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Cathy From QBOchat Interviews SOS Inventory

I recently caught up with Yvette Houston with SOS Inventory in Atlanta, GA and we interviewed her about SOS Inventory and how they help contractors with their accounting.

SOS Inventory Video Interview

SOS Video Interview Video Transcript

Welcome to QBOchat interviews. Join us as we interview some of the best apps, that integrate with QuickBooks Online and learn how these Apps are making life better for accountants and bookkeepers.

Hey guys! This is Cathy Iconis with QBOchat and I’m here with Yvette with SOS Inventory. Thank you for joining us today.

Thank you.

Umm, how’s it going? Why don’t tell us a little bit more about SOS Inventory?

SOS Inventory is an inventory, order management, and manufacturing app and we integrate with QuickBooks Online. We were built from the ground up to have a bidirectional sync with QuickBooks Online. So, we handle all the inventory tracking, along with being able to track assemblies and track inventory in multiple work orders. Just a wide variety of different things that we can do that bridges the gap between QuickBooks Online and SOS Inventory.

What types of users are the best fit for SOS Inventory?

Some of our really good sweet spots are small to medium-sized businesses that are doing manufacturing. Whether they are tracking tons of inventory in multiple locations or just tracking inventory in just one location. So that is really our sweet spot, that we’re being able to help customers with.

What features do your users love about SOS Inventory?

Oh my goodness. There’s so many. I would say sales orders is a huge one for us. Being able to do partial shipping and partial receiving of items. Barcode scanning seems to be a really big thing that a lot of clients are asking for these days. In addition to being able to do serial tracking along with lot tracking.


What kind of industries are doing the barcode? What use examples do you have?

So, we have a lot of food manufacturers. As far as with serial tracking, we have a lot of medical device companies that are reaching out to us and utilizing our products. Because they’re wanting to be able to track the specifics of a particular item that they’re using, they want to be able to do the serial tracking from start to finish.

We have a lot of car lots, believe it or not, who are reaching out. So, we are [using] their VIN numbers to use as far as serial number tracking and being able to track what’s coming in the door versus what’s going out the door.

What’s new with SOS Inventory?

We have been really busy here with SOS. We just launched at the end of last year, our automated order processing, or our AOP rules, which allows us to set up different rules within the system that will completely automate when you are starting a transaction from beginning to end. Basically, just initiate one transaction and then it just kind of domino effects from there.

We have the ShipStation and the Shopify integration, which has been a huge piece for us as well. Along with our customer portal. And the customer portal allows customers to sign in to check the status of an order they processed at any given time.

What should we know about your affiliate program?

Some huge things that I am really proud of, we’ve been revamping our affiliates program. And what that does is we’re now reaching out specifically out to ProAdvisors and bringing them in and giving them one-on-one detail training about SOS Inventory and the huge benefit of that is, is when we’re referring those clients out to ProAdvisors, they now have the tools in their back pockets and they’re better equipped and feeling more confident when having those initial conversations with those inventory customers. And also, being more confident as far as starting those implementation processes with the clients, as well.

Are you ready to see SOS Inventory?

SOS Inventory is an inventory order management and manufacturing app that is dedicated to QuickBooks Online We’ve been in operations since 2009 and we are one of the highest rated apps on the Intuit App Center, and that is across all product categories. We pride ourselves on providing fanatical support via both email and phone that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

What are SOS Inventory’s core features?

We have the ability to offer assemblies, where we can take raw materials and convert those to finished goods. We also allow barcode scanning, where you can create your own barcodes, or import your own barcodes. And some of our new features include the automated order processing along with the customer portal and our newer integration points, which is Shopify integration and ShipStation integration. These are just a few of some of our outstanding features that you’ll see here in our application.

Let’s take a look at the SOS Inventory home page

This is the SOS Inventory home page. During the initial synchronization from QuickBooks Online, all of the information in QuickBooks will sync over such as your chart of accounts, your sales tax center, any customers, vendors, and existing transactions will automatically sync over and populate here into the SOS application,

Once the synchronization is completed, you’ll be brought here to the SOS Inventory home page, where you will need to go and set up your initial settings. Those settings can be found here under the gear, where you’ll see all of your settings that can be set. In addition to any other integration points that you’ll be using such as EDI setup, Shopify setup, or ShipStation setup. In addition to your UPS setups.

What configurations/workflows are available in SOS Inventory?

Once your integration points and settings are completed, you will be brought here to the custom administration tab, where you can go in and set up all of your configuration points. As you see, we have several different configurations points that you can take advantage of to make sure we’re meeting your different workflows, so if you have multiple locations you’re tracking inventory, you can set up your different locations here.

In addition to being able to track your different sales reps you may have out in the field that is using the system, and we also offer price tiers, a vendor item catalog, in addition to work centers, if you’re using our pro plan. Also, here under the data tools, you’ll be able to import any additional information that you’ll need to import directly into SOS. And our bulk edit functionality allows you to make any mass changes to any information that you need to at any given time. So if you’re needing to update your quantities, your price, anything in regards to your customer list, vendor list, all of those items can be updated by using the bulk edit functionality.

Once you’ve done all of your configuration points, now you are ready to start using the system. You can initiate transactions from the top SOS toolbar here or from the side navigational screen, which is what we’re going to use today.

Under the inventory tab is where you can go and see a list of all your inventory items, you can do any adjustments, make transfers between location if your tracking inventory in multiple locations. You can also manage your serialized tracking and lot tracking, and our lot numbers also have expiration dates that can be used.

Once your items list is displayed, you have the ability to go in and export those items list via excel or PDF. You can also do a quick search here and you can use our filter to filter through by location, by tags, by item types as well. [If] you need to add a new item, you can go here to add new and quickly add the details of your new item that you’re going to be adding to your list.

What can I do in the purchasing module?

When you’re needing to make a purchase, you can go here under purchasing and create your purchase orders. We support partial shipping and partial receiving of items so if you have a purchase order that you created and only part of your items are delivered, no worries. Your purchase order will remain open until all of the items are delivered, then at that point, is when your purchase order will close.

You also have the ability to go in, when you’re doing your purchase order, if any of your items are serial tracked or lot tracked, at that time is when you will add the serial number or the lot number to the desired item so that it is tracked from the time that it comes in the door to the time that it goes out the door.

Also here under purchasing, you can do a return to vendors where we’ll take the item out of inventory so that you [can] return it to your vendor for a refund or credit.

What will we see in the production area?

Under the production tab, is where you can in and do your builds for your items so if you’re taking your raw material and converting that to a finished good, this is where you will initiate those transactions, so we’re tracking raw material from start to finished goods and out the door. Also, we have the ability to track jobs and create work orders.

As you see here under production we also have process transactions, so if you’re taking one item and you’re going to several outputs, then this is where you would initiate your processed transactions outputs, then this is where you would initiate your processed transactions.

What is in SOS Inventory’s sales tab?

Our sales tab is our hub transaction to so many different workflows that you can create here within SOS. Under the sales tab, you’ll see your customers list. We can also create estimates and email those estimates out to your customers, but your sales order, as I mentioned, is the hub so, under sales orders, we can do so many different things the typical workflow would typically include, create your sales order from your sales order, once it is generated, you would create your shipment, directly here from the sales order screen. The shipment is what will relieve the item from your inventory and then you would immediately go in and create your invoice. Cause from here is where the invoice will automatically be generated and sync over to QuickBooks Online so that you can now be able to receive payment in QuickBooks once your customer pays that invoice.

You also have the ability to go in and create a work order directly here from the sales order, if it is an item that needs to be manufactured. And notice we can also create our jobs and purchase orders if we need to order on demand. Again, the sales order transaction, you can do so many workflows directly here from the sales order screen.

Also here under sales, we have the ability to create a stand-alone invoice and in addition to creating a sales receipt. Your sales receipt is going to be created in a situation where you’re having, a retail situation or if you are on a trade show, or if you have reps out in the field that are selling items on the spot and then accepting payments on the spot. That’s when you will be able to use your sales receipts. Although we can create the shipment directly from the sales order, you also the option here to create a stand-alone shipment and you can also create your pick tickets here under the shipment, or fulfillment tab.

With our more transaction, you can create your returns here or, again, from the sales order, you can initiate your return directly here from your sales order. And SOS also supports the ability to track rental inventory. And those transactions can be initiated here directly under the more transactions screen.

With everything that you’ve seen here today, you also have a report section that will track all of the reports for all of the different transactions and if there is not a specific report here that you see that you need, you can create your own customized report by going here to the export data tool and create your own customized report.

What will we find under the quick links?

Also here you’ll find under the quick links, you can set yourself up a to-do list, set up different alerts, also you can scan additional documents that you want to include to be emailed out to your customers or your vendors. We also have a calendar. This calendar can be used to view any upcoming task, sales orders or purchase orders, or as you see, you have the ability to enable what you choose to be displayed on your calendar.

And the same thing here for the dashboard. The dashboard allows us to see anything that we have in the pipeline that’s coming down, so if we’re only interested in seeing what’s in the open sales, we can just enable sales orders and update the dashboard that I only see anything as it relates to the sales orders and the same thing here with the work orders. If I’m only working in the warehouse and I only want to see things as it regards to the work orders, I can just enable work orders.

We also have embedded here within the application, tools right here at your fingertips, so here under the help menu, you’ll see that you have direct access to the user guide along with the video tutorials and also our how-to guides. We also have our frequently asked questions here that can be reviewed to answers any questions and of course, at any given time, you can contact us directly here again from the embedded help tool that you’ll see here in the SOS toolbar.

What is the pricing for SOS Inventory?

And as far as our pricing, you will find it here on our website SOSinventory.com. You can also come here to start your free trial, and this is all of our three plans that we have and as you are reviewing our website, please click on the detail feature comparison as it will give you a detailed breakdown of the differences between each of the plans that you see here today.

Are you ready to give SOS Inventory a try?

Here is a link to get more information and to sign up for your own demo. 

And, if you want to learn even more about SOS Inventory check out their “What is” article on QBOchat.


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