Building budgets for your clients training

Building Budgets For Your Clients

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Are you ready to up your advisory game?

Learn how to build stellar budgets for your clients. Cathy Iconis will walk you through the process of building a budget – planning, gathering information, determining the numbers, and the final review. This 73-minute training includes a real-life example of building a budget in Excel – plus some time-saving tips in Excel!

With the purchase of the course, you also get access to the slides from the presentation, a PDF template to help you with budget planning with your clients, and the completed Excel file from the example provided in the training.


  • Planning with Clients
  • Gathering Information
  • Determining Budget Numbers
  • Final Review
  • Budget Build Example

Available Downloads

  • Slides – Building Budgets for Your Clients
  • Budget Planner Template
  • Budget Build Example (Excel)