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Business Payments automatically syncs your PayPal and Stripe transactions with QuickBooks. We asked them 8 questions, as a part of our “What Is” blog series, to learn more about their app and their company.

What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s Apps.com?

Business Payments is a software solution for businesses which look for a workflow automation and would like to organize their business processes in a more efficient way. We answer that need providing a smart integration between QuickBooks and payment systems. The app set on auto-sync works in a way that once you receive a transaction in your payment system it will land in your QuickBooks within several seconds. Business Payments has become part of Apps.com in August 2017.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Business Payments?

When we first thought about the integration between payment systems and QuickBooks, we realized that businesses spend countless hours to process their received transactions. So, we decided to automate these processes with easy and understandable configurations. Now an unlimited number of Stripe or PayPal accounts can be connected within a few minutes and set on auto-sync, which will automatically parse data, allowing the businesses to use that time for things that actually require their attention.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Business Payments?

Having an integration with most popular payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal and soon Square, Business Payments suits a wide range of organizations across many sectors. Our customers can be bookkeepers or small business owners – the app will ease up their workload by saving hundreds of hours of time previously spent on manual data entering.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Business Payments.

Our users especially appreciate the Auto-Sync feature, which allows synchronizing transactions without launching the app. Each time a transaction comes into the payment system it will be delivered into QuickBooks in mere seconds, without you having to do anything manually. The syncing process can also be managed manually, by selecting only those transactions a customer would like to sync. Having that freedom of choice is something loved by our users.

The next one would be a fine-tuning adjustment of the app that allows to automatically close open Invoices with matching received transactions and also to track and prevent double-entries.

And last but not least is our Rollback function, designed to avoid any issues with the data import. What it means is that you can undo any import and erase synced transactions from the QuickBooks company just in two clicks. The whole process stays under user’s control with no chance to make any mess in QuickBooks accounting.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

By focusing on customer success we dedicate time to analyzing the feedback and any requests coming in from our customers and members of our team. This approach has led to numerous updates, inspired by a direct feedback, that makes the app unique in a way that it is being constantly enhanced, ensuring the highest standards of usability and responding to customer needs.

Our team leads actively participate in the discussion process and that makes the development process easy and productive. The biggest value for us is to have a strong community around our product, which gives us the priceless opportunity to tailor our software to the needs of customers, deepened by the vision of our dedicated team, all being done in a time-efficient manner, reflecting the character of our app.

How is Business Payments different from your competitors?

Business Payments allows synchronizing for any type of transactions: Invoice Payments, Money Transfers, Subscription Payments, Expenses and others with a flexible customization of the settings for each type of transaction. We also designed our app to be able to synchronize numerous online payment systems via just one software solution. The user gets an unlimited number of both: accounts in several payment systems and QuickBooks companies to connect + 50 transactions to sync every month for free, which makes this app a great solution for startups and small businesses. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction and positive results, and for that purpose, we provide a 24/7 customer support via different means of communication (online support chat, phone, email).
We also demonstrate how the app works during weekly Thursday webinars organized by our support department.

What is the pricing for Business Payments?

Our pricing is subscription-based. We offer different packages which vary by the amount of synchronizations needed to process each month. We have a free plan for the startups and beginners, paid monthly and yearly plans with 20% discount for permanent users.

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