12/8/16 Hubdoc Takeover: Identifying Inefficiencies In Your Practice

12/8/16 QBOchat

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12/8/16 QBOchat

Hubdoc Takeover

  1. Today at 3pm ET! @QBOchat and @Hubdoc will be discussing ‘Identifying Inefficiencies in Your Practice’. Tons to share & learn! ??? #QBOchat
  2. Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz.
  3. #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz
  4. Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT.
  5. Hey @QBOchat‘rs! We’re super excited to be here. Increasing workflow efficiency is a topic near and dear to our ❤️s! #QBOChat
  6. Woot woot! Another week of QBO Chat. Share a Refund checking in from #SoCal, poolside. Excited to talk about workflows. #qbochat
  7. Suzanne w @NOWaccount checking in from Atlanta. Hope everyone is having a great week! #QBOchat
  8. Today we will be chatting about Identifying Inefficiencies in Your Practice with @Hubdoc. #QBOchat
  9. Super excited for the @Hubdoc takeover on #QBOchat. Plooto checking in from Toronto & Brooklyn.
  10. Greetings to #QBOChat from Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC
  11. It might be chilly in Toronto but we’re fired up to help advisors solve inefficiencies in their practice. Yoseph here. #QBOChat
  12. Hi everyone! This is Sammy with Acuity from Atlanta here #qbochat
  13. Hi everyone! Nicole here from XTBills in Plano, TX! #qbochat
  14. Sam from Spotlight Reporting here for a few! Got another meeting in a bit but wanted to drop by!
  15. Eithne from LedgerDocs here, great to be chatting with you all again? #qbochat
  16. Great to see all these returning faces!! Do we have any newbies out there? If so, introduce yourselves. #qbochat
  17. I used to live across the lake from Toronto in Rochester. I know what you mean by chilly 🙂 #qbochat
  18. Alexis from ClockShark here! So excited for #QBOchat today!
  19. We invite all types of @QuickBooks users – #smallbiz, accountants, developers, and more to join our #QBOchat.
  20. @BizBooksCloud was just up in Toronto for Thrive. Saw a little snow the first time of the year!
  21. Beth Melcher from MoneyFit here looking forward to hearing from #hubdoc #QBOchat
  22. Yoseph here from Hubdoc. Hi everyone!! ? ? ? #QBOChat
  23. Snow storm is starting here in about an hour, one foot expected in town #qbochat
  24. Hi all! Tonya from Schulte and Schulte here in sunny Phoenix! #qbochat
  25. .@Hubdoc for anyone that doesn’t know who you guys are, make sure you tell us about yourselves! #qbochat
  26. @QBOchat Natalie here, finally in Portland, OR for good! It’s been a wild month. Happy to be participating in #qbochat!
  27. Greetings! RT @Hubdoc Yoseph here from Hubdoc. Hi everyone!! ? ? ? #QBOChat
  28. Hi all – Sarah from Aero joining you from a rainy SF Bay Area #qbochat
  29. Keep the intros coming while we do a few #sponsorshoutouts. We wouldn’t be here without them! #qbochat
  30. I run NA sales and success at Spotlight Reporting.. Dashboards, Management Reports and Budgets/Forecasting tools!
  31. Checking in with @AustinNexus somewhere between Las Vegas & Palm Springs...prior to stopping in Baker, CA! ? #QBOChat https://t.co/9bgu8JKy1d

    Checking in with @AustinNexus somewhere between Las Vegas & Palm Springs…prior to stopping in Baker, CA! ? #QBOChat pic.twitter.com/9bgu8JKy1d
  32. @expensify Hi! Was just talking Expensify a little while ago 🙂 #qbochat
  33. Ufuoma, Owner of Goshen Bookkeeping & Consulting, LLC from Atlanta, GA. #qbochat
  34. Good afternoon! Valerie, Product Specialist from Intuit. Tweeting from Chicagoland. Can’t wait to talk about @Hubdoc! #qbochat
  35. Wow! RT @BizBooksCloud Snow storm is starting here in about an hour, one foot expected in town #qbochat
  36. Jonalyn checking in from Boston. It’s been a while since I’ve joined. Happy to be back. #qbochat
  37. On a side note, I started a trial of Karbon this week, I don’t know how I ever survived without it #qbochat
  38. @expensify congrats on your @CPAcom announcement this week at #DCPA16 – had a blast hanging with a bunch of your team in Vegas! ? #QBOChat
  39. @sammy3042 That would have been great. Wish I would have had the chance!
  40. Your NE BDM for @Intuit here for a first time appearance rather than staking afterwards #QBOchat
  41. The first question is right around the corner, remember to use A1, A2, etc when answering a question. #QBOchat
  42. Q1: What is the value in diagramming the workflows in your practice? #QBOchat
  43. #qbochat HOLY DOODLE !!!! Its like a crazy Monday out – PRESENT sorry for being late! Do I get detention after?
  44. @JoeManz @Intuit Nice Joe! Welcome to #QBOChat. We’re talking workflow inefficiencies. It’s going to be great.
  45. @Kimtuitive @CPAcom Thank you! We are so excited to partner. Happy to hear Vegas was a blast. I heard it was really cold. #QBOchat
  46. A1: Advisors often get clarity about where they’re spending too much time and start to think about optimizing! #QBOChat
  47. Yeah and I see @Hubdoc sponsored Firm of the Future, but no one made it to my session in Utah 🙁 RT props to the team @karbonhq #qbochat
  48. Sorry can’t attend today. Anyone at the AICPA conference in Vegas today? #QBOChat
  49. A1. If you don’t know your current workflows, it’s harder to find the bottlenecks & FIX them! #qbochat
  50. A1: Our clients like to see diagrams of our workflow for their work – it helps them see what we do vs. what they do, etc. #qbochat
  51. @schultetonya I’ve never thought about it from the perspective of being transparent to the client. That is cool! #qbochat
  52. A1 It helps all members of the team understand and follow the procedures, every time #qbochat
  53. @BizBooksCloud @karbonhq Ahh we wish we could have been there! Utah wasn’t one of our dates unfortunately. Next time ? #QBOchat
  54. @CathyIconis It has actually been a very helpful tool. Sometimes they see things we miss and sometimes they understand us better. #qbochat
  55. @ServelloCPA Enjoy Vegas! We hope it’s a little warmer than it was earlier this week. #QBOchat #WinterIsHere
  56. A1: Diagramming workflows lets you see a full picture of the process. This helps you identify the areas that you optimize. #QBOchat
  57. A1. Diagramming your workflow allows for easier scaling of your business when bringing on new employees and customers! #qbochat
  58. and you know who is really good at them? @karbonhq 🙂 RT @CathyIconis @BizBooksCloud True – so many accountants love checklists! #qbochat
  59. RT @vheckman A1. If you don’t know your current workflows, it’s harder to find the bottlenecks & FIX them! #qbochat
  60. RT @getclockshark A1. Diagramming your workflow allows for easier scaling of your business when bringing on new employees … #qbochat
  61. How many of you have put together diagrams of your workflows? What did you learn? #qbochat
  62. Nailing it Brent. Transparency and communication are key and workflow diagrams help a ton! ? #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/BizBooksCloud/status/806954807042908160 
  63. A1: Diagramming is essential, it lets you prioritize where you need to spend more/less time and can give you back hours in the week #qbochat
  64. @CathyIconis We are just getting started and we can always do better. We are learning a lot of things as we go! #qbochat
  65. @CathyIconis Sometimes we are spending too much time on lower value projects. When we shift our process! #QBOchat
  66. Worth reading this article on identifying inefficiencies in your workflow and how to diagram it all out!  http://content.hubdoc.com/h/i/280540671-how-to-identify-inefficiencies-in-your-workflow  #QBOchat
  67. RT @PlootoInc A1: Diagramming workflows lets you see a full picture of the process. This helps you identify the areas to optimize. #QBOchat
  68. Anyone else use an epic number of post-its when diagramming processes?… just me? 🙂 #qbochat
  69. @CathyIconis #QBOchat diagramming workflows for tax helped guide me 2 electronic signatures rather than wait for signed docs cc: @ShaynaCPA
  70. Q2: What advice do you have for firms about to diagram their workflow? #QBOchat
  71. @Hubdoc you always have such cool pics in your “handouts” – I want workflows with pretty pictures #stilllikescrayons


  72. @vheckman that’s why I love @bubbl_us – it’s like movable post-its on the screen! #qbochat
  73. Yup! Need to do re-evaluate at regular intervals to prioritize high value work ? #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/expensify/status/806955905547780097 
  74. @schultetonya @bubbl_us oooo! I’ll need to check it out! Gotta save some trees 🙂 #qbochat
  75. @vheckman Definitely not just you! Having the ability to visually move things around as a team is incredibly helpful. #QBOchat
  76. A2 YES – I want good advice on diagramming workflows – new employee starting – its overwhelming #qbochat
  77. A2: I’m thinking you could probably use the different points of the process as “services” in time entry and track efficiency. #qbochat
  78. A2: Don’t spend too much time finding a system that is ‘perfect.’ Dive in, start diagramming and then work out the kinks. #qbochat
  79. A2: Put pen to paper. It’s half the battle. Carve out a 1/2 day & go to Starbucks. You’ll thank yourself later! #QBOChat
  80. I’m sure some east-coasters would argue, but for us desert dwellers, it was freezing! ? #QBOChat  https://twitter.com/expensify/status/806954448966692866 
  81. @expensify – I would also suggest that sometimes it is the ‘wrong people’ doing things in the process. #qbochat  https://twitter.com/expensify/status/806955905547780097 
  82. @balsamway Get the employee a bound notebook for them to document everything – then get them to transfer to word or whatever #qbochat
  83. Get a system like Aero that is built to help you document workflows! #qbochat
  84. @Hubdoc That is how my hubby and I got to the point of hiring our first person – good ol’ pen and paper! #qbochat
  85. i quit buying post-its, for me they made things worse RT @vheckman Anyone else use post-its when diagramming processes? #qbochat
  86. @JoeManz @expensify Do you have examples of that? (Sounds like you are dying to share!) #qbochat
  87. A2: It’s important to be able maintain a high level picture while zooming into the nitty gritty of your processes. #QBOchat
  88. Oops- supposed to be A2: Get a system like Aero that is built to help you document workflows! #qbochat
  89. @balsamway@Lewis206Steve uses Google Docs to take notes and document his processes. It works great! #qbochat
  90. Exactly. Start. Get your hands dirty. You’ll understand the problem better. Worry about making it perfect later! ? #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/schultetonya/status/806956917264416768 
  91. A2: @CathyIconis already do that, but there is so many aspects to our jobs 1) onboarding @hubdocs has great cheatsheet for that !
  92. At my old job, I had a word doc with instructions on how to do everything I did routinely that I created myself. #qbochat
  93. A2: get import from the whole team when diagraming – make sure you doc. what is actually happening vs what is supposed to! #qbochat
  94. @balsamway @CathyIconis @hubdocs Where are these cheatsheets?!! You’ve been holding out on us! 🙂 #qbochat
  95. @schultetonya Love it! I don’t go anywhere w/o my notebook. For me, there’s no better way to solve a problem than writing it down! #QBOChat
  96. A2: Take note of every step in your process. The more information you have the clearer your next steps will be #qbochat
  97. A great place to start! RT @CathyIconis At my old job, I had a word doc with instructions on how to do everything I did routinely #qbochat
  98. @PlootoInc I like this one. Scope creep is always a risk. Remember what the end goal is and be sure that everything aligns. #QBOchat
  99. @Hubdoc @schultetonya – I love my notebook!! Crazy fact – they have to be wire-bound for me since I’m left-handed. #qbochat
  100. In a previous life, tax returns were in essence being collated by partners when signing as opposed to having 1 way for admin to do #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/cathyiconis/status/806957192410710017 
  101. Haha they’re new! We want to make client onboarding seamless. Email us support@hubdoc.com and we’ll send you the docs! #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/CathyIconis/status/806957651804516352 
  102. @sammy3042 @CathyIconis @balsamway @hubdocs Sammy, ping us at support@hubdoc.com and they’ll send the doc over. #QBOchat
  103. @Hubdoc I want client onboarding to be seamless too!! One of our most inefficient parts of what we do. #qbochat
  104. keeping this a secret from your partners? 🙂 RT @Hubdoc @hubdocs Sammy, ping us at support@hubdoc.com #qbochat
  105. A2 besides @AeroWorkflow you have JetPack & @XCM_Solutions as solutions My suggestion – make sure any of them work in YOUR workflow #QBOchat
  106. @CathyIconis is @ReceiptBank in the house? they also have cheat sheet in back office for onboarding Use them both
  107. @_nadir @Hubdoc @schultetonya It is frustrating that so many notebooks are unusable for me as a left-hander. #qbochat
  108. Q3: What are some examples of inefficiencies that you’ve seen in your practice or others? #QBOchat
  109. Yes! RT @JoeManz besides @AeroWorkflow you have JetPack & @XCM_Solutions as solutions-make sure any of them work in YOUR workflow #QBOchat
  110. A3: It breaks our collective Hubdoc ❤️ anytime we hear an advisor is struggling to get their clients’ docs. #QBOChat
  111. A3: inefficiencies – my own practice – over documenting “just in case” 3 copies of bank statement NO MORE I use @Hubdoc now!
  112. @CathyIconis @Hubdoc @schultetonya I prefer the reporter-style notebooks that have the spine on the top. #QBOchat
  113. A3 Number one has to be using and wrangling the email inbox, but I finally found a solution that works for me @karbonhq #qbochat
  114. @Hubdoc I just wish more companies were open with you guys so we can get what we need without login info from clients. #qbochat
  115. Q3: Roadblocks created when needed resources aren’t easily available #qbochat
  116. @BizBooksCloud @karbonhq You are really in love! I haven’t heard you talk like this in a long time – maybe since @Hubdoc 🙂 #qbochat
  117. @QBOchat A3 When firms aren’t utilizing technology built FOR them, they’re probably doing something inefficiently. We work for you! #qbochat
  118. A3. All too often I see firms tied to collecting physical paperwork and manually scanning. Cue @Hubdoc! #qbochat
  119. Does sound familiar, doesn’t it 🙂 RT @CathyIconis @karbonhq I haven’t heard you talk like this maybe since @Hubdoc 🙂 #qbochat
  120. A3: they should just use @Hubdoc. Besides fetching the docs – it can also automate the data entry into #QBO #QBOchat
  121. A3: The biggest issue we always hear about is the time it takes for bookkeepers to receive client documents. #qbochat
  122. They do them every day RT @balsamway @BizBooksCloud @karbonhq I just missed a webinar was in payroll audit 🙁
  123. RT @JoeManz A3: they should just use @Hubdoc. Besides fetching the docs – it can also automate the data entry into #QBO #QBOchat
  124. @Hubdoc Me and Chase don’t get along… And Wells Fargo is being a pain now too. I want check and deposit detail from everyone!! #qbochat
  125. Sorry. Got a client phone call. Don’t they know I’m trying to tweet with my peeps? 😉 #qbochat
  126. @schultetonya @Hubdoc Maybe we can get a sponsor to provide us all with some awesome ones. 😉 #qbochat
  127. Yup! There should almost be a solution that automatically fetches documents for advisors… ??? #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/ledgerdocs/status/806960223290167296 
  128. @CathyIconis @Hubdoc Agree EVERYONE should give check & etransfer detaill … I just discovered @Hubdoc etransfer detail “sqweel” #qbochat
  129. A3: Whenever we hear that a check is still being written or that one visits branches to send payments, we’re left heartbroken. #QBOchat
  130. Q2. Different color post it notes are a great way to visualize your workflow #QBOChat
  131. Great idea!! RT @Receipts_Damien Q2. Different color post it notes are a great way to visualize your workflow #QBOChat
  132. @_nadir @CathyIconis @Hubdoc @mooredetails I loved my Galaxy Note7 – the best of both worlds – Sadly they wouldn’t let me keep it! #qbochat
  133. It isn’t worth dying for! RT @schultetonya I loved my Galaxy Note7 – the best of both worlds – Sadly they wouldn’t let me keep it! #qbochat
  134. Advisors spend 30%+ of their time just trying to get docs from clients. Take your time back! ??? #QBOchat
  135. Q4: What ways can @Hubdoc streamline workflows for accountants and bookkeepers? #QBOchat
  136. A4: We improve client relationships by auto-fetching bank statements, receipts, bills & more! No more asking for docs. ? #QBOChat
  137. @QBOchat New computer, no stickers 🙁 Send one my way… pretty please! #QBOchat
  138. A4 Imagine a world where you go to do bookkeeping for a client, statements, check images, etc are ready for you, that is @Hubdoc #qbochat
  139. A4 @Hubdoc completely eliminates the need to ask the client for data! #LoveHubdoc #qbochat
  140. A3: Another common inefficiency is when advisors need to manually chase down their clients to approve payments. #QBOchat
  141. With one client, I use @Hubdoc to gather the employee z-reports and till reconciliations daily from three locations #qbochat
  142. If you want a @QBOchat sticker, we have more!! Just message us your mailing address. #qbochat
  143. LOL Agree! RT @balsamway @PattiMart5 @Hubdoc If only we could train our clients with #scoobysnacks to completely eliminate
  144. and send all that wonderful info right to #QBO & match to bank feed! Doc attached! No more data entry! <3 #qbochat  https://twitter.com/Hubdoc/status/806962046206152709 
  145. On this day channeling John Lennon: “It’s easy if you try” Try @Hubdoc and it isn’t hard to do #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/bizbookscloud/status/806962178871951360 
  146. A4: Our users keep saying that @Hubdoc is great for auto-pulling a client’s bills/invoices to QBO, which then syncs to Plooto. #QBOchat
  147. @Hubdoc customer support is FAST. 10 min flat and I have the onboarding checklist. TY Kate! #QBOchat
  148. challenge w/ clients to explain cost/benefit of using @ReceiptBank @Hubdoc. New policy no documents work to bottom of pile
  149. Okay. Really out of here this time. See you all next week! #qbochat
  150. Boom! Customer success is #1 for us. Everyone who joins team Hubdoc, no matter the role, spends 1st month on customer support ??? #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/jonalynsullivan/status/806963379076300801 
  151. @BizBooksCloud @karbonhq @CathyIconis happy to do a session on #qbochat. No longer on the road so calendar is open.
  152. Jump on #QBOchat. Talking workflow efficiencies & you have a groupie in the chat. @ian_vacin @karbonhq #qbochat
  153. Q5: How does @Hubdoc support accountants and bookkeepers on their path to better workflows? #QBOchat
  154. @JoeManz More clients! More sleep! Time with family! Vacation during tax season! 🙂 #qbochat
  155. @Hubdoc We feel that! Every Expensify employee answers a handful of customer issues each day. @QBOchat #QBOchat
  156. You need to ask Kate! ? She’s the oracle of client onboarding. I mean the whole team is but… it’s funnier this way #QBOchat  https://twitter.com/JoeManz/status/806963638577856512 
  157. We posted our “What is Hubdoc?” article today. Make sure to share it with your friends!  http://www.qbochat.com/hubdoc/  #qbochat
  158. A5: We have a ? Partner Program that includes training, a free HD acct and wholesale discounts! #QBOChat
  159. A4 Designated repository for all receipts. Love how I can give each client their own email address
  160. A5: Great service! Acuity and our clients like HubDoc! #qbochat
  161. Hey @CathyIconis @QBOchat I see in your sponsor shoutouts that @expensify isn’t there anymore, what the heck? #qbochat
  162. a5: @hubdocs even answers phone on WESTCOAST TIME till 5pm pst!!!
  163. #qbochat Biggest mistake in scaling a firm is lack of “documented” processes. From #QBFirmOfTheFuture no more than 5% did that. Necessary!
  164. A5: From what we heard today, on top of their awesome features, their onboarding documents are fantastic. 🙂 #QBOchat
  165. @expensify @BizBooksCloud Yes they are, just not officially a sponsor anymore. We would love to have them back one day! #qbochat
  166. #qbochat top 3 processes for scale: Service delivery (& support), onboarding and then sales & marketing (referral mktg, up-sell, new sales).
  167. @BizBooksCloud @JamieShulman we’ll tell him he was missed!! He’s currently flying back to Toronto from SF #QBOchat
  168. Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
  169. @Hubdoc My pal @jonalynsullivan had the direct path & most efficient #workflow for me & had them right in my inbox!! #QBOchat
  170. Ian is awesome! Met him at the Utah #FOTF it was incredible RT @balsamway @ian_vacin I need to chat !!!
  171. @plooto I do think that @ReceiptBank wins for great pictures on theirs … Pictures are awesome for visual types #qbochat
  172. Thanks everyone for joining today! It was a great discussion. #QBOChat was awesome as usual! ???
  173. @balsamway @plooto @ReceiptBank Does your chart of accounts & P&L have to “look” a certain way like me? (Visual here too!) #qbochat
  174. @CathyIconis @QBOchat #qbochat Can talk processes all day. Let’s make it happen. Want to step change biz? Faster with processes than mktg.
  175. @ian_vacin @QBOchat We gotta get you to change your profile pic first, unless that is for #QBConnect 2017 😉 #qbochat
  176. If you want to stop chasing client docs, schedule 15-minutes with us:  http://calendly.com/Hubdoc . Talk soon #QBOChat! ?
  177. Next week’s topic is Recent QBO Updates. Schedule it on your calendar now! #QBOchat
  178. That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us!
  179. @balsamway @ReceiptBank Love pictures too! In that case, we’d need a copy as well 🙂 #QBOchat
  180. @QBOchat Thanks for hosting another great Thursday of #QBOchat! See you next week.
  181. Had a great time today. Thanks for hosting @Hubdoc ! Looking forward to #QBOchat next week.

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