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QBOchat Support – A QuickBooks Online Accountant Support Group

$99.00 / month

QBOchat Support

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A QuickBooks Online Accountant Support Group

Running your own practice can be scary. It can be lonely. It can be downright depressing at times. But, it can also be AMAZING. Think about the joy you have when you help your clients make their businesses better. Or, when you see the light turn on in their eyes and they finally start to get how knowing their numbers can help them.

It can be difficult to connect your vision of a bookkeeping practice with that end result. If you are anything like me, you tend to give more to your clients than you do to your business (and yourself). This makes running a practice hard, scary, and lonely. And, this is where I want to help you!

What if you had someone to talk to? What if you could bounce off ideas with someone that has been there before? What if you could connect on a deeper level with others just like you? That safe and supportive place is the vision I have for the QBOchat Support Group.

Why build a QBOchat Support Group?

My goal is to help you build your best bookkeeping practice. I want to help you be successful, just like you want to help your clients be successful. Whatever type of practice you want to build, let’s work together to help you get there. You might get some tough love about how your goals aren’t aligning with your actions. I might push you outside your comfort zone, but who else is going to do it?

What should I expect?

As a member of the QBOchat Support Group, you’ll be invited to a private slack group. I’ll be available to answer your questions and work through things Monday – Friday. {I’ll be honest, sometimes I answer questions on the weekend too, but I’m working on my boundaries. Sound familiar?} You’ll also be able to get feedback from other members and get the best practices and tips from each other.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything. As you know by now, I am a QuickBooks Online expert and have been running a practice for over 10 years. You can ask QuickBooks Online questions. You can ask accounting questions. You can ask logistical or operational questions. Seriously, ask me anything. There are several different channels in the group for different topics.

And, I know, running the practice of your dreams isn’t always about inspirational advice and advancing your soft-skills. Sometimes you need the down and dirty advice on how to get out of an engagement – or how to deal with a specific issue in QBO. I’ve got you covered.

Benefits of the QuickBooks Online Accountant Support Group

  • Gain the confidence you need to provide quality work to your clients
  • Save time so you really can enjoy the freedom that being a virtual bookkeeper promised
  • Get advice on how to make your practice more efficient and profitable
  • Get the benefit of a business coach at the fraction of the cost
  • Member exclusive discount codes to other QBOchat courses and resources every month

So, are you ready to get answers when you need them, be more confident in your work, and increase your profits?

Sign up today for QBOchat Support group for just $99/mo. No contracts. Cancel at any time.


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