04/20/2017 Chargeover Takeover

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4/20/2017 QBOchat

Chargeover Takeover

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT.
  4. @QBOchat Hey there from the PNW! Expensify is ready for another Thursday power hour of #QBOchat!
  5. Today @ChargeOver is taking over!! We are going to chat about Streamlining Invoicing with @ChargeOver‘s automation tools. #QBOchat
  6. I’m running the #QBOchat account today from Atlanta, GA! Excited for the @ChargeOver takeover.
  7. I got a little wrapped up in making new marketing material for @IconisGroup. Sorry I’m a few minutes behind. #QBOchat
  8. @QBOchat Hey all! Alan from Avalara here. I think Tweetchat may be having some unfortunate issues, but glad to be here anyway! #QBOchat
  9. @avalara Oh no!! Everyone can always just use twitter and search our hashtag. #QBOchat
  10. Keep the introductions coming. #QBOchat – Also share if you are a #smallbiz owner, accountant or developer/app.
  11. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, Owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  12. Hey all! TSheets in the house for another awesome @QBOchat! ? #qbochat
  13. Wow!! Why so quiet so far? Did everyone forget #QBOchat or just all on vacation after tax season?
  14. John here from LedgerDocs, here to give everyone a virtual high five for #nationalhighfiveday #qbochat pic.twitter.com/agTQT0Sa5R
  15. Q1: Why is it important to create a streamlined workflow for your invoicing? #QBOchat
  16. Thomas from Charlottesville, VA here. My favorite Thursday thing to do! #QBOchat
  17. @schultetonya Apparently it isn’t working well today. Try this link to follow on twitter.  http://bit.ly/2or1BQj  #QBOchat
  18. Can’t get tweetchat to load today, so back to twubs #qbochat
  19. @tsheets Hey there! Happy Thursday to the TSheets team! #QBOchat
  20. Keith from @ChargeOver is here. I think Karli is having trouble getting ocnnected. #qbochat
  21. A1: Because it is not billable time for me to create invoices! #qbochat
  22. Hi all! Sarah from Aero here. Sorry to be late- couldn’t get tweetchat to work. Tweeeting from Twubs today! #qbochat
  23. @keith_palmer_jr @ChargeOver Yay!! Yeah, tweetchat isn’t working well today apparently. Everyone is just doing a twitter search. #QBOchat
  24. I am pretty horrible at twitter chats without the help of an app. LOL #qbochat
  25. A1 Current example: client with multiple sales reps and customers that often dispute amount (web ads provider) #qbochat
  26. A1 An effective and efficient billing process is key to reducing collection period. Invoicing is a key component to the process! #qbochat
  27. If you are having issues with tweetchat, join us by doing a twitter search for #QBOchat  http://bit.ly/2or1BQj 
  28. A1 for that client the invoicing process is a mess and takes many hours for all participants, creates huge confusion #qbochat
  29. @ChargeOver Yay!! We’ll give a bit more time on Q1 – Why is it important to create a streamlined workflow for your invoicing? #QBOchat
  30. @QBOchat Yup. Were having issues getting connected like everyone else, but we’re here now! #QBOchat
  31. Oh my. Tweetchat down and this cutie asking for an afternoon out. I will have to catch you all next week, awesome #qbochat -ters! https://t.co/roNDzbqezg

    Oh my. Tweetchat down and this cutie asking for an afternoon out. I will have to catch you all next week, awesome #qbochat -ters! pic.twitter.com/roNDzbqezg
  32. A1 for that client there is a master spreadsheet, could not do it without @TransactionPro to import the invoices #qbochat
  33. A1: You can’t grow your business if you are stuck customizing each task. You have to automate invoicing somehow. #QBOchat
  34. Q2: What kind of invoicing options are there in @ChargeOver? #QBOchat
  35. A2: you can create almost any workflow that you want – you choose when people get invoiced, when payments get taken, and more
  36. @BizBooksCloud Ahhh, #automate that stuff! Say no to manually imported spreadsheets! #qbochat
  37. A2: you can also do auto-invoicing for metered/usage-based businesses – gigabytes, users, etc. #qbochat
  38. @ChargeOver team would be curious to hear about how everyone else is handling subscriptions. Memorized transactions in #QuickBooks? #qbochat
  39. @keith_palmer_jr @ChargeOver But you guys can handle more than just subscription stuff, right? #QBOchat
  40. A2 Automation is maximized when you have a thorough understanding of your workflow from A-Z within the office. It’s the foundation. #QBOchat
  41. for my own business, I rarely create an invoice for existing clients, both the invoicing and payments are automatic #qbochat
  42. A2: Chargeover also supports one-time fees, free trials, prorated charges, split payments, renewals, and custom tax rates.#qbochat
  43. @TransactionPro checking in from Sarasota, Florida and I wish it was Friday! #qbochat
  44. @QBOchat @keith_palmer_jr @ChargeOver You bet! Automatic dunning (follow-up on late payments). One-time invoicing. Online payments. #qbochat
  45. Welcome @TransactionPro! You’ve been mentioned a few times already! #qbochat
  46. Ditto, Karen! RT @TransactionPro @TransactionPro checking in from Sarasota, Florida and I wish it was Friday! #qbochat
  47. @QBOchat @ChargeOver @avalara Sure do! Automate your invoicing AND your sales tax. 🙂 #qbochat
  48. @BizBooksCloud What was that case you were just talking about again from Q1? I wonder if @Chargover could help. #QBOchat
  49. Q3: What steps should businesses take to put their invoicing into an automated workflow? #QBOchat
  50. Interested to learn more, but for this client there is a grace period for customer to dispute amount RT @keith_palmer_jr #automate #qbochat
  51. @keith_palmer_jr @QBOchat @ChargeOver Boom! A match made in heaven. Here’s more info on our integration:  http://avlr.co/2o8QyiN  🙂 #QBOchat
  52. @TransactionPro @keith_palmer_jr Global tax model is supported @ChargeOver has lots of customers in Canada, UK, France, India, etc. #qbochat
  53. You know, I am having trouble remembering why we switched to tweetchat, I am liking Twubs, I guess it was that it was down so often #qbochat
  54. Knowify here, sorry we’re #learylate ! FWIW, it’s because we’re working some big new things over here! 🙂 #qbochat
  55. @BizBooksCloud Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but twubs isn’t updating the stream nearly as quickly as tweetchat seems to… Hmm. #QBOchat
  56. @avalara @BizBooksCloud I had to switch to twitter. @SproutSocial wasn’t updating quickly either. Maybe something is up with the twitter API? #QBOchat
  57. A3. Finding an app thats tailored to your business needs is the first step! #qbochat
  58. Q4: It sounds like there is a lot of flexibility with @ChargeOver. What flexibility do you provide with accepting payments? #QBOchat
  59. A3 Document the steps it takes to setup a new customer and the steps to invoice those customers. #qbochat
  60. Yeah, as soon as I said that about Twubs, it failed me too 🙂 #qbochat
  61. A4 @ChargeOver Multi-currency support and you can bring your own gateway, or we can help you get set up with one. #qbochat
  62. A4 You can also use your Intuit Payment account to accept payments #qbochat
  63. A4 We also notify you if there are any issues with credit card payment, so you don’t get unnoticed declined payments #qbochat
  64. @ChargeOver And can automatically follow up on late payments and provide reporting there too! #qbochat
  65. There’s also a dunning option you can configure so that failed payments are automatically retried #qbochat
  66. Very late to the party got my time zones mixed up #qbochat
  67. Q5: What tools does @ChargeOver provide businesses to signup new customers? #QBOchat
  68. Anyone else really frustrated with the twitter issues today? #qbochat
  69. We have hosted sign up pages you can enable for all your plans and products that customers can sign up for subscriptions through #qbochat
  70. @ChargeOver Toolkit for the entire subscription lifecycle – from signup, to subscription payments, to dunning, reporting, and more! #qbochat
  71. If I could remember how to add a tweetchat in Hootsuite, I would use that #qbochat
  72. @CathyIconis Yes! Especially because Keith and Karli are giving such great answers! #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/hX9WDpd3Nn
  73. @QBOchat Hiya fellow QBOers! You're in good hands with the @ChargeOver team today! Sorry I couldn't join. I'm #SFO to #MSP now #qbochat https://t.co/4wMiRJLVbI

    @QBOchat Hiya fellow QBOers! You’re in good hands with the @ChargeOver team today! Sorry I couldn’t join. I’m #SFO to #MSP now #qbochat pic.twitter.com/4wMiRJLVbI
  74. A5 You can also enable a customer portal. Customers can update credit card info, cancel subs, sign up for new subs, view invoices #qbochat
  75. Got it, Hootsuite it is for me today, I guess #QBOChat
  76. A5 and then your can also customize emails (payment recieved, new invoice etc) to customers to tailor them how you want #qbochat
  77. Q6: What kind of tools does @ChargeOver have to make invoicing easier on bookkeepers and accountants? #QBOchat
  78. A6 @ChargeOver has a lot of reports available (and we also can make custom ones); you can even see projections of future revenue. #qbochat
  79. A6 CO also Integrates with QuickBooks Online and have open API to setup integrations with many other systems #qbochat
  80. A6 We keep detailed audit logs so you can see when something has been changed (e.g. pay method updated) and when #qbochat
  81. I know time is up, but let me throw this out there, Anyone have experience with lots of international payments other than PayPal? #qbochat
  82. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  83. Next week we’ll be chatting about “Warning Signs of a Bad Bookkeeper!” Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  84. Remember to signup for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news on #QuickBooks and #QBOchat.  http://www.qbochat.com/qbochat-newsletter/ 

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