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Wagepoint is simple, fast & friendly payroll software for small businesses. We asked them 8 questions, as a part of our “What Is” blog series, to learn more about their app and their company.What is Wagepoint-

What is your App’s name, what do you do and when did you get published on Intuit’s Apps.com?

Wagepoint provides simple, fast and friendly small business payroll. We were published on Apps.com in August 2015 and now we’re a ProAdvisor Pick!

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Wagepoint?

Wagepoint realized that just because small businesses may have fewer employees, they still have specific needs ranging from the simple to the complex. By understanding the need to keep the user experience simple, we make complex tasks, like complying with payroll taxes and paying employees in multiple locations or countries, easier.

Our goal was and still is to serve small businesses and startups better than anyone else.

There really isn’t another competitor that has set themselves up to serve both Canada and the United States, while respecting and targeting the needs of small businesses with little or no payroll knowledge.

Payroll is time-consuming, no matter what size company you are. But if you’re a small business, every hour of the day matters. By automating payroll and compliance, we help small businesses take back hours that they can then use to focus on growing their business.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Wagepoint?

We are a great fit for any small business or startup, with one to 100 employees, who is looking for a payroll solution that’s so straightforward that their “grandma-could-use-it”.

Many accountants and bookkeepers also use Wagepoint as a tool to provide payroll services to their small business clients.

Whether you’re working directly with us or through a third-party — we love helping people with a passion for what they do. Payroll isn’t “sexy” — but it doesn’t have to be painful either.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Wagepoint.

  1. Our number one benefit is simplicity — our job is to make paying employees fast and easy by offering features like convenient direct deposit.
  2. We simplify the process of complying with federal, state and local taxes by automating the calculation of deposit and withholding amounts, reporting these amounts and paying them to the proper tax authorities, which can be a real bear (a very angry one), if you try to do it on your own.
  3. Our online portal gives employees easy access to their pay stubs and tax forms, which helps the employees get what they need and saves employers from the burden of this administrative duty.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

As a company, Wagepoint embraces a culture based on kindness and mutual respect. We are in a complicated business where the cost of mistakes is high because employees depend on their paychecks for rent, food, and everyday essentials.

We also take security and privacy very seriously, given the nature of data that is entrusted in our care — and we will continue to invest in those areas.

Mistakes cause stress for everyone involved, employers, employees and the payroll provider. This is why we have to remain flexible in resolving customer issues and treat our customers with empathy and respect. These are all the things that we bake in at the foundational level at Wagepoint. In fact, every person at Wagepoint from the top-down talks to customers so that we remain connected to the people we serve.

Wagepoint team members also mirror the same qualities when relating to each other. Questions, comments, and ideas are shared on a daily basis. Of course, we also make time to trade a few jokes courtesy of our virtual watercooler.

How is Wagepoint different from your competitors?

We have a pretty spiffy robot as a mascot. In all seriousness, Wagepoint was the first small business payroll provider to operate in all provinces in Canada and every state in the United States with one unified software platform.

But what really matters is that we get it. From the overall design of our software to our rigorous level of customer support — we put the needs of our small business customers first.

We know who our customers are and what they need. It’s not about us — it’s about the businesses who need a simple, effective way to pay their employees.

What is the pricing for Wagepoint?

We believe in transparent pricing with no setup fees, no year-end fees and definitely no contracts. Our no-nonsense pricing model is based on how often you run payroll combined with the number of employees you pay and the number of payroll tax authorities to which you remit.

  • Bi-weekly or semi-monthly payroll is $20 per cycle + $2 per employee.
  • Weekly frequency has a $10 base fee and quarterly payroll has a $75 base fee.
  • The prices above include 10 state and/or local payroll tax payees — additional payees are $2 each.

Example: If you have 5 employees and you run two payrolls (two pay cycles) a month (following a bi-weekly or semi-monthly schedule), the calculation is $20 per cycle (base fee) + $10 ($2 per employee for 5 employees) for a total of $30 per pay cycle. In turn, $30 X 2 (for two pay cycles) is $60. If you have more than more than 10 state or local payroll tax authorities to whom you remit, you’ll add $2 for each additional payee.

To determine your costs based on your needs, contact us. (The costs above reflect our pricing at the summer 2017 publishing of this post. Once things get published, they sort of get stuck in time. We think Einstein wrote about this… or maybe he should have.)

Does Wagepoint have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

Yes, we do. Our certification program for accountants and bookkeepers is free! And along with your newfound knowledge, you’ll also get a snazzy badge for your website. As we’ve grown, our accountant and bookkeeping partners have been some of our strongest advocates and more powerful sources of feedback. We value your questions, thoughts and your best one-liners.

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