06/23/16 Invoicing in QuickBooks Online

06/23/16 QBOchat

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06/23/16 QBOchat

Invoicing in QuickBooks Online

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz. #QBOchat
  2. @QBOPro Doing OK! I might be losing my mind a bit over here trying to close out May on a client. #QBOchat
  3. Sharon back in Cleveland this week. Redmond Accounting. #QBOchat
  4. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz #QBOchat
  5. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT. #QBOchat
  6. Today we are chatting about #Invoicing in #QuickBooks Online and how people are using the different features. #QBOChat
  7. @QBOchat Natalie here with the Expensify team biking around Portland for the week. Having an absolute blast! #QBOchat
  8. There are a lot of tutorials on invoicing out there, but today we want to hear about what you see in practice. #QBOchat
  9. hey Victoria here from Aero Workflow! a little late… #QBOchat
  10. Hello all – Brian @avalara joining today’s #QBOchat from Palm Springs, CA
  11. Keep the intros going while we do our #SponsorShoutouts. Retweet the ones you love!! #QBOchat
  12. a little busy! Sarah is on vacation so having to cover for her. Thank god for all the lovely Aero Templates she created… #QBOchat
  13. The summer schedule is anything but a schedule. It’s hard on this mama. #QBOchat
  14. @CathyIconis It’s not feeling like summer here in Portland. We have a bit of rain & most of the team are rocking sweaters. #QBOchat
  15. @QBOchat What big summer plans/vacation does everyone have? Anything exciting going on? #QBOchat
  16. Whew! I made it. Had a sick pup on my hands! Hello everyone! #QBOchat
  17. Hi #QBOChat! I’m Caleb from Ceres, CA: Leader of Bookkeeping Services at @RLJ_Financial! I was awarded the Top Up-N-Comer #ProAdvisor Award!
  18. Q1: What are some ways you can customize the look and layout of an invoice in #QuickBooksOnline? #QBOchat
  19. I’m here, I’m HERE! Kim Austin, BDM @IntuitAccts, staying cool this week in Palm Springs 😉 #QBOChat
  20. @expensify That sounds kinda nice right now. My electric bill is insane! #QBOchat
  21. @ServelloCPA Wooo! Happy it arrived. Has the softness contest commenced? #QBOchat
  22. @expensify You definitely won round 1… Only one package has arrived #QBOChat
  23. @CathyIconis Yes! I’ve heard of the heat & crazy storms in other parts of the country. #QBOchat
  24. What kind of realy world examples do you have? RT @AeroWorkflow @QBOchat A1: customize the existing template options in QB #QBOchat
  25. @expensify @QBOchat Absolutely! My summers are always exciting! Trips to #Haiti and #Ghana coming up soon! #QBOChat
  26. Who has had luck with the word template feature to customize the invoice? What did you do? #QBOchat
  27. @CalebLJenkins @QBOchat Amazing! We’re waiting to hear where our next #offshore will be. I’m hoping for South Africa! Safe travels. #QBOchat
  28. I haven’t tried the Word import yet for the invoice customization. #QBOchat
  29. Tried it once but not w/ real acct. RT @CathyIconis Who has had luck with the word template feature to customize the invoice? #QBOchat
  30. Does anyone have clients with several different invoice templates? #QBOchat
  31. A1: Using the new import feature you can upload a Word style invoice #QBOChat
  32. @CathyIconis I do! well, one of my firms does – a catering company in Los Angeles #QBOChat
  33. Sarah from @AeroWorkflow Popping in to say ciao! Can’t stand missing #qbochat!
  34. Waiting for the feature to be enabled..
    RT @CathyIconis Does anyone have clients with several different invoice templates? #QBOchat
  35. @CathyIconis Yes – I have a non profit that I am playing around with different types of receipts. #QBOchat
  36. Q2: How do you use delayed charges, billable items, and billable time to automate the invoicing process? #QBOchat
  37. @CathyIconis different order types – catering, weddings, delivery, take out, etc. #QBOChat
  38. @QBOchat A2: Love pulling Billable time from the drawer in QBO #QBOchat
  39. I have one client now that wants to be able to see a breakdown of charges internally, but a single line on the invoice. Ideas? #QBOchat
  40. @QBOchat A1: I’ve used the import from Word tool on one client to customize the look and layout of the invoice in #QBO. #QBOChat
  41. A2: I use the billable time feature regularly to keep track of hours and add them to invoices from the “drawer.” #QBOChat
  42. And is there a way to change the name of “shipping address” to something else? They want service address. #QBOchat
  43. @CathyIconis – this is why we use @MethodCRM to customize our own invoices – so many more options. #QBOchat
  44. @QBOchat A2: I just teach #QBO users to pull the Billable Items & Billable Time from the drawer. #QBOChat
  45. I’ve noticed billable charges default to the top of invoices, anyone know a work around for this? #QBOchat
  46. A2: Pop out the drawer & add delayed charges to the next invoice – great for service based companies who might do extra services #QBOChat
  47. Q3: How do you use estimates or recurring transactions to automate the invoicing process? #QBOchat
  48. @QBOchat @expensify Forgot other trips for summer… Indiana for cousin’s wedding, Boston, MA for a conference, & Mountains/Beach! #QBOChat
  49. @CalebLJenkins @QBOchat Busy, busy! Enjoy the travel. It’s always nice to get out of your comfort zone! #QBOchat
  50. A3:Have one client regularly creating proposals using estimates then convert them to invoices once approved. Very easy! #QBOchat
  51. @QBOchat A3: We are setting up recurring estimates on one client as a reminder to schedule appts in the future. Then convert to inv #QBOchat
  52. Nice! RT @CathyIconis A3: We are setting up recurring estimates on one client as a reminder to schedule appts in the future. #QBOchat
  53. Q4: What are some things you wish you could do with #Invoicing in #QuickBooksOnline but can’t do yet? #QBOchat
  54. @AeroWorkflow I heard about the storms going through the midwest yesterday. Hope there wasn’t too much damage. #QBOchat
  55. @expensify – me too. But we are in the Bay Area, so don’t have that excuse! #QBOchat
  56. @AmyisanAggie I just keep getting the circle of doom on some reports, then I just go back home and try again. #QBOchat
  57. @QBOchat A4: Would like to be able to add a hyperlink in invoice message before sending via QBO. #QBOchat
  58. A4: I’d love to be able to use recurring billing with ACH in QBO. I use @billcom to send out my recurring invoices for that reason #QBOChat
  59. We have progress invoicing in Aero! 🙂 RT @CalebLJenkins 4: Top of my clients requests is to allow #ProgressInvoicing. #QBOchat
  60. Q5: What Apps do you use with #QuickBooksOnline that gives you even more customization and automation? #QBOchat
  61. @QBOchat A5: Aero of course for seamlessly tracking time, and sending it to QBO, and @MethodCRM for customized forms #QBOchat
  62. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away? #QBOchat
  63. @QBOchat Thanks for hanging out with us! I hope we can keep rollin’ forward as summer travel takes off! #QBOchat #QBOchat
  64. I love the idea of using recurring Estimates as appt reminders #QBOChat
  65. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us! #QBOchat
  66. @QBOchat We would love to have you all vote for the User Favorite Awards! Vote here:  http://bit.ly/28QF3Bq  #QBOchat

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