10 Reasons to Use TSheets

10 Reasons to Use TSheetsTSheets is a well-known time tracking App in the accounting world. One could argue it is the best time-tracking app in the industry. With just a quick glance on their Apps.com profile, they have a consistent 5-star rating with over 1800 reviews! That is pretty amazing.

TSheets has tons of amazing features and benefits. Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Use TSheets:

#1 Amazing Customer Support

The TSheets team will take care of you, no matter what. I have never heard a bad word spoken about them. In fact, people are only enthusiastically in love with them and their customer support usually is the #1 reason why.

#2 Track Time Anywhere

The options are endless here. You can track time on the web, your phone, dial in, text message, and twitter! And it doesn’t have to be the same platform each time. There have been several times where I clock in on my computer and then clock out from my phone.

#3 Approvals

The lack of an approval process is the main reason why people look for a time-tracking solution outside of QuickBooks Online. With TSheets, you can setup an efficient workflow to have time reviewed, allow managers to reject time entered, and lock down approved time so no changes can be made after the fact. As an added bonus, you can even setup alerts to be sent to managers when employees are reaching overtime or have started using overtime.

#4 Reporting

You can run summary or detailed reports of your employees’ time to analyze your business’s operations. Since payroll is usually one of the largest expenses for any business, you want to make sure your staff is being effective and efficient. TSheets allows you to run reports by employee, job code, or service item. You can then filter the reports even further.

#5 GPS Tracking

Enable the GPS Tracking in TSheets and you can track your employees that are in the field. You can get a real-time view of where employees are that are currently clocked in. Don’t worry about when they are clocked out, because TSheets will make sure to allow them their privacy and turns off the GPS tracking then.

You’ll be able to see which employee is closest to a customer if you are scheduling on the fly. You can also use the reporting to analyze how efficient your employees are and look for ways to be more profitable by better utilizing your staff.

#6 Scheduling

A fairly new feature to TSheets, the scheduler, lets you organize shifts for your staff and effectively communicate who is working when. You can schedule by shift or even by job or task. Employees can see the schedule as soon as it is published but you can also follow-up with employees by sending out notifications of changes with text, email, or push notifications.

#7 QuickBooks Online Integration

This should go without saying since we are on the QBOchat website, but TSheets integrates with QuickBooks Online and we are a fan of the integration. The one-click sync imports your approved time data into QuickBooks with ease. You can also assign several different fields to your time – customers, employees, jobs, service items, whether something is billable, and classes. TSheets can also be updated regularly to pull in all the changes you’ve made to any of these lists in QuickBooks Online. How easy is that?!

#8 Payroll Integration

Data from TSheets can be used to save you time running your payroll. Check out this great testimonial – “My payroll for 45 people has shrunk from a 6-hour drudgery to a 45-minute necessity thanks to TSheets.” – North Idaho Dermatology. TSheets syncs seamlessly with several different payroll platforms and can easily automate your PTO and Accrual tracking.

#9 Innovative

Let’s just start with saying that TSheets is a tech company based in Boise, Idaho. Isn’t that innovative enough?! Not for them! They are constantly working on updating their App to help users and businesses. For example, their scheduling feature is still fairly new as of this writing – and they just released an integration with Expensify. And, if you have any doubts, all of their company awards show you just how innovative TSheets is, including being named the Innovative Company of the Year 2014 in the Idaho’s Innovation Awards.

#10 Save a Ton of Money

We’ve said it a few times already, but TSheets (a time-tracking App) can save you a ton of time. We all know that time = money, but here are some other ways that TSheets can save you money. The overtime alerts can save you costly, unnecessary overtime costs. The payroll integrations allow you to dump the data entry for an almost automatic payroll run.  The reporting allows you to analyze how efficient your staff is, so you can better manage the employees that aren’t utilizing their time effectively. You can also determine your ALE Status under Obamacare and TSheets can keep you in compliance.

So, are you ready to give TSheets a try? Use this link to get 10% off your first year! Make sure to use the coupon code: iconis to get that discount. (Full disclosure – I also get a commission when new clients sign up.) And, if you need any assistance with seeing how best to utilize TSheets in your business and integrate it with QuickBooks Online, schedule a call with me to see how we can work together.


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