#QBOchat Twitter Chat Live

How to participate in the chat…Join QBOchat on Twitter

Since the tweet chat is twitter based, you have several options to join the chat. Some of these tools don’t work from time-to-time, but here is a listing of all the tools we have used in the past.

  1. Twitter Search
  2. Tweet Chat
  3. tchat.io
  4. Twubs
  5. Tweet Deck (here’s David Leary’s article on how to use TweetDeck)

Common #QBOchat hashtags

  • #learylate – We use this if we are late for the chat. David Leary, one of our regulars is notorious for being late, so we started #learylate. You are only officially late if you show up after David Leary.
  • #sponsorshoutout – This is where we highlight our viral and trending sponsors. They are a pretty amazing group, so you should definitely check them out.

Still have questions? Maybe these quick FAQs will help…

What is a tweet chat? Originally started on Twitter, a tweet chat is a conversation around a designated topic or common interest with a group during a preset time. It’s like the modern version of chatrooms, except these conversations are done in a public forum like Twitter or, as in this instance, via a specialized website.

How do I join a tweet chat? All you need to join in the conversation is a valid Twitter account. You’ll then need to make sure you use the designated hashtag, in this case #QBOchat, when you tweet, so your comments show up in the conversation stream.

Is there an app I can use to help me follow along? Check out David Leary’s guide on How to Follow QBOchat with Tweetdeck.

I’m still not 100% on this. Can you recommend articles that can provide a little more insight to help me out? Absolutely! Here are a few we recommend: