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Intuit Accountant's QB Dream TeamOur friends at @IntuitAccts took over our chat about making small business dreams come true. @shaunamaher tweeted from the @IntuitAccts handle. Overall, this chat showed just how wonderful and supporting the accounting community is in helping each other and small businesses succeed. Let’s see what the QuickBooks Team Dream is all about.

A special belated happy birthday to #QBOchat founder @CathyIconis! This chat took place on her birthday.

Q1: What is your favorite part of partnering with clients customers?

There were so many impactful answers to this question, most focusing on cleaning up the books, working with small businesses, becoming a part of a team with clients, and streamlining accounting processes. @IntuitAccts pointed out that so many replies were about making a difference, growing, and being part of the #smallbiz team.

@BizBooksCloud: Making their lives easier! And taking away the constant anxiety they felt before at not keeping up on their finances

@jazfun: Favorite part is seeing the burdens lifted from their lives – #AbilityToSoar

@ElaineOrrBiz: Empowering business owners to understand & take charge of their business numbers

@AAGJsn: I like making the accountant/bookkeeper look like a hero when I’m able to help them fix something previously unfixable

@expensify: Listening to their needs. We account a huge part of our success to the feedback of our customers. Thanks!

Q2: What are some of the biggest pain points you’ve solved for a client and customer?

Pain points aren’t usually fun, hence the “pain,” but it’s good to know there are people you can turn to for help, especially when overwhelmed. Some pain points come from learning new software, apps, or social media techniques. Others are more complex and related directly to accounting like unorganized inventory and expenses, outdated financials, and duplication.

@ServelloCPA: Keeping up to date cash flow so business owners understand where their money is going.

@CathyIconis: We setup ways for all of our client’s systems to work together in the best way possible. #streamline

@tasha_gorman: Consolidating firm workflow, setting up QBOA for the firm. Finding apps to replace manual work

@DamianoTSheets: Providing accurate time reporting for payroll and profit insights on projects

@IntuitBry: I love when we help to connect them with the right app for whatever the job is. Usually I need @mckanas’s help.

Q3: How do you help your clients/customers make their dreams a reality?

One of the benefits of working for and with a small business is often having a close relationship with clients and customers. It may be cliché, but you aren’t just a number. Taking time to get to know the background, goals, and aspirations of a business and its owner is a good place to start helping clients/customers.

@tasha_gorman: Give them all the tools, resources, and support they need to grow their business. Help them develop a strategy and gameplan

@DamianoTSheets: We provide insight into one of the company’s largest expenses, labor, helping them to make better financial decisions

@CathyIconis: Each business is on a different path, you have to join them, then help guide them from there.

@billcom: One of the most awesome dreams is reclaiming work-life balance, something we see all the time.

@ServelloCPA: I like to educate clients so that they understand their books. That way they can see their financial health and plan

Q4: How have you evolved in order to better serve your clients/customers?

As businesses grow, they also evolve, learning new or better, more efficient ways to accomplish things. This can affect everything from technology, to processes, to learning about new products, and modifying business offerings.

@AccountingFirst: Taking time to learn new apps which will help the client. Not doing the same as last year.

@BizBooksCloud: 18 months ago nearly all my clients were in various desktop apps, now almost all are in QBO and much happier and more automated

@DamianoTSheets: Listen more closely to what is most important to our partners/customers and pivot accordingly.

@TDAccounting: Going 100% paperless and bringing our clients with us. We just finished our transformation this week!

Q5: Where do you want to take your practice or business in the next year?

For some reason, everyone wanted to take their practice to the beach. We’ll blame the winter weather. In reality, most chatters are looking to improve their offerings, add staff, and expand business in the near future.

@IntuitBry: Intuit continues to help alleviate professionals’ boring work so that they can focus on what they do best.

@TDAccounting: All staff certified as advanced QBO, being able to focus outside of the office and bringing more QBD client’s to QBO

@BizBooksCloud: Would love to become a @hubdoc subscriber for all clients and solve my own pain point, but current pricing doesn’t make likely

@MarnieStretch: Time to seriously explore a niche. Not sure what, though… I thought my niche was QB Pro but there’s too many of us now lol

That’s a wrap for this week’s recap. Thanks again to @IntuitAccts for providing the questions for our chat. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things #QBOchat. And don’t forget about our weekly Thursday chat, 3PM EST/12PM PST.

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