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What is WOWinflow?

WOWinflow is an app that integrates with QuickBooks Online and will save you time and money with their predictive, intelligent Credit Control. We asked them 8 questions, as a part of our “What Is” article series,  to learn more about their app and their company.

What is WOWinflow, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s

  • App name: WOWinflow
  • Published: Dec 18

WOWinflow uses machine learning to save time and money in Credit Control. Seamlessly integrating with QuickBooks Online, our app learns and monitors the REAL payment patterns of customers and automatically sends a predictive financial Snapshot and intelligent Credit Control action list for the week ahead to your inbox every Monday morning.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed your app?

Most customers ignore payment terms and only pay when they are ready. This creates a huge amount of work for Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Credit Control departments when chasing payments. We wanted to use the real payment patterns of customers to easily prioritize A/R collection activities and show users the optimum time to contact customers for payment. WOWinflow also saves a huge amount of time by removing the fruitless calls and emails from the A/R Credit Control workload.

Knowing individual customer payment patterns means you can also spot threats. By the time a company realizes a customer poses a payment risk, it’s normally too late. WOWinflow uses customer payment patterns to give companies the earliest warning signal about customers most likely to leave them with bad debt, so they can react quicker to protect themselves.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for WOWinflow?

For companies and their A/R Credit Control who spend time on chasing payments from customers, and who want to be able to spot potential payment risks as they occur, WOWinflow can save them time and Money.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits.

  1. Users love the new Snapshot feature – when they get to work on a Monday morning, a predictive financial Snapshot and intelligent credit control action list for the week ahead is waiting in their inbox.
  2. The Watchlist feature spots if customer payment patterns change or payments become erratic. The customer will be added to The Watchlist and remain there until payment patterns return to normal.
  3. The Predict feature uses payment patterns to predict accounts receivable by day, over the next 90-days. For longer-term predictive accounts receivable forecasts (up to 3 years), users can create scenarios based on actual payment patterns in the Edge feature.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

WOW Intelligence is a machine learning software development company with an ‘everything customer’ ethos. We put our entrepreneurial minds to work every day to see if we can break the mold and find a better way, and work with customer feedback to continuously improve our proposition.

How is WOWinflow different from your competitors?

WOWinflow’s different because it uses Machine Learning and the real payment patterns of customers to start saving users time and money immediately. There is no configuration, manual input or technical experience required – WOWinflow shows users when customers are going to pay, warns when a customer changes payment behavior, and provides a weekly action list so the user always knows what they need to focus on.

What is the pricing?

$19 / month for companies with a 20% discount for annual subscription.

Does your App have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

Absolutely – and it’s not just the extra 20% discount compared with a direct company subscription on offer. QuickBooks ProAdvisors can build better relationships with their clients by re-branding the app with their logo. They can also personalize and brand the predictive financial Snapshots and intelligent Credit Control action lists, which will automatically be waiting in clients’ inboxes when they get to work every Monday morning. Not all ProAdvisors are technical, so we’ve made WOWinflow easy to set up in just a few clicks with no configuration required.

To learn more about WOWinflow visit their page on or check out their website.

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