4 Tips for Building a B2B Website That Drives Conversions

This article was originally posted on Double Up Digital’s blog and written by Justin Radomski.

When you reach out to a business for the first time, where does the interaction occur? Personal experience probably tells you that it’s their website, and that first interaction is going to influence how likely you are to engage further. Regardless of the type of business you’re operating, it’s the website that attracts leads and delivers conversions. This is especially crucial for a B2B website.

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For B2B businesses, which typically have longer, more complex sales funnels, a website that’s built to meet clients at each touchpoint and move them one step closer to conversion is essential. Without an approach to website design that takes the unique nature of B2B businesses into consideration, you might get potential clients to land on your site, but you’re not going to see the results with lead generation and conversion optimization that you’re looking for.

B2B Website Optimizations

What are the top strategies for optimizing your B2B web development for conversions? Here’s what matters most.


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Think about it. You’re running a business and protecting it from hackers and cybercriminals is a major priority. You wouldn’t be interested in connecting your business with one that didn’t have a secure website, so you can’t really expect others to either.

Lack of security is something that often plagues smaller B2B operations. Many of them simply aren’t aware of the potential consequences of not taking those few extra steps for security. Google has made it super easy for clients to spot a site without an SSL certificate, plus having an unsecured site can tank your SEO efforts.

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Responsive Design

In the past, responsive design wasn’t a top priority for B2B websites because it was assumed that most business contacts weren’t reaching out to you through their phones. Times are changing, and an increasingly remote workforce means it’s time to shed the assumptions and invest in a responsive design website that provides a seamless experience across each and every one of their devices.

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It’s not exactly breaking news that speed matters for web development, but for B2B businesses, a slow loading site can equal certain death. If the average search engine user isn’t willing to wait more than a mere few seconds to load, a client is going to lose interest even sooner. Not to mention that a slow loading site makes you look unprofessional and outdated.


There’s a strong trend in B2B websites for clean, simple single page web design. There isn’t anything wrong with this approach to web design, especially since they’re easy to optimize for speed and generally function well for the mobile consumer. The only downside is that sometimes, navigation is left in the dust.

Just because you have a single page site doesn’t mean that navigation is unimportant. The last thing you want to do is leave visitors scrolling to find what they’re looking for or risk having them miss a crucial CTA. Design your site with sticky navigation to eliminate any navigational pain points that might stand in the way of CRO.

Connect with a Professional B2B Website Design Company

The look and functionality of your B2B website is a major component of your success. Even details that seem relatively minor can have a significant influence on the likelihood that a new lead will convert. At Double Up Digital, we specialize in CRO focused web development. You can trust our web design company with your reputation. Contact Double Up Digital today.

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