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About Synder

Synder is an accounting automation app that helps easily bring online transaction data from
Stirpe, PayPal, and Square to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero. We asked the
provider 9 questions, as a part of our “What Is” blog series, to learn more about their app and
their company.

What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s Apps.com?

Synder is a software solution for accountants and small businesses that look for workflow
automation and would like to organize their data processing more efficiently. Synder
automatically synchronizes Stirpe, PayPal, and Square transactions with QuickBooks Online,
QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero. The auto-sync mode helps to set up an automatic data
synchronization workflow that works in the following way: once you receive a transaction in your
payment system, it lands in your accounting system within several seconds. Synder became a
part of Apps.com in August 2017 under the name of Business Payments which was changed to
Synder at the beginning of 2020.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Synder?

When we first thought about integration between payment systems and QuickBooks Online, we
realized that businesses spend countless hours processing their incoming and outgoing
transactions in their accounting systems. So, we decided to automate these processes with
easy and understandable configurations. Now an unlimited number of Stripe, PayPal, or Square
accounts can be directly imported into your accounting system within a few minutes, allowing
the businesses to use that time for things that require more of their attention.

The solution for QuickBooks Online has shown to be so popular that we also developed it for
QuickBooks Desktop and Xero.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Synder?

Having integration with the most popular payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, and Square,
the app suits a wide range of organizations across many sectors. Our customers can be SMBs
owners, Accountants, and Bookkeepers – the app will ease up their workload by saving
hundreds of hours previously spent on manual data entering.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Synder.

The first favorite feature of our users is the Auto-Sync feature, which allows synchronizing
transactions without launching the app. The syncing process can also be managed manually, by
selecting only those transactions a customer would like to sync. Having that freedom of choice
is something loved by our users.

Our users also appreciate the granularity that the app provides importing data into the
accounting system. It allows auto-track product inventory, locations, shipping, and discounts.
Also, it helps sync multicurrency transactions, as well as set up rules for transaction

The third one is our Rollback and Duplicates Detector functions, designed to avoid any issues
with the data import. Rollback allows to undo any import and erase synced transactions from the
accounting company just in two clicks. The whole process stays under the user’s control with no
chance to make any mess in your accounting.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

By focusing on customer success, we dedicate time to analyzing the feedback and any requests
coming from both our customers and team members. This approach helps us bring numerous
updates, inspired by direct feedback, which makes the app unique in a way that it is constantly
progressing. Thus we ensure the highest standards of usability and respond to customer needs.

Our team-leads actively participate in the discussion process and that makes the development
process easy and productive. The biggest value for us is to have a strong community around
our product. It gives us the priceless opportunity to tailor our software to the needs of
customers, deepened by the vision of our dedicated team, all being done in a time-efficient
manner, reflecting the character of our app.

How is Synder different from your competitors?

Numerous features differentiate Synder from the competitors.

First, it allows for synchronizing various types of transactions: Invoice Payments, Money
Transfers, Subscription Payments, Expenses, and others with flexible customization of settings
for each type. Moreover, the app can synchronize all the historic transactions without time limits
and in an automated mode.

Then, there’s the Roll-back feature that helps easily eliminate any erroneous transactions in
bulk, so there’s no risk of messing up the books.

One more great thing is that Synder allows connecting multiple payment systems with an
accounting system, such as QuickBooks or Xero, so a single solution is needed to keep control
over one’s finances. It makes the app suitable for small businesses.

Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction and positive results, we provide 24/7 customer support
via various means of communication, including online live-chat, phone, email. Our support team
members hold weekly webinars to demonstrate how the app works covering all aspects related
to using the app to maximize the benefits for the businesses. Besides, there are personalized
one-on-one onboarding demos available on-demand.

What is the pricing for Synder?

We have two different pricing models to fit our customers’ needs: a subscription-based and a

Subscription includes several packages that vary by the number of synchronizations needed to
process each month. Small Plan starts from $15.99/mo for a yearly subscription, and all yearly
plans have a 20% discount.

A pay-as-you-go plan is perfect for businesses that need to process large numbers of
transactions at a small price.

Does your App have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

Currently, we provide a 20% discount for ProAdvisors on any of the offered plans. Also, QuickBooks ProAdvisors who want to work with us can participate in our referral program. Please, contact our support team at support@cloudbusinesshq.com to receive all information about programs for QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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