What is the purpose of QBOchat?

I’ve been doing some soul searching the past few days and trying to better focus my business. If you don’t know, I am the CEO of Iconis Group, an outsourced accounting firm. I also had this crazy idea about starting a weekly tweetchat about QuickBooks Online a few years ago, which we expanded into a website this year.

Both sides of my business have grown, but they are starting to take on different paths. I initially started QBOchat to try to reach out to the small business users out there and share my passion for the product with them. Instead, this other amazing community organically developed – a community of accountants, third-party developers, Intuit employees, and some small business owners.

As a business owner, there are a ton of opportunities and directions you can take your business. But it is up to you to determine the guidelines for your path. So this morning, I put together a few thoughts on what I feel the purpose of QBOchat is.

QBOchat promotes QuickBooks Online as the best in class
accounting platform for Small Businesses

How do we do this? And how are we going to do this?

  • Highlight why QuickBooks Online saves time
  • Show the ROI of QuickBooks Online to small businesses
  • Share new features that benefit users
  • Highlight Apps that expand the platform for the better
  • Help small businesses better understand how to manage a business by using the platform’s tools

So, those are my views on the purpose of QBOchat. What is exciting is that it has grown into a community. And while I may be paying the bills, it is really something all of you have a say in. What do you think is QBOchat’s purpose? What do you want to see more of? Share your thoughts and ideas with us below.

And, if you haven’t yet joined us for our weekly tweetchat, please do so! We are on twitter every Thursday at 3PM ET/12PM PT. Just follow the hashtag #QBOchat (and make sure to include it in your tweets) – or you could just join us live on our site here.

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Cathy Iconis

Cathy Iconis, CPA is the creator and facilitator of the weekly tweetchat #QBOchat and the website QBOchat.com - a community for QuickBooks Online Users. She is also the founder of Iconis Group, an Intuit Top 20 Firm of the Future, that supports small businesses all over the United States with their bookkeeping needs. She is a five-time recipient of the prestigious CPA Practice Advisor 40 Under 40 Award, given annually to just 40 people nationwide.

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