QuickBooks Online Cleanup Master Course

QuickBooks Online Cleanup Master Course



Are you ready to become a QuickBooks Online Cleanup Master?

QuickBooks Online Cleanup engagements can be long and complicated resulting in some pretty bad headaches. But, cleanup engagements are the gateway to recurring work, so it is an important service in your firm.

With this master course, you’ll learn a streamlined approach to working through cleanup engagements. This will not only save you from some really bad headaches, but you’ll end up more profitable on cleanup engagements and able to convert clients to monthly paying clients quickly.

I’ve been in practice for over 10 years and have worked through countless cleanup engagements. I’ve made a ton of mistakes while evolving and honing my process. Don’t waste time making the same mistakes that I did. This is your chance to take advantage of my experience and jump that learning curve. You’ll learn what mistakes to avoid and how to run a cleanup engagement successfully.

Learning Objectives

  • Diagnose the books and calculate cleanup pricing
  • Develop cleanup checklists
  • Manage cleanup engagements from beginning to end
  • Determine which best practices to utilize during cleanup engagements
  • Utilize the proper tools available in QuickBooks to efficiently clean the books
  • Utilize different types of reconciliations to clean up transactions and accounts
  • Identify complicated accounts and how best to fix those balances

Session Details

  1. Managing Cleanup Engagements
    • Diagnosing the books
    • Setting engagement goals and communicating with the client
  2. Cleanup Best Practices
    • Deleting v. Voiding
    • Company Settings
    • Lists
    • Importing Data
    • Opening Balance Equity
  3. Cleanup Tools
    • Reclassify
    • Clearing Accounts
    • Audit Log
    • Custom Reporting
    • Advanced Searches
  4. Reconciling Accounts
    • Undo
    • Double Reconciliations
    • Reconciliation Adjustments
  5. Fixing Transactions
    • Bank Feeds
    • Other Transactions
  6. Complicated Accounts
    • Undeposited Funds
    • A/R & A/P
    • Tax Accounts


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