QBO Month End Master Course

Are you ready to develop an efficient month end process for your firm?

This training will help you understand the tasks that need to be completed and how to accomplish each one. You’ll also learn how to organize your workflows by creating templates and checklists for your work. By the end of the course, you’ll have a streamlined system to utilize in your practice, ensuring you are delivering the best quality work to your clients.

This master course will be held in a private Facebook group, where I will be present and training for 4 full weeks on how to create an efficient month end process. You’ll have access to 6 live training sessions, checklists to use in your practice, access to me for open q&a, and a community to connect with and learn from.

This course includes:

  • 6 Hours of Live Training (Saved to Watch Later)
  • 30 Days of Support within the Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group for 365 Days


Live training sessions are approximately an hour each and will be held twice a week at 1PM Eastern. The last week of the course will actually be for open Q&A and to review any areas that need some extra attention, as requested.

Session dates for the Jan 28th course: 1/28, 1/30, 2/4, 2/6, 2/11, 2/13

Session dates for the Feb 25th course: 2/25, 2/27, 3/4, 3/6, 3/11, 3/13


  • Getting started 
    • How to navigate the FB group
    • Financial statement assertions
    • Phases of month end
    • Sample month end
  • Creating your process
    • Using a phased approach to month end
    • Planning your process
    • Considering client risk areas
    • Creating a month end checklist for your client
    • Developing a system for a team versus one professional
    • Utilizing a project management system
  • Reconciliations
    • Reconciliation tools in QuickBooks Online
    • Cleanup reconciliations
    • Unreconciled items
    • Clearing accounts
    • Non-bank reconciliations
  • Workpapers 
    • What are workpapers?
    • Balance sheet assertions
    • Formatting workpapers
    • Examples of different workpapers
  • Balance Sheet 
    • Finish up any open items on workpapers
    • Tying a balance sheet to a tax return
    • What to review and check on the balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss
    • Analytical procedures
    • Reviewing accounts for proper classification
    • Checking your work
    • Reporting options


You get all of this for just $297! Have you ever heard of such an immersive training for that low of a price? I wanted to make sure this was something attainable for any ProAdvisor and I know this is a steal for everything you'll be getting.

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