What is Client Hub?

We asked Client Hub 8 questions, as a part of our “What Is” blog series, to learn more about their app and their company.

Interview Transcript With Client Hub

  • What is Client Hub_What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did your company start?

Client Hub offers accounting professionals a branded web-based solution that allows their clients (and their staff) to access and launch cloud-based applications; share resources such as training materials, payroll forms, procedure documents, etc.; and communicate openly with the option to request items from clients and track when (or if) they have been resolved.

We launched our early access program in October 2017 with tremendous success. The idea of Client Hub went from a concept to solve several pain points in my own practice to a working product in less than 6 months, thanks to our talented, hardworking and dedicated team. Client Hub is now it’s in Beta phase and available upon request for free through the end of April 2018. Our commercial (paid) launch is scheduled for May 2018.

  • What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Client Hub?

Our app helps accounting firms take client experience to the next level. In this {new} world of working remotely and using a cloud accounting eco-system, it often feels like we are creating more and more complexity for our clients — and losing some of the close connection we had with them.
With Client Hub, each client gets a Hub that provides a customized “home page” which lets them easily work across apps, resources, and collaborate with the accounting practice. Client Hub brings all communications back to the same page, literally!

  • What companies (or users) are the best fit for Client Hub?

Our app is designed for the micro to medium sized bookkeeping/accounting firm that engages with their clients on a regular basis.

  • Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Client Hub.

Our signature feature would be “tracked items”. It allows accounting staff to post questions or requests for documents to their clients and track these requests. These tracked requests provide a visual reminder on both sides, eliminating the need for email, text or phone reminders. Once the client has provided an acceptable response via Client Hub the tracked item can be closed by the accountant.

We also have a very powerful Resource center, where an accounting professional can put links to a variety of materials: training videos, authorization forms, payroll forms, procedure documents, etc. This makes it simple for the client to get what they need, when they need it and reduces low-value email requests coming into the accounting practice.

Finally, we would highlight the overall “home page” which is a branded experience that comes from the practice and provides a single place to access all of the various Apps, Resources, and Communications that help ground clients and remove complexity from their experience.

  • Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

Client Hub was founded by Judie McCarthy and Samir Khosla, who together have very deep expertise both as practitioners and as app developers in this space. Our team also includes highly talented app designers and engineers who bring the ideas to life.

Our culture is centered around “customer delight”. We believe that in a community such as this one, we can create an app that sells itself — by creating a delightful product experience and backing it up with great product support.

  • How is Client Hub different from your competitors?

We are a quite a unique App that brings together key aspects of solutions such as client portals, Slack, and file management. However, there isn’t anything quite comparable as a competitor to this solution. Sometimes, Client Hub is seen as a competitor to workflow solutions like Aero, Karbon or Jetpack, but we are more of a complement to those solutions, which are focused on the projects/ tasks/ deadlines within the practice, versus client experience and interactions.

  • What is the pricing for Client Hub?

At this point, we are in Beta and the App is free to accounting professionals. It will remain so through the end of April so this is a great time to join the platform and evaluate how it works for your practice and clients.

  • Does your App have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

In the future, we will look at programs such as certification and referral programs.

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