What is Hubdoc?

What is Hubdoc?About Hubdoc

Hubdoc helps companies say goodbye to data entry. It automatically converts receipts, bills, invoices and statements into data they can use, exportable to great accounting software, like Xero, QuickBooks Online and Bill.com.

What is your App’s name, what do you do, & when did you get published on Intuit’s Apps.com?

App name: Hubdoc
Description: Hubdoc auto-fetches client docs. Say goodbye to chasing documents and data entry. Say hello to increased productivity and automation.

We’ve been in business since 2012.

What was the main problem you were trying to solve when you first developed Hubdoc?

When we started, our core goal was to improve advisor-client relationships. We wanted to reduce the 30% of time advisors spend just trying to get the information they need to do their job. That’s been our goal from day 1, to reduce this administrative burden and to help advisors, be just that, advisors.

What companies (or users) are the best fit for Hubdoc?

Hubdoc is a horizontal application. This means that we have customers in almost all industries. On the small business side, our customers are represented in everything from eCommerce to Healthcare to Restaurants to Technology. On the advisory side, we work best with accountants and bookkeepers who have monthly clients. Hubdoc practitioners range from full-service firms to purely bookkeeping and everything in-between.

Tell us about your users’ top 3 favorite features or benefits of Hubdoc.

1. Auto-fetch of documents. Not having to chase clients for bank statements and bills is a huge benefit for advisors.
2. Sync to QuickBooks Online. Hubdoc creates transactions in QBO with the source documents attached. Helps audit-proof your clients’ books!
3. Vendor Rules. You have complete control over how receipts and invoices are coded into QuickBooks Online, Bill.com and others.

Tell us about your company’s culture and leadership.

Our company culture is customer-centric. Everyone who joins Hubdoc, no matter their role, spends their first 30 days engaging with our customers as part of our support team. This keeps customer empathy at the forefront of every function at Hubdoc and it maintains a company culture with a heavy emphasis on customer empathy.

How is Hubdoc different from your competitors?

The #1 reason people choose Hubdoc over our competitors is because of our auto-fetching technology. We go out and get documents for advisors and the small businesses they serve. It has huge value. We also extract key data from paper receipts and invoices submitted via our mobile app as well as email. That combination is powerful and provides an end-to-end solution for document collection.

What is the pricing for Hubdoc?

Our pricing is US$20 per month per business. Advisors get access to special wholesale discount pricing (and a free account for their practice!). Sign up today: app.hubdoc.com/signup

Does Hubdoc have any programs for Quickbooks ProAdvisors?

Of course! We love ProAdvisors. You can sign up for the Hubdoc ProAdvisor program here: hubdoc.com/proadvisors. They get dedicated support, training, a free Hubdoc account, exclusive discounts (on top of our existing wholesale pricing) and more!

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