Intro to Uncat

Uncat Webinar

Learn more about Uncat and how it can help you fix uncategorized expenses based on client notes and sync to QuickBooks Online (and other accounting systems).

  • Automatic client notifications
  • Sync with QuickBooks Online, Xero (beta), and QuickBooks Desktop (beta)
  • Just $5/month per client

Key Benefits

Uncat will notify your clients by email (and SMS) if they have uncategorized expenses, uncategorized income, or uncategorized assets so that they can add notes and receipts online via Uncat. You don’t have to export spreadsheets of transactions anymore. Uncat automatically syncs client notes and receipts for uncategorized expenses to QuickBooks Online.

This free webinar is sponsored by Uncat. Once you register,  your contact information will be shared with Uncat, but no one else!

Past Webinar

Tuesday October 05, 2021

12:00 pm EDT

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