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Halon Tax specializes in small business tax return preparation and is a QBOchat Viral Sponsor.

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Halon Tax – published on Apps.com February 2019

Halon specializes in small business tax preparation.
We prepare and file S-Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietor and associated Personal tax returns in 12 hours or less. Our Halon AI prepares the taxes, and a member of our CPA tax team reviews it before sending it back to the business owner for review.
If your business does less than $1M in revenue, Halon can prepare your return.

Halon Tax is the future of small business tax preparation. No longer are business owners limited to using local CPAs and accounting firms with large price tags and poor service. Halon is a unique mix of technology and people. Our cutting-edge software can prepare tax returns in 12 hours or less, and our team of tax experts will review and triple-check the return before filing.

Halon integrates directly with QuickBooks Online and has a live connection. No more mailing, faxing, or scanning forms. Simply connect the QBO account and start the return. Halon’s live QBO connection means any changes the business owner makes to their books once they’ve started with us will automatically show in Halon.
Before preparing a return, our Financial Accountants check the bookkeeping of the business to make sure there aren’t any errors or discrepancies, saving the business owner from potentially missed deductions or IRS fines.

After the books are ready, Halon prepares the return and hands it off to be reviewed by three different accountants for verification. Our accountants work aggressively within the law to identify every possible deduction and area of savings before finalizing the return and sending it to the business owner to review.

Business owners can meet with a CPA to go over and discuss their return, just like they would using a traditional firm.

Halon can prepare Form 1120S (S-Corporations), Form 1065 (Partnerships) and Form 1040 (Personal Returns).
Pricing starts at $249/return for a limited time.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Halon Tax?

Halon began with a simple small business problem: business owners needed a fast, accurate, and affordable tax return preparation and accounting services. Plus access to CPA’s and financial accountants when necessary.

Since 2015, we have been developing the most advanced small business tax software in the U.S., and have paired it with a dedicated team of accountants and support staff for that all-important human touch when it’s needed most, to create the most advanced tax preparation software in the US.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Halon Tax?

Small businesses with less than $1M in revenue
Sole Proprietors
Independent Contractors

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Halon Tax.

12-Hour Turnaround

  • Gone are the days where you drop off your tax documents and don’t hear back from your accountant for weeks. Filing your taxes with Halon takes less time than it will to plan the vacation you’ll be able to take with the tax savings you’ll get.

Real People For Real Support

  • Our customer support staff here in the US are available from 8-6 CST to answer questions and help make the tax filing experience painless and quick.

AI & Human

  • Halon is a unique mixture of technology and human oversight. Our Halon software prepares your returns in mere minutes, and our staff of experienced tax professionals reviews the return 3 times to verify every available deduction and area of savings before finalizing the return.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

Halon was founded by Christopher Ragain, CPA and is based out of Minneapolis, MN, and Naples, FL.

At Halon, we strive to be an accounting firm for the digital age. All of our decisions are based on these core values:


  • We remain focused on and emphasize the good and constructive in all things.


  • We are educators that believe in a strong support system for our clients. When you grow, we grow.


  • We never stop improving our products, who we want to be and where we want to go.


  • We’re committed to valuing our clients and employees as people, not numbers.

How is Halon Tax different from your competitors?

In an age where consumers have hundreds of choices in everything from socks, to yogurts, to televisions, Halon is unique. There are no other apps or technologies like it.

We stand alone from other tax software that only offer personal returns, don’t offer CPA reviews, or are simply accounting firms with a virtual interface. Halon is truly an original. We offer all the services of a traditional accounting firm, but without all the headaches normally associated with them. Our tax returns start at just $299 (or $249 for a limited time). We can prepare and file a return in 12 hours or less, we can fix your books, we can file your personals, and we can even provide you with tax strategies and give you round the clock support from real staff in the US.

What is the pricing for Halon Tax?

Returns start at $249 for a limited time

Regular return pricing is:

$299 – Basic Level Return Package
$499 – Pro Level Return Package
$799 – Elite Level Return Package

Does Halon Tax have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

Yes. Halon University is available for those QuickBooks ProAdvisors that wish to become Halon Financial Accountants.
Halon Financial Accountants (HFAs) are able to offer Halon to their clients as their own personal tax service. HFAs receive discounted pricing as well as several other benefits after completing the Halon University courses.

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