G-Accon for QuickBooks: New Features and Functionality

G-Accon for QuickBooks: New Features and Functionality

G-Accon for QuickBooks is a great tool for accountants, advisors, and business owners to customize and automate reporting, upload data in bulk, consolidate data, build charts, manipulate data using the power and convenience of Google Sheets.

Features that you will learn more about in this exclusive demo:

  • Automatically refresh and notify customers with the updated QuickBooks reports by using a flexible schedule – the example of P&L reports for two QuickBooks entities will be presented (how to create templates for 2 entities, consolidate data, automate downloads, and notify your clients)
  • How to set up the upload templates for Sales Receipts and Journal Entity and automatically upload bulk of data to QuickBooks directly from Google Sheets
  • New Reports: Detailed Transaction (see all accounts under “SPLITS”), Budget vs Actual, and Budget Variance
  • Connect sheets to Google Data studio to build custom BI solutions. KPI example in sheets and in Google Data studio will be presented.

This is the additional application capability:

  • Connect Google Sheets to unlimited QB companies
  • Create/update data queries/reporting templates
  • Save & Share templates in the Cloud
  • Schedule automatic data uploads to QBO (Update, Insert, Delete, Void)
  • Schedule automatic data refresh (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Refresh and Upload data/reports for all companies in one click
  • Consolidate data for multiple companies in one or several spreadsheets
  • Auto-export and email updated reports in Google Sheets, Excel, PDF, CSV
  • Schedule backups of historical data snapshots in your Google Drive
  • Create workflows to automate your tasks

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Past Webinar

Thursday March 18, 2021

1:00 pm EDT

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