What is Shoptoit?

What is Shoptoit_About Shoptoit

Shoptoit Search Platform is an easy-to-use automated solution that delivers new customers to businesses from search.

What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s Apps.com?

Shoptoit Search Platform
We help small businesses of all kind get found in local search on Google.
We got published the first week of July 2018.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Shoptoit?

Local Search Marketing for small business.
Getting found by nearby searchers while they are actively looking for the products and services you sell, is the highest returning marketing opportunity ever available to businesses. Unfortunately, it is also very technical and time-consuming to do properly, often requiring a specialist or consultant to help. However, even for consultants it is very labour intensive and small businesses simply cannot afford the consulting fees of effective local search marketing campaigns, so they are missing out on this excellent source of new customers. At Shoptoit we automated the entire local search marketing process from Mobile approved websites to SEO (search engine optimization), listing syndication/management as well as, Google AdWords and Local Map Ads making it fast, easy and affordable for any small business to run an always-on, effective local marketing campaign on a limited budget.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Shoptoit?

Any small business that provides products and/or services to their local market. From accountants to zen rock gardens and everything in between.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Shoptoit.

  1. No technical skills required
  2. Huge time savings
  3. Very Affordable
  4. Delivers Results
  5. No Contracts

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

Our mission is to truly help small business owners create a steady stream of new customers from local search. We are a team of committed individuals that have been working in the search industry since 2005 and have helped thousands of customers with search marketing. We never charge for consultations and are always available to talk personally with customers.

How is Shoptoit different from your competitors?

We are specifically focussed on the marketing needs of small businesses.

What is the pricing for Shoptoit?

Free to start with upgrade options at any time. Our average customer spends less than $250 per month with us and that includes the Local Ads on Google.

Does Shoptoit have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

We plan to in the near future.

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