What is a virtual bookkeeper

What is a Virtual Bookkeeper – Lesson


What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

This is the 1st session of our Introduction to QBO for Bookkeepers Master Course. If you don’t want to purchase the entire course, you are able to purchase some of the separate lessons within the master course.

This lesson gives you a sense of all the services you can provide to small businesses (and those that you aren’t going to do). This is a big-picture view of all types of services and a summary of different things that might be involved.


In this lesson, we’ll discuss:

  • What is bookkeeping?
  • Common services: Ongoing & One-time/project based
  • What a virtual bookkeeper doesn’t do

What’s Included in this Lesson

  • Training video (38 minutes)
  • PDF of the powerpoint presentation
  • PDF Virtual Bookkeeping List of Services