9/3/15 – Spotlight on Practice Ignition

@QBOchat Welcome everyone to #QBOchat. Please introduce yourselves to the group -> Name, location & name of biz. #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead G’day all! Damien Greathead from @ReceiptBank here #QBOchat
@lorifraleigh Lori Fraleigh here, head of developer relations for @IntuitDev / @IntuitApps. Based in sunny Mountain View, CA! #QBOchat
@XTBills Sara aka @formerlyvodak here for XTBills in Plano, TX 🙂 Missed you guys last week! #QBOchat
@Megsquito Woo hoo, #QBOChat time! Meg B from Intuit Tucson here, come visit me at http://t.co/ZhG8Cet6Rh for QB q’s outside of #QBOChat! #QBOchat
@IQBoxy Hellloooooo!! All! Andrzej from http://t.co/9eSI8M17kZ here 😀 #QBOchat
@QBOchat @CathyIconis guiding the ship today with our co-host @Ignitionapp! It’s all about them today! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK Hi everyone! Sarah here, back from the flu bug and ready for the #QBOchatParty #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @DamienGreathead its at @ignition_max representing Practice Ignition from unfortunately rainy Seattle #QBOchat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp @DamienGreathead @ignition_max It’s raining here in Atlanta too – so it’s all good! #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity Hi everyone – Bill, the Energized Accountant from Toronto, back for another party #QBOchat
@jacintuit Hi everyone. Jacint Tumacder here from Intuit’s Mountain View, CA campus #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @ignitionapp @DamienGreathead @ignition_max It’s raining in Tucson too! Well, monsoon’ing. #QBOchat
@qbexpertchicago Mark Stricker from BIK & Co in Palatine, IL. Hello everyone glad to make it today for #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @XTBills @formerlyvodak We left #QBOchat Sara(h)-less last week. How sad. #QBOchat
@mikecolosimo Hello everyone! Mike Colosimo here from @Intuit in Tucson, AZ. #QBOchat
@RlseThMcCracken Hey Chatters! Jessica from Intuit Tucson here. Multi tasking but trying to stay in today! #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh Hello everyone! @kamsbaugh here from Intuit! It’s been awhile but happy to be here! #QBOchat
@XTBills @QBOSarahK @formerlyvodak Such a travesty, but glad to hear you’re feeling better! #QBOchat
@IntuitAcctsCA #QBOChat is almost ready to kick off! Are you joining us? http://t.co/IX8OU0aWsa
@QBOchat We are working our Twitter Voodoo today on #QBOchat http://t.co/YsPoJV2hqU
@Receipts_John Very excited to learn all about @Ignitionapp !! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Today we’ll be spotlighting Practice Ignition. Please share your thoughts and comments as we go. #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @XTBills @formerlyvodak Thanks girl, glad you’re back too! #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Hello Cindy from Bright Bookkeeping. Glad I could join you today. #qbochat
@CarolK_CPA Hi everyone! Carol King from SoCal’s beautiful Inland Empire! #QBOchat
@lorifraleigh I’ve got the perfect image for our #QBOchat with @ignitionapp. I’m ready for take off! #unicornlibations http://t.co/EFhJxf1dVN
@StartUp_Charity @QBOchat It’s time to stop practicing and start doing for real! #QBOchat
@QBOPro Hello! Sharon from QBO Pro powered by Redmond Accounting in Cleveland! #QBOchat
@AustinNexus Hey #QBOchat-ters – Brian Austin @avalara, ready for the next hour of chat
@QBOchat #QBOchat is a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online, the best in class accounting platform for #smallbiz #QBOchat
@Megsquito I’m very excited to learn more about Practice Ignition and how everyone takes advantage of its awesome features! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Each week #QBOchat has a topic to guide our conversation. We’ll start posting questions at 3:10PM ET/12:10PM PT. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @mikecolosimo @Intuit Whoa! There’s a new awesome @IntuitAccts face here in #QBOChat!
@QBOchat While you keep on with your introductions, let’s do some #SponsorShoutouts!! #QBOchat
@Megsquito Welcome @mikecolosimo ! Glad to see you! #QBOchat
@QBOchat #SponsorShoutout to @Fundinggates and their streamlined A/R Mgmt App. https://t.co/P041x2rLO3 #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity @lorifraleigh @ignitionapp How about this Hi-Tech unicorn? http://t.co/QQRSomNI8U #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ignition_max gave me a demo the other week, and I gotta say.. Practice Ignition is awesome! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Welcome to the chat @mikecolosimo – you are truly one of the nicest #Intuit employees I’ve ever met! #QBOchat
@IQBoxy @QBOchat @Fundinggates leads to NotFound page #QBOchat
@lorifraleigh @StartUp_Charity @ignitionapp Awesome colors! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @IQBoxy @Fundinggates darnit!! #QBOchat
@SenoraMadrid Hello! Luren, Social Moderator @intuit, Tucson over the wall from @Megsquito #QBOchat
@jazfun hey all! #LearyLate How is everyone!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @IQBoxy @Fundinggates worked for me #QBOchat
@QBOchat #SponsorShoutout to @Fundera. Easily find and secure a #smallbiz loan with their App. https://t.co/1Dft0Dmp0d #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive My first #QBOChat as Mrs.! Kim Austin here, National @IntuitAccts, Palm Springs, CA 🙂
@lorifraleigh @IQBoxy @QBOchat @Fundinggates If you are having appcenter link issues, please shoot me a note. #QBOchat
@mikecolosimo Thanks @Kimtuitive, @Megsquito and @QBOchat ! Happy to be here!!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Congrats!!! RT @Kimtuitive My first #QBOChat as Mrs.! Kim Austin here, National @IntuitAccts, Palm Springs, CA 🙂 #QBOchat
@IQBoxy @QBOchat @Fundinggates im not logged in. maybe thats the issue? #QBOchat
@QBOchat #SponsorShoutout to @Avalara who will handle all your sales tax compliance. https://t.co/Bn5tUrEqJn #QBOchat
@Megsquito Congratulations!! RT @Kimtuitive My first #QBOChat as Mrs.! Kim Austin here, National @IntuitAccts, Palm Springs, CA 🙂 #QBOchat
@ChargeOver Hey QBOchatters! Kelly from ChageOver the billing billing billing billing app here. Excited to learn about @ignitionapp today! #QBOchat
@QBOchat #SponsorShoutout to @IconisGroup. Outsource your bookkeeping to these #QBOexperts. http://t.co/wSZQpeuoYU #QBOchat
@ignitionapp Hard to argue with the astronaut riding a unicorn @lorifraleigh #QBOchat
@jazfun @lorifraleigh @ignitionapp love the image Lori! awesome #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Congrats to @Kimtuitive and @AustinNexus! Our fabulous #qbochat Couple.
@QBOchat #SponsorShoutout to @Expensify. #ExpenseReports don’t suck with their App. https://t.co/g9WEVL5cRb #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh Did everyone see @Kimtuitive named Top 100 Influencer w/ @AccountingToday? In addition to getting married! Busy week for u! #QBOchat
@jacintuit Congratulations Mrs. Austin! 🙂 @Kimtuitive #QBOchat
@jazfun @CarolK_CPA Welcome Carol! 🙂 #QBOchat
@expensify @QBOchat Natalie here in San Francisco with the Expensify team! #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @jazfun Doing good, Jan. You? #qbochat
@QBOSarahK @Kimtuitive @AustinNexus finally!! Congrats love birds. #QBOchat
@XTBills @kamsbaugh @Kimtuitive @AccountingToday Wow that is impressive! Way to go Kim! #QBOchat
@jazfun @Kimtuitive @mikecolosimo @Intuit @IntuitAccts Hey lady! good to see you all here #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @expensify @QBOchat Hey Natalie!! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver +Infinity and beyond! RT @BrightBooks Congrats to @Kimtuitive and @AustinNexus! Our fabulous #qbochat Couple. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @BrightBooks @AustinNexus Thanks, Cindy! 🙂 #QBOChat
@jazfun @AustinNexus thanks! back at you and congrats to you & Kim @Kimtuitive !! Makes my heart happy #QBOchat
@getclockshark Cliff here with ClockShark in Albuquerque, Mobile Time Tracking for Construction and Field Service. Glad to chat with you all! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Chat live with us on our site with the @nurph plugin http://t.co/f0nCkMXnNH #QBOchat
@Megsquito Wow a #QBOChat marriage?! So glad to see QBO brings more than accountants and clients together-it brings love too! <3 #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit HI everyone! How is your #QuickBooks Thursday going? #QBOchat
@jazfun hey @alisonatintuit good to see you #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity @Kimtuitive This calls for a Mohito in your honor!! #QBOchat
@jazfun @BrightBooks are you in disneyland? #QBOchat
@jazfun @StartUp_Charity like the new handle! 🙂 #QBOchat
@SenoraMadrid @jazfun I read your article on the Accountants blog. Good stuff 🙂 #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @Megsquito @IntuitAccts Thank you, Meg! I finally connected the dots last week & realized I know your other half too! 😉 #QBOChat
@expensify @jazfun @alisonatintuit Happy to see both of you! Happy Thursday! #QBOchat
@IQBoxy @SenoraMadrid @jazfun url? #QBOchat
@QBOchat I had something else to say, but forgot with all the wedding excitement from @Kimtuitive!! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @vheckman @QBOchat Always busy doing your job, huh? 🙂 Have fun @Rootworks. #QBOchat
@jazfun thank you @SenoraMadrid ! I’m very excited! @icbusa #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit Has everyone registered for @CathyIconis ‘s Live Chat on OwnIt yet? Its very topical 🙂 https://t.co/dLJVqEloNC #QBOchat
@jazfun @expensify @alisonatintuit happy thursday! @qbochat day 🙂 #QBOchat
@Megsquito @Kimtuitive He told me! We had a lot of fun comparing notes on who knows who after last week’s event 🙂 #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead Hi @alisonatintuit can’t wait for #QBConnect, listening 2 the Goo Goo Dolls at the @Rootworks #ecosystem event, what could it mean? #QBOchat
@SenoraMadrid @IQBoxy http://t.co/L59IjaABva #QBOchat
@CarolK_CPA @Kimtuitive Congratulations Kim! We’re practically neighbors! #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud greetings all, Brent Blackburn here in Utah, owner of Biz Books Cloud LLC #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @jazfun @AustinNexus Thanks so much, Sweet Lady! #QBOChat <3
@ShayCPA @QBOChat Hi All! Shay from NYC here. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! #QBOChat
@QBOSarahK @Kimtuitive @Megsquito @IntuitAccts Meg, do you have a new man?! We haven’t talked in a looooong time. #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit .@DamienGreathead @Rootworks LOL! It could mean you have the early scoop on the BAND!!! #QBOchat
@salt123 How exciting! Congrats @Kimtuitive #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @Megsquito too funny – such a small #Accounting world we live in – I love it! #QBOChat
@Megsquito Same man! Lol RT @QBOSarahK @Kimtuitive @Megsquito @IntuitAccts Meg, do you have a new man?! We haven’t talked in a loooong time. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Oh yeah!! I started a twitter list of #QBOchat participants. DM us if you want to be added to the list: https://t.co/WUHgpXxfJC #QBOchat
@lorifraleigh .@IntuitAccts announced the band earlier today #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud I am late because I was making some preps for the big game tonight here in Utah, GO UTES! #goutes #QBOchat
@QBOchat Now to the questions – and learning more about @Ignitionapp!! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @QBOchat Sorry! Now back to your regularly scheduled #QBOChat broadcast…
@QBOchat Q1: What was the main problem you were trying to solve when @ignitionapp was first developed? #QBOChat
@ChargeOver @QBOSarahK Seriously, the flu in summer? Is that even allowed? #QBOchat
@expensify @Megsquito What have I missed? Who is getting married?! #Lost&Confused 🙁 #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @salt123 Thanks, Staci! 🙂 #QBOChat
@jacintuit Hi @jazfun @alisonatintuit @kamsbaugh @jazfun @vheckman #QBOchat
@jazfun http://t.co/GOWP6xor5S Here you go ! RT @IQBoxy @SenoraMadrid @jazfun url? #QBOchat
@Megsquito Mrs @Kimtuitive got married! Congrats to her! @expensify @Megsquito What have I missed? Who is getting married?! #Lost&Confused 🙁 #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Very shortly I will be Walking in Walts Footsteps! RT @jazfun @BrightBooks are you in disneyland? #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit . @crepetto made a big announcement this morning about #QBConnect – lets see if he will join us now? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @expensify @Megsquito – @Kimtuitive and @AustinNexus got married this past weekend #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A1: @QBOChat There are a lot of great tools to help accounting pros do their work from ledgers to workflow management systems #QBOchat
@expensify @Megsquito @Kimtuitive Congrats!! Hope everything was exactly as you planned 🙂 #QBOchat
@jazfun @BrightBooks ohh.. love it.. do you have his shoes? @disneyland #QBOchat
@accountingpeace Hello!! I’m here. #learylate #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CarolK_CPA Thanks you! Really? Are you a fellow Coachella Valley-ian too!? #QBOChat
@QBOSarahK @Megsquito @Kimtuitive @IntuitAccts OMG it’s been forever! So there should be another wedding soon then 😉 🙂 #QBOchat
@crepetto Congrats @Kimtuitive on marrying the six million dollar man! #qbochat
@ignitionapp A1: There are not many to help them win that work and onboard clients into their firm #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit HAHAH! Did @Kimtuitive & @AustinNexus use a ledger to help them plan their wedding? xxx #QBOchat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp You got our attention!! #QBOchat
@ChristineGalli Congratulations @Kimtuitive #QBOchat
@alisonatintuit OK peeps – we need to let @Ignitionapp answer their questions 🙂 #QBOchat
@jazfun @QBOchat A1: @Ignitionapp help with templates and collecting agreements faster #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A1: Our CEO was actually an accountant whose practice was growing too fast for the old method of word templates and spreadsheets #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @crepetto Bwahahaha! If only, Chris! But I think he’s priceless! #QBOChat
@jazfun @ChristineGalli great to see you 🙂 #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity Not a takeover, more like a merger RT @alisonatintuit Did @Kimtuitive & @AustinNexus use a ledger to help them plan their wedding? #QBOchat
@BrightBooks What did I miss? RT @alisonatintuit . @crepetto made a big announcement this morning about #QBConnect #QBOchat
@expensify @QBOSarahK @Megsquito @Kimtuitive @IntuitAccts Okay, who is next on the #QBOwedding train? #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A1: And thats how we ended up with Practice Ignition #QBOchat
@accountingpeace Congrats to @Kimtuitive! Wish you many happy years! #QBOchat
@tsheets Sorry TSheets is a bit late but we’re here! We couldn’t miss it! #QBOchat
@jarrettdubya @QBOchat @IntuitApps thanks for the follow! Can’t participate this week but will be back next week #QBOchat
@QBOchat Awesome!! RT @ignitionapp A1: And thats how we ended up with Practice Ignition #QBOchat
@QBOchat Glad to have you guys join us!! RT @tsheets Sorry TSheets is a bit late but we’re here! We couldn’t miss it! #QBOchat
@qbexpertchicago @kamsbaugh @Kimtuitive @AccountingToday Kim should be number one on the list. Please post the link so we can all see #qbochat
@Kimtuitive @ChristineGalli Thank you, Lady! 🙂 #QBOChat
@AustinNexus @alisonatintuit @Kimtuitive We only used cloud-based apps for budgeting & planning 😉 #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @BrightBooks @jazfun So much fun!! #QBOchat
@crepetto Perhaps the Goo Goo Dolls will give you a deal to play your wedding @kimtuitive! Just like that Maroon V video. #qbochat
@alisonatintuit There you go @BrightBooks – @crepetto is in the house 🙂 #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ignitionapp That’s really cool! I missed that story in the demo 😉 #QBOchat
@WatkinSBS Love it! #QBOchat https://t.co/4TB1fEw9lz
@Kimtuitive @StartUp_Charity @alisonatintuit @AustinNexus The Press Release could read: @Intuit Marries @Avalara… 😉 #QBOChat
@jazfun YAY @crepetto welcome .. big announcement.. They bring you in like Santa? Delivering all goodies? #QBConnect #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Even better than Walts shoes @jazfun #qbochat http://t.co/FmQ1kTUUXT
@tsheets @BrightBooks @jazfun Those are super cute! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @accountingpeace Thanks, Jody – you’re so sweet! 🙂 #QBOChat
@expensify @jazfun @ignitionapp It’s great when CEOs see a problem & take charge to build the solution. #Innovators #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOSarahK I have to save something for #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q2: What does @ignitionapp do? Top 3 features? #QBOchat
@jazfun @expensify @ignitionapp It’s even better when the solution helps #IndustryPeers #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive I thought you were already handling that for us, Chris?! 😉 #QBOChat https://t.co/CnmwmVech3
@QBOSarahK @expensify @Megsquito @Kimtuitive well @ryclaykelley and I might pull a Vegas move on y’all. Don’t worry, we’ll take pics. #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ignitionapp LOL fair enough! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @ignitionapp Startups where the founder built a tool to solve a problem they know first-hand are the best kind. #QBOchat
@Megsquito Also what’s YOUR fave feature? I’m curious! RT @QBOchat Q2: What does @ignitionapp do? Top 3 features? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @QBOSarahK Do it in San Jose!! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A2: The core of PI creates proposals and engagement letters quickly and easily, while allowing for digital signatures #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @roddrury @Kimtuitive Thank you, Rod! #QBOchat
@kamsbaugh @qbexpertchicago You need to register (free). @davidleary also named as “one to watch!” http://t.co/hwZ0ihVwPc #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A2: We feed the data from there into #QBO automate invoices #QBOchat
@tsheets @QBOchat A2: Helps accountants stay focused on what’s important: Accounting! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A3: And give the practice intelligence over the status of their deals and upsell opportunities #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat OMG #QBOchatters you’re invited to the San Jose wedding, taking place as soon as #QBConnect wraps up!! hahaha #QBOchat
@jazfun Can I just say that @Ignitionapp has saved me so much time / effort in getting proposals done? #Efficiency #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead @QBOchat A2. Imagine singed engagement letters returned within 5-10 minutes. #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A3: My personal favorite feature @Megsquito is the ability to issue an agreement while in a meeting with a client #QBOchat
@expensify @QBOSarahK @QBOchat Can the ENTIRE Expensify team join… or is this a limited invitation? #WeddingBells #QBOchat
@QBOchat Here is a link to the @ignitionapp features page: http://t.co/pfJbgbzAzN #QBOchat
@jazfun Oh Can we do a wedding re-run at #QBConnectOrBust ? @AustinNexus @Kimtuitive #GoesOn #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A3: And have them sign right there. Close more deals faster! #QBOchat
@Megsquito Sounds convenient! MT @ignitionapp My personal favorite feature is the ability to issue agreement while in a meeting with a client #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead @QBOchat A2. I also love that engagement letters are now systemized and centralized – regardless of client. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @kamsbaugh @AccountingToday Thanks, Kim – it was definitely a good week in the Austin house! 🙂 #QBOChat
@QBOchat Do you use your own engagement letter template or do you have some in the app? #QBOchat
@jazfun Can I just say I had the BEST @Ignitionapp use? Client Call Friday – 3PM signed closed 3:30 – Pd 3:45 QBO work completed – Sun12:00 #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @jazfun @Kimtuitive Jan, for you, anything #qbochat
@ignitionapp @DamienGreathead Also avoids the messy situation of having agreements in different staff members email accounts! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver A2: Helps #accountants stay focused on what’s important: Accounting! #QBOchat
@QBOchat How does the re-engage work? That is something I need to work on personally. #QBOchat
@Receipts_John #Paperless! No need to have that agreement get stuff in a drawer and lost for weeks on end! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @jazfun Thats awesome! Can we quote you on that? #QBOchat
@jazfun absolutely @Ignitionapp ! Was my #BestCloudExperience #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @jazfun @Ignitionapp That is awesome!! Sounds like a perfect tool for #QBOchat sponsor agreements. @CathyIconis hint hint #QBOchat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp @DamienGreathead How many users do you get? #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @roddrury @Kimtuitive Rod, if only 🙂 #QBOchat
@Megsquito Great for @Receipts_John! MT @Receipts_John #Paperless! No need to have that agreement get stuff in a drawer & lost for weeks! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat There is a rollover engine to help you re-engage your entire client base in bulk #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @XTBills @kamsbaugh @AccountingToday Thank you, Guys! I can’t wait to see more about XT Bills! Loved meeting @Geneva_a23 last week! #QBOChat
@QBOchat @QBOSarahK @jazfun @Ignitionapp @CathyIconis yeah – sounds like we are signing up after this! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @QBOSarahK @AustinNexus Right? 😉 HA! #QBOChat
@BizBooksCloud going off subject for a minute, I upgraded to Win10 and everything was great for a few days, now the Windows QBO App is broken #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @expensify @QBOchat we would be honored to have @Expensify join! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @QBOSarahK @jazfun @Ignitionapp @CathyIconis But Sarah gets to set it all up #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat It depends on the plan but you start with 2 #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @jacintuit Awwe – thank you, Jacint! 🙂 #QBOChat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @jazfun @Ignitionapp @CathyIconis lol done. Max is helping me 😉 #QBOchat
@ReceiptBank A2. Administrators love it, especially at tax time #productivity ^DG #QBOchat
@jazfun @Ignitionapp works perfect with #ValuePricing @ronaldBaker should utilize this #SlamDunk #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @expensify @Megsquito Somehow it almost was…not asking questions. 😉 #QBOChat
@XTBills @Kimtuitive @kamsbaugh @AccountingToday @Geneva_a23 & she loved meeting you! We can’t send her anywhere w/o her making friends. #QBOchat
@ChargeOver We like what we’re hearing about @ignitionapp. Automated & paperless are two of our most favorite things. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @qbexpertchicago @kamsbaugh @AccountingToday Oh, Mark – you’re way too kind! I’m so humbled to be in the presence of some of them! #QBOChat
@ignitionapp Don’t forget the ability to package and upsell other great apps like @ReceiptBank! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @BizBooksCloud oh now! #QBOchat
@jazfun @BizBooksCloud not good! Let me know how this works.. I Love the QBOWindows App #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q3: Who is one of your competitors and how is @ignitionapp different? #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud I do too, but it broke on both machines RT @jazfun @BizBooksCloud not good! Let me know how this works.. I Love the QBOWindows App #QBOchat
@XTBills @ChargeOver @ignitionapp Same! Save time while you save the trees #QBOchat
@jazfun Yes @Ignitionapp A2: I love the dashboard to show your Conversion rate of #Wins vs #nonwins #SignThemAll #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK A3: Does @Ignitionapp have competitors?! I’ve never come across anything like it. #QBOchat
@ignitionapp A3: At the moment our biggest competitor is MS Word #QBOchat
@QBOchat Ha!! RT @ignitionapp A3: At the moment our biggest competitor is MS Word #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead Very cool! RT @jazfun Yes @Ignitionapp A2: I love the dashboard to show your Conversion rate of #Wins vs #nonwins #SignThemAll #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOchat A3: @QBOSarahK Exactly! Its all about teaching accounting pros a new way of doing things #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive That’s a good sign! 😉 We’ll be following up for a demo to our National & Regional BDM teams soon! #QBOChat https://t.co/WWlwJcIFgD
@ChargeOver A3. We have seen software like @ignitionapp in many other verticals, but nothing else in accounting. #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOchat A3: Most practices great their proposals in word and a surprising number still mail them physically #QBOchat
@jazfun gotta run work is calling Have a great day all. @Ignitionapp #QBOchat
@XTBills Downside of being an innovator: getting people with the times! RT @ignitionapp A3: At the moment our biggest competitor is MS Word #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @jazfun @Ignitionapp Byyyye Jan!! #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead Indeed! RT @IntuitAcctsCA RT @ignitionapp: Don’t forget the ability to package and upsell other great apps like @ReceiptBank! #QBOchat
@expensify @jazfun Have a great day! See you next week 🙂 #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @jazfun @Ignitionapp Have a great day yourself, Jan! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @jazfun See ya later! Thanks for all the reminder tweets earlier! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK What’s mail? @ignitionapp @QBOchat A3: Most practices great their proposals in word and a surprising number still mail physically #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @jazfun @ignitionapp See you next time, Jan! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @QBOSarahK @ignitionapp @QBOchat Ha! Mail is for….birthday cards? I still like to send those. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @crepetto @qbexpertchicago @AustinNexus @kamsbaugh @AccountingToday Both of them? As in a WebEx wedding link? 😉 #QBOChat
@QBOchat @ChargeOver @QBOSarahK @ignitionapp I think mail is the new (again) marketing vehicle. People will actually look at it now! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ChargeOver Right? I blame stress and @ryclaykelley bringing home Intuit building germs from work. #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @jazfun @AustinNexus Although we can be thankful it won’t still be 108* during #QBConnectOrBust #QBOChat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @ChargeOver @ignitionapp That’s a really good point. I’d still say just use Practice Ignition 🙂 #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @QBOchat @QBOSarahK @ignitionapp It’s probably worth testing! We haven’t yet but it’s on the table as an option for sure. #QBOchat
@ShayCPA @ignitionapp @QBOchat #QBOChat Your pricing is high for small firms. Is your target market firms that generate over $500k/yr?
@ChargeOver @QBOSarahK @ryclaykelley No doubt! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q4: What companies (or users) are the best fit for @ignitionapp? #QBOChat
@QBOSarahK @ShayCPA @ignitionapp @QBOchat I’m not sure if you know.. the price on the website is Australian dollars. I had to recalculate. #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOchat Q4: We have companies of all sizes from 1 person startups to giant firms @ShayCPA #QBOchat
@KellyTSheets Nurph wont let me in for some reason, but wanted to say “hi” to all my #QBOChat friends! @CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @jazfun @AustinNexus
@expensify @ignitionapp @QBOchat The best business models are built to scale as companies do! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat Q4: The appeal of Practice Ignition is that we help you grow revenue whether its from new business or upsells #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat Q4: And growing revenue is something every firm wants to do regardless of the size its starting at #QBOchat
@QBOchat @KellyTSheets Hey!! Nurph can be temperamental. Sorry!! We love you!! #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @KellyTSheets @CathyIconis @Kimtuitive @jazfun Hey Kelly 🙂 #QBOchat
@QBOchat Do you have any other types of users other than accounting firms? #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat we have tons of bookkeepers and pro advisors as well as a sprinkling of other kinds of professional service companies #QBOchat
@IntuitBry A4: @ignitionapp In the demo I saw, looked like it could help most firms to have more time to focus on clients. #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK A4: It seemed like it could be used as a CRM as well (to an extent). Lead mgmt through proposals, you can track contacts, etc. #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead So true RT @ignitionapp @QBOChat Q4: And growing revenue is something every firm wants to do regardless of the size its starting at #QBOchat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp I think it would be great for anyone that has a recurring relationship with clients. #QBOchat
@KellyTSheets @QBOchat love you guys can’t wait to see everyone soon plus I can wish @Kimtuitive and @AustinNexus congrats in person! #QBOChat #newlyweds
@ignitionapp @QBOChat Agreed, we want to make sure we get the accounting industry right first though. Can’t develop features for everyone! #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @ignition_max Do you wear your space suit everyday or only special occasions? #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @ignitionapp Yes! I like that you can make edits to contracts. Easy to adapt services as the client’s biz changes. #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead No hello for me @KellyTSheets? What am I? A ham sandwich? #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @BrightBooks @ignition_max Best. Question. Ever. #QBOchat
@CarolK_CPA @Kimtuitive No but I’m right down I-10 in Redlands #QBOChat
@QBOchat @DamienGreathead @KellyTSheets new hashtag? #hamsandwich… yep, it’s going viral! #QBOchat
@ignition_max @BrightBooks only special occasions. Next time they are coming out is QB Connect! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @CarolK_CPA Oh, then you are close enough! 🙂 #QBOChat
@QBOchat Q5: What enhancements to @ignitionapp are on your roadmap currently? #QBOChat
@BrightBooks Good idea to find your Niche. RT @DamienGreathead No hello for me @KellyTSheets? What am I? A ham sandwich? #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK Does anyone else you @ignitionapp besides @jazfun? #QBOchat
@Megsquito Gotta pop out a little early today – Have a great week everyone! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @KellyTSheets @CathyIconis @jazfun @AustinNexus There’s my KellyB! Hope Indy is treating you & @vheckman well! #QBOChat
@lorifraleigh @ignition_max @BrightBooks Hooray for the space suits at #qbconnect! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @KellyTSheets @QBOchat @AustinNexus Thanks, Girl! We’re way overdue for a real-life hug! #QBOChat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat A5: We are super excited about US payment processing which is super close! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat A5: Beyond that we are really excited to enhance the business intelligence side of the product #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @Megsquito You too, Meg! #QBOChat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp What kind of BI do you think accountants want and/or need? #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat A5: A5: There is a mountain of great data we have access too that we want to give accounting pros #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead And their exceptionally good hair! #jealous RT @lorifraleigh @ignition_max @BrightBooks Hooray for the space suits at #qbconnect! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat A5: A5: The information they need to maximize their business opportunities #QBOchat
@KellyTSheets Hello #hamsandwich @DamienGreathead #QBOchat http://t.co/H0nzFopqni
@lorifraleigh Since we now have a bunch of @Ignitionapp lovers, leave a review on http://t.co/IU8HODIsaL! https://t.co/FeAtDMGx0Z #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat revenue per service, which services lead to upsells, how long until a client is ready to upgrade their service #QBOchat
@QBOchat @ignitionapp Those are good ones. #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ignitionapp @QBOChat All of those sound awesome. #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat who convert the most deals? what is our time to revenue from a prospect meeting? what is our churn rate? #QBOchat
@QBOchat How many services do you see most firms have? #QBOchat
@EileenRSassCPA @KellyTSheets @DamienGreathead Multi task much? #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @Ignitionapp I will sound like a broken record, but it really would be perfect if your product could double as a CRM! #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead Of course! It’s all about #productivity RT @EileenRSassCPA @KellyTSheets @DamienGreathead Multi task much? #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat Really firm dependent, pricing strategy plays a huge role but at least 15+ #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @KellyTSheets @DamienGreathead On that note, hello Damien 😉 #QBOchat
@QBOchat We need @Ignitionapp to give our accounting audience some practice strategy tips! hint hint @QBOSarahK blog post?? #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead @AustinNexus @KellyTSheets G’day Brian! Congrats to you and @Kimtuitive on the wonderful news! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp We would love to do a blog post with you @QBOChat and @QBOSarahK #QBOchat
@AustinNexus @DamienGreathead @KellyTSheets @Kimtuitive Much appreciated, Damien! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @Ignitionapp that’s a really good idea! It sounds like the @Ignitionapp team has some great advice. #QBOchat
@QBOchat Q6: Do any #QBOchat participants have any other questions for @Ignitionapp? #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive @DamienGreathead @AustinNexus @KellyTSheets Thanks, Damien! Hope to see you soon! #QBOChat
@ChargeOver A6: What apps integrate well with @ignitionapp? #QBOchat
@lorifraleigh A6: Will there be @TimTam cookies at #qbconnect? #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead @Kimtuitive look forward to catching up soon! #QBOchat
@fitintuit Hi #QBOChat! Sorry I couldn’t make it today. Hope everyone is well.
@ignitionapp A6: @ChargeOver right now on the Intuit side we integrate with #qbo hopefully more to come soon! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @fitintuit We seem to be fine, but we missed you…. #QBOchat
@XTBills @lorifraleigh Oh man I hope there is; I love @TimTam’s!!!! #QBOchat
@Receipts_John @lorifraleigh, @DamienGreathead always loves a good @TimTam #QBOchat
@ignitionapp Going to have to ask @guy_pearson about that one RT @lorifraleigh A6: Will there be @TimTam cookies at #qbconnect? #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead #TimTamSlam challenge for #QBConnect #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity What drink goes with @TimTam cookies? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @BizBooksCloud – @Ignitionapp also integrates with the other guys #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @ignitionapp I think we should chat! A lot of synergy between what we do and what you do. #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud Haha yes I already saw that RT @QBOchat @BizBooksCloud – @Ignitionapp also integrates with the other guys #QBOchat
@ChargeOver Is is bad that I have no idea what a @TimTam is? #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @QBOchat @BizBooksCloud @Ignitionapp we’ll forgive you because we like you. #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK @ChargeOver @TimTam I don’t either! Guess we’ll find out at #QBConnect #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud Competition makes both better! RT @QBOSarahK @QBOchat @BizBooksCloud @Ignitionapp we’ll forgive you because we like you. #QBOchat
@BrightBooks The best Aussie treat EVER! RT @ChargeOver Is is bad that I have no idea what a @TimTam is? #QBOchat
@QBOchat Before we go, we need help over here at @QBOchat headquarters. We need some good topic ideas!! #QBOchat
@ChargeOver @BrightBooks @TimTam Excellent. Quite fond of treats so I have a feeling that things will work out just dine. #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead Gotta fly #qbochat thanks as always. Great stuff @ignition_max enjoyed it! See ya’ll soon. #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud Connector apps? RT @QBOchat Before we go, we need help over here at @QBOchat headquarters. We need some good topic ideas!! #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity I would like to see a chat about ways for QB partners to work together / collaborate. #QBOchat
@expensify @StartUp_Charity Such a great idea! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @BizBooksCloud Like Zapier, ECC, etc? #QBOchat
@DamienGreathead @QBOChat maybe ecosystem workflows and best practices, pricing your services in a cloud based world #QBOchat
@QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Can you expand on that? #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud Exactamundo RT @QBOchat @BizBooksCloud Like Zapier, ECC, etc? #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @QBOChat What about time managment? How do you get all your work done and learn how to use all these new apps? #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive This sounds like a job for @Clayton_Oates STAT! #QBOChat https://t.co/sX9yIfUxDH
@StartUp_Charity Most bookkeepers work alone from their houses. RT @QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Can you expand on that? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @BrightBooks Other than just join #QBOchat each week? #QBOchat
@ignitionapp @QBOChat Sales processes for accounting pros is one of our favorites #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK check out your #QBOchat email from this morning for a survey where you can give us all your feedback, including topic suggestions! #QBOchat
@QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Yes I do!! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK And if you don’t get the #QBOchat weekly newsletter… why not?! #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity It’s hard to keep up with tech working alone – or even take vacation RT @QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Can you expand on that? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Agreed!! #QBOchat
@Kimtuitive I’d love to focus on the “What QBO does that QBD doesn’t do” – @qbclay has some great 411 on this too! #QBOChat
@QBOchat I know we talked about live demos before – we have our first one scheduled next week with @Expensify on Tuesday!! #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity But people are also nervous about partnerships or hiring employees RT @QBOchat @StartUp_Charity Can you expand on that? #QBOchat
@QBOchat You can register for the live demo with @Expensify through our site: http://t.co/8dHWzhQopo #QBOchat
@BrightBooks @QBOChat When is your @ownit event? #QBOchat
@QBOchat @Kimtuitive @qbclay Like unlimited budgeting!! #QBOchat
@jazfun Hey watching you guys! Since I’ve got my new job.Let’s talk about #CertifiedBookkeepers @icbusa and their roles moving forward! #QBOchat
@QBOSarahK ok, I’m out peeps! thanks @Ignitionapp for chatting with us today!!! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Thank you @ignitionapp for sharing more about your app with us today!! It sounds awesome! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp Thank you to @QBOChat and @QBOSarahK for having us! #QBOchat
@ignitionapp Thank you to @QBOChat and @QBOSarahK for having us! #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Thanks @Ignitionapp , very cool product to help us be even more successful. #QBOchat
@QBOchat @jazfun @icbusa How about even how to find a bookkeeper, CPA, or proadvisor for your business? What to look for? #QBOchat
@BizBooksCloud bye all #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity @QBOChat – we should talk about helping people get together – full partnership is not the only option #QBOchat
@jazfun Agreed @QBOChat #QBOchat
@QBOchat @StartUp_Charity We need a matchmaking site for accountants – with clients, developers, each other, etc #QBOchat
@ChargeOver Have to go set up some demos for @ChargeOver! Recurring billing automation #FTW! Hit me up if you want one. 🙂 Great chat today! #QBOchat
@BrightBooks Thanks @QBOChat . Missed you guys. #QBOchat
@jazfun thank you all! Great chat #QBOchat
@StartUp_Charity As long as it’s not Ashley Madison! 😛 RT @QBOchat @StartUp_Charity We need a matchmaking site for accountants #QBOchat
@QBOchat @StartUp_Charity No cheating on your accountant! #QBOchat
@QBOchat That’s it for this week’s #QBOChat, thanks for taking the time to tweet with us! #QBOchat
@QBOchat Have a great week. #QBOChat

QBOchat Admin

#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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