Episode 13 – Identifying Bottlenecks In Your Practice

By QBOchat | March 5, 2020

Identifying Bottlenecks In Your Practice What is preventing you from moving forward in your business? What is taking too long? What systems or processes are holding you back? These are bottlenecks that slow down our flow.  3 signs you have a bottleneck in your practice: Project Delays, Staff Burnout, and Rework Knowing that you have…

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Episode 12 – It’s Time to Slow Down

By Cathy Iconis | February 19, 2020

It’s Time to Slow Down Slowing down will help you build the practice that is best for YOU. Just because you keep going and going, doesn’t mean you are more productive. Or you are more important or more successful. It actually can really hold you back. So, you get it. You need to slow down,…

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Episode 11 – Cleanup Engagement Workflow

By Cathy Iconis | February 6, 2020

Cleanups are huge in our industry. It’s usually the reason why clients reach out to us in the first place. But, they can take on a life of their own – can’t they? After years of practice, I have developed this cleanup engagement workflow to help streamline the process.

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Episode 10 – Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

By Cathy Iconis | January 23, 2020

Harvard Business Review defines imposter syndrome as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. Listen to this podcast episode to learn how bookkeepers and accountants can squash these feelings and gain their self-confidence.

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Episode 9 – Tips to Get You Through Year End

By Cathy Iconis | January 8, 2020

Now is the time of year where we need to put our heads down and work. The earlier we start, the less stress we will have later on. Check out this episode as I walk you through several tips to help you get through our busy season – Year-End. 

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Episode 8 – Helping Your Clients Navigate Cash Flow

By Cathy Iconis | December 19, 2019

I cover the different areas that we need to be concerned about when reviewing a client’s cash flow. Plus there are tons of tips on helping you and your clients manage cash flow for their business.

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Episode 7 – Tips For Your First Advisory Style Meeting

By Cathy Iconis | December 11, 2019

In this episode, I do a deep dive into what the first advisory style meeting can look like. What should you be doing? What questions do you ask? Do you give advice right there on the spot? 

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Episode 6 – The Concept of Client Blocking

By Cathy Iconis | December 4, 2019

We are letting our clients dictate the work versus telling clients how the work will be performed. Let me introduce you to the concept of client blocking. By blocking your time out by client, you could create more boundaries with your client and allow you to be more efficient in your practice.

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Episode 5 – Determining Your Firm’s Capacity

By Cathy Iconis | November 20, 2019

Simply put – your capacity is the max your firm can produce with your current resources. But, how do you calculate your capacity? Listen to this episode for the tips.

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Episode 4 – Communication is the key to client retention

By Cathy Iconis | November 13, 2019

Simple communication could be the key to keeping your clients longer. Learn what I’ve discovered about communication and clients over my years in practice.

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