The Best Business Apps

The Best Business AppsAs the title says, this chat was all about the best business apps – the best ones to have on our phones, what makes us happy about apps, and some favorite new apps. With thousands of app options out there, we’re hoping the chat will help narrow the field down to a few top ones to increase productivity.

Q1: What are the top 3 apps that you recommend to businesses? And why?

During the chat, Mindy with @IntuitAccts tweeted “The average small biz uses about 18 applications to run their business.” Whoa! To help cut through the clutter, the most mentioned when answering this question were @QuickBooks, @Google apps, @Expensify, @HubDoc, @ReceiptBank, @billcom, and @Tsheets, all to help with organization and efficiency.

@accountingpeace: I recommend @mileiq (for tracking mileage)

@TaxPlannerPro: Through our onboarding process each client gets set up on @Gusto @TaxPlanner Pro of course  🙂

@getclockshark: Also @fundbox and @Fundinggates cause they all rock at solving common business problems

@Receipts_John: @Zendesk @Slack and our very own @ReceiptBank  lol

@tsheets: Can we just give a shoutout to ALL of our partners? (We say yes!) So many amazing apps here!  

Q2: What do you look for in an app that makes you happy and a dedicated user?

Ranking high on the list of items making chatters happy about apps includes ease of use, great customer service (think quick support and ease of contacting), cross platform connectivity, data backup, integration with @quickbooks online and other apps, and integrating feedback from users.

@ChristineGalli: Flawless onboarding and execution

@madelinekreeves: The people behind the app matter most to me! Technology is great but if there aren’t talented humans supporting it we can tell

@billcom: There’s a lot of great stories about people using apps on the #QBFirmofTheFuture site

@CathyIconis: If I have a question, I should be able to find the answer quickly on your site or via Google.

@getclockshark: 1st – It solves the problem. 2 – It’s easy and (even fun) to use. 3 – You feel like you would be lost without it.

@ElaineOrrBiz: It has to save time, maximize efficiency. Readily available support who treat me like a VIP is a must 🙂

@Qbexpertchicago: Good support and to solve a need that QBO doesn’t do on their own

Q3: What are your favorite 3 business apps that you use on your phone? And why?

For many of us, our phones are attached to our hips. Sometimes that also means our business life treads into our personal life, and having useful apps at our fingertips is a huge help.

@madelinekreeves: Google apps, @evernote, and @SlackHQ. Keep track of work, ideas, and open communication with my global team

@Vrcqbpro: I did some desktop 1099s with @track1099 this year – really liked that app / The whole Google Apps Suite, @AeroWorkflow of course, and @Expensify  are my favorite work phone apps

@CathyIconis: Top 3 phone apps – @Gmail @Flipboard @Facebook. I do a “bit” of social work in my marketing. / I like @Flipboard because it curates content for me to read on the go. I can’t do that in front of a computer. / I like how the @gmail phone app lets me select 1 email user at a time. So on the weekends, I try to never select the biz acct.

@CalebLJenkins: 1) @ReceiptBank for #effortlessbookkeeping, 2) @karbonhq for #WorkflowManagement, 3) @twitter for #SocialMedia!

@goshenbkc: Google apps, @asana for managing my projects, @expensify for receipts, @sharefile for on the go docs

Q4: What is a new app that you have been testing out? What do you like or dislike about it?

Last year it was reported that 1,000 new apps were submitted to Apple’s App Store each day. With so many new options, it’s easy to miss an app that can change your personal or professional life. Here are some recommendations from our #QBOchatters, ranging from apps to increase productivity, assist with a healthier lifestyle, and simplify your to-do list:

@CathyIconis: We have been using @Etsy for my 6 yr old’s new business. The phone app is nice. / I’ve played around on @periscopeco a bit. Still don’t know what to say on there.

@ChristineGalli: Just started using MileIQ, haven’t explored integrating it with @IntuitApps. Simultaneously, @Insightly and @Box

@BizBooksCloud: I am trying out Todoist for my tasks, liking it so far

@CalebLJenkins: Testing @karbonhq! I love the #WorkflowManagement and #EmailIntegration. Still needs a bit of improvement on the #Contacts! / I’m also trying @BoxHQ instead of @Dropbox or @googledrive! I think that I’m liking it better!

@accountingpeace: @myfitnesspal to remind myself how important exercising and eating right are to my mental health.

@ElaineOrrBiz: I’m using Pomello for productivity. It’s a Chrome extension that combines a timer with your Trello tasks / I’m also using a @Gmail extension to stop me using apologetic language in my emails!

Q5: What apps do your recommend for accountants to use as a part of their practice?

A Google search for “apps for accountants” returns more than a million results, mixed with articles recommending apps and actual apps. Save yourself the time of combing through search results and check out the recommendations below from @AeroWorkflow, @Redmond_Laura, @CathyIconis, @Kimtuitive, @ElaineOrrBiz, @CalebLJenkins, @TaxPlannerPro, and @QBOPro:

That’s a wrap for our app chat. If you’re looking for more app suggestions, go to for a list of the latest and most popular apps. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things #QBOchat.

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Andrea Mestdagh is an award-winning communications and marketing professional.

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