TSheets Takeover: TSheets PRO Program

TSheets TakeoverOur sponsor and friends at @tsheets, time tracking employee software, took over the chat focusing on the TSheets PRO Program. Kelly (@KellyTsheets) manned the @tsheets handle from Boise, Idaho, and we were also joined by Dan (@DBuckTsheets) and Danny (@TSheets_Danny) during the TSheets Takeover.

Q1: Are you familiar with TSheets/the TSheets PRO program?

The @tsheets PRO program is a partner program where PROAdvisors have access to an exclusive level of partnership with @tsheets. As a PRO, you refer clients to @tsheets to save them time and money on payroll, job costing, and invoicing. Many of our chatters are PROAdvisors including @accountingpeace, @CathyIconis, and @BizBooksCloud.


  • TSheets gives TSheets PROs designated support, a free TSheets account and commission on all referrals.
  • PRO account sign up can be found here

@accountingpeace: How do Commissions work? Does a client have to be onboard for a certain number of months?

@KellyTSheets: Nope – the PRO starts to accrue commission the first month the client is paying!

@DBuckTSheets: 20% commission on first 12 months of payment! You can track within your account! Get paid out once a quarter @ $250

Q2: What do you or your clients like most about TSheets?

There are many @tsheets features to like, including GPS tracking, ease of use on a mobile device, ease of use overall, amazing customer support, integration with QBD, the scalable feature set, and reports available.


  • TSheets is time tracking made simple! You can track time anywhere, using any device, in real time!
  • Another reason clients love TSheets — it integrates with QuickBooks Online!


Q3: What’s your favorite thing about being a TSheets PRO?

Being a PROAdvisor has many perks (check out a list of some of them here). Some favorites mentioned during the chat are getting great customer service from the @tsheets team and having more credibility when recommending a @tsheets product. Plus there is also a PROAdvisor Facebook group.


  • And PROs know that when you’re a TSheets PRO, you get rewarded for referring!
  • Earn a commission on all referrals, plus, who doesn’t love TSheets SWAG?!


Q4: What do you think is the #1 benefit of getting your clients to track time using TSheets?

There are many benefits to using @tsheets including mobile integration, unlimited support, and smart integration accounting software. Our #QBOchat-ers also like that they don’t have to purchase a time clock, the easy integration with #QuickBooks, ability to see who’s working when and where, ability to create groups of employees and track by a group, and the time it saves users.


  • It’s a huge time saver for clients! Their time is accurate and payroll takes less time.

Q5: Give an example of a client you’ve referred to TSheets and what got them excited about it.

@tsheets loves client referrals, so much so that they dedicated a blog post to that very topic last year, 10,000 Reasons to Refer TSheets, as part of the TSheets $10k Challenge. Referrals combined with great product features makes for a winning combination.


  • We hear that a lot of clients get excited about TSheets Who’s Working feature-see what your employees are working on + where.
  • New clients are also excited about the addition of TSheets scheduling!

@BrightBooks : One client was just starting payroll and was freaking out about the process until I showed her @tsheets. Now she is calm.

@jazfun: Overtime Alerts are the best.. Helps manage payroll.. #ExcitingFeature

@Kaydee_411: GPS gets my people excited!

Is there anything else you love about @tsheets that wasn’t mentioned in the TSheets Takeover chat? Leave a comment below. And remember to sign-up for our newsletter to get the most up-to-date news on #QuickBooks and #QBOchat.

Andrea Mestdagh

Andrea Mestdagh is an award-winning communications and marketing professional.

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