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Identifying and Managing Bottlenecks in Business

By QBOchat Admin | February 21, 2015

  In our recent #QBOchat, we discussed bottlenecks in businesses: how to identify them and how to eliminate them. Bottlenecks pose major problems with productivity and revenue, so being able to quickly tackle them can be particularly valuable. How do you identify a bottleneck in your process? Bottlenecks almost always happen as a result of…

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Intuit Loves Accountants!

By QBOchat Admin | February 13, 2015

  #QBOchat draws a diverse group of QuickBooks users including small businesses, developers, former tech support reps for QuickBooks, and many other users since 2006. #QBOchat also attracts quite a few Intuit employees, which we love because they in turn love our largest group of chatters – accountants! We love that they offer a vast…

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Business Analytics Apps in QuickBooks Online

By QBOchat Admin | January 30, 2015

  Recently on #QBOchat we discussed the many helpful Business Analytics (BA) apps for QuickBooks Online. Many clients are initially resistant to using apps as a method of data analysis, but the right apps can be wonderful tools that create dynamic, visually appealing, and informative analytics for clients. What Do Business Analytics Apps Mean to…

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The New QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)

By QBOchat Admin | January 24, 2015

A New Year inspires fresh ideas, and Intuit has been working hard to get everything together for their refreshed QuickBooks Online for Accountants (QBOA). Before we launch into the takeaways from the chat on the new QBOA, let me reiterate that we welcome all QuickBooks users, from small businesses to developers, to join us for…

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Press Release: New Website Launched to Facilitate Discussion of Intuit QuickBooks Online

By QBOchat Admin | January 23, 2015

ATLANTA – JANUARY 2015 – Cathy Iconis, founder and CEO of Iconis Group, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to announce the launch of the new website QBOchat.com. This website is dedicated to providing a regularly occurring open and collaborative forum for people to meet online to discuss the Intuit product QuickBooks Online (QBO). Previous…

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Special Guest, Ron Baker, Dishes on Value Pricing

By QBOchat Admin | January 16, 2015

During a recent #QBOchat we had a special guest, Ron Baker. Founder of VeraSage Institute, a revolutionary think tank for professional-knowledge firms, he’s on a quest to bury the billable hour and timesheets. He has his own weekly radio show, The Soul of Enterprise, and if you’re just now learning about him, all his previous…

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The New #QBOchat

By QBOchat Admin | January 9, 2015

Each New Year brings new ideas for innovation in all businesses or groups, and #QBOchat is no exception. This year, we decided to take our weekly tweet chat to the next level by creating a website dedicated solely to all things #QBOchat. From supporting the actual chat in our website to having archived chats and…

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Importing a .qbo file

Importing a .qbo file into QuickBooks Online

By QBOchat Admin | January 8, 2015

Importing a .qbo File in 60 seconds Having issues downloaded your transactions from your bank. You can also use this work-around by importing a .qbo file from your bank into QuickBooks Online.

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Adding Time Entry Users to QuickBooks Online

Adding Time Entry Users in QuickBooks Online

By QBOchat Admin | January 6, 2015

Adding Time Entry Users in QuickBooks Online

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QuickBooks Online Intro to Online Banking

By QBOchat Admin | January 2, 2015
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