Helping Your Small Business Clients Get Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

Hey guys! I know it is a crazy time right now. For me, I’m a week into full-quarantine with my husband and kids at home. The world is changing around us minute by minute.

As bookkeepers and accountants, we can capitalize on this time to make a huge impact on the small business economy. I don’t mean “capitalize” to line our pockets. We are in business to help and serve as many small businesses as we can. They trust us with their books and providing advice, especially during times like these. So, I started a discussion in my Facebook Group, by simply asking:


Do you have any tips to share for small businesses right now? Share what you've got! Tips, resources, links, etc so we can all help small businesses right now.

We’ve got some great responses so far! I’ll make sure to update this blog post as new ideas come in.  Just post a comment below or send a quick email to

Small Business Resources Dealing With The Coronavirus

Tips for Small Businesses Dealing To Get Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Embrace video where you can.

There are several places where you can record video to share content to your clients and even provide premium content where your customers have to pay for access. In these times, people are craving entertainment, so if you can provide them that – do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect. We see news anchors working from home with less than perfect setups. I think people will be accepting of anything you do to help them keep their minds off the negatives of this situation. And, please do try to focus on inspiring and lifting people up with whatever you do.

  • Keep You and Your Staff Safe, before all else.

Be a good corporate citizen right now. Realize that if people can’t afford to NOT work, they are going to try to work even if they are showing symptoms. People need structure right now and you need to get rules in place to protect your staff and your customers.

  • If people must come in, have them take their temperature before leaving for work everyday and text you the image. (I have seen Callie Dauler, podcaster and CNN employee, doing this before her shifts.)
  • Have handwashing parties or breaks – staying at a safe distance.
  • Give people a protocol and make sure you all are sticking to it.
  • Don’t Forget About Yourself

Stress is bound to be an issue with all the Coronavirus news and the impact on our daily lives. So, don’t forget about getting outside. Walks are one of the best things to do right now. You can also use the Calm app to help ground you or help with anxiety spikes (definitely have done that this week!).

If you are an extrovert, this is going to be a really hard time for you. Find ways to socialize with people virtually. I knew someone that did Facebook Live trivia night for his friends. Have weekly chats with your groups of friends – provide some conversation starter and let the good times roll.

Have more tips or resources to deal with Coronavirus life?

We’ll keep updating this article with information you add in the comments below OR send us an email at

Stay safe out there!

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