QuickBooks Online Updates

Below are the QuickBooks Online updates by release. We have linked to the original posts on Intuit’s QuickBooks Online Blog and any other related articles that might help you understand the changes better.

QuickBooks Online Updates:

February 2019

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QBO App
    • Simultaneously work with multiple clients at once
  • QBO Payroll
  • QBO Advanced
    • Yes, we have started to hear about the new limitations put on QBO Plus that will eventually help Intuit push more clients to QBO Advanced
    • As an extra incentive, Intuit is now providing more points (75) to ProAdvisors for adding new QBO Advanced subscriptions. This will help you personally with the benefits you receive from the ProAdvisor program.
    • Accelerated Invoicing
      • There are new streamlined features to help you send out a large number of invoices at once.
      • You can also import a lot of invoices into QBO at once for faster processing.
    • Test Drive Company File
    • Other Features as selling points
      • You might have heard these before, but Intuit reiterated them, so we’ll go ahead and do the same here:
        • Up to 25 simultaneous users
        • Reporting powered by Fathom
        • Import invoices
        • Custom permissions – more customization, but test it out to really see what is available
        • Priority circle manager – a primary source of contact for you with Intuit
        • Enhanced custom fields
        • Third accountant user

January 2019

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QBO Advanced
    • Wholesale billing is now an option with QBO Advanced – 30% off for the life of the subscription (until May 31, 2019). But remember, you are in charge of paying for the subscription and getting reimbursed from the client (if that is your business setup). Also, you get to deal with how you will handle any price increases – take them out of your profit or pass along to your client.
      • I’m still a fan of letting my client manage their own subscription and I do the bookkeeping. In my opinion, they pay me for the service – not to manage a subscription that they’d have with or without me. If you want to offer your client a discounted rate but not have them on your wholesale account, you can have them subscribe through an Intuit Reseller, like me.
  • Marketing Hub
    • Per Intuit “We created the Intuit® Marketing Hub to give accounting and tax pros an easy-to-follow playbook for growing your practice”
    • Resources include:
      • A step-by-step guide to create a marketing plan
      • QBO Sales sheet to pitch clients
      • A video guide on how to discuss value pricing
      • Discounts on Squarespace and Constant Contact
  • Apps now have new “ProAdvisor Picks” category to feature those that ProAdvisors love. You’ll see this with a little trophy on the top right of the app card on Apps.com

December 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Redesigned ProAdvsior Program
    • This means more benefits for you! Intuit is moving towards a point-based system and that provides you more and more benefits the more points you get. The concept is great and it is just the foundation for more stuff they can do with this program.
  • New Client Overview
    • We now have a new area within QBO to see a summary of our client’s books. This is a great way to get an idea of how things are, especially if you are pricing out a cleanup job. (Remember, we have a course to help you with cleanups.)
    • What’s included
      • Company set up – to see info about the business, the apps connected, and more
      • Banking activity – see all the accounts connected, the current bank balance, balance per QBO, how many unaccepted transactions there are, and the reconciliation status
      • Common issues – this lists out how many transactions are in accounts that are common mistake areas – like undeposited funds
        • One great example is that lists out any negative asset or liability accounts
  • Next-day Deposits for Intuit Credit Card Payments
    • When clients are paid via credit card through their QB Payments account, they will be able to get those funds deposited into their account the next day.
      • There are a few exceptions, you can find those here.
  • Auto-collected W-9s
    • You can request W-9 information from your contractors through QBO now, but watch out because you are inviting your contractor to sign up for a QBO account. In my test, I said I was an individual so I got a free self-employed account. The problem I have is that now as a contractor, I’m going to be getting Intuit emails and all that is saved in there. Personally, I just don’t like this methodology.
  • Automate Routines
    • Here’s a video on how it works
    • You can turn on routines in QB Labs and you have some beginning templates to utilize
      • Notify your customers when you receive their payment
      • Remind yourself or customers about past due invoices – so does this make InvoiceSherpa not necessary for some users?
      • Remind yourself about upcoming bills
      • Mark an invoice’s memo whenever an invoice is overdue

November 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Seamless integration with QBOA and Proconnect Tax Online
    • The QBOA dashboard has had links to be able to prepare taxes for a while and we’ve had the trial balance tool, but I think we are talking about more efficiencies with information going back and forth and getting alerts.
  • Inventory reorder points
    • Add reorder points to your inventory items and see information on the product/service screen as when you have low stock.

October 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced – We are following up on the August release on this one. This is Intuit’s play at mid-market businesses to help them move away from Enterprise but still stay within the Intuit ecosystem. It’s still new, but you’ll see them developing this more and more over the next year.

September 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QBOA
    • New billing experience – the billing details give you more clarity of what is included in your invoice (and yes, we actually can see invoices now!!)
    • Work notifications – within the work area, you can now set up notifications for you and your team. You can also connect your notifications to Slack.
    • Quickstart Templates – This is also in the work area. You’ll now be able to select an existing template from Intuit or customize your own to set up projects in QBOA.
  • Reports
    • Payroll summaries by employee – this report allows you and your clients to see the total cost of each employee

August 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • ProAdivsor updates
    • Edit your personal URL – up to 50 characters & you can change the URL up to 5 times
    • Reply to ProAdvisor reviews – just go to your ProAdvisor profile and look at the detail of your reviews to see a “Reply to review” button. Note, your replies go through a 72-hour approval process, just like reviews.
  • Chart of Accounts
    • We can FINALLY import sub accounts!!! Just use this setup “Parent account name:Sub account name” in your upload file to show it is a sub account.
    • Create a new account directly from the product/service area!! Another awesome update. It might be little but will save a ton of time.
  • Self-Employed (Note – this is not the core QuickBooks Online product)
    • Clients can bulk-delete trips in their mileage log
    • Labs is now available for QBSE for you and your clients to test out new features before they go live in the product for everyone
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced
    • This is for people that are outgrowing QBO {In my opinion, I’m not sure who that would be if you are using the product and apps to customize your workflows, but let’s just see where this goes}
    • Here are the benefits (more info at this link)
      • Up to 25 users with full and simultaneous access
      • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
      • Priority Care
      • Up to 5 free online training courses

July 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Redesigned client app dashboard
    • All clients are listed in a single grid, making it easier to manage apps for our clients
  • Failed e-invoice notifications
    • If your e-invoices bounce back, your clients will get an email saying there was an issue
    • They’ll also see notifications in the invoice list and within the invoice tracker
  • Earn CPE when training for QBO
    • Training is found in the ProAdvisor tab in QBOA
    • You’ll get credit for training for certifications and other specific trainings
  • New reports for bill and invoice payments
    • These can be found in the reports tab
    • Bills and Applied Payments – shows the bill and bill payment together so you can see how they are being accounted for
    • Invoices and Received Payments – same thing but on the revenue side
  • Faster Invoice actions
    • On the All sales screen, the “Action” column allows you to delete, void or copy invoices or sales receipts
  • Paychecks split into two accounts
    • These are now split up as two transactions so that your bank feeds matchup
  • Added User Permission Option
    • You can now specifically select if a user should have access to payroll

June 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Product Updates hub
    • This is a new website that details out the updates in QBO by release (we still prefer this listing on our site with links to everything you need)
    • But, this hub might be more your style, so check out the link
  • Direct bank feeds
    • Wait – bank feeds have been around for a while? Right??
    • QBO is creating more integrated bank feeds with certain banks
    • These new connections are supposed to cut down on feed interruptions, connection errors and missing or duplicate transactions
  • Customize Payment Accounts on QB Capital Loans
    • Upon getting accepted for a loan, QB Capital will split up your principal and interest for auto-recording the transaction
  • Slack Integration
    • Slack is integrating with QBOA now so all your project updates, reminders and notifications can be pushed over to Slack
    • Look for the Slack integration under the Work tab in QBOA

May 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Progress Invoicing is finally here – I know it has been in beta or something for a while, but it is here!!
    • You start the process with an estimate and then you can select a schedule for the invoices
    • You can invoice everything, a certain percentage of each line, or a custom amount for each line
    • Your estimate will show you how much has been collected and what is left to invoice
  • QBOA “Work” Tab
    • Allows you to manage your firm and client workload in one place
    • You can now add internal project and tasks and delegate to your team
  • Contractor Direct Deposit
    • Here’s a more in-depth article written by Beverly Lang up on Intuit’s blog
    • If you are using QB Self Service Payroll or QB Full Service Payroll, you can now pay your 1099 contractors via direct deposit
    • There is still an added fee for each new 1099 contractor you are paying
    • QBO has separated the payment view on the “Workers” tab so now you see “Employees” in one area and “Contractors” in another area
  • QuickBooks Accountants Apps Program
    • You now get discounts for specific apps that are part of this program
    • You can find these apps when clicking on “Apps” within your QBOA screen
    • When in the find apps screen, you can see the discount provided to ProAdvisors – which you can pass along to your clients
  • Connect to PayPal app for QuickBooks
    • Here is the next iteration on the attempt to get a good integration between QBO and PayPal
    • First you connect via the app, then that will pull in the transactions into the banking area to categorized
    • You can create sales receipts from the banking screen
    • You also finally have the gross amount listed as well as the PayPal fee separately
    • Those PayPal fees go to their own expense account
  • Redesigned Invoice Emails
    • So, QuickBooks has made invoices more simplistic so they are easier to communicate via email
    • It looks great on mobile devices
    • You have flexibility on accent color, logo, names info
    • The drawback? They removed the ability to upload a word doc as your invoice template
    • And, you’ll run into issues if you need to invoice from two different business names/segments/locations if you are set up that way. It might be time to look for a third party app if you are running into this issue.

March 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Manage all your clients in QBOA
    • Instead of just adding your QBO clients in QBOA, you can add all of your clients now
    • All of your clients notes can be held within QBOA
    • This is beneficial if you are using “Work” because you can create tasks, etc for these non-QBO clients
  • TSheets by QuickBooks in QBOA
    • TSheets was already in QBO, but now it works well with QBOA to help you and your team manage your time & work schedules
  • Redesigned ProAdvisor Benefits & Training Experience
    • There are now just 2 tabs in your ProAdvisor area – Benefits and Training
    • The training area is where you’ll find information about your certifications AND other trainings offered by Intuit Accountants
    • Under benefits, you’ll find support, product discounts, and downloads if you have a paid Proadvisor Program subscription that includes desktop downloads

February 2018

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Expanded Reports
    • Simple start now has the Trial Balance and General Ledger
    • There is a new 1099 Transaction Detail Report
  • QB Invoicing for Gmail
    • Your invoices can be seen within your Gmail screen and you can create new ones from there without having to log in to QBO directly
  • ProAdvisor Listing Updates
    • Expanded service listing to really detail what type of work you do

December 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QB Capital
    • Short term loans made available through Intuit
    • Up to $35K available and must be paid back within 6 month
    • The rates are clearly stated on the application page
    • Repayment is done with weekly ACH payments back to QB Capital
  • 24 hr Direct Deposit in Payroll
    • Only available with certain banks currently, but will be increasing that number in the future (I couldn’t find which banks are supported)
    • Can be used with QB Full Service Payroll or QBO Payroll

November 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • QBOA Enhancements
    • Customize your client list into different groupings that you determine
    • The customer list will include more customer contact information so you can easily get to it
  • Mobile Enhancements
    • Easily email, call, or text clients from your client list within the QBO Mobile App

QuickBooks Online Updates: October 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Projects in QuickBooks Online
    • You can see all the associated transactions and time for a project in one place
    • Enable the feature by going to Settings > Advanced
    • This is an alternative to using subcustomers or classes in QBO to account for projects
    • Charlie Russell’s article on projects in QBO
      Below are some notes from Charlie’s article:

      • Projects becomes a new area on the left-hand navigation
      • Each project has a status of “in progress, completed, or canceled”
      • Purchase Orders do not show up in the project area
      • Project reports: Project Profitability, Unbilled Time and Expenses, and Nonbillable Time
      • Once you turn on projects, you can NOT turn it off
      • Projects doesn’t currently integrate with Intuit’s payroll system
  • Sales Tax Center
    • The sales tax center has been completely redone
    • Receive automatic reminders to pay sales tax
    • You have the ability to make multiple adjustments to payments
    • Charlie Russell’s article on the update to the sales tax center
      Below are some notes from Charlie’s article:

      • Tax rates are updated automatically and are date sensitive
      • Click the sales tax label on the invoice to see how the tax was calculated
      • Warnings if you override the sales tax amount within an invoice
      • Intuit acquired Exactor, a provider of sales & use tax calculation and filing which appears to be the underlying technology for the new sales tax features in QBO
      • The new sales tax center is for subscribers that turned on sales tax AFTER this new release
      • There isn’t an expectation as to when subscribers are on the old sales tax system will get an update

QuickBooks Online Updates: September 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Create repeating projects in QBOA
  • New Apps tab in QBOA
    • Access your own apps and your clients’ apps within QBOA

QuickBooks Online Updates: August 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Transcript of our #QBOchat: Recent QBO Updates (June, July, & August)
  • Pay bills electronically, powered by Bill.com
  • New and improved QuickBooks Online desktop App
    • Stay signed in
    • Work in multiple windows
    • Save time with keyboard shortcuts
    • Notes from Charlie Russell on Accountex Report
      • Intuit changed the development environment
      • Speed, reliability, and stability should improve
      • Information in different windows will “auto-refresh”
      • The addition of the top menu bar is more user-friendly for those used to QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online Updates: July 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Transcript of our #QBOchat: Recent QBO Updates (June, July, & August)
  • Manage projects directly with QBO
    • Turn this feature on using QuickBooks Labs
    • Organize all pieces of a project in one location
    • Projects keep track of profitability
  • Using Partial Purchase Orders
    • Users can link a bill, check or expense to a portion of a purchase order
    • The Open PO Detail report tracks how much of a PO has been received and how much is outstanding
    • Link purchase orders to more than one bill, expense or check
    • Close individual lines on a purchase order

QuickBooks Online Updates: June 2017

See Intuit’s Blog Post for screenshots and more info

  • Transcript of our #QBOchat: Recent QBO Updates (June, July, & August)
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll changes
    • Employee self-setup
      • Invite employees to enter personal and tax info on their own
      • This means fewer data entry errors
  • Custom Statement Tools
    • More efficient user interface
    • Customize your master invoice template with logos, colors, fonts, etc
    • Statements are automatically updated to match
  • Customize invoice templates from your iOS mobile device


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