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07/27/2017 New App Intros

QBOchat 7/27/2017

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Thu, Jul 27 2017 20:44:43

QBOchat 7/27/2017

New App Intros

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. #QBOchat is a weekly tweet chat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  3. Hi – Marina here from AMGtime in sunny Los Angeles #qbochat
  4. Apologies about the early posting, about to hop in a meeting 🙂
  5. Today we are doing New App Intros. Questions will start at 3:08/12:08. #QBOchat

    Today we are doing New App Intros. Questions will start at 3:08/12:08. #QBOchat
  6. Today’s questions are designed so we can learn more about the Apps, but feel free to ask your own Q’s too! #QBOchat
  7. Hey #QBOchat, I’m Shuyi tweeting for Bento for Business from our Chicago office!
  8. Bora here from Receipt Bank. Nice to see you guys! 🙂 #qbochat
  9. & where people who just love accountants & bookkeepers crash the (Twitter) party to have a good time ? #qbochat 
  10. Hi #qbochat family!! Alex here with TSheets in Eagle, Idaho! Looking forward to this week’s QBOchat!
  11. Hey #QBOchat ‘rs!!!
    David Leary | Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist | Intuit Developer Group | Tucson, AZ
  12. Reid from ClockShark coming from Albuquerque – IT’S SHARK WEEK!!! #qbochat
  13. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  14. @QBOchat Hi all! Alan from Avalara here; always excited to meet some new apps in the chat! #qbochat
  15. DocuSend here… looking forward to our first chat session! #QBOchat
  16. @tsheets Hi Alex! Good! Crazy busy, but that’s always good, right? How about yours? #qbochat
  17. BA from @sharefile here. I’ve got 6oz of RedBull & a passion for really good workflows so BRING. IT. ON. #qbochat
  18. @schultetonya Always a good thing to be busy! 🙂 Mine is going pretty well! Looking forward to camping this weekend! 🙂 #qbochat
  19. For those that don’t know, @CathyIconis here in Atlanta, GA. I have my own bookkeeping firm but also run #QBOchat.
  20. @baballance @sharefile “…a passion for really good workflows” I LOVE that phrase! 😀 #qbochat
  21. Hey @QBOchat! Valerie from Intuit here, tweeting from Chicago Suburbs #qbochat
  22. @getclockshark @baballance I took it! Turns out both our office mom, Yvonne, and I are Lemon Sharks! #qbochat
  23. @schultetonya I have no idea! My husband asked where I want to go and I said “SURPRISE ME!” so he is literally surprising me haha!! #qbochat
  24. Hi all! Who calls #QBME tech support during #QBOChat??? Don’t they know I’m busy??
  25. @tsheets LOVE those types of surprise trips! My husband surprised me in March with Reba and Brooks and Dunn tickets in Vegas! WOOT! #qbochat
  26. I think that honor goes to @StacyKildal, but I don’t mind being next in line. Actually, I call her the Godmother of QBO. #QBOchat 
  27. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  28. @baballance @sharefile I SHOULD – I need to get better. Thank goodness for Yvonne at our office – she helps keep me in line! #qbochat
  29. Q1: What is your App's name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit's #QBOchat

    Q1: What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s ? #QBOchat
  30. @schultetonya keep ur eyes peeled for pics on Mon on FB on where I went! I am sure I will take lots of them! He’s good at finding the best places!#QBOchat
  31. A1 DocuSend app makes it easy to print & mail invoices thru QBO. Invoices mail within 1 business day. App launched June 2017. #QBOchat
  32. Hey guys! It’s Kylie from LOCATE Inventory, coming atcha from sunny Southern California #qbochat
  33. A1: ClockShark – mobile time tracking and scheduling – Late 2015 #qbochat
  34. A1 A2X, we make Amazon accounting easy and we published in March 2017 #qbochat
  35. Remember to include the hashtag #QBOchat so everyone can see your tweets and you are part of the transcript afterward.
  36. @schultetonya NO WAY!? Fun Fact: I LOVVVVE Reba! Fancy is my jam!! What an awesome husband! #qbochat
  37. Unify is the name of @webgility‘s app. It syncs multi-channel data from sales, inventory, payment, and expenses to and from QBO. #qbochat
  38. A1: TSheets! We are a time tracking and scheduling app! & We were published on  in early 2013 #qbochat
  39. @QBOchat A1. #UnifiedVU Platform unifies all your favourite cloud apps with #Quickbooks, bringing what matters to you onto 1 screen #QBOChat
  40. @tsheets He is pretty awesome. He’s coming to with me to QBConnect for our 10th anniversary! :-O #qbochat
  41. A1 -AMGtime, time & attendance software, biometric hardware, specialized industry solutions, published May 22 #QBOChat
  42. @ledger_sync @mckanas You actually need to include the hashtag #QBOchat to be on the chat.
  43. @QBOchat Our add is called Feedb and it is a customer feedback tool that automatically turns feedback into 5 star reviews #QBOChat
  44. @schultetonya He sounds like a pretty neat guy! Can’t wait to meet everybody at QBConnect! #qbochat 🙂
  45. A1: Circulus here helping you accelerate your firm’s value by extending AP automation to your client base since 2015! #qbochat
  46. A1 @ReceiptBank . We make bookkeeping and accounting easier by getting rid of data entry.
  47. Sorry I’m #LearyLate, Max checking in for LedgerDocs. Happy to be connecting with you all! #QBOchat
  48. @schultetonya Any company that mails invoices or letters from QBO will love DocuSend. Save time & money #qbochat
  49. #QBOChat Data entry is a big pain point for online sellers. When their they grow, orders expand, and manual processes become unsustainable
  50. @DocuSendMail I am interested. I have a non-profit client who is looking for a good solution for donor letters… #qbochat
  51. A1 Ximble is a cloud-based employee scheduling and time tracking software. July 2015 #QBOchat
  52. A1 Bento just published yesterday! We help #smallbiz instantly control + track employee expenses and sync transactions to QBO. #qbochat
  53. Appearing late to #qbochat, but here nontheless – Brian @avalara – welcome to our new apps! You’re in the right place 🙂
  54. A1. We’re a document management app used to maximize bookkeeping workflow efficiency #QBOchat
  55. @ScanovTeam Make sure to include the hashtag #QBOchat in your tweets so people can see them.
  56. #qbochat A1. @ReceiptBank – we also have Practice Platform that helps bookkeepers manage their clients
  57. Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat

    Q2: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your App? #QBOchat
  58. #qbochat A2 The problem of Receipts! We were originally called Receipt Farm
  59. A2 There was no straightforward and cost effective way for QBO users to automate mailings of their customer invoices and letters. #QBOchat
  60. A2: Main problem we were trying to solve when developing our App was Employee Time Theft! #qbochat
  61. A2 Accounting for Amazon seller sales, fees, charges and correctly reconciling them to deposits from Amazon. #QBOchat
  62. We are currently solving problems AND preventing them #QBOChat
  63. A1: We’re Knowify! We provide Job Costing and Management Solutions for Construction Contractors! On  in 2015 #qbochat
  64. @davidleary @avalara Way, way overdue David! But I’ve watched your antics from afar #QBOchat
  65. Offering companies complete solutions for their time tracking needs, that were otherwise being limited by the big competitors #QBOChat
  66. #qbochat A2 Keeping track of all the bookkeeping records, receipts, bills, credit notes, checks the list goes on
  67. For the newbies – #LearyLate is if you get to the chat AFTER @davidleary. He tends to be late, but not today!! #QBOchat
  68. A2: Our CEO wanted something that would work for him – a platform to make payments and not have dual data entry when using QB #qbochat
  69. #QBOchat Automating data into QBO helps them stay on their operations and manage inventory, shipping, and fulfillment
  70. @AustinNexus The glorious return of a most outstanding Avalarian! #qbochat
  71. Hey #qbochat, Rob here from @webgility to add commentary and answer questions!
  72. A2: Knowify was built to give companies better knowledge about their business. Labor Cost, Expenses, WIP Revenue, we do it all. #qbochat
  73. #QBOchat A2: A better way for any workforce to interact, optimize and function.
  74. A2: LOCATE Inventory was designed to bring ERP level inventory management to the Quickbooks market! #qbochat
  75. A2: easy time tracking and scheduling from anywhere – save money and time – sharks are efficient! #qbochat
  76. @QBOchat Feedb’s main goal is to help companies get more business out of their current customer base with minimum effort #QBOChat
  77. @QBOchat We believe that only real-time data capture can unclog data entry bottlenecks in accounting, and Scanov was designed for that #qbochat
  78. Webgility’s Unify also gives multi-channel sellers visibility into their entire business so they can make more strategic decisions. #QBOchat
  79. @QBOchat A2. Data is scattered across many cloud apps making life harder. We bring data and functionality onto 1 screen 2 speedup #QBOChat
  80. Re A2: #qbochat there are a ton of data entry problems to be solved, Unify by Webgility focuses on e-commerce and retail woes
  81. @QBOchat A2. Sometimes, we don’t have access to certain data and need to rely on our colleagues. We make this problem disappear #QBOChat
  82. @UnifiedVu #qbochat, we should get together and have a Unified partner discussion 🙂
  83. Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat

    Q3: What companies (or users) are the best fit for your App? #QBOchat
  84. A3 Any company that mails invoices or letters from QBO will love DocuSend. Save time & money by automating time consuming process. #QBOchat
  85. A3: Any company that is using QB or QBO and wants AP automation that is finally simple, powerful and affordable! #qbochat
  86. @knowify Well, yes – but this is week everyone else gets to get in on the action 🙂 #qbochat
  87. @QBOchat Scanov is a high-speed data capture engine for exporting receipts and invoices to QuickBooks Online; published on July 11th 2017 #QBOchat
  88. @webgility‘s ideal customers are those who sell on multiple channels or even #omnichannel #QBOchat
  89. @QBOchat A2: A secure way to store & share files. We encrypt files at rest & in transit, + an AMAZING Outlook Plugin that encrypts email. #qbochat
  90. A3: We are a completely and easily customizable app so I would have to say any customer/user is a good fit for TSheets #qbochat
  91. A3: with that being said though, our customer base is primarily small to medium sized businesses 🙂 #qbochat
  92. @QBOchat A2. Now accountants can see sales & customer support data, without having direct access 2 CRM, etc #QBOChat Make better-informed decisions
  93. Head over to @QBOchat! There’s a ton of apps that work with @QuickBooks sharing what they solve for! #qbochat
  94. A2 Strengthening the bond between bookkeeper and business owner with better document management! 😀 #QBOchat
  95. A3: Companies with Mobile workers – if you travel and need to track time, we’re for you – shark keep moving! #qbochat
  96. @Receipts_Damien Even better some #QBOchat ‘rs w/ photoshop skills can create some
  97. RT @vheckman Head over to @QBOchat! There’s a ton of apps that work with @QuickBooks sharing what they solve for! #qbochat
  98. #qbochat A3 Any business that requires bookkeeping, so all businesses!
  99. @CirculusTech #QBOChat
    A2 I have focused on accounting firms wishing to integrate their apps and internal process. Let me know if I can help.
    See profile.
  100. A2 We want to help #smallbiz save time & money by controlling all employee expenses in one place, anytime & from any screen. #QBOchat
  101. A3: Trade Contractors! Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, HVAC, Flooring, etc…anyone who needs to track labor and material costs! #qbochat
  102. A3 Small to mid-sized companies looking for efficiency in their workforce management #qbochat
  103. @QBOchat Truly, @sharefile fits everyone. We started off small (like most of you) but are built for enterprise too. #qbochat
  104. @tsheets I feel you on this one! Unify by @webgility is a great tool for so many different customers #qbochat.
  105. @QBOchat A2. We do all this in real-time without storing any data in our servers #QBOChat silos intact. Workflows streamlined. Everyone’s happy
  106. #qbochat A3: We have great tools for bookkeepers & accountants to make their client’s bookkeeping easier
  107. We help business owners take control of their cash flow and make proactive decisions. #qbochat
  108. @schultetonya @MeganTarnow I can’t keep up!!! I’ll definitely be checking out the transcript afterwards. #QBOchat
  109. A3: LOCATE is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with advanced inventory and warehouse management needs
  110. A3: A2X users are Amazon sellers or their accountants. We save time by automating the manual job of accounting for Amazon sales. #QBOchat
  111. @schultetonya @MeganTarnow And I’m trying to hit up some Apps to get their answers in an article on the site. #QBOchat
  112. @QBOchat Scanov is for Accountants, Bookkeepers, Proadvisors, Small Businesses or anyone wanting to digitize their receipts and invoices #QBOchat
  113. A3 We also have specialized solutions for niche markets like Staffing Agencies, Skilled Nursing Homes facilities, & more #QBOChat
  114. #QBOchat A3: SMB’s in general, especially from the restaurants, retail, hospitality and service industries.
  115. @QBOchat A3: Anybody who wants to say “bye bye” to the complexity of sales tax compliance 🙂 #qbochat
  116. We help businesses with highly variable cash flow and sales pipelines. Usually with big bills and invoices they are juggling. #qbochat
  117. @CathyIconis speaking of articles – I got my first lead from my article on your site this week! #qbochat
  118. We’re all about putting you back in control of your business and empower you to be proactive, informed & decisive. #qbochat
  119. @schultetonya – DISC – Check the work of Brian Little – people have many personalities #qbochat
  120. @TJSCMA @AmyWalkerCPA Agree with @TJSCMA Customer + Supplier lists should be first then Sales + Expenses #QBOChat
  121. @QBOchat A3. We are taking a bottom up approach by working with the tiniest companies first. Currently 1 to 100 staff organisations #QBOChat is ideal
  122. Q4: Tell us about your users' top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat

    Q4: Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of your App. #QBOchat
  123. @tsheets I got mine from @karbonhq at #SNH17. It’s a great little personality test. I bet yours will be similar to mine! #qbochat
  124. A4 Top benefit is low price that comes without contracts or minimum quantities. Top features are color printing & adding an insert. #QBOchat
  125. A4: Customers love our amazing and responsive customer service team, the app ease of use, and of course, the competitive pricing! #qbochat
  126. #QBOchat Webgility customers enjoy 1.Syncing orders, inventory, and shipping from their stores and marketplaces
  127. We’re an especially great fit for retailers and their #proadvisors who want to use the full power of QB, not just Journal Entries! #QBOchat
  128. Real-time monitoring, GPS Workforce Tracking which monitors employees’ location and routes during work hours, and photo selfies! #QBOChat
  129. @schultetonya sometimes your a great white, sometimes your a nurse shark 🙂 #qbochat
  130. A3: our main focus is helping businesses to better communicate and share info with their bookkeeper/accountant #QBOchat
  131. @QBOchat A3. we start with 2 to 5 users B4 exploring company wide use cases. #QBOChat we bring transformation, but don’t believe in big bang approach
  132. @schultetonya @karbonhq Oh! I will have to check that out! When I take it, we shall compare 😉 I bet we are similar too! #qbochat
  133. @CathyIconis @knowify I am in! Tell me when! I am working on something for them right now about labor burden calculation. #qbochat
  134. A4: Admin Favorites: Our GPS Feature, Smooth Integration EMBEDDED inside QBO, and Who’s Working Window! #qbochat
  135. A4: Employee Favorites: Transparency to see their time, ease of use, and clear & concise scheduling! 🙂 #qbochat
  136. #QBOchat A4: Simplicity, mobility and a great customer support team.
  137. @QBOchat A4 for @sharefile: 1⃣ Encrypted email with the Outlook Plugin 2⃣ integrated e-signatures 3⃣ Feedback & Approval Workflows #QBOchat
  138. #QBOchat Webgility customers enjoy 2. Syncing pesky marketplace fees from places like Amazon to help reconcile the bank deposit completely
  139. @getclockshark exactly – depends on the day, the mood and who I am hanging out with! #qbochat
  140. A4: Aero favorites: Customer Vault, Aero Library, performance reporting #qbochat
  141. Q4: -Streamlined and straightforward accounting
    -Modern and intuitive user interface
    -Dynamic workflows with automated events
  142. A4 Users like not needing Excel anymore, accountants like having confidence in the numbers + charge the same and do less work 🙂 #QBOchat
  143. #QBOchat Webgility customers enjoy 3. Keeping track of expenses and fees and FINALLY controlling their profit margins
  144. A3 We’re perfect for construction firms & any #smallbiz that want an easier+quicker way to fund and manage employee expense cards! #QBOchat
  145. #qbochat A4. Line item messaging – ability to communicate with your client within their mobile app. (1/3)
  146. Unify by @webgility is especially loved because it automates bookkeeping and accounting for many channels, not just Amazon or eBay #QBOchat
  147. @bentoforbiz Why do you say construction firms? What sets your app apart for them? #qbochat
  148. @QBOchat A4. 2. Understand internal reasons which might be blocking the payments #QBOChat we bring tickets to work with #Quickbooks #Zendesk
  149. #qbochat A4: mobile app – clients can submit expenses/bills on the go wherever they are. (2/3)
  150. Users also love Unify by @webgility because it’s #realtime, no need to wait for a settlement report from Amazon or eBay! #QBOchat
  151. #qbochat A4:
    Practice Platform – can help a firm have visibility into their clients and staff
  152. @QBOchat A4. 3. Ability to see sales deals that might not get closed due to debtors #QBOChat we love helping AccountManagers meet their quota
  153. A4 Mobile receipt capture (no more lost receipts), instantly turn cards ON/OFF, limit when, what & how much each employee can buy. #QBOchat
  154. #QBOChat Webgility was founded in 2007 with the simple idea of making it easy for online sellers to post their orders in QuickBooks. #UNIFY
  155. Peeking in the #qbochat window just to say hi guys! Love all the new apps here! @QBOchat
  156. A5 Customer focused company. Embrace culture of teamwork driven solutions for outside the box approach to customer solutions. #QBOchat
  157. @QBOchat Scanov provides real-time data capture with line items (where possible); free Zonal templates, export screens tailored for QBO #QBOchat
  158. #qbochat Feedb users top 3 benefits enjoyed are: increased positive reviews, shield against negative reviews, QuickBooks Online automation
  159. A5: Customers First. We are all in this together, everyone has a voice. Everyone gets support. #qbochat
  160. @QBOchat A5. Culture is extremely important to us. We strongly believe employee happiness leads to customer happiness #QBOChat
  161. @webgility loves to solve problems for customers. Unify solves a whole host for online and offline sellers #QBOchat #ecommerce
  162. A4: Business Importer – import, export and delete transactions in QBO #qbochat
  163. #QBOChat 10 years later, now our software does much more. #UNIFY connects and unifies all systems, revenue streams.
  164. Q5 Regardless how long we’ve been in business, we have an entrepreneurial spirit, treat your business and customers like its Day 1 #QBOChat
  165. A4: 1. Detailed Job Cost Reporting 2. Quick and Easy AIA Billing 3. E-Signature on Bids and Change Orders! #qbochat
  166. A5: We're a small, family-centric company with self motivated employees and a few K-9 mascots. Here's Enzo and Bella workin hard!   #qbochat

    A5: We’re a small, family-centric company with self motivated employees and a few K-9 mascots. Here’s Enzo and Bella workin hard! #qbochat
  167. A3: Accountaints, CPA, small companies as well as big companies too #qbochat
  168. @FischBooks You should share your awesome news with everyone! We love you no matter what. #QBOchat
  169. @baballance – psst – what kind of shark are you? Did you finish the quiz? #qbochat
  170. We’re entrepreneurs too and know the struggle all to well. Everything we do is to help small biz succeed. #qbochat
  171. A5: Our CEO @MattRissell makes our company culture, our customers’ experience, and his happy employees his number one priority! #qbochat
  172. @QBOchat @IconisGroup love to chat afterwards and explore how we might be able to help #Quickbooks users #QBOChat
  173. @QBOchat A5: Well, besides being passionate about helping businesses, we like to have fun! Case in point:  #qbochat
  174. A5: I cannot say enough about the company culture! I’ve never worked for such an incredible company that values every employee! #qbochat
  175. A6 Ours is easier to use & more competitively priced. No signup or registration. Use it when you need. No minimum quantities. #QBOchat
  176. #qbochat A5. We place a huge emphasis on feedback and curiosity. We always ask ourselves “How can we do better than yesterday?”
  177. #QBOchat A5: We have an eclectic team of individuals who always listen to the voice of our customers paired with experienced leadership.
  178. A6: we focus exclusively on mobile workforces, so our features are built for them – super easy to use in the field #qbochat
  179. @avalara seconded! maybe next time you can throw an invite to us and @schultetonya#qbochat
  180. #qbochat Feedb believes in working hard and playing hard by providing the most value to our users while living a healthy balanced life
  181. 1. Forecast cash flow, budgets & sales in a single view 2. Compare scenarios 3. Import data but maintain manual control #qbochat
  182. A5 We’re not a tech co. We care about making real solutions for real people, and that belief is what guides us everyday! #QBOchat
  183. A6: IMO Q6 could be “What is your Niche? …I’m dying to use #NotANiche in today’s #QBOchat 🙂
  184. As mentioned A6 – Unify by @webgility is realtime, no need to wait for statements, and it doesn’t rely on Journal Entries #QBOchat
  185. A6: accuracy is everything for us, the data we send will always reconcile to the cent #QBOchat
  186. @getclockshark Yes! A whale shark. Big problems, big challenges = no problem. #qbochat
  187. A6: The 1st Intuit App to summarize daily transactions, which keeps users’ financials clean and running at optimal performance! #qbochat
  188. A6: Our app integrates with biometric hardware and in-house time tracking, so you’re not limited + specialized industry solutions #QBOChat
  189. @QBOchat A6. Everyone focus on moving data from 1 cloud app 2 another. We focus on #UX #CX by bringing what matters to 1 screen #QBOChat
  190. A6: What sets us apart is the fact that we are the only time tracking app embedded inside #QBO! Woo! We love our #QBO integration! #qbochat
  191. A6: Knowify’s focus is on Job Costing and reporting, sporting an easy-to-use interface for less tech-savvy companies! #qbochat
  192. @tsheets @MattRissell It’s hard to beat charismatic leadership, a defining component of @tsheets‘ ongoing success #QBOchat
  193. #qbochat Feedb differentiates from the competition by not only providing a reputation development system but also full marketing automation
  194. A6: Pricing based on users, not permission levels. Special pricing for #accountants and #bookkeepers! & great customer service 🙂 #qbochat
  195. @davidleary I feel like I’m on a panel of America’s got talent waiting to buzz someone #NotANiche #qbochat
  196. @LOCATEInv #qbochat Interesting! When did you start doing the daily transactions? Unify by @webgility has been batching daily for just a few years now.
  197. @QBOchat A6. U could say we r unique. We want 2 disrupt how software is used. We focus on #UX #CX to make you faster & make better-decisions #QBOChat
  198. We’re all about looking forward, balancing automation with the control that’s needed to deal with complex problems. #qbochat
  199. A6: Also our AWESOME customer support that’s ALWAYS there to brighten customers days & solve their problems! #qbochat
  200. @CathyIconis @getclockshark Don’t tell anyone! I’ve often been accused of not letting grammar mistakes go. Eek! #qbochat
  201. @QBOchat A6: A cornerstone of @sharefile is security ? Backed by @citrix. & we didn’t just migrate to business…we were built for business. #qbochat
  202. @davidleary @QBOchat A6. Our niche to make our customers life easier and get daily jobs that touch multiple cloud apps done faster #QBOChat
  203. @QBOchat A bunch of hard-working nerds who believe in great customer service for those seeking to unclog their data entry bottlenecks #QBOchat
  204. #QBOchat You can now import #homedepot charges into QuickBooks online and desktop. Check out 
  205. @jazfun @WSJ Couldn’t agree more! The power of QB is unlocked when it’s used properly, not bypassed with a brute Journal Entry! #qbochat
  206. A6. We automate the process. The more receipts you turn in, the faster our app recognizes what type of receipts you’re submitting. #qbochat
  207. A7 Free to launch. Pay for the invoices you mail. $0.79 for 1 page invoice with postage. It’s faster than buying a stamp!#QBOchat
  208. #UNIFY is top rated on , 98% CSAT, 85+ partnerships and integrations, and thousands of happy customers #QBOChat
  209. Q7: Free for 14 days – then $25 a month + $5 per users – discounts for non profits and 30+ employees #qbochat
  210. @QBOchat A7. We start at £25 or $36 user per month. But we pack lot of benefits and these will increase as we grow. #QBOChat
  211. A6 We built our app by understanding user pain points and filling in the gaps. We’re different bc we meet needs others don’t. #QBOchat
  212. @robmcgrorty @webgility Journal entries aren’t representative of true transactions in the real world. Integration to me means NO Journal Entries #qbochat
  213. @QBOchat A7. We currently support 24 services, most works with #Quickbooks #QBOChat here’s some of them

    @QBOchat A7. We currently support 24 services, most works with #Quickbooks #QBOChat here’s some of them
  214. A7: Free 14 day Trial! Monthly – $20 base fee + $5 per user! Annual – $16 base fee + $4 per user! #qbochat
  215. A7: As for accounting professionals – the best price is #FREE! #TSheetsPROs get a FREE TSheets account for LIFE! #qbochat
  216. @QBOchat See also: free 30 day trial that doesn’t require a credit card:  #qbochat

    (I’m a big fan of giving it a try!)

  217. A7: Pricing starts at $68/month for 5 users, learn more here:  #qbochat