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#QBOchat draws a diverse group of QuickBooks users including small businesses, developers, former tech support reps for QuickBooks, and many other users since 2006. #QBOchat also attracts quite a few Intuit employees, which we love because they in turn love our largest group of chatters – accountants! We love that they offer a vast wealth of knowledge, expertise and help to our community, some of which was shared in a recent #QBOchat.

What is your favorite part of working with accounting professionals?
Accounting professionals provide real insight about what users actually need, because they’re on the front lines and involved with many different types of small businesses and clients. They have a true passion for client success and are always willing to jump in and do the hard work.

Because accountants are in the heart of the small business world, they know exactly which tools help small business bottom lines the most. Businesses trust accountants and are their biggest champions, and accountants recognize when solutions work. At Intuit, we admire accountants for their willingness to improve the lives of small business owners and work with companies to help them improve the processes and overall success.

We love that accountants take pride in keeping all the financials in order to better serve their clients. It allows them to provide solid answers to their clients’ questions. In the heart of every passionate accountant is the joy of seeing numbers zeroed out, and puzzle solving is one of their great hidden talents. Jim McGinnis of Intuit even made a video about why he loves accountants. Check it out here.

What is your favorite part of #QBOchat? #QBOchat happens every Thursday and draws a healthy crowd each week. It’s fun to interact with so many different industry-related players in one location, and along with the camaraderie and fun, the information and expertise shared is extremely valuable to accountants and small business owners alike. It’s right in the middle of tax season, and everyone still showed up for #QBOchat! Some groups get boring and stale, but this one never does.
What would you like to see more from Intuit Accounts on social media? Intuit Accounts currently has a fairly strong presence on social media, but #QBOchat fans would love to see the individual profiles of all the Intuit Account team members and learn their stories. The best way to connect with each person individually is to follow everyone who joins the weekly chats. The topic of starting webinars has been met with great response. Vine, a hugely popular video social media platform, is another idea being mulled over.

What makes people feel valued as a client or a customer? Hugs and personal interaction are a given, but when accountants take the time to learn things about you or your business, it makes you feel appreciated. As a customer or business partner, when accountants value the business and keep owners in the loop, it helps the overall experience for both parties. We see a lot of that mindset with this group and its very encouraging.

What are you most excited to work on this year? A new year brings opportunities for growth and projects. Whether the growth is a major initiative of building relationships with clients and potential partners and expanding your business, or the minor excitement of simply receiving all of your 1099s before year-end, all growth is good. 2015 seems to be a year of great things happening with the new QuickBooks Online, but some of our favorite apps and companies are tweaking, improving and rolling out awesome things to make our lives easier, too.

  • Fundera is working on building out their Advisor Channel
  • Funding Gates is working to expand their FG+Accountants partnership program and offer a CPE class.
  • Expensify is releasing real-time expense reporting. What was once future talk is now happening!
  • Finagraph can hardly wait to get everyone on the new FCA program and reward accountants for their hard work

And don’t forget that #QBConnect 2015 is coming up November 2nd-November 4th in San Jose. Last year was amazing, and this year promises to be just as exciting, so prepare now!

Keep up with everything current about QuickBooks Online by joining us for our weekly #QBOChat on Thursdays at 3:00pm EST. See you next time!

Looks for the transcript from this tweetchat? Here you go!

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#QBOchat began in July 2013 with the simple idea to host a weekly Twitter conversation around QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have since grown into a very strong community comprised of a diverse group of users. Our weekly tweet chat is held each Thursday at 3:00PM Eastern. The discussions cover a wide range of topics including QBO’s latest features and updates, business operation tips and apps that integrate with QBO, to name just a few.

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