but duty calls. Gotta go get my accounting on! See you all next week! #qbochat
  109. There are quite a few that we use depends on need.. @tsheets, @Finagraph @knowify @liveplan @expenisfy -Can you say Appaholic? #qbochat
  110. A5 Work with the apps the business is using to get them custom reporting specific to THEIR industry/business #FinTech #QBOchat
  111. Q5: Ask your clients what is important to them and look to see what benchmarks are currently used in the industry #qbochat
  112. A5 Keep them focused on what’s important, so may squirrels to distract them #qbochat
  113. A5: oops Q5: Ask your clients what is important to them and look to see what benchmarks are currently used in the industry #qbochat
  114. A5 Ask questions. Try to understand what questions they’re asking and why, are they asking the right questions? #qbochat
  115. A5. By providing clear and simple reports about the clients key financial metrics #qbochat
  116. #qbochat A5. Informing the client about management regarding monetary funds and how to accommodate those funds properly.
  117. Q6: If you could develop your own business intelligence app, what would it do? #QBOchat
  118. A6: Automatically send reminders to clients to review certain data generated #qbochat
  119. A6: It would be an all-in-one Construction Job Costing and Management tool! #qbochat
  120. A5 It takes time to get the 360-degree view of the business, but it is the proper investment to allow you to measure success. #QBOchat
  121. That’s all for us today! Thanks as always @QBOchat, and we’ll see you next week! #qbochat
  122. A6. It would have info regarding sales, revenue, weekly or monthly planner, losses or gains, and much more. #qbochat
  123. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
  124. @QBOchat Have a great week, everybody, and happy Easter! #qbochat
  125. Have a great week, everyone! Happy Easter and happy weekend to you all! #qbochat
  126. I am grateful to be here with you, my friends. A special thank you to the amazing @CathyIconis for being a great host, as always ๐Ÿ™‚ #QBOchat
  127. Happy Easter everyone! Great to see you & be back on #QBOChat
  128. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
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