Episode 3 – The Art of the Pivot

By Cathy Iconis | November 6, 2019

Join me behind the curtain for this raw episode of my own experience of pivoting my business. I was pivoting a huge part of my business. It was a scary time. I was unsure of everything. So, I picked up the microphone to share the reality with you.

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Episode 2 – Can That Lead Afford You?

By Cathy Iconis | November 1, 2019

We all get excited about new business leads and the possibility of the new engagement and how you can help out that business. But, don’t forget to take the time to see if that lead can actually afford you when reviewing their books.

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Episode 1 – What is YOUR Best Bookkeeping Practice?

By Cathy Iconis | October 23, 2019

Here is my inspiration for the concept of building a practice that is the best fit for YOU! It all started while attending a session at QuickBooks Connect several years ago… 

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