Purchase our 1099-Misc Control Sheet Template to help you organize your 1099 processing.

2020 1099 Misc & NEC Control Sheet Template


2020 1099 Misc & NEC Control Sheet Template

Purchase my 1099-MISC & NEC Control Sheet to streamline your practice’s 1099 preparation process. This allows you to track the progress of 1099s for all of your clients and get a big picture view of the status of everything. This template has been updated for the 2020 reporting year, so there are spaces for both the 1099-MISC and the new 1099-NEC.

After you’ve purchased this template, you’ll receive access to a PDF that will give you instructions on how to either copy the Google Sheet to your Google account or to download the Google Sheet into Excel. If you do download the file to Excel, you will lose some functionality, like the checkboxes.

Watch this video for a quick overview of the template.