Crystal George

Name: Crystal George
Twitter Handle: @IRPGenius
City, State: Phoenix, AZ
Business Name: Crystal Clear Solutions
Certifications: Advanced Certified in Desktop and Online QuickBooks, Certified in POS and Enterprise, Revel & Tsheets Certified

What do you enjoy most about participating in the Build Your Best QBO Practice Facebook Group?

I’ve always enjoyed sharing knowledge and helping others be more successful.

How did you find out about #QBOchat?

I think Facebook recommended it.

What do you do?

All things QuickBooks related.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

Streamlining business processes.  I like to call myself a business process disruptor because I am always looking at how to work smarter not harder.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

I love teaching others how to use QuickBooks and helping them grow their business.  I love doing product demos and webinars.

What topics interest you that you connect with others about? (kids, travel, work, tv, etc – it can be anything)

Crafting; travel; Harry Potter; Pokemon Go

What topic would you like to see in future Twitter chats, Facebook posts, or training?

I’m picking up a lot of shoebox clients who now are looking to start keeping better records and getting things caught up is difficult.  I would love to see tips on how to handle setting up a new client and doing months worth of back entries – it’s different from cleaning up months of incorrect entries.

Anything else you’d like us to know or include in your post?

I worked for Intuit for 12 years helping Accountants and Resellers recommend solutions to their clients. I love Tacos.  I have 3 kids and a dog who thinks she is part pig.

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