12/07/2017 Open Q&A

12/7/2017 QBOchat

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12/7/2017 QBOchat

Open Q&A

  1. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  2. Kninja Jen here in cloudy Burlington ON where it is actually starting to feel like winter brrrr
  3. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  4. @QBOchat Hey everyone! Kelly here, subbing in for the amazing Alex, who is currently on her honeymoon in Hawaii… lucky! Still a pretty good day here in Idaho, especially for TSheets! 🙂 #QBOChat
  5. Howdy, y’all! Reid from ClockShark checking in from sunny Chico, CA! #qbochat
  6. @QBOchat Hiiiii Barb from @mydryrun here. Based in Edmonton (#yeg) but enjoying FROSTY weather in #to area. I held it off for #qbconnect. You’re welcome. 😀 #qbochat
  7. Open Q&A session means you guys can start shooting out questions. What all have you been working on this week? #QBOchat
  8. @QBOchat Tiffany and the Share a Refund crew checking in for today’s #QBOChat. How’s everybody doing?
  9. Hey @kninjaknetwork Jen u cold yet? brrrrrrrr! We’re sending this snow your way! #qbochat
  10. Q – What is your favourite app. What would you change to make it even better
  11. Hey there! Harika from Circulus here from Dallas!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! #QBOchat
  12. Anyone have any big news to share this week? #QBOchat
  13. surely SOMEONE has some big new this week… 🙂 #qbochat
  14. @QBOchat Well… we have some pretty amazing news to share! 😉 #QBOChat
  15. @tsheets @QBOchat I always want the holiday season to slow down, but haven’t figured out the trick for accomplishing that yet. Time is flying! #qbochat
  16. @QBOchat Here’s our news! We are SO excited to soon join the @Intuit family! If you haven’t yet, read Matt Rissell’s open letter. It addresses our accounting partners, friends, and customers, so you might find it a helpful read!  http://bit.ly/2j1b6bz  #QBOChat
  17. @QBOchat Just got back from #QBConnect in Toronto. Catching up on some emails and scheduling meetings #QBOchat
  18. @QBOchat Hi everyone. Audrey from erplain joining from Toronto #QBOChat
  19. Congrats to @tsheets – well done to all of you! The more people we can get off of papertime sheets the better! #qbochat
  20. Hi all! Sorry I’m late — Alan here from Avalara, your one-stop shop for #TaxComplianceDoneRight! Hope you’re all well! #qbochat
  21. A1 – well, ClockShark is my favorite app, but I might be biased 🙂 #qbochat
  22. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  23. Hi everyone! This is Nate from ChronoBooks– my first time joining #QBOchat
  24. Good afternoon, everyone! Chris here from JMA Web Technologies, proud #QBOChat trending sponsor!
  25. What changes will we see at @tsheets in the coming months? #QBOchat
  26. That is when the super secret mind reader comes out? RT @adams_woody @CathyIconis @kninjaknetwork next release, Cathy…#QBOchat
  27. Where does everyone go (website, facebook, person, etc) when they have questions about #QuickBooks Online? #QBOchat
  28. Is the new headquarters going to be airlifted to Mountain View? RT @QBOchat What changes will see at @tsheets in the coming months? #QBOchat
  29. @BizBooksCloud @adams_woody @kninjaknetwork I think it has to do with the tracker they embeded in my neck a few months ago. LOL! #QBOchat
  30. @QBOchat It will be business as usual! The TSheets you know and love is not going away. Our 5-star customer support, product, and pricing remains the same or will only get better! #QBOChat
  31. @tsheets @QBOchat @Intuit Congratulations, @tsheets! That’s one way to end the year on a high note! #QBOchat
  32. Good question, anymore, even support doesn’t know the answers to my questions RT @QBOchat Where does everyone go for answers? #QBOchat
  33. @tsheets We GOTCHU (of course you can’t see us,… but we GOTCHU!)


  34. @QBOchat Facebook groups is my favorite place to get answers to questions. I usually find answers using the search tool to go through existing threads #QBOchat
  35. My last question I went to @adams_woody and @StacyKildal and @QBOSHOW and between the two of them they figured out an answer for me #qbochat
  36. A2: proadvisor exam documentation is my last resort #qbochat
  37. @QBOchat Yes! Thanks @CathyIconis for putting together our last-minute demo! #qbochat
  38. I know I checked out the demos @QBOchat – also, wanted to see my cameo 🙂 #qbochat
  39. @backupcircleapp I find that there is a difference between technical support and just making the accounting work in #QuickBooks Online. #QBOchat
  40. @tsheets I missed out on getting one for you all! Maybe we can do something soon. #QBOchat
  41. Hi #QBOChat! Just waving and hovering from here is St Paul. Still way behind on client work, I’m afraid.
  42. @balsamway @tsheets @QBOchat @Intuit We are sad that we missed you! Who knows what adventures we were on during those times. ? #QBOchat
  43. Why are we still limited to so few characters here? #qbochat
  44. @getclockshark Thanks. Just knowing y’all are out there fighting the good fight keeps my spirits up. #QBOchat
  45. What is one of the biggest struggles you’ve faced this year? #QBOchat
  46. @MeganTarnow No worries! We know you're out there "going beyond the beans"... ;) Hope you somehow got to see the award you received during our QBConnect meetup! If not, here it is! :D #QBOchat https://t.co/522Hv6CNsM

    @MeganTarnow No worries! We know you’re out there “going beyond the beans”… 😉 Hope you somehow got to see the award you received during our QBConnect meetup! If not, here it is! 😀 #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/522Hv6CNsM
  47. @avalara Oh my gosh! I didn’t!! And how did I manage to miss the #QBOChat meetup? Now I’m nose to the grindstone AND sad.. #QBOChat But that award is pretty awesome.
  48. @QBOchat Dragging some clients, and their accountants into the technological age…


  49. @SherrellTMartin How many did you hire? What did you learn about the process? #QBOchat
  50. Biggest struggle? Managing capacity. Running the business, not just doing the work. It’s following me into 2018. #QBOchat
  51. Keeping up has been the challenge this year. A good thing, but getting my spouse on board is taking longer than we wanted. #qbochat
  52. @cherrelltmartin talk to @kninjanetwork they got a great process #qbochat
  53. @MeganTarnow Don’t be sad! We missed you, but there was so much going on we know it was hard for many to make it. Glad you like it! #QBOchat
  54. @QBOchat @MeganTarnow Okie doke, I was just about to tweet out someone else’s, but I’ll hold off… :p #QBOchat
  55. @racbookkeeper Awe shucks! Thanks. I’d normally post a super cute .gif right now but can’t seem to get them to work…
    picture a shy kitten


  56. @MeganTarnow What systems or automation have you put in place? #QBOchat
  57. @QBOchat We use @karbonhq, and I’m excited about the new @tsheets integration. In fact, I’m on that webinar on Monday! @JulietAurora inadvertently inspired the purchase of a #BestSelf journal.. #QBOchat
  58. as an aside… 70% into the rebranding… logo designs are on my desk from my designer #qbochat
  59. @tsheets @MeganTarnow @kninjaknetwork We did the whole chat live, but I doubt anyone wants to go through all of that. And, I’m not sure I put it up. #QBOchat
  60. @QBOchat At one point I had 4 people. Biggest lesson – I have to train them despite what they say they know. #qbochat
  61. @vheckman @QBOchat Hi!!! (picture cute gif, which I can’t figure out how to do in TweetDeck.) #QBOchat
  62. @SherrellTMartin And figuring out effective ways to continuously check work and make sure nothing falls behind. It’s hard! #QBOchat
  63. @SherrellTMartin @QBOchat definitely talk to @kninjaknetwork their system is phenomenal… I am going to use it with a client or 2 #qbochat
  64. @QBOchat I know we’re talking about brand-new stuff next week, but what’s your favorite new thing about QBO/ QBOA from the last year? #qbochat
  65. @QBOchat Probably managing churn, improving customer experience, and expanding marketing outreach. #qbochat
  66. @MeganTarnow @vheckman @QBOchat I always click the time stamp of the tweet I want to respond to with a gif so it’ll take me to the Twitter site, where I can gif all I want :p #QBOchat pic.twitter.com/1drKO0XYJ0
  67. I am going to respond with a dislike, I HATE the recent changes to the bank feed, causes much confusion RT @vheckman @QBOchat #qbochat
  68. @BizBooksCloud @vheckman @QBOchat Do you mean the “found similar items” or whatever it says? It seems to be on every transaction. #QBOchat
  69. Can I start a poll of how many @HuboC users would LOVE a time/date stamp of when something was uploaded??? Client “I uploaded that WEEEEKS ago”
    #qbochat pic.twitter.com/SKyDbJzhEY
  70. Yup, totally confusing to this expert RT @MeganTarnow @vheckman @QBOchat Do you mean the “found similar items” or whatever it says? #QBOchat
  71. @BizBooksCloud @vheckman @QBOchat I’m not gonna say hate but not a fan. Was going to send feedback soon. #qbochat
  72. @BizBooksCloud @vheckman @QBOchat I actually really like it. .It makes it clearer that there could be multiple matches.I can open it and select the one I want. Which is great when you have 15 wire transfers for the same amount on the same day go through, and 7 that didnt…..


  73. I agree, I just end up downloading them all RT @CathyIconis @kninjaknetwork I’d love to be able to zoom on docs within @Hubdoc #QBOchat
  74. How do you want to see #QBOchat grow or evolve over the next year? #QBOchat
  75. @CathyIconis @Hubdoc If you pop out the pdf you can zoom. Which is awesome bc you can put it on one screen and book the transaction in the other…


  76. Looking forward to growing out the Apps tab in QBO – that should be helpful #qbochat
  77. @CathyIconis @BizBooksCloud @Hubdoc Hmm. I just pop out the pdf and close the window. It doesnt download or save anywhere.


  78. @Hubdoc @kninjaknetwork More feedback is to have you guys join us on #QBOchat more. We miss you!!
  79. @CathyIconis @kninjaknetwork @Hubdoc ooh yes! i recently discovered sometimes you have to download to see the whole thing #qbochat i don’t want to always do that
  80. @QBOchat Nice to chat with everybody again! Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Be well! #qbochat
  81. Have a good week everyone and get to work on those 1099s! #qbochat
  82. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  83. Next week we’ll be chatting about Recent QBO Updates. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  84. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news on #QuickBooks and #QBOchat.  http://bit.ly/2nJVXIC 

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