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Top 10 Excel Tools To Increase Productivity

In this 1-hr training, you’ll learn how the top 10 productivity-boosting tools to help accountants and bookkeepers in their day-to-day lives. We know Excel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it is important for accountants and bookkeepers to have strong Excel skills.

Cathy Iconis, once dubbed “The Excel Queen”, will show you the 10 tools she uses almost daily to help her in her bookkeeping practice. Once you’ve learned how to do utilize these tools, you’ll be able to provide some killer spreadsheets to your team and clients in the fraction of the time it took you in the past.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply viewing and layout tools to streamline your work within Excel
  • Utilize some of the best time-saving features in Excel
  • Design formulas and combine them for further success
  • Create pivot tables and learn how to modify the layouts

Downloads Included with Course

  • Slides: Excel Skills for Accountants – Top 10 Excel Tools To Increase Productivity
  • Raw File: Commission Detail
  • Completed File: Commission Detail