3/12/15 – Leadership Skills from an Intuit Leader

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@accountingpeace Jody from Memphis, TN area – cloud accountant for all types of biz! #QBOchat
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@lsbarber Hi! Leslie Barber, Small Business Engagement Officer, Intuit Quickbooks and co-founder of NutraBella, makers of Bellybar prenatals #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC #QBOchat
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@QBOchat #Intuit’s @lsbarber is the leader of the Small Business Engagement Team and a #smallbiz advocate. #QBOchat
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@BrightBooks Cindy, Bright Bookkeeping from Chicago Suburbs. Loving QBO just changed over 3 more clients. #QBOchat
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@CathyIconis I’m an accountant based in Atlanta and small business owner of @IconisGroup. #QBOchat
@Todd4QBO Todd, Regional Business Development Manager for Intuit from NJ. #QBOchat
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@QBOchat Q1: Can you tell us your background in different #leadership roles? #QBOchat
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@QBOchat We came up with questions today for @lsbarber, but feel free to answer from your perspective too. #QBOchat
@QBOchat You can also ask @lsbarber your own questions. #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @DanethaDoe @liveplan It was great information for people new to Twitter. #QBOchat
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@jameennunnelee The Pro Advisor world is full of leaders. They are the CEOs of their specialty. #pro-advisors #qbochat
@accountingpeace @BizBooksCloud Oops.. I was agreeing with you on Dog person #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A1 I co-founded NutraBella in 2005, led that company for 8 years. We created Bellybar. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @jtumacder I am ready for some POS conversions! Well, almost ready..once I get caught up #QBOchat
@jazfun “@BrightBooks: @jazfun Hey Girlie. Miss you. #QBOchat”good to see you I need a moment of your time if you have some tomorrow
@Todd4QBO @QBOchat I can supply the juice and bring the love. #QBOchat
@lsbarber A2 Joined Intuit 2 years ago to bring my SMB experience to a broader platform and to help more SBOs reach success. #QBOchat
@jazfun “@Todd4QBO: @CathyIconis I’m here today. #QBOchat”welcome todd!
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@BrightBooks @jazfun I am around tomorrow. Give me a call. #QBOchat
@QBOchat @lsbarber That is really inspiring!! #QBOchat
@jtumacder @PetersonBizSvcs Cool. Love to talk about POS #QBOchat
@lsbarber A3 Thanks! But I think we’re all leaders in our own right. Daily. Whether showing up for clients or pregnant women. #QBOchat
@lsbarber A4 How do you all show up as leaders? #QBOchat
@fundera we’re here! finally! #qbochat
@fundera can’t get nurph to work #qbochat
@AustinNexus Hey #qbochat-ters. Brian Austin, Channel Relations @avalara
@CathyIconis I feel like running my own business has been my first experience to be a leader. #QBOchat
@Todd4QBO @jazfun @CathyIconis Thank you, happy to be here. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @IntuitAccts Completely agree. We’re all CEOs in our own right. #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @AustinNexus @avalara welcome, Brian! #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis That’s a HUGE first experience for leadership, but I would bet you showed up as a leader in other ways too. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis I am a mommy of two so I try to lead this family. (My first is 6 today!!) #QBOchat
@jazfun Excited that @lsbarber is running the show today! #brilliantbusinesswoman! #QBOchat
@jazfun “@AustinNexus: Hey #qbochat-ters. Brian Austin, Channel Relations @avalara”good to see you Brian!
@lsbarber @CathyIconis Great point. I too am a leader of my family and use a lot of the skills I learned to lead in business at home.. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber Historically, I tried to be a leader, but wasn’t put in too many positions to have a true impact. #QBOchat
@expensify A1 Shoutout to #Expensify’s #leader @quinthar! Check out his thoughts on leadership on the blog; http://ow.ly/Kgap7 #QBOchat
@DanethaDoe @AustinNexus @avalara hi! Congrats on Brazil! #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A1. I’ve worked/volunteered for non-profits and had to coordinate and train volunteers for different events #QBOchat
@DanethaDoe @fundera hiiii!! Happy Thursday! #qbochat
@expensify @CathyIconis That’s awesome! #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about leading has been to to figure out what motivates your team, serve it up. #QBOchat
@accountingpeace A1: I’ve been a Manager in most of my public accounting positions. #QBOchat
@lsbarber Whether it’s kiddos, spouses, teammates, employees, figuring out how to motivate them is key. We are all powered differently. #QBOchat
@alisonatintui @lsbarber We are so glad to have you here! What do you think is the biggest things that many SMB’s don’t do exactly right? #qbochat
@jtumacder @QBOchat A1: Lead multi-functional teams when I became a PM. Big responsibility to get things right for our users and partners. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @alisonatintuit With regard to leadership or in general? #QBOchat
@vheckman @QBOchat I think accnts are naturally leaders, because leaders do what they can to bring other people to the top! You all do that! #QBOchat
@expensify @lsbarber What powers YOU as the leader? #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @lsbarber So what’s an easy way to motivate your team? #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @Todd4QBO @QBOchat I’m still waiting for my juice #qbochat
@CathyIconis @alisonatintuit @Todd4QBO You drink the Intuit juice daily #QBOchat
@lsbarber @expensify @MrScottClark Passion. For people, for my vision, for progress. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber Either !! I just want you to DISH #qbochat
@lsbarber @MrScottClark Listen. What motivates each of them? For some, it’s money. But for most, it might be passion, your story, impact. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @CathyIconis @Todd4QBO yeah… but not CPA IPA #qbocha
@IntuitAcctsCA MT @vheckman: Accountants are naturally leaders because leaders do what they can to bring other people to the top #QBOchat
@IntuitAccts MT @vheckman: Accountants are naturally leaders because leaders do what they can to bring other people to the top #QBOchat
@lsbarber @MrScottClark Figuring out what makes them tick – not just you – is key to moving a team forward. #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @ChargeOver @avalara Thanks – good to have you here in #qbochat
@fundbox @lsbarber @CathyIconis Yes! Everyone finds different value and has different motivations and understanding that as a leader is key. #qbochat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber @MrScottClark You do have to respect different personalities, because they are motivated in different ways. #QBOchat
@Todd4QBO @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis You know I’m coming to San Fran in a few weeks, right? #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @lsbarber Boy, I wish my supervisor was on Twitter for today #QBOchat
@lsbarber @alisonatintuit DISH away! I made SO many mistakes as a leader in my biz. Forgtting to have fun was a big one. #QBOchat
@fundera @Todd4QBO @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis WITH ME! #qbochat
@CathyIconis @Todd4QBO @alisonatintuit That isn’t the south. #QBOchat
@expensify @Todd4QBO @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis … #QBOchat party?
@jtumacder Hey @CathyIconis It’s all girls in my household so at home at I’m a follower. #QBOchat
@lsbarber Empathy is SO important as a leader – as is self-awareness. #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh @mrscottclark @LSbarber not only knowing your team’s passions but helping enable them is key #QBOchat
@lsbarber @jtumacder Smart man. #QBOchat
@Todd4QBO @CathyIconis @alisonatintuit Next stop I promise. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @CathyIconis @Todd4QBO you guys are too funny. And YES – Todd Bring the beer #qbochat
@lsbarber @kamsbaugh Great point. Motivating them to perform is the key. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber I’m in the middle of “forgetting to have fun”. It is lonely at the top and you hold yourself to crazy ideals #QBOchat
@vheckman I’ll be in SF too! Bring a keg for us all! @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis @Todd4QBO #QBOchat
@jazfun A1-leading SMB through the tangled web to cloud freedom to accounting freedom #SmartCloudChoices #qbochat
@fundbox @Todd4QBO @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis Enjoy your trip! We’ll make sure it stays nice and sunny for you! #QBOChat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis SO true, Cathy. I forgot to breathe sometimes, much less have fun. As a SMB leader, we have to stop, have some fun. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis Q2: What leadership mistakes have you made in your careers? #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber SERIOUSLY! having fun is the best. Very very motivating. Also – give things a little time to bake – don;t rush . #qbochat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis How much time do we have? Big one was letting people convince me that my gut was wrong. #QBOchat
@fundera A2 — trying to do it all. #qbochat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber That whole breathing thing is important. I almost had a panic attack yesterday. Things just not going my way. #QBOchat
@lsbarber A2 Leaders have to trust their gut. Period. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q2: What leadership mistakes have you made in your careers? #QBOchat
@knowify A2 — sharing too many ideas. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis Sorry – I sent that question out under the wrong handle. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @fundera Yes. I often thought I could do it all. You can do ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING. #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A2. I will admit there have been times when I didn’t want to listen to member of my team #QBOchat
@fitintuit A2 Thinking that leaders shouldn’t have to ask for help #QBOchat
@jazfun I should say I am leading! SMBs to cloud freedom #qbochat
@theycallmeCJ @RyanChan85 welcome to the chat! #QBOchat
@QBOchat How so? RT @knowify A2 — sharing too many ideas. #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh A2: forgetting to manage up. It’s hard but you need to toot your own horn, too, not just those of your team #QBOchat
@lsbarber @knowify Curious how that was a mistake? I often love the brainstorming sessions.. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @CathyIconis A2 – a mistake I made early on is thinking that everyone’s brain is wired the same as mine. Difc’s are GOOD! #qbochat
@QBOchat 8 minutes now RT @lsbarber @CathyIconis How much time do we have? Big one was letting people convince me that my gut was wrong. #QBOchat
@fitintuit @Kimtuitive @AustinNexus @davidleary @qbclay are you all here today? #QBOchat
@lsbarber @fitintuit Such truth. Leaders need help, especially SBOs. It takes a village to grow a company. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @alisonatintuit I was part of a great leadership class at the GA Society of CPAs. We learned about different wiring. #eyeopener #QBOchat
@lsbarber 2 Another mistake: I used to try to be perfect instead of authentic. #QBOchat
@knowify @lsbarber too many ideas can confuse a group. Deciding which ideas to share has been key #QBOchat
@lsbarber A2 Got over that one after almost killing myself to perfection. Ain’t possible. #QBOchat
@jtumacder A2: Getting too attached to a specific solution. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @knowify Great point. When leaders are running after every shiny object, the team gets confused. Totally agree. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber That is a good one. I beat myself up for not being perfect, but people like me better when I show my ditzy side. #QBOchat
@DanethaDoe @vheckman @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis @Todd4QBO I would love to meet you two!! I’m in Oakland. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @jtumacder Good one. Fall in love with the problem, NOT the solution! #QBOchat
@expensify A2 Trying to be a boss instead of a leader. People believe in great leaders who set positive examples. #QBOchat http://t.co/I7Ib3WehH2
@alisonatintuit @CathyIconis AND – different wiring, added together, makes a powerful TEAM. As long as people accept each others difs as valid. #qbochat
@jazfun “@MrScottClark: A2. I will admit there have been times when I didn’t want to listen to member of my team #QBOchat” that’s a hard one!
@jtumacder @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis ..Hey Alison. Is that when you had braces? #QBOchat
@vheckman @QBOchat A2: not always taking time out of my day to unplug/unwind. Burnout is worse than being unavailable for a few hours. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @expensify Love that. I’m a huge fan of @simonsinek. He speaks a lot of truth about leadership. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat A2: Expecting others to communicate in my style! I am very straightforward which can be offputting #QBOchat
@RyanChan85 @expensify always loved that image. #QBOchat
@accountingpeace A2: Lack of patience and wanting to just do it all myself #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber @knowify Maybe it was the WAY you shared all the ideas? I have way too many as well. Time and a place and all? #qbochat
@fitintuit Authenticity so important. #realrecognizesreal RT @lsbarber A2 Another mistake: I used to try to be perfect instead of authentic. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @vheckman How long do you think it takes to recover from burnout? #QBOchat
@lsbarber @vheckman Great point. if you burnout, who will lead the team? #QBOchat
@ChargeOver A3. Moving too fast (or too slow) for the team. You need to set a pace that makes sense for THEM not you. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @accountingpeace I also lack patience #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat You know? I prefer direct. But I know what you mean – some people do NOT. #qbochat
@fitintuit A2 @vheckman is spot on here. I have to take time for myself to unwind. #gymtime #QBOchat
@IntuitAccts Leadership advice from #QBOChat & @lsbarber: Trust your gut. You don’t have to do everything. Be authentic. Don’t forget to have fun!
@jtumacder @QBOchat A2: Really good point about doing it all @accountingpeace. You can never scale that way. I run into the same thing #QBOchat
@jazfun A3: not admitting your mistakes! Ownership is huge! #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @jtumacder @QBOchat @accountingpeace I’m assuming you won’t name names #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A2. Not communicating my expectations on a certain project or task #QBOchat
@StacyKildal A2: Assuming is on the same page before moving to the next one #qbochat
@lsbarber A2 I used to shy away from stating my POV. That gets you nowhere fast. #QBOchat
@fitintuit A2: Thinking I have to choose my career or my family #youcanhaveboth #QBOchat
@lsbarber @StacyKildal Hi! Yes, love that one. As a leader, we need the team going down the same path. Critical. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @jtumacder @CathyIconis LOL! I never had braces Funny man. #qbochat
@CathyIconis How about avoiding conflict – which just makes the conflict bigger! #QBOchat
@expensify @fitintuit Work/Life balance is SO important! #QBOchat
@Todd4QBO @DanethaDoe @vheckman @alisonatintuit @CathyIconis tight schedule, in/out trip but perhaps next time or at @QBConnect in Nov. #QBOchat
@vheckman @CathyIconis recovery probably varies for everyone. But it took me some time to get out of a rut once in a former role #QBOchat
@RyanChan85 @fitintuit It’s always about finding that balance #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis Really true. Transparency, addressing conflict matters. Otherwise resentment sets in. Bad for business. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive am here! I am HERE I AM HERE! #qbochat
@lsbarber @Kimtuitive Hi there! #QBOchat
@jtumacder Hi @Kimtuitive ! #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @jazfun @MrScottClark YES Listening to tease out core msg is v hard if the person is communicating in dift style than you #qbochat
@CathyIconis @QBOchat A2: How about over-analyzing things. Sometimes, you just need to take a step in a direction. any direction. #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @fitintuit I had an old supervisor that said to me his priorities were 1. Family 2. Faith 3. Work #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @fitintuit @AustinNexus @davidleary @qbclay dealing with “work” issues..trying to spring free for more important things like #QBOChat
@MrScottClark @fitintuit He would never question me if I had something to do regarding my family. I like living by those guidelines #QBOchat
@lsbarber @MrScottClark Love that. It is important for leaders to be clear about priorities. Set them. Keep them. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @lsbarber Hey fello #QBExpert..at least we had good representation while I was away! #qbochat
@CathyIconis @MrScottClark @fitintuit The difference there is between what you say and what you do. I’ve had a hard time with this one. #QBOchat
@fitintuit There she is @Kimtuitive #loveher #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @lsbarber I seriously missed the #QBExpert invite!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q3: What makes a good leader of a small business? #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @lsbarber Hey fellow #QBExpert..at least we had good representation while I was away! #qbochat
@BrightBooks @Kimtuitive in the house! Whoop whoop. #QBOchat
@fitintuit @MrScottClark Sounds like an incredible guy to work for #QBOchat
@lsbarber A3 EQ. Self-awareness, empathy, vulnerability. Willing to listen. Being authentic. Telling a good story. #QBOchat
@jazfun Gotta jump you all! The famous @Kimtuitive has it from here! Make it an awesome one! #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @CathyIconis @vheckman Clinically it can take a YEAR to recover from burnout. #qbochat
@StacyKildal This! @PetersonBizSvcs: @QBOchat A2: Expecting others to communicate in my style! I am very straightforward which can be offputting #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @jtumacder Hey Jacint..good to Tweet you! #qbochat
@PetersonBizSvcs @alisonatintuit I must conciously size up peoples communication styles The diversity of my clients helped build the switch #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @alisonatintuit @vheckman That feels about right. I think I started around #QBConnect. I should start a whole separate blog! #QBOchat
@lsbarber In a #SmallBiz, leaders need to know where they rock it, where they don’t. Find people who love to do what they don’t. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @QBOchat Hey now! I was just trying to see if I was missable…can’t blame a girl for trying #qbochat
@fitintuit @QBOchat A3: Being real and relatable to customers and clients. Comes back to #authenticity #QBOchat
@QBOchat @fitintuit That is a great one!! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @BrightBooks wow – I should be late more often! Thanks for the warm welcome, Cindy! #qbochat
@QBOcha @Kimtuitive We know it when you aren’t here! #QBOchat
@lsbarber Focus on learnings, not failures or blame for what you did. Ask often: what did you learn? Not what did you do? #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @fitintuit Yes, he was a great boss and leader. I still stay in touch with him #QBOchat
@fundera A3 – A good SMB leader needs to be willing to learn things outside their expertise. You’ll have ur hands in every part of the biz! #qbochat
@alisonatintuit @PetersonBizSvcs YES. And you can also just ask people how best to communicate with them. (if you aren’t good at sizing them up). #qbochat
@QBOchat We are getting some stellar #leadership advice from @lsbarber!! Join us know – just follow #QBOchat
@expensify A3 Our leader, @quinthar doesn’t have a corner office. He works alongside us & is open to feedback 100% of the time. We love him. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @QBOchat A3: Knowing that you don’t know everything and respecting those with the answers #QBOchat
@fitintuit @QBOchat A3: Being intentional in your vision for your business. Not trying to please everyone & knowing what you do well #QBOchat
@lsbarber As @simonsinek says, people buy WHY you do something, not WHAT you do. Know your #SmallBiz story, share it early & often. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @Kimtuitive YAYYYYY!! welcome chica! #qbochat
@ChargeOver A3: Strong #smallbiz leaders are passionate about the business they are in AND about the customers they serve. #QBOchat
@StacyKildal A3: Knowing when to delegate and LISTENING to their team #QBOchat
@lsbarber @ChargeOver Love that. AND they know who they serve… customers & their team. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Hey @StacyKildal You snuck in on us! #QBOchat
@lsbarber A3 Good leaders know to give control to their team. Share learnings, delegate, & then get out of their way. #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @lsbarber YES! Knowing that teams help make the vision happen is so important. #QBOchat
@jtumacder A3: Show individual team members that you appreciate their contributions. #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @fitintuit @Kimtuitive @davidleary @qbclay “Multi-tasking” #qbochat
@jtumacder Hi @StacyKildal ! #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber And, to make sure your team is on a path to success for them and the business. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CathyIconis #QBExpert’s a group of @Intuit peeps: @davidleary @alisonatintuit @qbclay @lsbarber @tanster @jmwebdev @mjporcaro etc. #qbochat
@lsbarber Good leaders also know their own stories. Don’t let anyone else pen your story. Know it, how to communicate it, how to write it. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @jazfun awe, ships passing in the night – good luck, Lady! #qbochat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive What about Ryan?? #QBOchat
@lsbarber Favorite #quote: “Bad leaders give bad orders. Good leaders give good orders. Great leaders give no orders.” – L. David Marquet #QBOchat
@vheckman A3: Develop others and help them grow. #QBOchat
@fitintuit A2: This definitely rings true in our conversation about leadership today #QBOchat http://t.co/IPNMcWojRx
@RyanChan85 @CathyIconis @Kimtuitive Too many characters #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A3. In a small business you need to be open to having multiple roles #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber Do you ever feel like you are saying the same thing over and over again? #QBOchat
@vheckman @QBOchat A3: Leaders create more leaders! #QBOchat
@shaunamaher @lsbarber Yes! All of my favorite leaders are amazing coaches AND communicators! #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit Per @simonsinek “Poor leaders tell you how many people work for them. Great leaders tell you how many people they work for.” #qbochat
@expensify @vheckman @QBOchat SO true, every great leader probably had a leader they learned from. #QBOchat
@RyanChan85 @fitintuit Agreed, leaders lead by example and inspire others to follow #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis Yes, but different people learn different ways. Try to stay away from saying literally the same thing again and again #QBOchat
@knowify A good leader must cope with change. A manager must handle complexity. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CathyIconis exactly – sorry, @RyanChan85! didn’t mean to “etc.” you! #QBOChat #QBExpert
@fitintuit YES!!! Why we need more great women leaders 🙂 RT @vheckman @QBOchat A3: Leaders create more leaders! #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A3. You might not be an expert in everything, but having a basic knowledge can help lead your team in the right direction #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @CathyIconis @RyanChan85 I actually meant the Ryan that had surgery this week (Ryan Kelly) – sorry #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @knowify a leader should also be open to change and be able to communicate to their team when change is coming #QBOchat
@expensify @QBOchat A3 Being open to honest criticism from your team, even when its from the younger generation. #Perspective #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q4: How do you think small business owners can become better leaders? #QBOchat
@knowify well said @MrScottClark we completely agree. #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @QBOchat A3 The best leaders always continue to keep learning. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit Matching the work to what gets your employees excited is impt too – great leaders do this – Helps great EE’s stay engaged. #qbochat
@expensify @MrScottClark and not being afraid of seeking out someone who IS an expert and trusting them. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @fitintuit What I find interesting is that the ones right out of college have learned a lot more recent business theory. #QBOchat
@fitintuit A4: Networking and mentorship. Finding others in your industry that can help you grow as a leader. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @fitintuit And many ignore that because they are “young” but could be a learning experience there. #QBOchat
@fundera A4. Invest in continuing education. Also, bi-weekly meetings with employees to ask for feedback on where they could improve. #qbochat
@StacyKildal Hi to everyone that said hello! #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @expensify @QBOchat I’m the youngest in my office and I feel that some coworkers don’t take my opinion because of my age #QBOchat
@lsbarber A4 Inspired your teams with passion, but make sure they are bought into YOUR vision, story. #QBOchat
@vheckman A4: For one, read @simonsinek “Start with Why” and “Leaders Eat Last” #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @expensify yet I’m the first one they ask when there’s something wrong with a computer #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @MrScottClark @expensify @QBOchat That has been me from day 1!! And I am still trying to shake that at 35. #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @expensify Like reaching out to your accounting professionals #QBOchat
@lsbarber A4 Tell your story to get buy in. You want to win their hearts before you win their minds. #SmallBiz #QBOchat
@accountingpeace @MrScottClark @expensify I go ask my 16 year old when I have a IT problem. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CathyIconis @RyanChan85 that Ryan needs more followers before he gets to be on the social squad…but you’ve inspired him! #QBOChat
@MrScottClark @CathyIconis @expensify @QBOchat Apparently “young” people knows everything about computers #QBOchat
@expensify @MrScottClark Good to know… We’ll be sure to hit you up when we run into issues? #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @MrScottClark @knowify Change management is an esp important leadership skill! Keeping EE’s engaged thru change = success #qbochat
@lsbarber @vheckman Agree. Love @simonsinek. #QBOchat
@steffimcguire A4: Surround themselves with great leaders and from those they look up to. #qbochat
@RyanChan85 @Kimtuitive @CathyIconis Gotta start somewhere! I’ll get there! #QBOchat
@vheckman @QBOchat A4: Get to know your people & allow them to get to know you! It’s hard to trust and openly communicate w/out relationships #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @QBOchat A4 Always listen to their Accountants and Bookkeepers (the Ultimate Leaders) #QBOchat
@fitintuit @MrScottClark @CathyIconis @expensify @QBOchat My family thinks I’m a tech guru, especially now that I’m helping them get QBO #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @alisonatintuit @knowify Yep. I actually attended a change management workshop. It was really interesting and informative #QBOchat
@lsbarber @alisonatintuit Agree on change mngmt. Except in a SMB, change happens hourly. EEs must be ready for it from the start. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive – @rclaykelley is my boy!! #QBOchat
@fitintuit @MrScottClark @CathyIconis @QBOchat I come from a family (mom, dad, brother, grandparents) of entirely small business owners #QBOchat
@knowify A4 — have confidence in your expertise and knowledge #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A4 Be vulnerable about your mistakes & fears so that your team knows they can do the same. #QBOchat
@StacyKildal A4:Being honest and open to new ideas that may not seem comfortable at first #QBOchat
@expensify @fitintuit Lead them to the light! Show them the way! #QBOchat
@MrScottClark A4. Listen! Listen! Listen!…and close your mouth for a little bit. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber @QBOchat At what point is it sharing too much? #QBOchat
@ChargeOver A4. Become really good listeners. Listen to customers and team members and mentors. Strive to understand first, and then react. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber @CathyIconis Tip – ask your EE”s to play back what they heard, and expand on it! Gets them involved in the story. #qbochat
@ChargeOver @MrScottClark Hah! I think we agree about listening. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis In my business, we were very transparent. Where there are just a few of you, EEs hear everything anyway. #QBOchat
@fitintuit @expensify They are like my own little QBO practice realm. I love building ecosystems for each business. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @CathyIconis Tell EEs why things are happening so that they can be invested in helping to move things forward. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive A4: To do as THEY say, practice what they preach, lead by example, & inspire greatness from their team #QBOChat #Leadership #QBExpert
@fitintuit @expensify Everything from an art magazine, to construction, to custom manufacturing. Even a law firm. All headed to #QBO #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs A4: Strategic planning of goals & proactive approach to get there! Make things happen 4 you instead of letting things happen 2 you #QBOchat
@lsbarber @Kimtuitive LOVE that. And ACT as you would want them to act… #Leadership #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber Yes! so having a good way to move quickly and SMARTLY is essential. Leaders create environment where that can thrive. #qbochat
@Kimtuitive A4: Surround themselves with smart people to help with things they’re not good at – don’t be a jack of all trades. #QBOChat #QBExpert
@MrScottClark A4. Think before you ask you ask your question. I get asked some very simple questions that should already be known #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A4 Don’t just SAY… DO. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @MrScottClark @knowify Can you share some change management tips with this #qbochat audience Scott?
@expensify @fitintuit Get it girl! Keep up the great work #QBOchat
@StacyKildal I think @kamsbaugh would say” #QBOchat
@lsbarber @MrScottClark True! But make sure that people continue to ask questions..it shows they are curious and willing to learn. #QBOchat
@StacyKildal oops. damn this ipad #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh OMG @StacyKildal too funny! #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A4 Care about your team as a family. They will return the favor in spades. #smallbiz #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber @CathyIconis I love how transparent @Intuit leadership is with us EE’s. It allows us to move quickly, as one. #qbochat.
@StacyKildal @kamsbaugh would say “Integrity without compromise” #QBOchat
@StacyKildal OMG that hurt trying to get that out #QBOchat
@StacyKildal (that #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit .@StacyKildal @kamsbaugh yes yes… go on! What would Miss Kim say? #qbochat
@kamsbaugh @stacykildal One of our Intuit values. All businesses no matter how big/sm should know what they stand for #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @alisonatintuit @StacyKildal @kamsbaugh Something it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear, you still get it done! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q5: How can accountants and developers work with #smallbiz to be leaders of growth and development? #QBOchat
@StacyKildal DEAR ME. This is so hard to do in the car line at Ariks school #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A4 As a SBO, we are often reacting all day. Leaders stop to breathe and figure out how to play to win. #QBOchat
@fitintuit A5: Start by asking them how they want to grow! First question I ask my firms #QBOchat
@StacyKildal @QBOchat A5: For me, it would be learn to type on an ipad #justsayin #QBOchat
@jameennunnelee I love this. “@StacyKildal: A4:Being honest and open to new ideas that may not seem comfortable at first #QBOchat”
@vheckman A4: “What happens if I grow and develop my employees and they leave?” “What if you don’t and they stay?” #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A5 Listen. Share learnings with other clients. Solve problems without the solution in mind first. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @fitintuit My first question is what is your biggest pain point. Then I ask where do they want to go. #QBOchat
@expensify @StacyKildal Be car-ful out there! Tweeting & driving #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @alisonatintuit @knowify I will need to look for my notes. #QBOchat
@jtumacder A5: Totally agree with @lsbarber. Need to totally understand the problem first. #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A5 I often wished my accountant would anticipate my questions before I even knew I had a question. Is that fair to ask? #QBOchat
@expensify @StacyKildal Haha! Have you ever tried using the split keyboard? It helps SO much. #QBOchat
@MrScottClark @alisonatintuit @knowify I will definitely look thought #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @lsbarber @QBOchat Absolutely!! I can usually see what they are going through before they say it. #QBOchat
@knowify A5. the more efficient you can be with your business process, the more free time you will have to handle clients and grow your biz #QBOchat
@vheckman @QBOchat A5: Just like w/ our “bottleneck” chat a few wks ago: Brainstorm! Brainstorm! #QBOchat
@StacyKildal My #QBOChat office http://t.co/dtoKefGNhk
@lsbarber @CathyIconis That is the BEST gift you can give to a SBO. Hands down. #QBOchat
@expensify @lsbarber Probably not, but we like where your head is at. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @lsbarber @QBOchat YES! It is an accountants ROLE to ask questions the SMB didn’t know he/she should ask. Big picture! #qbochat
@PetersonBizSvcs A5: Don’t be overrun by your client! Stand firm in your advice & hold clients accountable. Increases your value & their performance #QBOchat
@StacyKildal @QBOchat A5: For real, I am just brutally honest with them these days #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CathyIconis I know! I didn’t pick #QBExperts #IDidntDoIt #qbochat
@steffimcguire A5: It’s all about communication and maintaining the relationship so the accounting knows what is happening #qbochat
@alisonatintuit @knowify I would argue (politely) that “effective” is better than “efficient” ? Your thoughts? #qbochat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A5 I would also love for my accountant to know what my goals, vision is so she can weigh in with ideas. Invaluable advice! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @RyanChan85 @CathyIconis You’re golden, Ryan…Cathy is talking about her pet Ryan #qbochat
@expensify @steffimcguire Open communication is key in so many situations. #QBOchat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @RyanChan85 Pet might not be the best term. #QBOchat
@PetersonBizSvcs @alisonatintuit @knowify Effective = Efficient + Productive #QBOchat
@lsbarber @QBOchat A5 For developers, find a problem that has no current workaround. Solve it for the SBO. They will love you forever. #QBOchat
@StacyKildal Peace out dudes. I gots to get my kids. TTYL #QBOchat
@ChargeOver Q5: Devs, talk to #smallbiz owners as people who want to accomplish big things. Drop the buzzwords. Be extraordinarily helpful. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit @PetersonBizSvcs @knowify LOVE THAT !! #qbochat
@MrScottClark A5 We’re advisers, let’s help them to make their company grow financially. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Small businesses can only succeed when the whole ecosystem is working together – advisors, developers, etc. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CathyIconis @RyanChan85 Geez, there’s not way for me to escape this one…I meant “Teacher’s Pet”. #FootinMouth #LeavingNow #qbochat
@CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @RyanChan85 Don’t leave!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
@lsbarber @MrScottClark SO true. Understanding their goals, vision, mission will help you advise them financially too. #QBOchat
@QBOchat And our economy can’t survive without small businesses, so all of our jobs are extremely important in supporting them. #QBOchat
@knowify @PetersonBizSvcs we buy this math. but our point remains: having an effective business processes leads to more free time #QBOchat
@expensify @QBOchat Taking in all the view points of the great leader in this #QBOchat. Thursday afternoons are best spent with all of you!
@MrScottClark ALL OF THE TWEETS! RT @QBOchat Just a few minutes left for this week’s #QBOchat. What is your favorite take away?
@MrScottClark @QBOchat I love supporting small businesses. They make each community unique #QBOchat
@RyanChan85 @QBOchat Good leaders lead by example and allow their team to contribute to accomplish the end goal (not enough characters!) #QBOchat
@lsbarber My takeaway: SBOs are in great shape with folks like all of you helping them! What an awesome group. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Thank you to @lsbarber for joining us today and sharing your thoughts on Leadership!! #QBOchat
@knowify @lsbarber – Good leaders know to give control to their team. Share learnings, delegate, & then get out of their way. #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud I have one SBO that I have to stop him from making spreadsheets, he can’t stop, takes him away from actually running his business #QBOchat
@fitintuit I love it when we all get to chatting about things that matter most to us! #QBOchat
@lsbarber My takeaway: SBOs are in great shape with folks like all of you helping them! What an awesome group. #QBOchat
@QBOchat It has been invaluable and very inspiring, @LSbarber #QBOchat
@QBOchat Next week we’ll have an open #Q&A with our own #QBOExperts. Will you #GetLucky? #QBOChat
@ChargeOver @BizBooksCloud That’s hard! Is it the visibility that he wants? #QBOchat
@QBOchat That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us! #QBOchat
@lsbarber Thanks so much for the discussion. Super fun and I learned a lot from each of you! #QBOchat
@MrScottClark Thank you @LSbarber, I would totally recommend you as a speaker at my young professionals group @greenbaycurrent. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Remember to signup for our weekly reminder email so you don’t forget #QBOchat. http://ow.ly/wT7zl #QBOchat
@QBOchat Have a great week. #QBOChat

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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