Barb Easter

Barb Easter - Community SpotlightName: Barb Easter
Twitter Handle: @mydryrun
City, State: Blenheim, ON (Dryrun is based in Edmonton, Alberta)
Business Name: Dryrun
Business Website:
Title: Director of Partnerships

What do you enjoy most about participating in #QBOchat each week?

I enjoy that the format of a tweetchat itself, as well as the topic of the week, provides a lens for each person to connect with other people across our various fields. Also the jokes and gifs.

How did you find out about #QBOchat?

Actually it was the #thankful QBOchat in 2016 where I first came across this group of software vendors and accounting pros/users who had this rich relationship of affection, welcome, mutual usefulness, customer focus, reciprocity, honesty, and drive for professional excellence in a space where they functioned as both friends, colleagues and customers. Non-salesly. Human. All good feelings and united under a single passionate interest with so many facets. It was so rich and intriguing for the twitter space – I actually went and read some of the older transcripts to get more of that feeling. When I started posting on Twitter under @mydryrun’s creds, I knew it was a group of people that I’d like to be included in.

What do you do?

I connect people with cash flow forecasting software so that they can help their clients succeed in their business. It’s AWESOME. Dryrun is different than other forecasting apps on the market, so part of my role is blowing people’s MINDS about the flexibility vs automation metric and what accounting pros should be searching for as they build out their tech.

We give accounting professionals free access to our software as soon as they bring a subscribing client on board. (We also give great wholesale discount from the first client you bring aboard.)

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

Showing them how easy it is to really connect with their clients’ needs – that is, how badly their clients need them to be a strategist when it comes to cash flow and how highly clients value this service. In other words, I help accounting pros get into a win-win with their clients where everyone’s happy and everyone makes more money through the power of strategy and apps.


What are you most passionate about professionally?

I feel like I should get ON my SOAPBOX for this one!

Small and medium sized businesses (both accounting pros’ businesses AND their clients businesses) are the workhorses in every economy throughout the world. I am passionate about connecting these businesses with a simple-to-use tool that lets them visualize the cold hard facts about their business cash flow, stabilize their business, position themselves for growth and get a consistent good night’s sleep.

What topics interest you that you connect with others about?

I have interesting things to say about my small kids and husband, capsule wardrobes, reading sci fi, coaching families to budget within their means both for profit and as a volunteer, playing the flute and piano, teaching financial literacy to kids, gardening, coffee and running slowly. I’m also the proud owner of 2 dogs and a lizard. When I don’t know what’s for dinner, we have bacon and eggs.

What topic would you like to see in a future #QBOchat?

I find every QBOchat has so much value due to the variety of perspectives that it brings but I wouldn’t say no to more cash flow.

Anything else you’d like us to know?


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