Mini Courses

Tying Tax Returns to the Financials

Learn how to match tax returns to the financials in this short course. Our sample return is an 1120S and is matched to financials from QuickBooks Online. This video course is 13 minutes long and includes the downloads listed below.

What you should expect to learn

  • Understand the different areas of the tax return
  • What to expect on Forms 1120, 1120S, 1040, 1065, and 990
  • How to match balance sheet accounts on the tax return and financials
  • How to match income statement accounts on the tax return and financials
  • Understand the differences between the financials and the tax return

Downloads included

  • Sample 1120S
  • Sample Balance Sheet exported from QuickBooks
  • Sample P&L exported from QuickBooks


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Accounting for Payroll

Payroll 101 for Bookkeepers

Learn the basics of payroll and how to deal with it from an accounting perspective. We will be discussing:

  1. Paying Employees
  2. Accounting for Taxes
  3. Other Payroll Items, and
  4. Creating the Accounting Entries

This course is not specific to QuickBooks Online. Instead, you are going to learn the basics of accounting for payroll. What types of information and data you should be aware of and how to deal with it.

Downloads Included

  • Presentation slides
  • Practice Guide – Accounting for Payroll



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Excel Skills for Accountants – Top 10 Excel Tools To Increase Productivity

Course Overview

In this 1-hr on-demand training, you’ll learn how the top 10 productivity-boosting tools to help accountants and bookkeepers in their day-to-day lives. We know Excel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it is important for accountants and bookkeepers to have strong Excel skills.

Cathy Iconis, once dubbed “The Excel Queen”, will show you the 10 tools she uses almost daily to help her in her bookkeeping practice. Once you’ve learned how to do utilize these tools, you’ll be able to provide some killer spreadsheets to your team and clients in the fraction of the time it took you in the past.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply viewing and layout tools to streamline your work within Excel
  • Utilize some of the best time-saving features in Excel
  • Design formulas and combine them for further success
  • Create pivot tables and learn how to modify the layouts

Downloads Included with Course

  • Slides: Excel Skills for Accountants – Top 10 Excel Tools To Increase Productivity
  • Raw File: Commission Detail
  • Completed File: Commission Detail
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Building Budgets For Your Clients

Are you ready to up your advisory game?

Learn how to build stellar budgets for your clients. Cathy Iconis will walk you through the process of building a budget – planning, gathering information, determining the numbers, and the final review. This 73-minute training includes a real-life example of building a budget in Excel – plus some time-saving tips in Excel!

With the purchase of the course, you also get access to the slides from the presentation, a PDF template to help you with budget planning with your clients, and the completed Excel file from the example provided in the training.


  • Planning with Clients
  • Gathering Information
  • Determining Budget Numbers
  • Final Review
  • Budget Build Example

Available Downloads

  • Slides – Building Budgets for Your Clients
  • Budget Planner Template
  • Budget Build Example (Excel)
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The Bookkeeper’s Marketing Plan

Learn how to market your bookkeeping business

Do you want to learn how to get new bookkeeping clients? Ready to learn some of the best tactics to advertise your practice? In this on-demand training, you’ll learn how to develop a marketing plan for your bookkeeping practice.

We won’t overwhelm you with a million different things you HAVE to do. This training provides you a kickstart to your marketing efforts. Learn how to strategize and build something that will work best for your practice to attract your ideal clients.


  • Describing Your Business & Services
  • Learning the Sales Process
  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Tactical Plan
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Outbound Marketing
  • Measuring Success

What Others Are Saying

The Bookkeeper’s Marketing Plan provides a great framework of the sales process and marketing strategy.  It helps you move forward and get a plan in place. Cathy Iconis is very relatable and does a great job explaining the process. – Catherine Frasier, CPA


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